Our weekend of Debauchery – Chapter 2Chapter TwoGosia sat up, zipped up her shorts and replaced her right breast into her vest top adjusting the spaghetti strap to ensure it was covered decently.“Mmmmmm, that was sooo horny watching you sucking Carl’s cock like that, and when he licked his cum off your chin that really tipped me over the edge”, she said.“Glad it worked as well for you as it did for us”, I replied. Do you often wank on public transport”?“No, not usually, but it is such a horny book and you two doing your stuff convinced me you wouldn’t be offended” she replied.“As if”, said Carl laughing.“So where are you going, just to Paris or further on”? I asked.Yes just to Paris, I’m meeting up with my friend for the weekend, she’s working here for the summer”.“Is she a ‘special’ friend”? Carl asked doing his quizzical left eyebrow raised look.“I wish she was”, she replied, “I’ve fancied her for ages, but Claire is a bit straight, if you know what I mean. I’ve only recently managed to get her to shave her pussy, it looked like a bit of a jungle down there”, she laughed.“So she’s straight but she’s shown you her pussy”? I asked.“Well not exactly shown, she often stays over at my place when we go out and we always share my bed, it makes me soo horny that she’s so cute and sexy but I can’t have her”.“Hmm, maybe we could help you there, we’re here to meet up with a couple of our ‘special’ friends, we’re all going to a swingers club, maybe we could help you get what you want from Claire”. As I said that, the door to the carriage opened and the ticket collector walked through.“Mesdames et Messieur, tickets please”.Carl fumbled in his black linen suit jacket and proffered our tickets. The ticket collector punched them and turned to Gosia.“Mademoiselle, votre bilet s’il vous plait”.Gosia launched into a full conversation of what sounded to me like perfect French as she dug into her back pack.“Ici, monsieur”“Merci, mademoiselle.Her ticket safely back in her pack Gosia gestured to the pair of unoccupied seats facing ours.“Mind if I join you”?“Our pleasure” I replied.She picked up her book from the table and grabbing her pack crossed the wide aisle and took the seat closest to the window opposite me.”So tell me more about this club, what happens there? I’ve heard about these clubs, but I’ve never been to one, sounds like it could be really horny”.Carl beamed a huge cheesy grin, “Come as our guest and bring Claire, just tell her it’s a risqué night club, I’m sure she won’t be disappointed, in our experience once people see what some of the things that are going on they’re so turned on at being in their own private porn show, they just get carried away and join in. Unless she’s a total prude that is!?“God no, she’s no prude, she and I have fucked our fair share of guys, it’s just that I think she’s totally straight, and I so want her to be Bi with me, I fancy her to bits, especially since the night when I saw her freshly shaved pussy”.“Oooh “, I said that sounds interesting do tell us about it.“It was back in the spring. We’d been out on the town; she called for me about 9pm. I’d been chatting to a friend on msn about how I wanted to fuck Claire and so I was really turned on, my pussy was really wet. My friend said that I should make sure she got drunk and then take her back to mine to spend the night”.“Whoa, slow down”, said Carl. “Who’s this friend you chat to about your Bi fantasies”?“Sorry, getting carried away, she’s a girl, part of a couple that I met on Xhamster, it’s a porn website, there’s loads of videos and some really horny stories”.Carl looked across at me and we both laughed, “Yes we know it well, in fact we joined nearly a year ago”, he laughed again, “Go on”.Gosia chuckled. “Small world, we’ll have to swap details”’“I reckon we’ll be swapping more than details” Carl replied.“Anyway we had a really good night lots of dancing and flirting with the guys at the club. She’d been slow dancing and snogging this gorgeous Italian guy and I was with his mate. It was all shaping up to be a good night, maybe back to their place to continue the party, if you know what I mean”?“Yep, so what happened then”? Asked Carl“Well, some idiot spilt his drink all over Claire, the guy she was with got pissed off and hit the drunken idiot right in the middle of the crowded bar and before you know it the bouncers turned up and threw the boys out. By the time we’d got our bags and jackets, they’d disappeared. So no party for us! We were so annoyed we just got a cab back to my place and shared a bottle of wine. Claire was really tipsy and just as I was starting to turn the conversation in a sexual direction hoping to get her turned on. She upped and went to the loo, didn’t come back, so I went looking for her and there she was asleep in my bed, stark naked with the duvet on the floor. She looked so sexy, tiny little tits, but with a lovely shape, really pert. And nipples just like mine, small brown and erect at the slightest provocation, we always laugh about it, say we’ve got twin tits. She’s got blonde hair, even lighter than mine, almost whiteI was gutted. But then as I looked at her I had an idea, I got my iphone and started to take some pictures of her. I took them from all angles, her full body, her tits from a distance so both of them were in it and then some close ups of her nipples, they were only half erect so I sucked one until it was sticking out and took one of that. God it made me soo horny. I rearranged her legs so that they were wide apart and took some fabulous pictures of her cleanly shaven pussy. Her pussy lips were really prominent, they were really sticking out “.Gosia blushed; the pinkness covered her face and chest.“Certainly turned you on by the looks asyabahis yeni giriş of it “, I chuckled.“Oh God yes, I’m really ashamed, I just couldn’t resist it”“Why hunni, what happened” I asked.“I licked her”.“Oh wow, what was it like” I responded, aching to hear all the dirty details, my already wet pussy starting to leak it’s juices again. It was obviously having the same effect on Carl as I felt his hand slide down my right thigh to just above my knee and start to slide its way up my thigh again under my dress. I gulped as his fingertips touched the bare skin above my stocking tops.“Mmmm, sounds horny, do tell us all about it”, Carl said, his voice dropping a couple of octaves, always a sign he was getting horny.“Well, I’d just lifted her legs so that her feet were close to her bum and her knees were nicely bent, they kind of just flopped really wide apart. So I went in really close for a nice close up and saw a little bead of moisture, just like a tear I s’pose just below her clit between her inner pussy lips. So I put my finger down and scooped it up and tasted it”“Wow, was it good”, I asked opening my legs wider to allow Carl’s hand up to my naked wet pussy. He pushed his hand down and probed, finding my arsehole, he started to rub it in a circular motion, increasing the pressure with each revolution until my sphincter finally opened to allow access to my insides. “Ooooh I moaned” opening my legs wider, “You bastard Carl, I’m trying to listen to Gosia’s story”. “Mmmm, me too, it’s making my cock hard again just listening to it” He replied as he slid another finger into my now gaping arsehole.I looked across the table at Gosia. The flush across her chest had not diminished and her nipples were pushing hard against the material of her vest, like two hard little hazelnuts.“You two are terrible, you’re both making me horny again, and she tweaked her left nipple through the vest, her face contorting in obvious pleasure.“Go on Gosia, what happened next”? I said.“Having tasted her juice, I just couldn’t resist it. I spread her legs wide and started to lick her pussy, it was so sweet, like nectar. I opened her lips wide with my fingers and licked right from her bottom up to her clit. She kind of twitched and opened her legs wider still, I’m sure she started pushing herself against my tongue. It was just so horny, so I just kept licking. I turned onto my left side so that I could still lick her and then lifted my knee so that I could rub my pussy at the same time. I don’t know what she was doing but she kept making these little snoring sounds so I guess she was still asleep. But then the weirdest thing happened. I was just getting to the point where I was about to cum on my fingers, I guess I was jerking them in and out of myself fairly hard. All the time I was really giving her cunt a good licking, pushing my tongue in and out like it was a cock fucking her. She suddenly pushed her clit hard against my mouth, twitched a couple of times then rolled over onto her side really quickly. I only just managed to get my head out of the way. I watched her put her hands between her legs and apart from the occasional twitch she seemed to go into an even deeper sleep.“What did you do then”? Asked Carl. By now his two fingers were really fucking my arsehole sliding in and out, occasionally slipping into my cunt to scoop up my lubricating juices and then pushing them back into my gaping arsehole.“I rolled on my back opened my legs as far as I could with her there and fucked myself senseless with all my fingers inside my aching cunt, I was so fucking horny. I really had the most amazing orgasm, I managed to get my fingers deep inside me and rubbed my G spot, I even squirted a bit on the sheet. I pulled the duvet over us both and just passed out”.“God, that’s so fucking horny, it’s made me fucking wet. Carl rub my cunt as well hunni”.Maintaining his stimulation of my arsehole with his right hand, Carl slipped his left hand down onto my clit and started to slide two fingers either side of it, just as I loved.Though not able to see what was going on between my legs, Gosia reached down and once more, for the second time in an hour unzipped her shorts.“I’m really fucking turned on now Anna, mind if I join in”, she said as she slipped her hand inside them.“Sure hunni, open your legs a little” I replied.She complied. I lifted my foot, kicked off my shoe and slipped my stockinged toes gently between her smooth thighs, pushing them hard against her cunt. I started to massage her through her shorts gazing deeply into her eyes to watch her continued arousal.“Hold on a minute, I’ve got an idea”, said Gosia. She reached into her pack and pulled out a little tartan skirt, she slipped her shorts down her legs lifted her bottom off the seat and fastened the wrap around skirt with its buckle. She then sat back down on the seat spread her legs wide and pulled the top of her thong up towards her waist causing the hem of the skirt to move up and the narrow gusset to slip between her clean shaven lips, She looked me in the eye and said, “See much more practical, loads of access and I can cover up in a second”, so saying she flipped the hem of her tartan kilt down on to her thighs, covering up her pussy.Good idea sweetheart, do me a favour lift this table into its stowed position so we can watch each other”.Gosia reached across and lifted the table out of the way.“Ah that’s much better, I can see everything” she said.“Me too and I love what I’m seeing”, I replied my eyes riveted on Gosia’s pussy, totally fascinated by the large tattoo of a scorpion just above her mound on the left hand side.“I love the Tatt Hunni, looks really sexy”, I said.“Thanks”, she responded, “I only asyabahis giriş had it done a few months ago, I just love it”I put my foot once more on her cunt and pushed the wet panties to one side, suddenly I could see it, and I felt a pang of lust shoot through my body, a mixture of what Carl was doing to me with his hands and the sight of that beautiful wet open cunt being invaded by my toes.Gosia slithered her bottom lower in the seat pushing herself hard against my toes, I wriggled them to align them better with her open slit and they slipped into her wet warmth. She started to rub herself against my foot as I also rubbed myself against Carl’s hands; he’d now removed the fingers from my arse and was concentrating his entire attention on my clit. I felt my orgasm building; the feeling of my stockinged foot sliding in and out of Gosia’s cunt was almost exactly in time with the thrusts Carl was using on my cunt.I started to pant like a bitch humping my cunt hard against Carl’s hand, my leg locked rigidly as Gosia in turn humped my foot. The pair of us were perfectly in sync our cunts both squelching with our copious juices and then suddenly almost as one we both came. Once more I tried to mute my cries of joy and once more I failed, Carl slapped his right hand over my mouth to try and mute my squeals of abandon.As Gosia and I started to come down from our mutual orgasms she looked across at me and said “Was it you I heard in the Ladies loo at St Pancras”?I burst into peals of laughter. “Yes hun that was me, I was just soo horny I had to have a quickie. So that was you at the door asking if I was OK”?“Yes, it sounded like you were either cumming or dying, I wasn’t sure which”,We both burst into laughter, followed shortly afterwards by Carl. With tears streaming down my face I sorted out my dress and pulled it down to cover my exposed pussy.“That is so funny”, I chuckled.My chuckles were interrupted by my phone ringing. I reached down to my bag and picked up my phone.“Hello, this is Anna”.I glanced at my phone and saw the caller ID, it was my friend Heidi.“Hi sweetheart, what’s up”?“Where are you gorgeous”?“We’re on the Eurostar just about to go under the channel, where are you”?“Just got off the ferry, heading for Paris, should be there in a few hours”.“OK Sweetheart, we’ll see you at the hotel, your room should be next to ours, if the bloody booking went through OK”“OK lover, if you’re there first, run me a nice hot bath, there’s a darling”.“Mmmmm thinking of you, Carl is looking forward to seeing your new puppies in the flesh, we’ve got so much to tell you, we’re having a lovely horny journey. Mwaah”.“ Horny? What are you two up to; you just can’t be trusted out on your own. I want to hear all about it when we get to the hotel. I’ll just have to let my imagination run riot till then”, she said.“OK Sweetheart, I’ll fill you in later”.I cut the connection and dropped the phone back into my bag.“That’ll get her thinking; she’ll be imagining all-sorts on the way to Paris. Bet she has a bit of a play on the way if I know her, she never misses an opportunity for a nice wank”.“Who was that”? Asked Gosia.“An old and very dear friend, we’ve had a couple of really horny sessions together, she and Carl have watched each other cum on cam a couple of times too, dirty sods”.“Wow” Gosia replied, “Really, that sounds so horny”. “What’s she like”, she continued.Carl replied, “She’s stunning, a really sexy brunette, we met on Xhamster and really hit it off, it was mostly Anna in the beginning. But she and I have had some fun on-line together a couple of times, one night, when Anna was out with the girls we started off just chatting and as usual the conversation got around to sex and before you know it we we’re camming with each other, I was wanking and she was using her rabbit on herself, it was so horny, we both came really hard, I nearly covered the keyboard in my cum and she ended up ramming her vibrator into herself so hard I thought she’d dislocate her spine, lucky her mum was out for the evening”. I continued, “Yes she and I are so alike, you’ll love her, she had her surgery just after mine, she has the most fabulous tits, they are similar to mine”. To illustrate the point I pulled the grey cashmere top aside and my black bra down to reveal my still very erect nipples to her fascinated gaze.“Mmmm you’re right Anna, if they look as good as yours, I’m smitten, I’d love to suck your nipples they look so, so,……….suckable”, she laughed.I re-arranged my dress to cover my boobs, as I finished tucking them back into the cups of my bra, the carriage door slid open and a waiter walked through the door pushing a drinks trolley. “Mesdames et Messieur un aperitif n’est pas”.We all burst into fits of laughter, imagining how he might have reacted had he come through the door 5 minutes earlier, me with my legs spread and Carl’s fingers deep inside me and Gosia similarly spread with my foot in her pussy. Having lowered the table back into position we all quietly sipped at our Gin and Tonics.A short while later lunch was served and we all made the most of the superb a’la carte menu.Having finished my dessert; I put the fork and spoon on the plate and dropped my napkin on the table in front of me.”That was really good, much better than the old British Rail curly sandwiches”.“I should hope so, for what we’re paying, we could have flown 1st Class for what his is costing, “Carl replied.“Ah, but I’m worth it Hunni”, I said snuggling close to him.“Hey that’s not fair, I’m feeling left out over here” said Gosia.“We can soon remedy that” I responded. “Wait till they’ve cleared every-thing away and we’ll have some more fun, If you’re up for it, that is”?“Mmmm, sounds asyabahis güvenilirmi interesting, what do you have in mind”? She asked.“Well, you’ve cum twice, and counting my little play in the loo, I’ve cum twice as well, poor old Carl has only cum once, so the least we can do is let you and Carl cum together before we get to Paris”.“Can’t say fairer than that” chuckled Carl.We sat in our seats, quietly contemplating what was to come as the lunch-time dishes were cleared from our table. Everything duly cleared away; Gosia once more lifted the table into its stowed position.She looked from Carl to me and said, “OK then, who would like a fuck. As the only one with a cock, Carl, you’re elected; I so need a nice thick cock inside me right now and yours looked a perfect fit”.With that she turned around in her seat and raised the tartan skirt up over her arse, displaying her still wet looking pussy to Carl. “My God Gosia, you look so nice and tight, not sure I’ll fit my cock inside you” said a slightly breathless Carl.“I’ll help” I volunteered. I knelt down on the floor between the two pairs of seats and started to tongue her gorgeous pussy lips. I started down by her still protruding clitoris and licked right up between her tight but exposed lips to her arse. Flicking my tongue around the browny-pink rosette of her arsehole she twitched uncontrollably as my hands opened her cheeks wide and I flicked my pointed tongue just into the opening.“Aaaargh, Ooh that is so good” she squealed; shifting her knees wider apart on the seat.“That looks so horny”, Carl intoned from behind me.As I continued to lap at Gosia’s widely spread pussy lips and arsehole. Carl unzipped and took his now re-invigorated cock from his zip and stood with his legs either side of my head. He looked briefly along the length of the 1st class carriage to ensure that no-one was observing our lewd behaviour and slipped the glistening head of his cock into the now gaping slit of her pussy. Meeting no resistance in her slick slit he slid deeply inside her, only stopping as he felt his cock was fully immersed in her hot wetness.“Oh fuck that is good” he said, “so hot and tight”. Gosia responded by raising her pelvis towards Carl’s throbbing cock. “Oh yes Carl, it feels so big, fuck me hard and deep, use my tight wet cunt, Fuck me hard you fucker”. The two of them started up a fast hard rhythm. On each stroke Carl would withdraw almost completely, exposing his purple knob-head, then ram his tumescent cock deep into her willing cunt.As they started to increase the tempo of their fucking I reached above Carl’s cock and slid first one then two fingers into Gosia’s arsehole. Each time Carl slid deep inside her I pushed against the intervening membrane and could quite clearly feel the engorged veins on the top of his cock with my fingertips. With my other hand I cupped his cum filled ball-sack and started to pull down on it stretching its shaved smoothness down towards the floor.“Fucking hell Anna, if you keep that up, I’ll be cumming soon”, he grunted.“Yes, keep it up Anna, I’m nearly cumming too” Gosia echoed.We all increased the speed of our actions, each time he rammed into her I pulled down on his balls and pushed my fingers hard into her arse against his cock through her delicate membrane.As one they both came convulsively, I could feel the jets of cum as Carl squirted deep inside her, she in turn also came hard her juices jetting out in little squirts from around Carl’s cock.I slid my hand forward from Carl’s balls and managed to catch their joint emissions in the palm of my hand and started to greedily lap them up like the bitch in heat that I was. I offered Gosia my dripping cupped hand and like me; she licked it until all evidence of their joint ejaculation was gone.Carl collapsed forward onto his knees either side of Gosia’s thighs.“Fucking hell you two, that was fucking incredible”, he said, “You’ve sucked me dry Gosia.“Ohhhh myyy Godd”, she replied. “I don’t think I’ve ever cum so quick and so hard in my life. I don’t think my pussy has stopped twitching yet”. As if to reinforce her statement there was a clearly perceptible twitch from her cunt and a long rope of cum glooped from between her now very red pussy lips straight onto the seat below. It was followed a couple of seconds later by an equal amount of white sticky goo that just hung like a drip of candle wax.I quickly leant forward and licked her pussy clean, holding it in my mouth. I beckoned towards her face. Her lips joined mine and we spent a few seconds swapping the sticky cum from mouth to mouth, each of us swallowing a small amount each time until it was almost gone. With a small amount left in my mouth, I now beckoned to Carl, his lips seized upon mine and I felt his tongue invade my mouth and scoop the remainder from my tongue.“Mmmm, God I taste good and you taste pretty good too Gosia “Carl laughed. He pulled up the black linen trousers of his suit and fastened the waist-band zipped his fly and collapsed back onto the seat behind him. As I struggled from my knees to my seat, Gosia turned around and sat back down on her seat facing me.“Mmmm, I really enjoyed that, I couldn’t have wished for nicer travelling companions” she said.“So where are you going to meet Claire Gosia? I asked.She’s got a long term hotel room at the Hotel des Arts on the Rue Tholozé in Montmartre, as it’s the weekend I’m going straight to her hotel and meeting her there”.“Ah that’s a pleasant coincidence, we’re in Montmartre too we’re in the Hotel Particulier, it was recommended to us by some other swinging friends who’ve stayed there before, it’s supposed to be a really sexy place to stay, we can’t wait to see it”.Gosia removed an ipad from her backpack and propped it on her legs, “What was the name again, if we’re close maybe we could share a cab”?I hope you enjoy this Chapter, there are more to come. Please tell me what you think, constructive criticism is always welcomeGosia, I hope you enjoy your role in this Chapter. xxx