Part 3 of the first timeIt was a rather long dry scary ride home on the icy wind swept Interstate around the city. We didn’t talk about sex atlthough I kept reminding him I would feel much fresher had I taken a shower but, he did reply you’d still be there.We hung out at his parents place the next couple of days but, didn’t talk about sex. The spring semester separated us until spring break. We got together and decided to hit an adult book store. We watched a few coin fed videos and then picked up an S&M magazine the featured femdommes. I was reading on the way home. I kept mentioning how much I would like a woman to tether me and slap my balls until I either passed out or begged for mercy. He said he doesn’t like his balls slapped and couldn’t understand how I could. He did mention the thougt of me getting my balls slapped was getting him hard, I didn’t comment. I did say that I 1xbet yeni giriş was getting hard of the thought of being tethered at that point he asked how hard? I replied I wanted to take off my jeans. I was a bit shocked at his candor but it turned me on and I knew at this point I was teasing him by talking about it though. I said if it weren’t so cold I would remove them but I’d have to masterbate and it would make his car dash sticky. He said we could clean it up. I was stunned. I said my erection was making me very uncomfortable and then he reached over and felt my thigh quickly moving up to my cock, I moaned for I was very close to cumming so I pushed his hand away but, he kept grabbing and massaging but, since the car was a stick shift (no pun intended) he couldn’t really do much.We arrived at his parents and he kept grabbing my cock and balls into his basement 1xbet giriş but his mom was still up. We were very casual as we went down stairs and hid the magazine. She brought us soft drinks with ice (TAB if I remember correctly). His mom was cute, she was the den mom when we were cub scouts. I still think she knew what was going on but at the time I justed didn’t think about it. Eventually she went to bed and wished us a good night.I quickly started reading the magazine but it was very late and he was worried that she might be woken by to much sound so I said I should go. He grabbed my cock and offered to walk me home for I only lived a couple houses down but it was very dark throught the treed area. As we walked he was practically holding my cock and balls. I wanted to cum so badly but it was quite cold so I started grabbing his cock and balls through the treed areas. We 1xbet güvenilirmi barely moved as we approached the street light I pushed his hand away but he kept fondling me until I couldn’t take it, I dropped my pants and undies. Soon as my little hard on popped out it sprayed cum all over Tim’s jeans. He said boy you weren’t k**ding. I was so embarrassed. I was very worried someone might have seen us in a very gay act and indecent exposure to boot plus the word would quickly spread to family and friends that my little cock squirted on my male friend. Tim was laughing and said I should lick it off of his jeans but he took his hand and scooped it up and licked some, hesittated and said a bit salty. My head was spinning from the orgasm. It was so powerful for it had been building up for hours plus the thought of enjoying another man treat me like a sissy gurl. I had only been with a woman once before this was I really gay??? I struggled to pull up my pants and Tim actually helped me for he was a bit nervous also. He told me he’d see me tommorrow night to which I just nodded for I was to embarrassed to speak…..more to cum!!!!