Please don’t embarrass me!Here is a post on my latest experience. Sometimes things just happen and you say the right things at the right time and this is what happened.A few months ago I was shopping for clothes in a department store and the guy in the men’s wear area was an obviously gay male in his 50’s with the best handlebar moustache I had ever seen. He has a bit of a belly (like me) and a nice face so we chatted a bit and I continued to shop. I thought about him from time to time without ever thinking I would meet him again. Recently I read that the store had closed down and I realised I would probably never see him again and that was that. Well, nothing in life is really certain because a few days ago I saw him in a cafe, sitting alone and reading a newspaper. Immediately my loins took over my brain and I knew I had to try my luck so I went in, walked up to his table and asked if I could join him as the room was quite crowded. He did not mind so I sat down and picked up a menu. After ordering coffee I struck up a conversation by asking him if he had ever worked in the store and he said he did and asked if I ever shopped there. He did not remember me but soon we were talking about his job seeking and the new store he was working at. After some small talk about his new job I did something really corny and asked him if I could ask a personal question. He gave me a quizzical look and I quietly said ” please don’t embarrass me publicly but I would really like to go to bed with you, and to prove my sincerity did he know anywhere nearby that was private enough where we could go and, to use a vulgar term, I could give him give him a blow job?” As soon as I said it I thought how silly I must have sounded, but he simply looked at me with a puzzled look. He was obviously thinking and he simply said “come with me”. We left the cafe and made our way to his car which was parked in a nearby street. As soon as we got in he said if I could make him cum he would take me kırıkkale rus escort back to his place and finish the job. He undid his zipper and pulled out a not too big and not to small uncut cock and snuggled back into the seat. So, the challenge was on, and despite the fact it was still daylight I leaned over and got to work. I began by running my tongue around the gap in his foreskin and in a few short seconds he hardened and the head emerged, gleaming purple and shiny from his precum. Slowly I worked my tongue around his head and gradually wrapped my lips around his shaft and slowly moved up and down. He gently rubbed by head and began to quietly pant in rhythm with my head as it moved up and down. I forgot that we were in a car, during daylight in an albeit quiet back street because all I could think about was bringing him to orgasm so we could go to his place and get serious. It had been quite a while since I had tasted the salty flavour of male meat and as my own cock hardened I was determined to finish him off. I was enjoying this as much as he was and I guess he had not been with anyone for a while because in what seemed no time at all he began to gently rock, his moaning got a little louder, and I could taste his juice slowly leaking into my mouth. He held on for a while though because my jaw began to ache slightly but I was determined to finish so I concentrated on his purple head, flicking my tongue across the tip and then sliding my lips across his head. Soon though I could tell he was almost done so I stopped, looked up, and asked him to cum in my mouth and not to hold back. He smiled and gently pushed my head back. As I thought, in only a few short moments he grabbed by head, pushed it down the shaft and simply exploded in my mouth. He pumped so much juice I gagged and struggled to keep it in my mouth so I had no choice but to swallow. As I gulped some leaked out and flowed onto his trousers but kırıkkale rus escort bayan neither he or I cared. When he finished he pulled me up, leaned over and gave me a huge kiss. He licked the remaining juice from my mouth, some of which melted into his moustache. He grabbed a handkerchief and cleaned up his trousers as best he could while I leaned back in the seat and caught my breath. I was in ecstasy as I had just performed the most erotic sex act in my life in broad daylight. Without speaking another word he started the car and in a surprisingly short time we arrived at an apartment complex. We got out of his car and made our way to his second floor unit.He unlocked the door and I followed him in. It was a nice, neat unit but I did not get much time to look around as he almost immediately began kissing me. It was a surprisingly tender kiss as he probed my mouth with his tongue, and it seemed to me he was trying to suck out the remaining juice from my mouth. I just adore kissing and I responded just as enthusiastically and soon we were just entwined in each other’s arms. It was an extremely tender and erotic moment and he began to run his hands down to my zipper. He unloosed my weapon, which is slightly smaller than his, and then leaned down in front of me and took me in his mouth. Like all men I love being blown but I wanted just one thing and after a moment I demanded “just do me, OK!” He smiled, took my hand and lead me into the bedroom. He asked me to strip and as I did he rustled through the bedside drawer and took out some gel and a condom. As he put the rubber on I laid down on the bed, lifted my legs above my head and waited for him. He soon nestled up to me, placed the tip of his cock just into my hole and slowly leaned forward until he had fully entered me. Once he had gone as far as he could he waited for my body to adjust and he then slowly, slowly rocked back and forth. I gazed into his rus kırıkkale escort eyes and just melted into the moment as the guy who I desperately wanted had his way with me. I have blown a number of guys over the years but had sex only occasionally so I was glad he was not large and after a while I became comfortable with his size. I was grateful he took his time because we were in a fairly uncomfortable position, but soon he pulled out and we changed to a more conventional doggy style. He began to get more urgent and began to thrust more vigorously and soon he was pumping me hard. When the time arrived he quickly pulled out and in a surprisingly agile way removed the condom in a flash and exploded all over my back. I’m not sure how he did that but I did not care because as I panted and began to relax I felt his tongue cleaning up his juice. I fell onto the bed and he snuggled up to me and we cuddled for a long time, dropping in and out of a light sleep and just enjoying the feel of our bodies next to each other. For the first time I realised I did not know his name and he did not know mine, and I thought that was how he wanted it so I did not ask. I must have dropped off to sleep for a short while because I woke up and he was playing with my meat and had managed to get me hard. He said that now I was awake it was his turn and he lowered his head and took me in his mouth. I could tell immediately he was better at this than I was as he expertly rolled his tongue around my head and shaft and in a very short time I returned the favour and exploded in his mouth. When I had finished he moved his mouth over mine and as I opened my lips he dribbled my own juice into my mouth. What an experience! We kissed again, swapping juice into each other mouth and he eagerly licked my face clean. He really is an expert kisser and we just lay on the bed kissing for what seemed an eternity.Eventually it came time for me to go and after cleaning myself up I began to wonder what experiences he had had in his life. He is an expert in gay sex and I felt sort of privileged that I had experienced him. Three hours later I noticed I was still panting and for days masturbated at every opportunity. I know where he lives but have never had the courage to return. He remains the best lover I ever had and I don’t want to spoil that.