I was getting bored. I was at the party celebrating our football team’s victory. I didn’t really know anybody there, except my friend Randy. He had invited me along, and I was beginning to see why I should decline a second-hand invite. I decided to dump the whole scene.

I left and walked down the street towards where my car was parked. Halfway there, I heard a soft voice behind me.

“Can you help me out?”

I turned to the voice, took a good look, then a second good look. Thanks to the streetlight, I could see she was five foot seven, looked to be about 130 pounds, shoulder-length golden honey color hair, jade green eyes, nice smooth complexion. My eyes took in the firm, upright breasts. Nice, grapefruit-sized mounds, I saw her nipples jutting up, poking through her top. Her tummy was flat, her hips had a sexy curve, tight hip-hugging jeans, and sleek, full legs.

“I’m Billie Jo Smithson, I was wondering, could you give me a lift home?”

“Nice to meet you, Billie Jo, I’m Daniel Webster. I’d be happy to.”

“I’ll bet you’ve never been to an after victory party, have you? Haven’t seen you at any of the other victory parties.”

I admitted that I hadn’t and was there on a second-hand invite.

Billie Jo replied, “Well you haven’t missed anything. My boyfriend is back there, Chip Mathers, and after every victory, it’s always a party with the team. As usual, he’s getting drunk off his ass, and I am sick of the fucking bromance he seems to have with the team.”

“My car’s right over there, the Buick Century.”

As she turned towards the car, I saw how her rump had a graceful curve, perky and smooth. Those full luscious globes filled out the seat of her jeans nicely. I could feel my 18-year-old prick take notice, calm down, she just needs a lift home, I mentally chided myself.

I opened the door and held it open for her. I saw her smile of approval. When I went around and got behind the wheel, she said, “Nice, such a classy thing to do. Chip has no idea of class. Glad the school year is almost over, after 18 years in the burg, I will be getting away from this whole scene, 2000 miles away at university. Thank god!”

As we drove along she said, “I tried to get Chip to leave, and come home with me. But no, this team spirit bullshit rose up again. I promised him that he’d be glad he did. He even turned down the idea of sneaking into the bathroom, so he could at least get a look at my boobs. and grope them a bit.”

We pulled up to a stoplight, and I swiveled my head to look at her.

She said, “Would YOU turn this set of 34Ds down?” and she yanked up the front of her T-shirt. I just gaped, holy fuck, no bra, and those sexy melons stood out proud and firm, capped with dusky rose-colored tits, stiffly erect, god what a sight.

“Hell no, never!”

“Thank you, you just did wonders for my ego.”

She continued to hold her shirt up, letting me feast on the sight, until a honk from behind me told me the light was now green. I quickly turned my attention back to driving, and she let her T-shirt drop back into place.

Her voice had become husky, as she purred, “I was ready to take him home, and we could celebrate by a good hard fuck. I am so horny, and he’s leaving me high and dry. How would you like to take his place between my thighs?”

I looked at her, and she smiled.

“Do you know where Muir Lake is?”

When I answered yes, she cooed, “My parents have a cabin out there, let’s drive eryaman eve gelen escort out there and fuck? All the privacy we need. Please say yes!”



Twenty minutes later, we were driving down the Main street of Muir Lake town. It was one of those summer lakeside villages, and here and there, lights would be on in a cabin, but on the whole, it was a quiet village.

“Okay, slow down, see that place just up ahead, 106, that’s where we are going.”

I pulled up, there was a locked gate across the driveway, she hopped out, unlocked it, and swung the gate wide. I drove through, she relocked the gate and jumped back in. I drove up the curve of the driveway, and we were there. This was no rinky-dink rustic cabin, it looked like it had all the newer amenities, and she reached into her purse, took out a garage door opener, and aimed it. A two-car garage opened up to my Buick, I drove in and parked next to her Audi.

At the door to the cabin, she punched in the security code, the red light on the panel turned to green, and we heard the ‘snick’ sound as the door unlocked.

She led the way, wow, it would be a great place to live year-round.

“My Mom and Dad are getting close to retirement, and they both decided they wanted to live away from the city. So they made sure that this would be the place they could retire to.”

The living room had a plate glass window that looked out over the lake, I could hear the call of loons out there in the darkness.

She beckoned to me, that ‘come hither’ motion and that smile brought me to her bedroom, and she turned to face me. Her hands came up, and she deftly stripped me, smiling at the hard eagerness of my fully erect cock.

“Mmmm, so nice and hard, so ready. Just as ready as I am. Now, come and strip me, Daniel, unwrap me.”

My fingers trembled a bit as I grasped the bottom sides of Billie Jo’s T-shirt and pulled it up, and I felt the lust stir faster when her braless breasts were revealed. Those 34D’s were firm and perky, her nipples were like fat, juicy gumdrops, stiff, hard, and pointing right at me. I wanted very much to suck them, so as I dropped her T-shirt, my face was quickly down there, and I latched my mouth around her right nipple, licking at it, sucking and nibbling very gently, enjoying the sound of Billie Jo’s soft, drawn-out moan of pleasure. I could feel the nipple virtually throbbing in my mouth as I laved at her.

Billie Jo cooed, “Mmmm, oh yes, I love having my tits sucked, kiss them, just like that, oh yeah, Mmmmm.”

I then switched to her left nipple, never leave one nipple without the same, out in the cold. I felt her arms circle my head, holding me to her chest, enjoying her coos of pleasure as I doted on her stiff, eager nipples.

My hand ran down, and I slid out the button and unzipped her tight jeans. She wiggled her hips as I pulled them towards her feet, no panties, she was fully commando. I ran my hand along her mons, and she cooed as I stroked at her sweet opening. Oh fuck, totally bald, nothing sexier than a bald pussy. I cupped her sex, feeling the hot, wet juices coat my hand as I caressed her opening. I pulled my hand out and licked my fingers clean, the spicy taste was hot and musky, and I wanted more. I started to kiss my way down, encouraged by Billie Jo’s soft coos of pleasure, until I was face to face with her smooth hairless opening. The close-up scent of her was intoxicating.

“Mmmm, bala escort Billie Jo, you smell so good, I want to eat your sweet pussy until your toes curl,” I growled.

Billie Jo cooed, “Yes, oh yes Daniel, lick my pussy, god I love to be eaten, eat my pussy, make me cum.”

She sat down on the edge of her bed, her legs spread wide, and I gazed at her treasure, spellbound. Her tight pussy lips parted, and I could see all the hot, dewy wetness of her inner dark pink walls. Those bare, smooth lips were like a siren call, and I virtually dove in, licking all over. I gave her the best I could, the moans and cries of pleasure from Billie Jo spurred me on. I felt her legs tighten around my head, and she grasped my head, pulling me tight against her mound.

“Oh yes, Daniel, lick me there, right there, mmmm, Mmmmm, oh yeah, gonna cum, ah, ah, ah, Yes, YESSSSSSS!”

Her voice rose to a cry of pleasure, and I felt a river of juices gush, she squirmed around, rotating her pussy against my face, letting out more noises of pleasure as she rode her orgasm. She had a dreamy look in her eyes.

“Now, come and fuck me, let me have that load,” Billie Jo cooed.

She lay back, and I joined her, kneeling down between her spread legs. Her nipples were stiff and hard, her pussy lips were slightly parted, glistening with her juices. I felt Billie Jo take my cock and lead it up to her entrance. When I felt it nudge against her, I gave one big thrust and sank in the full length. Billie Jo gave a loud gasp as she felt my cock stretch open the walls of her cunt. I slammed it home, right to the balls, letting out a loud grunt of pure pleasure.

I felt Billie Jo wrap her arms around my neck, bringing her legs up, she hooked her ankles around my waist, tilting her hips up to me, taking me as deep as possible. My cock was engulfed in a tight hugging sheath of hot juices, it made masturbation seem like a handshake. I reached down, cupping her ass in my hands, I withdrew almost completely, then plunged forward again.

“Yes, oh yes, I love a good hard fuck, take your pleasure!”

I couldn’t resist, my fingers stroked lightly against the tight pucker of Billie Jo’s ass crack. Billie Jo squealed with pleasure, and I entered into a fast rhythm of pulling out till the head of my cock had almost slipped out and diving in so fast my balls were slapping against her ass cheeks. Her pussy seemed impossibly hot and tight. Every in thrust, the tightness of her made it feel like she was still a virgin, and I was claiming her cherry. I could feel my cock throbbing, I knew I was going to cum massively.

Billie Jo was moaning heavily, and her breathing was labored. Her nipples now felt like rock-hard cogs digging into my chest. I poised a finger at the tight rose-shaped pucker of her asshole, and drove my finger in, as far as I could. I started to finger bugger that tight hole, I felt her tighten her arms around my neck, as her body began to spasm. Her legs tightened, driving me into her wildly twitching cunt, and her cunt clamped tightly around my shaft.

Raggedly Billie Jo cried out, “I’m cumming, oh god, YES!”

Billie Jo’s spasming pussy drove me over the edge. My cock jerked and swelled tight, plunging in one last time, my back arched, my eyes shut and my lips drew back, my pulsing cock exploded. It felt like I was pumping and squirting gallons into her steaming cunt. The spasms of her cunt milked at my shaft, while the matching spasms etimesgut escort of her asshole gripped my finger, making me gush wildly, spewing a massive load into Billie Jo’s fiery fuckhole. I felt like my head was going to fly off, as Billie Jo cried out that she was cumming again.

As we started to slide down from our orgasmic plane, I opened his eyes and looked down on her. Seeing Billie Jo’s angelic face smiling up at me, I lowered my face down, kissing her passionately. When I moved to withdraw my shrinking cock she grinned and said “No.”

“I’m not done with you yet, Daniel. That was only the beginning,” Billie Jo cooed.

Keeping her legs wrapped around his waist, she began a rhythmic squeezing action in her cunt. My eyes widened as my drained and softening member felt the new sensations. Billie Jo began to undulate and squirm on the bed, all the while maintaining the squeezing of my cock, which had reversed course, and was stiffening again.

Billie Jo straightened her legs, as she rolled me over until I was on my back. She then drew up her legs so that she was now straddling me. Looking at her beautiful nude form, horny and perched on my cock, helped my cock along. I could feel her cunt squeezing and releasing so rhythmically. The feeling was amazing, and my cock seemed to stretch to an even greater length.

“Oh yeah lover, Billie Jo wants some more, and judging by the revival of your nice hard cock, so do you. Ummm, I feel it so deep, so hard, oh yeah.”

I put a pillow under my head, so I could watch. Billie Jo’s pelvis began moving, first forwards and backward, then side to side, and finally in a circular fashion. She mixed the movements, and alternated them, all the while slowly rising up on her knees and slowly sinking back down. I looked down to where our crotches were joined, my eyes locked on the movements of her pelvis. Billie Jo was still tight, hot, and juicy, and I could feel the cum running out of her cunt and start covering my balls.

Looking up, I saw that between the heat and the sex, Billie Jo’s body had a sheen of perspiration. Sweat started to run down Billie Jo’s body, dripping from her stiff, rigid nipples onto my stomach. She began running her fingers through the hair on my chest, going down over my belly, then running the length of my cock as it entered and exited her eager cunt.

I reached up with one hand to rub Billie Jo’s nipples. Large and stiff, they protruded out from her bouncing boobs like pencil erasures. With the other hand, I reached down and began to rub around her pussy lips. Billie Jo gave a small shudder and seemed to become distracted. She began to lose interest in the complicated motions she had been performing and began concentrating on a rapid in-and-out, pumping her hips up and down.

After several minutes of increasing speed, I could feel my orgasm approaching. Billie Jo had been crying out for part of this time that she was cumming, and for me to continue fucking her cunt, give her everything I had.

I could feel the rise, and I grunted, “Oh God, I’m going to blow!”

Just as I said it, she reached down with one hand. Cupping my throbbing balls in her hand, Billie Jo began to massage my swollen cum-coated nuts. That took me flying over, and I grunted and growled as my balls started throbbing wildly, my prick erupting, squirting a fresh load of thick, hot cream upwards into her cunt.

Billie Jo cried out, “Fuck, yes, oh god, cumming again, YES!”

The wild quivering of her walls, gripping at me in orgasm, milked every drop out of my swollen prick. Billie Jo smiled down at me, then collapsed onto me, gasping like a racehorse. I could feel my second load of cum begin draining from her still pulsing pussy and onto my balls.