pantyhose and the bosses clothesI work in an office which mostly women and our office policy is women have to wear pantyhose without exception. This is great for me because I have a huge pantyhose fetish and like to crossdress too. My boss is a very attractive 35 year old who is very down to earth and great to work for, which has help to build a really solid working relationship. I should also mention that she has killer legs! I’m pretty sure she has caught me looking at her pantyhose cover legs before but hasn’t said anything. She works out and is in great shape on top of it all. I was always curious about what it would be like to be her and would fantasize about wearing her pantyhose and clothes, so much so that I often get aroused at work thinking about it. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I notice she was wearing her workout clothes from the office to the gym. This began to make me wonder where she kept her work clothes when she would leave. Well, three weeks ago she left for the gym wearing her workout clothes and as soon as she was gone my mind started to think about where her dress clothes were and it made me super anxious. I went into her office, which is not unusual because I’m in and out of her office all the time. So I’m in her office, my heart is racing and I don’t see any of her things. Just as I’m about to leave I see something behind her door. I pulled the door closed half way and there, hanging on the back of her door was her dress, bra, and her pantyhose d****d over the dress on the hanger. Now my heart is really pounding, I found her things and my mind was running wild. Her high heels were back there neatly sitting side by side. I could smell her sent on the clothes and the smell of the pantyhose. Now, I knew she would usually be gone for about an hour to an hour and half, and thought how crazy it would be if I tried on her clothes! As I stand there trying to work up the courage, I realize, if I was really going to do this I needed to look around the office to see who was there. So I exit her office, look around and notice only a few ladies in the office working. I decide to go back into her office and look at the clothes again. As I stand there, I feel myself getting aroused think about it and finally lordbahis güvenilirmi decide it’s now or never. So I begin to take my clothes off until I’m standing there naked. I quickly put her bra on first the I slip the dress on and then I put the pantyhose on. As soon as the pantyhose were up to my waist, I got completely rock hard!! I notice there were no panties and realized she didn’t wear any under her pantyhose which got me even more excited. I took a look at her sexy heels and wondered if they would possibly fit me. so I go over and slide one on and holy shit, they fit perfectly!! So, now I’m in her office completely dressed in her clothes and heels and I feel so excited and extremely nervous at the same time. At this point I can’t take it anymore and begin to masturbate furiously. The feel of her Satin dress and silky pantyhose was driving my crazy, to the point that I started to drip. I walked over to her chair and sat down and continued to play with myself enjoy every bit of how I felt in her clothes. I knew this was so wrong but I couldn’t help myself and figured it was too late now. I slip her heels off so I could run my pantyhosed feet up and down my legs. This not has me so aroused I can barely take it and now I’m completely masturbating through the dress and pantyhose! I began to feel myself start to cum but before I can pull her pantyhose down, I came and shot cum all over her pantyhose!! I had never had a more powerful orgasm then that day! It was amazing but now, what the hell do I do with these cum filled pantyhose, she will certainly know if I leave them like this. So, I get out of her clothes and dressed in my own clothes again and put her thing back the way I found them and proceeded to stuff her pantyhose in my pocket. I left her office and went straight to the bathroom to clean up and see if I can rinse out her pantyhose. So, rinse them with soap and water, and it looks good but they will never be dry by the time she gets back. I took the pantyhose and went in the break room and acted like I was going to warm something in the microwave and put the pantyhose inside and waited for a minute to see how they would come out. I unwrapped them from the paper towel they were in lordbahis yeni giriş and they seemed to be dry enough. I went back to her office, put the pantyhose back where they were and went back to my desk. My body felt warm and I was replaying in my head what I had just done and feeling totally guilty. About 40 minutes later she come back to the office goes into her office and closes the door. Now I’m shitting in my pants wondering if she will now or find out what I did. 10 minutes later she comes walking out dress in her work clothes, and looking hot I might add, and walks over to me as says, did you have fun while I was gone? I felt my face go completely flush, and thought, Oh no, she knows. She, laughs and says I’m just teasing I know you were working. She starts to walk away then turns back smiles at me with a knowing look and goes back to her office. After that, I couldn’t think about anything else for the rest of the day. So, for the next couple of weeks this little routine goes on, she leaves for the gym and I wear her clothes and masturbate in her dresses and pantyhose. Until one day, she goes to the gym and I go into her office to play dress up, and I swing the door around and everything was there, including a brand new pair of pantyhose still in the package and attached is a sticky note. I reach over and grab the note and it simply says, I know you like mine but these are for you, wear please wear this pair today, thanks! Now, I’m completely stunned, mortified, and turned on at the same time. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I tore my clothes off as fast as I could forget the fact that she knew what I was up to but was encouraging me. I put her dress on and then put the new pantyhose on and they were so soft and silky and sexy, I started to drip without even touching myself!! I roamed around her office in her clothes and heels and MY new pantyhose and played with myself and masturbated until I came so hard I let out a loud moan! After I got dressed in my clothes, I started to think, if she didn’t know before she knows now because the pantyhose she left are opened and gone. When she return from the gym I am so nervous with all kinds of thoughts going through my head. She goes into lordbahis giriş her office and does her normal routine of closing the door and coming out 10 minutes after wearing her dress clothes. She first walks right passed me and come back a few minutes later. A few minutes later she calls me into her office. My heart feels like it is pound right out of my chest at this point. She asks me to close the door, which I do. She asks me to sit down. She looks at me smiling and says, so, did you enjoy the gift I left for you? Oh shit she knows!!!! Before I can say a word she says, I hope so because they came from Europe and are very expensive. they belong to you now. William, I’ve know for some time what has been going on and at first I was very upset and thought about letting you go. I’m now beat red! However, I decided not to and wanted to see if I could actually catch you in the act. The first time I assume you did this, I came back and my pantyhose seemed damp, and occasionally, I would find little dry cum spots on my pantyhose which I knew wasn’t from me. I caught you on taped and after I watched it a couple times it actually turned me on and I figured you just want to feel sexy wearing my clothes like I feel sometimes. First, I’m keeping the tapes and second, you can continue to dress up in my things as long as you don’t ruin any of my things and treat them gently. Third, if you get any cum on my dresses or skirts you are paying for dry cleaning. Lastly, don’t you ever let anyone else know about this and don’t ever get caught masturbating here! She asked if I had anything to add and i didn’t have much to say other than sorry and I will be careful if the urge strikes and thank you for understanding and thank you for the beautiful pantyhose. As I started to leave she asked how the pantyhose felt and who paints my toes? I told her they felt amazing and I painted my own toes. She smiled and said she thought they looked good from what she saw on the hidden video. She asked me to close her door on the way out and I did. A few minutes later I could sear I heard noises come from her office. About 35 minutes later she comes out sets some files on my desk and on top of the files in a sticky note that says, today’s video was the best yet, it made me cum three times in my pantyhose!!! Holy shit! did that just really happen? I became instantly hard. So for the past month this has been going on and this is how I ended up on xhamster! She signed up and gave me access to the videos. I can’t tell you how much fun work is these days!!