PLAN BWhy was Daddy so mean to me? It’s not as if he was even using the car. Just because last time I’d had a little sc****, which wasn’t my fault anyway. He just treats me like a baby, that’s his trouble. Thinks I’ll wreck his precious BMW. Well I’ll give him one more chance and then I’ll have to take matters into my own hands….”Daddy I simply MUST have the ca – ooops,” shit he was asleep. Waking him up was the worst thing I could do, he gets so grumpy. Why does he fall asleep in his computer chair anyway, it looks horribly uncomfortable. Hmm. some boring financial spreadsheet on the monitor, no wonder he can’t stay awake. Oh and a half empty bottle of wine! Mmmm nice. Thanks for sharing daddy hee hee.On my honour I didn’t plan it to happen this way. I really did think I would just take the keys and have the car back by the time he woke up. Gingerly I searched through his jacket hung up in the wardrobe…nothing there apart from a receipt for a dvd. I made a point of coughing quite loudly but he didn’t stir….maybe…maybe they were in his pocket. I crept round behind him. This was too weird feeling round daddy’s pockets for a key. Wooops sorry about that dad…guess you dress to the right then. Ah there they are…success. I cautiously slipped my hand into his right trouser pocket and located the key ring with my finger tip when he let out a small moan. Shit if he wakes now! I withdrew my hand slowly and waited for him to fall back into his slumber.Once again my fingers slid inside his trouser pocket, but what was this? Something was different – a hard bulge. Daddy! Damn him, he’d got an erection in his sleep. His left hand moved to the bulge and gently circled over it, I felt it grow bigger in his pocket with each movement. And bigger. And harder.I managed to extract my hand without waking him, but now I had another plan which, if successful, should give me access to the car any time I like. I must admit I probably wasn’t thinking straight. Dad’s erection growing in my hand had caused my panties to become rather moist. Still, if all went well they would pretty soon be soaking wet.First thing was to get his hands out of commission. I found some old cables from his tempobet giriş drawer…daddy always keeps old leads and stuff years after they are of no practical use. Shit my heart was pounding. What was I doing? This was madness. His hand had become increasingly active and his erection was now full on and tenting his trousers. Ever so gently I lifted his wrist and replaced his hand with my own, taking over the movements so he wouldn’t have too much of a shock in his dream. Mmmmmmmmmmm daddy… I was salivating at the size of the man as I slipped my free hand down my panties for a few seconds. As I thought…this daughter was wet through.Reluctantly I left his cock and placed his wrists on the arm rests and tied the cables. Not too tight but tight enough. His dream had evidently moved on, his erection now subsided. I took the keys easily this time.I had never really looked at dad before. I mean as a man. He was quite good looking I suppose, nicely toned body – he plays golf almost every day. I wheeled the computer chair back a few feet and sat on the edge of his desk facing him. Yes he was all right my dad. A bit stern, but that was only because he loved me. I opened my legs. If only he knew …his daughter sat there with her wet panties exposed. Or maybe he’d prefer this one…I adopted the pose of porn model and pulled my panties to the side, exposing my dripping shaved cunt. hee hee…wake up daddy you don’t know what you’re missing. Or this one. I pulled my panties down to my knees and slipped my finger inside my hole. Ooooh that felt good….it shouldn’t matter if I just let myself….ooooh…daddy, your daughter is having an orgasm 3 feet from your face…When I opened my eyes again he was staring at me in utter disbelief. Guess I’d made a bit more noise than I thought. He took in the sight of his daughter, fingers drenched in her own cum, knickers down. Then he tried to move his arms.”What the bloody hell…?”This was the point of no return. There was no way of backing out now. I had to go for it with conviction or else all was lost.Guess you made a mistake then daddy…not giving me the car tonight.”Am I dreaming…what’s going…””No dream tempobet yeni giriş father”. I slipped my panties off and wafted them in front of his face…”See? Real””Have you gone insane c***d?””Hmmm. Maybe.”I stood up and faced him, my short skirt barely covering my pussy”But I don’t see you complaining too hard father”With that I feverishly undid his zip and released his beautiful hard cock.”What are you doing c***d…you can’t just -“”Shut it daddy. I can do as I please”With that I forced the fragrant knickers into his mouth. He gurgled a few times then appeared to accept his fate.”See dad, I always get my way. Whether it’s the car or your – ” I looked down and once again weakened at the sight – “..or your cock”Kneeling beside him I took the very tip of his beautiful thick penis in my mouth. My tongue circled the little hole where a salty tear of precum had formed.”Don’t you DARE thrust” I warned himHe muttered something that sounded like an apology through the gag.I took his bare cock in my hand for the first time. It felt warm and urgent, the vein throbbing against my fingers. Feeling braver by the second I licked around the frenum and stimulated his ridge with my tongue. Immediately he oozed another shot of precum. I cupped his balls in my hand then ran my tongue the entire length of his hickory hard shaft.I knew I could make him cum any time I wanted. “If you cum you’ll be sorry”He nodded. Though I couldn’t imagine what I was going to do if he did. Ah well, he seemed to accept it.Standing over him I took the whole length of his cock into my mouth and throat in one easy movement. Resisting the urge to gag, I made gentle tiny swallowing movements with my tongue. I felt his cock swell in me and I looked into his eyes and saw him straining against every instinct he had to unleash his cum deep inside his daughter’s throat.By now his cock was primed. I sat back on the desk and watched his discomfort. It was as if any touch – even a gust of wind – would have triggered his ejaculation. His stem was glistening and thick. I had no doubt this was the biggest and hardest my daddy’s cock had ever beenI rested my feet on his bound wrists as I sat facing tempobet güvenilirmi him leaning back so that my young hairless cunt was wide open for him. He made no pretence but simply stared with lust. I felt a trickle of juice ooze between my cheeks as I stared at his face. His eyes seemed to burn into me, I could feel my clitoris responding to his stare. This couldn’t be could it? ….without even touching myself I orgasmed again….my lips pulsating as my muscles squeezed out trickles of cum. He noticed it too….the precum was like a fountain cascading down his cock…I took my panties from his mouth and wiped myself. He wimpered a little”Please love…””What daddy?””Please let me come…I’m in agony”I swirled the knickers around his cock and marvelled at how his balls were reacting…”We-el I don’t know Dad…see the car…and, well you know””Please. You can have the car. Really.””Any time I like?”I d****d the panties around the head of his cock.”Yes just…please finish me off””What are you saying daddy? You want me to stroke your cock like this?”I ever so gently slipped my hand around his cock, making the faintest of contact but being careful not to stroke. Daddy moaned and once again a spurt of precum formed in an oasis at his tip”Or perhaps you would prefer your sexy daughter to drink daddy’s cum….”Again I wrapped my lips around his increasingly agitated cock, but again I made no contact.By now he was a wreck, I truly believe he would have given me the car, his house and all his worldly goods right then just to ejaculate in my mouth.”Or what are you saying daddy? You want to fuck your little daughter? You want me to straddle you like this and ease my cunt down over your – oh fucking hell dad that feels – over your big thick cock?””Yes””You want me to ease myself all the way down like this, your cock buried deep inside me?””Let me come please””Daddy….we’ll come together…””Now?””Now”With barely a movement he ejaculated inside me. I felt his cock jerk at least 10 times, each time I gasped as my muscles contracted as wave upon wave of the most delicious orgasm overpowered me. We melted into each other like cream. I felt so sorry for him, not able to hold me that I reached down and untied the cables.As I felt his strong protective arms engulf me, his still semi-rigid cock exploring my vagina I knew he loved me. I held his face and looked him in the eyes”Dirty daddy””Dirty daughter”and we fell asleep in each other’s embrace.