Pizza is not for dinnerAs we are waiting for our pizza to be delivered, you feel a little kinky and runoff to slip into something sexy, as you’re getting ready the doorbell rings.I open it up and find see our delivery guy iskind of cute. I get a dirty idea my mind and invite him in, you come around the corner wearing a sexy sheer outfit, leaving very little to the imagination.I notice the guy can’t stop staring at you, you look at me and I can tell exactly what’s on your mind too.”so you want to hang out for a little bit guy?”You saunter on over to him and run your hands up his back, walking around behind him, and slowly gliding your hand down to his crotch.” please stay and eat with us” you sayThe guy looks at you, then me and says ”this was my last stop so i’ve got sometime to burn”You grab him by the hand and escort him to the living room, I follow closely behind, admiring you sexy ass as you walk in front of me, sitting him on the couch you sit next to him and I sit next to you.You begin to rub both our legs and start massaging our cocks, feeling the bulge you lean over to me and work it out of my pants, slowly going down on it, while pulling.the rest of my pants and underwear off. Mr driver starts caressing your ass and moves closer, kissing you butt, he must notice how wet you are already as I see his hand slide between your legs to start fingering you.You seem to enjoy it as it causes you to pause momentarily. Now that I’m extremely hard you move over to him and pull his manhood out and stay working it. I sit up and work my way behind you. Slowly spreading you open as I enter your chamber of love, going slowly at first, creeping in till I’m completely inside you, I pull out and rub my Dick across your soft wet lips.I reach around and play with your clit with my fingers and slide inside you, with my hard thick unit, I feel you tighten up around me like your body doesn’t want me to escape again, so I continue making long fluid thrusts while you have a mouth full of mr. driver. I motion over to him to lie back he lifts his feet up and you rise up, with a trail of precum and saliva going with you until it breaks from your mouth.As he lays back you move onto him and I shuffle forward, we get tip to tip and you guide us in. you can’t take us both yet, but try and squeeze in, your hand barely.wraps around our combined cocks holding them together until we are completely in. As. We push in your pushing back, I hear you moaning with delight as our tips go in, more and more of us slowly go in, and the more we go the harder you breathe with delight. Finally full inside you, ankara escort you rock forward, and inch your way back down on us.I pull your hair back and force myself and him all the way in, I hear you let out a moan from our two meaty cocks. In unison we continue to fuck you. I slap your ass, giving you a nice little hand print, we go faster, and faster, stuffing you over, and over.Mr guy says he is ready to cum and you pull yourself off of us. I want it all over me and as he slides out from under you he stands up and starts stroking it. Soon he erupts and shoots his hot sticky cum all over your breasts, and a little on your face.You smile, and say thank you. You may go, I’m going to finish him off much more slowly, pointing at me. I’m smiling with delight of what you may have in store for me.As mr. guy leaves without even thinking about a payment I you and say you first.We go into the bedroom and I tie you to the bed, with your legs tied up and let open I know I’m going to have some fun with you. I make my way between your legs abd begin to lick, my fingers slide into your wet hot pussy. I curl them up and start rubbing your gspot, going in and out while licking you, its not long until your on the verge of climaxing and I stop completely, no stimulation at all, I wait just a free moments abd start fingering you again, going just a little faster and harder then before and again just as you’re almost there I stop. You moan and squirm, your body is begging for the release but not yet.I slide my fingers back in to get them nice and wet, and then take one and begin to trace around your anus, applying just a little pressure bit not enough to penetrate, and use my other hand to finger you some more. Going slowly, loong smooth strokes, and as they are coming out I press against your gspot. Your anus begins to pulsate almost inviting me in, I enter your dark hole slowly with one finger pressing up against the top so I can feel it with my fingers inside your pussy, it would seem this extra stimulation ifs almost to much for you, as you try and grind against my hands in a vain attempt to get off.Going in and out of your pussy and ass in unison now, and you try and rock your hips in sync with my fingers. I see your back arching and your head tilting back, your ass grips my finger tightly and your pussy begins to contract, I pull out quickly, wanting to prolong your teasing are more, your juices are trickling out, a little I hear you moan as you were right there so.close you could have tasted it, but not yet.”I’m going to turn you over now, if you’re good I may let you ankara escort bayan cum.”I undo your feet first, and then your hands, you roll over instantly, I’m assuming you want to get your big o that your body is craving. I you’re your hands and feet back up, you rock your hips back with giddy anticipation of what’s to cum.I grab one of your toys and slowly go in your wet pussy, and with my free hand I give your ass a nice slap. You moan loudly, I run my hand down your ass to your clit and start to rub it in a circular motion, I stay going faster, but the remain slow and steady with your you, innnnnnnm and ooooouttt loooong fluid entries, I see your sweet nectar starting to pour out more and more as you begin to breathe very heavily.I start to go a little faster, and faster, going in and out and round and round. You clench your hands into little fists, and start moaning loudly, my hand becomes drenched in your juices.”Oh God” you sayOh I’m.not done with you yet, I pull the you out, and reach over to the lube, getting the new anal plug ready for its maiden voyage. I slowly in. you welcome the sensation of it popped in, once it’s in I move closer to you so I can get my meaty.stick.into you.I pull back completely, until its almost put and thrust it back it, the force rocks you forward, and you moan with delight, I enjoy being in you so soft and so very wet.” I’m going to make you cum over and over again”At the sounds of the words and my thrusts I feel you squeeze, your pussy around me, I go faster, and faster, a little harder with each push into.With your orgasm sending your pussy into a pulsating center of pleasure,I can barely hold it back, I keep going faster, and harder, like a jack hammer going in and out of you, over and over. When I can’t hold back anymore I let it go, an explosion of cum, comes pouring out of me shooting my hot seed deep inside you, with each push more comes out as I continue to slide in and out of you, I start to feel our juices come out and run down my balls. After I finish, I move up to your face.” do you want a taste of us”You snap your head around and i.enter your gapping.mouth the suction and you tongue running around my cock sends a wave of ecstasy up my spin, you clearly enjoy having it in your mouth. I start to undo your hands almost immediately you reach down and pull on my balls, and your other hand runs down my.taint and tickles my anus, you begin circling around the hole, and I feel life begin to life returning to my Dick, i’ve never had someone do that before I saw, i.think I like it.You should undo my legs so escort ankara I can return the favor.As I unfasten your legs you pin me down to the bed. like a tiger to her prey, I see that naughty look in your eyes, you’ve got something planned for me. You spin around giving me a great view of your ass, and begin sucking down my unit, taking it all in I feel.the tip pressing up against the back of your mouth.”oh my, that feels so amazing, what are you doing to me, what ever it I’d don’t stop”You continue to work your magic on me and I can’t believe how great it feels. You sit up, and massage my.balls and tell me to bend over, you want to try something.I agree, and get on all fours, an unusual position to be in but I go with it, you reach under me and start rubbing my.tip, oh is so sensitive, my.arms shake a little, I hear you applying some lube to something I can’t see what, and soon I know, as you slide a finger in. going slowly at first working your way to my prostate, once you find it you begin to rub it, still massaging my tip. I.can hardly breathe as it feels so intense, but amazing.”I want to milk you dry today”You lay down under me, and take my cock onto your mouth, your still rubbing inside me with your finger, and what you’re ding with your tongue and mouth ifs more than I can bear, I moan loudly and feel my ass grip your finger, as the best bj I’ve had my cum feels like it’s in a ticket ship trying to leave earth, every spasm I can feel my ass tighten and loosen it’s grip around your finger, and as my cum stops spewing fourth, you continue to suck, each lag of your tongue, and rub of your finger sends an electric sensation up and down my spin. I dont even feel it getting soft again it’s just staying hard. You tell to roll over and you want to ride me. Now that you broke your bull you want to ride him.You straddle on top and ease my throbbing cock in, riding it down to the base we both shudder one you reach the base, you lean forward and start grinding my cock, rubbing your clit against me and working it good, you really start going to town and using my cock, as you come down I push up to get in you a little deeper. You spin around and get into a reverse cowgirl position, I reach up and pull on the butt plug a little, you seem to love it since you let out a moan. I pull it out completely, abd push you forward, I get in behind you and place my tip at your asshole, rubbing it against it, you open it up inviting me in, and I willingly accept. going in deeply. I pull your hair back as I continue to pound you, I slap your ass in motion of me going in, I can feel the urge to cum rising, your pussy is dropping wet, you clench your ass down on my, I think you know I’m about to cum, and soon enough my cum is spraying inside you, I don’t ferl much come out as you’ve drained me pretty good. I lean back and collapse.