Our wives changed our lives. Part 1.
Our wives changed our lives. Part 1.

Matt and his sexy wife Sarah were staying with me and my sexy wife Cathy for a two week break during these summers’ holidays. We’ve been friends for many years now and the only time we get to see them is once a year as they live interstate. It doesn’t matter if we fly over to them or they come over to us because whenever we get together we always have a great time.
We have done so many great things together for so many years now except fuck each other’s partner.
There are many times when my best man Matt and I tried getting the girls into a hot foursome. Don’t get me wrong; it’s not that we’re a couple of horny ass holes with nothing better to think about, it’s just that our wives are fucking hot. You see, Sarah and Cathy look like twins in every way but they’re not twins at all. They both have blond hair, firm tits, and tight butts and are even the same in height. At five feet four and both of them forty one years old with Sarah being oldest by three months, then you can understand why we always wanted to get them into a foursome. Matt would always tell me what Sarah likes to do in bed and I would do the same about Cathy. It turned out they both liked the same things but what we really wanted to know was whether they would do the same if we swapped partners. It’s not like we tried every single day when we were all together but we did keep at it.
No matter what we tried to do we failed with great disappointment. I’m sure the girls knew what we were up to because every time we made it too obvious, Cathy would fuck my brains out when we went to bed and Sarah would do the same with Matt. Whatever we tried must have turned them on but never enough to make them want to swap. At one stage we both decided to give it a rest and stop trying but that idea was quickly thrown out the window after another drink.
That was all about to change on the third night they arrived. What happened on this night had nothing to do with me or Matt trying to get our way into their pants but it sure did change our entire relationship for the better.
We went on a river boat for dinner and had a fantastic time. When we got home we had a few more drinks before we all decided to retire to bed. It had gone one thirty in the morning and after saying goodnight, Matt and Sarah went to their room at the other end of the house so they wouldn’t be disturbed if we got up before them. When I hit the pillow I knew it wouldn’t take me long to fall asleep so I gave Cathy a kiss, said goodnight and turned off my light and that was it for me.

It was close to two in the morning when my wife rudely shook me to reality. I was pissed off but also concerned that something was wrong. “What’s going on?” I asked Cathy in a loud voice. She placed her hand over my mouth to shut me up and whispered to keep it down. I did and asked her again what was wrong and she told me to wait. She rolled over to her side of the bed and switched on her lamp which now pissed me off even more.
“What the fuck are you doing?” I asked, blocking my eyes as I wondered what was wrong with her. I was about to speak when she moved right up against me and said, “Do you want to know what Sarah tastes like?”
“What the fuck are you talking about babe? Just tell me what the fucks going on?”
She said there’s nothing wrong but I need to be quiet and answer her question which she repeated.
“Do you want to know what Sarah tastes like?”
I told her that I didn’t know what she was on about and to turn off the light and go back to sleep in a calm voice that she may obey. But I was wrong when she sounded pissed off and asked me the same question again and this time in a demanding voice.
I surrendered and now with my eyes accustomed to the light I turned and faced her. She had a grin from ear to ear which now made me wonder what was really going on.
“Ok. What are you saying about Sarah?”
“I asked you twice so just tell me,” she said with that same grin on her face. She was up to something and I now knew that what I heard her say the first time wasn’t a mistake. “Ok. Why do I want to know what Sarah tastes like babe?” I asked as my interest grew.
“Open your mouth and you will find out,” she said and as I said the word, “What” she put two fingers straight into my mouth and said, “Suck my fingers and you’ll find out.”
I had no choice but to go along with her and I started sucking her fingers. I noticed a weird taste that made me quickly push her hand away.
“What the fuck is that,” I said. I was looking at her for a reply and noticed she was now looking at me with a lustful grin. She raised one eyebrow and nodded her head saying, “You just got a taste of Sarah’s pussy. Oh yeah babe. That’s no bullshit. We just fucked each other in the lounge room while you and Matt were asleep.”
I was totally shocked and confused and the only thing I could say was, “What the Fuck.”
“Don’t believe me do you? Suck my tongue and lick my face and then tell me if that’s not pussy juice you can taste,” and she lowered her mouth to mine. I did as I was told and she was right. Not only could I taste pussy on her tongue but I could smell it on her face. As I sucked her tongue she started moaning. I pushed her back and said, “What the fuck is really going on here?”
“Well you just keep sucking my fingers clean while I tell you all about it babe, because I just had the best fucking sexual experience of my life.”
I played along and sucked her fingers waiting to hear some bullshit story about sex with Sarah. I thought she might tell me about a horny dream she’d just had and maybe rubbed one out then sucked her own fingers afterwards. That would explain the taste of cunt juice on her tongue but now I wanted to know what it had to do with Sarah. I also wondered if all this was true and I was actually tasting Sarah’s cunt juice all along. I was now waiting for this and praying that somehow the two of them really did have sex.
“I was fast asleep but I was woken by what I thought was you playing with my pussy. It felt nice and I decided to give you more access by parting my legs. When my pussy lips were parted I knew there was no turning back now. I just wanted to enjoy the foreplay as long as I could until I begged you to fuck me. I was in such a dreamy state that I didn’t realise it was someone else doing it to me. I felt a thumb enter my wet pussy and then slid out and up against my anus and start smearing my juices around it. I knew I was getting prepared for some anal action tonight. Again the thumb was soaked in my juices and smeared against my ass hole. Now two fingers entered my pussy as the thumb wormed its way in my ass. I wanted a quick orgasm so I slid my hand between the bed and my belly to rub my clit. When I raised my hips the thumb went deeper into my ass, pushing me back down and I moaned. That’s when I felt a hand cover my mouth and I heard Sarah whisper in my ear, “Keep quiet.”
I wondered if my wife was making up this story for a quick fuck or did she just dream it. There was no way I could believe that Sarah would have done any of this. I know that in the past me and Cathy talked about what it would be like to have a foursome with Sarah and Matt but the huge size of Matts build put her off and we always left it at that. Mind you, every time we did talk about it, the idea of it really made for some great sex. I stopped sucking her fingers and continued listening to her as my cock grew harder.
“I opened my eyes in shock to see her kneeling on the floor by the side of our bed. It was then that I realised it wasn’t you but Sarah playing with me. As I tried to get up she roughly gagged me and pushed my hips back down using her fingers in my holes. My pussy muscles clamped against her invading fingers and she whispered, “Don’t fight it Cathy, just let me do this to you.” I shook my head in protest and she just smiled at me. “Cum for me Cathy, I want to make you cum.” That’s when she started fucking her fingers into my clamped pussy. I was about to scream when suddenly I felt her slowly wriggling her thumb deeper inside my ass. That was when I lost it and you know how I love anal sex.”
“My body pushed up against her hand for a deeper penetration and she knew what I wanted. She removed her hand from my mouth and said, “Tell me baby how you want it.” There was no turning back now and I said, “Do whatever your dirty fucking mind what’s to do to me just don’t stop.” I was about to slid my hand back to my clit when she stopped me and said, “Come down to the floor so we don’t wake up Paul.” I was surprised when I said, “No, not yet. I’m about to cum.” I actually begged her not to stop. The filth of what was going on was driving me crazy. Our best friend was fingering my holes and wanted to give me an orgasm in my own bed. I didn’t give a fuck as to why she was doing this to me but it was driving me towards an orgasm. I was so turned on being fucked by another woman for the first time in my life that I let her do whatever she wanted to me.”
“My hand found my clit and I rubbed it harder than I’ve ever done before. I turned my head to face her as she fucked me deeper. I said, “Fuck me harder you filthy bitch. Go on. Fucking do it.” She quickly inserted an extra finger into my cunt and fucked them into me as hard as she could. I started moaning and that’s when she planted her mouth against mine. I let her tongue enter my mouth and we swapped spit and I didn’t care how crude it was. I gasped in her mouth as she continued finger fucking my holes. She started slamming into me with everything she had. She whispered, “Cum all over my fingers Cathy. I want to taste you when you’re done.” That was it. I buried my face into the pillow to muffle my screams as my orgasm ripped through me with such force that my entire body trembled as she continued stabbing into me. My ass and cunt were contracting against her forceful fingers as my hips bucked up and down. I closed my legs tight around her fingers and she pushed forward fucking me harder and deeper than before. My body jerked uncontrollably for a long, long time as she continued fucking me. She wriggled her fingers in my cunt to prolong my orgasm until I couldn’t take it anymore and begged her to stop. I was sure you would have woken up by all my movements in the bed but you didn’t. I didn’t know whether to wake you or not as my head was spinning.”
“After getting my breath back I turned to her and said, “I can’t believe you just did that to me.
She smiled at me and slowly removed her hand from my cunt and ass and started sucking my cunt juices off her fingers. My cunt twitched watching her enjoying herself as she moaned.”

My dick was getting harder and harder while I listened to every word she said. I have to admit that listening to her talking about Sarah in this way was incredible. It was either a fucking good dream she just had or it may have really happened. I didn’t care because I was going to tell Matt in the morning and see if we could somehow use this to our advantage. Now I heard about what Sarah did to my wife but I was still puzzled as to how she got the taste of pussy in her mouth. I said, “Ok babe. So Sarah finger fucked you to an orgasm but how did you get the taste of pussy in your mouth?”
“Well, I watched her slowly sucking her wet fingers clean of my juices while I tried to comprehend what had just happened. I was amazed at how turned on I was getting from watching this perverted woman enjoying the taste of another woman’s cum. She added some slurping noises and moaned which I thought were totally disgusting but yet very erotic. I even surprised myself by encouraging her to suck harder and she did.”
“You taste so fucking good Cathy, now let’s taste your ass,” she said as she inserted her thumb into her mouth and started sucking away. I felt my cunt flutter even more watching her and I suddenly had an urge to shove my tongue into her mouth. I pulled her hand away from her mouth and as I moved closer to her face I noticed that she was playing with herself the whole time. That got me so aroused and I knew right there and then that I was ready for anything.”
I asked my wife what she meant by ready for anything and she looked at me and said, “I wanted nothing more in this world than to fuck her as good as she fucked me and make her cum. The idea of fucking another woman to orgasm nearly made me cum again. Don’t ask me to explain myself Paul because I can’t. Something inside me was controlling my urges to do it.”
I noticed that while she was telling me all of this that her nipples were erect and she was gently stroking her cunt. I decided not to touch her in fear that it would put her off and she would stop talking. I couldn’t believe what I just heard her say and told her to continue with what happened next.
“I watched Sarah playing with herself and without taking my eyes away from her cunt I pulled the bed sheets off, turned to see if you were still asleep and then told her to follow me. I didn’t know what I was going to do but I had some filthy thoughts running wild in my head. I didn’t want to wake you so I got up and reached for her hand leading her to the lounge room. I felt my cunt juices seeping out of me as we quickly walked down the hallway knowing that I was going to eat pussy for the first time in my life. I threw her onto the couch and I wanted to make her cum in my mouth so badly that I was crazy for it. I told her that I’ve never done this before and she said that neither has she. My cunt kept leaking even more knowing that this was both our first time with another woman. I felt so dirty as to what I wanted to do to her and it turned me on like never before. Kneeling in front of her I parted her legs and planted my mouth straight onto her cunt. She was already wet and her scent made my cunt spasm. I licked her juices and her taste was intoxicating. I needed more and shoved my tongue into her as deep as I could. She moaned and spread her legs further apart for me. I had my tongue fucking her hole as my mouth sucked her lips in. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into herself as her hips started grinding against my face. I pulled my tongue out and attacked her erect clit. Her body jerked around as I held her legs apart. I knew she was about to cum and I wanted nothing more than to taste her orgasmic juices. I shoved my tongue back into her cunt and fucked her with it as deep as I could. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was getting the more she moaned. The feeling of being in control of another woman’s sexual enjoyment made me determined to work harder for it and I did.”
“Sarah suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled my head away. I thought that she might have changed her mind and wanted me to stop. But I was wrong.”
“Get on the fucking floor Cathy, quick,” she demanded, and I did. I dropped to the floor and watched her slid off the couch towards me. She climbed over me and kissed me deeply. When she stopped she whispered, “I’m about to cum and I want to cum in your beautiful mouth so get ready Cathy.”
“She moved her body above my face and I was thrilled as to what she had in mind. I opened my mouth and waited for her horny cunt to land on it. On her way down I felt a few drops escape her cunt and hit the side of my face. Knowing I caused that to happen nearly made me cum on the spot. I was so fucking desperate to make her cum that I grabbed her hips and forced her cunt onto my mouth. She moaned and started grinding herself against my face. While my tongue fucked her cunt I reached up and grabbed her breasts feeling how hard her erect nipples were. I now knew that we were both going to be as filthy on each other as we wanted to be. There was no turning back now and I didn’t want it to ever stop.”
“I continued fucking her cunt and grinding my wet chin against her ass hole as hard as I could. I was fighting to breathe at times but not once did I care. She started jerking about and I pinched her nipples harder as her orgasm was ready to burst. She looked down on me and said, “Eat my filthy fucking hole you slut and give it to me fucking harder.” I felt like a filthy slut and enjoyed it. Lying on my back I could feel my own cunt juices running into the crack of my ass as I rubbed my legs together. I knew I was going to surrender myself to her again and I didn’t care what she wanted to do to me as long as I orgasmed hard. I continued fucking my mouth harder into her slippery wet cunt to make her cum and I knew she wasn’t too far from doing so. Her body started trembling above me as she moaned harder. She grabbed both of my hands on her breast and squeezed them as hard as she could.”
“I knew what she needed and I slapped her hands away grabbing her breasts on my own as hard as I could. Digging my nails into them made her groan and she grunted out the words, “Yes bitch, that’s it. Rip my fucking tits off and make me cum. Oh god yes that’s it. Suck me harder, harder you fucking slut. Eat my fucking cunt oh fuuuuuuck, yeeeees, god I’m cuming, ohhhhhhh, fuuuuuuck, meeeeee.” With a muffled scream she grabbed my hair and used my entire face to prolong her pleasure. She rocked back and forth and even used my nose against her clit as she continued to tremble above me. I wanted my entire head to enter her cunt and retrieve every drop of her juices. I was struggling to breathe as she flooded my mouth with cum but I didn’t care. I wanted to make her cum her brains out. She didn’t care about how I felt as she continued fucking my face for her own pleasure. I didn’t care as I dug my nails harder into her breasts while shoving my tongue into her contracting cunt. I wanted to give her the best and hardest orgasm she has ever had until she couldn’t take it anymore. I was surprised to feel my own cunt juices continually leaking out of me while my cunt fluttered about. I was possessed with the filth and intensity of what we were both doing and I didn’t want it to stop. The taste, the smell and a woman’s body above me having a brutal orgasm was all too much for me to take. I had to fuck myself so badly that I threw Sarah off me to the side and onto her back. She was gasping and so was I as I watched her stroking her cunt and jerking about. I quickly got up on my knees and without any hesitation I shoved three fingers as deep as I could into my desperate cunt at the same time as I shoved three fingers into hers. She looked shocked when they entered her but she gave me a trembling nod that indicated she could take it. I used my fingers to fuck her hard and deep and placed my mouth onto her clit and she didn’t refuse me. She grabbed my head again and pulled me in. I moaned as I brutally fucked myself. Three fingers were not enough so I added another and fucked myself like never before. I was so aroused by the filth I was enjoying that it was intoxicating beyond my wildest dreams. Fuck. My cunt is so fucking wet just thinking about it that I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again if she came in right now for more.”
I wanted to shove my cock into her right there and then and I didn’t care which hole it was. I knew that if I did I wouldn’t take long before blowing my nuts from what she just said. I could see she was highly aroused and bringing herself towards an orgasm but I wanted to push her for more. My brain was searching for a quick response and I found one.
“That sounds so intense babe but I doubt that you could do it again right now.”
She looked at me with pure lust in her eyes and said, “If she walked in right now I’d have my cunt over her face while I was attacking hers with my tongue and my fingers and I wouldn’t care that you were in here. I’ve got three fingers buried in my cunt at this very moment and I wish it were her fingers in me instead. I want to shove my tongue in her juicy cunt and ass hole again and have her doing the same to me until we wear ourselves out. I can’t wait until tomorrow to have her again Paul. I’m so sorry for saying that but it’s true. I’ve never done anything like this in my entire life and never thought I would but here I am. I’m fucked up with wanting to fuck another woman that I need it so fucking badly that I’m going out of my fucking mind.”
I was more than excited to hear all this and in the state she was in I decided to go along with her. The first thing I said was, “You fucked her ass hole. What did you do?”
“For fucks sakes Paul, what didn’t I do? You might be disgusted with me right now and I can’t blame you for all the perverted things I’ve done tonight but I really couldn’t help myself.”
“No no, please tell me Cathy. I want to know what you did.”
“You’re fucking loving this aren’t you? She said with a concerned look.
“You fucking know me too well babe. I’m fucking ready to burst.”
“I’ll make it simple for you then. I sucked her tits. I chewed on her nipples really hard. I slammed four fingers into her cunt while I licked and finger fucked her ass hole with two fingers at the same time. I tongue fucked both her holes as deep as I could get it in and I let her do all the same things to me. I even let her force her entire hand into my cunt more than once and it made me cum so fucking hard that I saw stars. So there you have it. What do you think of your filthy lesbian wife now?”
I was about to cum and I quickly said, “Cathy that’s the hottest thing I’ve ever heard you say and I’m about to cum just imagining you doing it. If I let you go to Sarah right now would you suck me off and swallow my load before you go?” I waited for her response and now I worried that I might have ruined it all for her.
“I’ll swallow it all for you baby and then I’ll let Sarah know what you taste like. Is that ok with you?”
“Oh fuck babe. That’s such a fucking filthy idea but I fucking like the way your thinking.”
I pulled the sheets off and already had my cock out as she lowered her mouth over it. She sucked me harder than she’s ever done before and I decided to start fucking into her face as hard as she’d let me. I knew she was in a hurry and I didn’t care. She was on a mission and she let me fuck her throat harder than I’ve ever done it. She was in a desperate state to go back to Sahara and surrendered her discomfort and let me have my way. I was chocking her and pulled out enough for her to keep breathing but she quickly pulled me back in. Tears and sweat smeared her face but she never stopped. I fucked her mouth as hard as I fucked her cunt and ass hole until my balls were ready to explode.
I called out, “Here it comes babe,” and she quickly removed her mouth and said, “All of it down my throat baby, down my throat,” and through her head back down on me deep.
I grabbed her head and pulled it into me as I shoved forward and felt my cock start shooting loads of cum down her throat. Her gagging felt like a contracting cunt as she tried breathing through her nose. I contained my yelling to uncontrollable heaving breathing and moaning throughout my brutal assault and she took it all. When I finally emptied all I had I released her head and saw the state of her face. She was covered in tears and sweat and her face was so red with veins showing on her neck. She was gulping for air and I knew her throat was clear of all my cum. I felt great until I saw the sight of her and started to wonder if I had fucked things up. I watched her compose herself and I didn’t know what to say.
As she wiped her face she said, “That was intense. That’s the hardest I’ve ever let you fuck my mouth like that and I fucking loved it. Maybe I should let you fuck me as filthy as you want to from now on. I quite liked the idea of you fucking my mouth like my cunt and squirting it all down my throat. I didn’t realise my man got so turned on about me and Sarah. Fuck babe, what are you going to be like if we fuck each other in front of you?”
I was no longer concerned about how she was feeling and said, “I know that if I saw you two fucking each other that you wouldn’t be able to stop me from fucking the pair of you.”
“Now that would be so fucking filthy wouldn’t it? I could watch you fucking her so hard until you filled her cunt with cum and then I would suck it all out of her. Fuck babe, where did that idea come into my head?”
“I don’t know Cathy but it doesn’t upset me at all. It fucking turns me on you wanting to do things like that. All I can say is that if you still need to go to Sarah then you better go now or I’m going to fuck the living daylights out of you instead.”
I’ve still got some cum in my mouth for Sarah to taste and I’ll tell you how it all goes when I return.”
With that said she gave me a quick kiss and said, “I fucking love you so much babe and thank you for letting me do this.”
When she got off the bed she turned and looked at me with a lustful grin and said, “After tonight babe, I promise you that whatever your wildest, filthiest fantasies are I’ll do them for you. You have my word on that, ok?”
I looked at her and said, “If you only knew some of the ideas I have then I think you shouldn’t make promises like that. So go, go and have your fun babe.”
“I’m about to be fucking filthy with a woman again so I want you to come up with something so filthy that I would never have imagined doing. I mean it Paul, I won’t say no.”
I said ok and told her to get going and she did. I decided not to go and follow her and watch them in action for the fear of losing her trust in me. She had just let me fuck her mouth like never before so I allowed her to go to Sarah. Now she wants me to come up with something so filthy that she won’t refuse. I’ve already got one that I know will blow her mind.
What happened when Cathy got to Sarah’s bedroom changed our lives forever. But I’ll tell you all about that in the next story.