The Awakening of Mary

I’m sure you have all heard of the Butterfly Effect in Chaos Theory. How a small, inconsequential action can have huge effects. Well, our butterfly moment was my request for Mary to pose for some glamour style portraits as a birthday present for me. A seemingly innocuous request that had life-changing consequences.Up to that point, I had …


After School Special

It was one of those rare weekday afternoons that the teen threesome had to themselves.  Michael didn’t have two-a-day swim practice.  Javier didn’t have Track.  And Tanya didn’t have Drama Club, Show Choir, dance lessons, Student Council, or Yearbook.  Yes, she was typically the scheduling problem.  They would usually hang at Tanya’s house because her …


Coffee 2

In desperate need of an ‘afternoon pick-me-up,’ I stopped in a strip mall’s Starbucks. While my Expresso Frappuccino with three expresso shots was being assembled, a woman stepped up behind me. With her approach, the air swirled about me like a localized whirlwind. A cloud of her presence activated my olfactory sense as I inhaled …

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