Pebbles turns a fantasy into realityPebbles fantasy finally comes to life.Your fantasy begins with you going out for a night on the town with your girlfriends. Your boyfriend is away with his friends on a camping trip for three days, so you ring around your friends and arrange to go out on Friday night to the club. When you get there you do some dancing and drinking and have lots of fun. You meet two guys Jason and Joel at the club. There is instant chemistry between the 3 of you.Though only in their early 20’s, you first notice Joel checking you out across the bar. It’s then you realise the choice of that little blue dress and matching 4 inch heels was a good choice tonight. Although you are flattered the younger men find you attractive, you dismiss their looks as just boys being boys. Suddenly your mind flashes an image a raw sensual image of a white woman with two dark skinned men and you can also see yourself masturbating. It’s has been your long held fantasy to experience what it is like to have sex with by two hung black guys, and though you know that’s all just fantasy, you can’t help but notice the tingle of desire you now feel building in your panties and your mind begins to create images of you with black men that you find hard to get out of your head. had been a long night of dancing and drinking with your girlfriends and it was now 2am. Your girlfriends are all a little tipsy and they decide it is time to call it a night. You tell your friends that you feel like staying on a little bit longer and will catch a cab home later. You exchange kisses and wave goodbye as your watch your friends leave in a cab.You go back into the club and resume your seat and then order another drink at the bar. You glance over to where you last saw Jason and Joel standing and feel a little disappointed when you notice they are chatting with two much younger women.You take the opportunity to admire the two dark skinned men while they are both distracted. Jason is tall and cut. His black shirt and trousers hug his form and Joel though slightly shorter is no less physically attractive to you.Your mind is relaxed from the alcohol you have drank during the night, and though it’s out of character for you, your mind begins to vividly draw pictures of what Joel and Jason might look like naked? snap yourself out of it thinking “my god I have a boyfriend!!”.You return to your drink and turn your back on the men thinking that would be the last you’ll see of then tonight, but you were wrong! Moments later as you stare into your now empty glass a large man appears next to you at the bar, it is Joel. You look up at his face and he flashes you a smile and says “hey baby, what you doing here so late all alone?”His deep voice resinates in your core and you feel like a nervous school girl on a first date. Your voice quivers a little as your tell Joel that you were here with friends but they have all gone home a few minutes ago. You watch as Joel looks you up and down taking in the view of your ample breasts covered only by the thin blue material of your dress, and your decision to go braless tonight leaves your nipples visible through the thin material.You can sense your nipples growing hard as Joel makes no secret that he is admiring you.Joel looks you in the eye and says “so pretty lady, what are your plans for the rest of this wonderful evening?”Your mind races off to places you have never dreamed it could go! Images of you alone and naked with the two black men begin to flash through your mind. You shake your head to bring yourself back to reality and think “my god Pebbles, what were you thinking?” look back and Joel looks at you kind of puzzled and asks. “Where did you just go baby?”Feeling embarrassed you say “Oh never mind, I was just thinking of something”. Yeah right says Joel, “I bet you were thinking about something sexy?”What? … no! …. I’m not that kind of woman, really!Oh come on baby, you know a fine woman like you has needs. I saw you checking me and my buddy out earlier. You couldn’t keep those pretty eyes off us.With that Jason comes up to the bar to order another drink. “Hey, I’m Jason”. Then Jason says to Joel what’s happening brother? Joel replies we got a hot white lady here b*o, and I think she digs us? At that moment you realise the conversation is going to places you’re not sure you’re ready to go. Your mind flashes another image of you. This time you see yourself on your knees taking turns sucking on Joel and Jason’s huge black cocks. again shake your head to bring yourself back to the boys, though now you can feel your body has already reacted to those images that are flashing through your mind. You feel the sexual tension now and the anticipation of it all has your panties growing damp.Jason sees your glass is empty and offers to get you another. You say “no I’ve had enough” but the two men insist. So you say “Ok one more then I really have to go!”The next hour passes by like a blur and the two men keep your drink topped up so you never really finish that one last drink. As the alcohol takes effect on your brain you’re feeling relaxed and confident. Jason takes your hand and says “come on baby I want to dance”. He leads you to the dance floor that’s already filled with people. There is a good beat happening and your natural ability to move kicks in. Jason stands back and says “WOW baby you sure can move”. His encouragement only makes you want to dance more so you let your head go and really shake your body.As you dance you notice Jason is staring at your large breasts watching them sway to the movements of your body. You mind kicks in again and you realize the raw sensuality of this moment. Here you are a white woman alone in a bar at 3am in the morning, your boyfriend is away for 3 days, and you’re now dancing braless with a handsome young black man who is blatantly perving at your sensual body. The thrill of it all sends the same image flashing through your mind. In your mind you can see yourself on your knees with the two black men standing naked before you. Their thick black cocks are standing proud as you see yourself taking one cock into your mouth while you jerk the other. then hear Joel’s voice. “Baby, baby. You gone done it again! Where did you go?You flash a naughty smile back at Joel and say “I went somewhere really nice?”With that your turn your back on Joel and raise your hands in the air as you dance. You know that in this position the soft skin on the side of your ample breasts is always exposed and it makes you feel very sexy knowing your giving Joel a view that will likely turn him on even more. can feel your inhibitions slipping away as your body succumbs to the heady mixture of alcohol, music the late night air and the raw sexual tension between you, Joel and Jason.You then feel Joel’s big hands on your hips as he sways closer with you to the music. He holds you close and you can feel the softness of your bottom brush against the front of Joel’s pants.Through the dim light of the bar you can see Jason standing at the bar watching you and Joel dance together. Jason’s hands pull you back hard against his groin. This time there is no mistaking his passion for you. As you grind together you can feel the lust filled bulge of Joel’s big black cock türbanlı eskort pressed firmly between the cheeks of your arse. It feels huge and your mind instantly takes you back to that same erotic image. much has changed in an hour for you, Pebbles. A few hours ago you were just a woman out for a fun night of drinks and laughter with your girlfriends. Now you’re turning into a woman who’s contemplating so much more!!It was as if all your inhibitions had left with your friends in that cab. You were a wonton woman now Pebbles. Your sensual body now ached for the huge black cock you could feel rubbing against the smooth skin of your sweet arse. mind was now creating all kinds of lurid images of yourself with the two hung men. You pictured yourself naked feeling the intense pleasure of the two enormous black cocks as they ravage your sweet sexy body. you danced with Joel your mind was already made up. You were determined to make these fantasies reality before this night is over!With that you open your eyes and Jason is standing right in front of you. Over the music he yells “someone looks like she’s having a good time?” You simply smile and nod at Jason and watch as he raises his arms in the air and dances provocatively right in front of you. While Joel holds you close letting your feel the huge bulge in his trousers, Jason looks intently into you eyes and then begins to do a slow striptease for you. You watch excitedly as one by one he release the buttons of his shirt then reveals his ripped stomach and abs to you.In your mind you let out an “OMG he’s gorgeous”. Though your eyes fall lower and you see the bulging manhood straining inside Jason’s pants too. You’re beside yourself with desire now Pebbles. You have two hung and horny black men that want you as much as you want them. You can feel your panties are now wet with your desire to be filled by the two gorgeous cocks you have been imagining all night. You shock yourself when you hear your own voice saying those words you have longed to hear Joel and Jason say for the last hour … “How about we go back to your place”It’s agreed that the guys will take you back you there apartment. Joel says it’s only a 20 minute cab ride baby.You excuse yourself and go to the bathroom to freshen up. While you’re in there you look into the mirror and see your reflection. Your drunk, your hairs a mess your breasts are almost falling out of your top. Your mind is suddenly filled with guilt and doubt, but your body is so wet with desire. You have a craving that only allowing the rest of the night to unfold will satisfy.You say to yourself “Oh god Pebbles you know you really want this. It’s been ages since you’ve felt this desired, and by two men at the same time?”Your mind is torn between the raw sexual need the two men have ignited inside you and your desire to be faithful to your boyfriend. You feel that desire pulsing inside your saturated and horny folds. Your body aches to be touched and you desperately want this to happen. Erotic images keep flashing through your mind one after the other, each image is hard core and sexual of your body wet with desire surrendering completely and delighting in the sensations, as the two hard throbbing black cocks penetrate your hot sensual body! convince yourself “Pebbles, you have to do this or you know you’ll regret it” and with that your mind was made up. One last look in the mirror to adjust your dress and a quick touch up of your make up and you were off to meet Joel and Jason at the entrance to the club. you got outside Joel already had a cab waiting. The three of you get into the back seat and Joel and Jason sit either side of you. As soon as the door closes and the cab takes off you feel both pairs of hands moving sensually all over your body. Jason turns your head towards him and you feel his full lips touch your mouth. You instinctively open your lips to allow his tongue to enter your mouth and you delight in the sensation as your tongues exploring each other. mind tries to deal with the overload of sensations flowing through your body, and the sensual images that flash through your mind of the deliciously erotic possibilities that await you once you’ll arrive at the apartment. you lose yourself into Joel’s embrace you feel Jason’s hand begin to roam over your inner thigh. His hand moves higher with each sensual circle her traces over your naked flesh. You part your legs further to allow Jason’s hand to go higher. Your wonton desire is now leading the way. Every inhibition you once had is gone. This is a new Pebbles and she is eager to feel Jason’s fingers explore the aching wet flesh inside your panties.As Jason’s hands move higher you move your own hands and let them rest on the two bulging black cocks. The sensation of the cocks in your hands sends a shiver of erotic pleasure straight to your throbbing clit.They feel huge as you squeeze each cock in your hands then with a quiver in your voice you ask the men to “please take them out for me”. and Jason shift awkwardly in the back seat to release their enormous cocks. In the darkness of the back seat it is hard for you to see them clearly, but as the cab passes under each street light enough light enters the cab enabling you to see your enormous prize!! You’re lost again for the briefest moment in the sensuality of it all. You think to yourself “this is me Pebbles”, and here I am sitting in the back seat of a cab with two hung black men. My panties are saturated with my wetness, and I am holding an enormous black cock in each of my hands, and very soon I will be letting both these huge black cocks fuck my body and I’m going to love every moment! a moment your mind goes to your boyfriend and you imagine him asleep in his tent with his mates, not having a clue of what is about to unfold with you at home. “What would he think of me if he knew where I was right now and what I was doing?”Soon the cab pulls to the kerb and you hear Jason’s voice say “We’re here”. Joel leans in and kisses you on the lips hard then whispers in your ear “you ready for all this black cock now, Pebbles?” Your body is a wet mixture of nervousness and overt sexual desire. Your nervousness leaves you unable to respond to Joel’s question easily. The only sound that escapes your throat is a strained,”Mmmmmmmmmmmmm”Joel and Jason adjust their pants before getting out of the cab and each one holds your hand as they walk you through the foyer of their apartment to the lift. As the lift doors open you catch your reflection once again in the mirrored walls of the lift. You notice for the first time your own raw feminine sensuality. You see the mid 30’s white woman standing before you in the arms of two handsome black men. You can’t help but take a moment to admire your own sensuality. glance at the bulges in the front of Jason and Joel’s trousers from türbanlı eskort bayan their already excited cocks, and then look back up at yourself only to realise you’re finally the women you have long fantasized of being. The erotic woman you have watched and masturbated to so many times in your erotic dreams and never thought you could be.As you look at the erotic reflection you feel sexier than ever before. Your tight little blue dress follows the sensual curves of your body, though barely containing your voluptuous breasts. In the brighter lighting of the lift you can clearly see the darker skin of your nipples. Your arousal obvious by the two firm buds visible through the thin material. Ding! The lift stopped and the doors open onto a dimly lit corridor. Jason and Joel help walk you the short distance to their room. Though still intoxicated by the alcohol your mind is focused purely on your need for hot steamy sex right now. The door opens and the three of you walk inside the apartment. The first thing you notice is the curtains are drawn back and you can see the lights of the city spread out before you. As you walk to the window you hear Joel’s voice say “Another drink baby?”Mmmmmmm yes please and you let out a giggle. I’d love one! As Joel hands you the drink Jason puts on soft music and dims the lights in the apartment. Your body is so wet with desire and yet you can still feel your heart pounding in your chest with anticipation of what’s going to happen next?You feel Jason come up behind you his body so close to yours. You feel his hands caress your outer thighs as his lips plant a soft wet kiss on the nape of your neck. You close your eyes and let your head fall slightly to one side allowing Jason easier access to your sensitive neck.The sensation of Jason kissing and nibbling on your neck and ear feels divine and you let out a small moan of appreciation. Joel now touches you intimately as well. You feel his big hands exploring your body as he kisses your lips. You feel yourself melting at their touch, your body slowly surrendering to the heady sensations of having four big hands brushing your smooth skin. pleasure running through your body causes your legs to buckle and you fall back onto Jason for support. The two men continue kissing and licking at your lips and neck teasing your body. You feel Joel’s hands sliding up your waist and you let out another moan as Joel’s hands find your ample breasts and he cups each breast in his hands and begins to massage your hardening nipples through the thin material of your dress. continues to work at the erogenous zones on your neck. Each flick of his tongue sends a shiver of electricity directly to your wet folds. His hands trace the outline of your rounded arse and with each circle he traces you feel your dress being pulled a little higher up your thighs. Soon you feel the cool air against your wet panties and a moment later you feel Jason’s long fingers delicately tracing the line of your panties until his fingers find your wet mound.Mmmmmmm brother this one’s hot and wet for us tonight! With that Jason begins to rub your hungry wet cunt hard through your wet panties. The pleasure of his touch on your intimate wet flesh is intense and your legs part further to allow Jason better access. You feel your panties being pulled to one side as Jason’s thick long fingers touch the exposed flesh of your womanly folds. Your body shakes as you feel the thick fingers slide easily between your plump outer lips and delve deep into the wet flesh hidden inside.You’re now utterly lost Pebbles in a world of pure erotic sensation. So much pleasure flows through your body as Jason begins to finger fuck your horny cunt, while his thumb strokes softly over the hood of your engorged clit. In the heat of passion you feel Joel pull his lips from yours and reaches around your neck to untie the lone strap that holds your dress up. A quick tug on the bow and you feel the soft material sliding over your erect nipples. Jason moves his hand momentarily allowing the material to fall all the way to the floor. now standing almost naked in a room with two horny black men. Jason quickly returns his fingers to the centre of your wet desire. You feel two fingers glide inside your hungry hole as his thumb again rubs the sensitive hood of your clit. The scenario is deliciously erotic and you can feel your body is ready to climax.”Oh god I want you to fuck me now with your big back cocks. I’m ready to cum”. and Jason feel the same urgency as they both tug at their belts and allow their pants to fall to the ground then slide off their boxers. You see their magnificent cocks standing erect for the first time. Joel is about 9inces and thick with a nice upward curve. Jason is about 8 inches but not quite as thick as Jason. You sink seductively so that you are squatting before the two men keeping eye contact with them both as you take both their cocks in your hands and begin to stroke the hard flesh. mind suddenly recalls that image that flashed through your mind earlier in the night, that image was now your reality and you were about to savor all of the delicious sensations that go with it.You feel your body on the edge of your first climax as your take Joel’s cock into your mouth for the first time. You swirl your wet tongue around the head and taste his salty precum. His thick bulbous head barely fits in your mouth though you delight in hearing Joel moan loudly as you let your lips slide delicately over the sensitive head wetting him with your saliva. cocks are hard in your hands as you begin to stroke them quickly. You use you wet mouth to lubricate the two throbbing manhoods allowing them to slide easily in your hands. You can feel your body grow more excited at the sight of the two rigid members in your hands and the sounds of pleasure coming from the two sexy young black men who now gaze down on you as you pleasure their thick black cocks with your hungry mouth. mind delights in the sexual power you have over the two men, pebbles. You’re a sensual woman in her mid 30’s, and yet your sexual allure has you naked in an apartment sucking hungrily on two big black cocks of two sexy early twenties black men!!!Mmmmmmmm you groan loudly as your body reacts to the sensations the erotic thoughts in your mind invoke in your body. As you continue to suck hungrily on the two black cocks eager to please the throbbing members your body now aches to be filled with the two delicious black cocks. stand up taking both cocks in your hands and leading the men to the bedroom. You lay on the bed and spread your legs wide open and begin to rub your own soft wet flesh as you watch the two men approach the bed. You can’t help but take in the sight of their bodies. Their enormous black cocks swaying seductively as they walk towards you and then climb onto the bed with you. Jason and Joel kneel either side of you and present their throbbing cocks to your mouth once more. You know they both want more of the delicious pleasures of your wet mouth, and your eager to satisfy them. several minutes you continue to delight in the smooth texture of each swollen cock as it slides in and out of your warm wet mouth, while Joel eskort türbanlı and Jason’s fingers work the aching wet flesh between your legs. They rub and probe at your wet pussy, then you feel a hand move lower to where you have never been touched before. You feel a slick finger gently touch your virgin anus and begin to massage the sensitive skin between your wet folds and your secret second hole. You let out a whimper as the excitement and sensation of being touched there for the first time is so incredibly intense. Joel lays down on the bed next to you and you look in amazement at the size of the thick black cock protruding into the air from his ripped young body. roll over on top of him and straddle his thighs. Taking the thick black cock in your hand you guide it to the entrance of your desires. Slowly you rock your hips back and forth allowing the thick cock to become covered in your juices. The feeling of the large head rubbing against your wet vaginal lips and clit brings you to the very edge of losing control. You’re in your own lustful world now Pebbles and it’s now all about your own wonton pleasure!!!With one smooth action you lower yourself onto Joel’s rigid cock taking his entire length into your hot horny cunt. You feel every inch of his thick black cock as it slides into your body filling your mind and body with feelings of pure ecstasy. You stop for a moment to savor the fullness you feel. Joel’s thick black cock has filled your hungry wet cunt like nothing you have experienced before. You begin to ride the monster inside you rising and falling, moaning every time the monster penetrates your wet hole and feeling the thick manhood slide in and out with every movement you make. You ride Joel’s cock hard feeling it thrust inside your body. You rock your hips grinding your swollen clit against his pubic bone and moan as your feel his black cock reach deeper into your body than you have ever felt a cock go before. wonton now Pebbles. You’re no longer the sweet innocent woman your boyfriend, friends and family think you are. Tonight your letting Jason and Joel bring out the inner sensual woman you have always known lived inside you, though you have feared to ever reveal to a lover before, until now. As you ride the thick black cock you feel it start. You feel your first orgasm rushing towards you. Beginning deep in your womanly core you feel the intense pleasure of the first wave as it approaches. Oooooohhhhhhhhh ….. FUCK !!Your insatiable cunt grips the thick black cock tightly as the first wave of pleasure floods through your body. Your mind is shocked by the intensity of your orgasm and you cum unlike anything you have experienced before. Your legs spasm uncontrollably and you feel each thick inch of Joel’s cock as it continues to fuck you as the remaining waves of pure pleasure roll over your body. your climax subsides Joel eases you to his side and you feel his enormous cock slide out of your now completely saturated cunt. As he stands up you enjoy seeing your juices all over his enormous black cock. You have made him so wet and shiny in the dim light. Joel then helps to reposition your body on the bed. He helps you onto your knees and elbows. Your now exactly as you have always fantasied. You’re alone in a room with two black men. You’re horny, naked and wet and you’re ready to take a big black cock from both ends. Joel positions himself behind you and you feel his huge cock head at the entrance to your wet slit. You feel his monster slide deep inside you and love the sensation of feeling your cunt stretch to accommodate his wonderful girth. cunt engulfs his gorgeous cock and Joel soon begins to pump your sensitive cunt with long slow strokes of his big black cock. The pleasure is intense, and you feel your next orgasm building almost immediately.OH GOD I love your huge cock Joel, FUCK ME . Fuck me please!!! Joel holds your rounded hips and you feel Joel begin to drive his long thick cock into your body with purpose. You look at the mirrored door on the robe opposite the bed and admire the view of your naked body being repeatedly penetrated by Joel’s massive cock. Jason now joins you on the bed and feeds his horny cock to your waiting mouth. You savor the sensation of having two big black cocks inside your body for the first time. You glance again at the erotic image being reflected in the mirror and a moan escapes your lips. It is like you’re watching your favourite interracial porn scene, only this time you are the star! you suck hungrily on Jason’s black cock you love how good the two cocks penetrating your body makes you feel. Jason’s cock tastes salty as you taste the precum oozing from the tip as you swirl your tongue around his hard shaft. The pleasure of the two cocks working your sensual body soon has you feeling another intense wave of pleasure approaching. Joel’s thick nine inch cock plunging deep into your body causes you to moan more and more with each thrust of his rigid cock. You hungry suck on Jason’s cock letting it touch the back of your throat before withdrawing to the very tip again. You cup Jason’s heavy cum laden balls as you feel the sensation escalating inside your body as your next climax approaches.You watch yourself in the mirror and take in the sensual reflection as the pleasure waves hit you again. Pure erotic pleasure rushes through your mind and body as you feel your wet cunt again pulsing over Joel’s cock. erotic moans of pleasure trigger Jason’s climax and you feel his heavy balls tighten ready to offer you his horny black seed. you shudder through your own powerful climax you hear Jason scream “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes” and feel the massive black cock in your mouth twitch. The first spurt of Jason’s hot cum erupts from his cock in your hungry mouth. With every spasm of his cock your mouth fills with more of his warm salty load. Jason’s release is so powerful that he floods your mouth and some of his cum escapes your lips to run over your chin and down your neck. Jason withdraws his cock from your mouth and it hangs heavy and low just in front of you, cum still oozing from the tip. You take him back into your mouth and eagerly suck the last few drops of his precious fluid from his manhood and swallow it down like you have always fantasized you would.”Mmmmm … that’s it, your such a hot and sexy white girl, Pebbles” Joel and Jason continue slow fucking you with their enormous black cocks for another 2 hours before its daylight and you all take a shower together to freshen up and have something to eat. . You spend the remainder of the next day in a constant state of arousal, teasing, sucking and fucking with both men, sometimes together other times alone. By the time you do finally leave you have taken another 4 loads of hot creamy black cum from Jason and 3 more for Joel. You leave Joel’s place feeling like the confident sensual woman you have longed to be for so many years. The sensual exciting woman who loves her new found sexuality and the women who is now aware of the sexual power she has over men, and is determined to embrace her sensuality and explore her deepest darkest fantasies. As you step into the cab for the ride home another image flashes through your mind. This time the image is of you with one of your friends that were at the bar. She is naked with Joel and Jason as you are instructing the two men what to do to her. Mmmmmmm …. you bite your lower lip and squeeze your legs together applying just enough pressure to your clit to make your body feel the same delicious sensation the image has triggered in your mind.A smile comes across your face Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I must talk to her about that!RegardsBrad xo