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They had been back in classes for a couple of weeks when Leethie had gone out to dinner with the cadet from the naval academy. It had been a dull date and she had had too much to drink to compensate. The cadet had been good-looking, and if he hadn’t been the son of some friend of her mother’s, she might have brought him home and fucked him – she had badly wanted to.

She was tired and leaned heavily on the banister as she climbed the steps to their apartment. It had been a long couple of weeks. Knowing she now had to study the rest of the weekend and that she had wasted a precious night off with a meathead, she was annoyed with her mother. Mercifully it wasn’t that late. She’d told her date she had to play Ultimate first thing in the morning. Imagining herself playing frisbee, Leethie laughed as she dug for her keys.

‘Where did that shit come from?’ She wondered; impressed with the lie. Standing in front of their door she imagined what it would have been like to have fucked the cadet. She felt a rush of heat as she imagined Miranda listening to the banging bed and her moans. She was surprised to find herself pressing her hand hard against her pussy. Her fingers were shaking as she took her keys out of her purse.

It was late enough that she was careful to be quiet as she opened the door. The apartment was dark except for the ambient light from the street, but as Leethie could easily see as stepped in and shut the door. The space felt warm and close; silent. But the smell… the little studio smelled like sex – or pussy at least. Leethie smiled in the dark, her weariness forgotten.

They had divided the apartment into two small “bedrooms” with cheap shoji screens. The dividers provided some privacy, but not much, she could hear Miranda brush her hair, and neither space had a door. Leethie stepped over to look in on Miranda’s side. She was curled up in bed facing the wall, her covers pulled up over her shoulder. Leethie stepped to the side of her bed and lifted Miranda’s duvet, exposing her bare ass and back.

“Hey!” Miranda protested in a sleepy voice and squirming away from Leethie.

“Faker!” Leethie accused, laughing at the sight of Miranda’s writhing naked backside. “The whole apartment smells like your twat. You’re going to break your pussy and go blind if you keep that up.”

“Jesus Leethie!” Miranda shouted as she turned and pushed down at the duvet. “Fuck you!”

“Fuck you very much you little freak,” Leethie taunted. “So escort kocaeli what was it, France, or Portugal?”

“What the fuck Leethie?” In her anger Miranda had pushed herself up on her elbows, baring her breasts. Her nipples stood out in the half-light; dark and hard. “You’re such a bitch!”

“What else would it be? The train? There’s nothing else,” Leethie mocked, smiling down at her. She knew Miranda didn’t have a sex life, never had, which made no sense to Leethie, who was struck by how beautiful was, even in disarray.

Her fine warm-gray hair was in a tangled mess, her eyes flashing bright and angry. Her full lips were wet and parted. Her breasts were rising with her breath, which was deep and fast. Leethie felt a great heat building in her. She blamed her bad date, again felt frustrated as a great heat rose in her breast. But she made a show of smiling down benevolently at Miranda. “Were you imagining eating pussy? You were, weren’t you? You hungry little perv.”

“God Leethie shut up!”

“You totally were,” Leethie laughed. She was right, could see it in Miranda’s eyes. Leethie had been trying so hard not to think about Europe but now she didn’t care, she was too drunk and tired to care. “Come on then little dyke, all you have to do is ask. Get up and I’ll let you eat the real thing.”

“I’m fucking not-“

“Don’t fucking tell me what you’re not!” Leethie shouted, all mirth suddenly gone, entirely replaced by a hot rage. “We both know what you are!”

Miranda froze. She looked up at Leethie, eyes wide in shock. Leethie realized she had stepped forward and drawn back her hand. She forced her arm to relax.

Leethie began hiking up her dress, as she did she kicked off her sandals.

“What-” Miranda looked on in confusion as Leethie lifted her dress over her head, jerking her hair free. Staring into Miranda’s eyes she hooked the waistband of her panties and pushed them down over her ass and thighs, letting them drop to the ground, and stepping out of them. They were wet, she smoothed her hand over her hairless sex, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin. It felt feverish.

Leethie stepped onto the bed and stood over Miranda, straddling her, reaching back to unhook her bra. Miranda was staring up at her pussy. Leethie was wet, could feel herself opening; flexed her thighs and calves.

“Lay down,” she ordered, dropping her bra off the bed.

Miranda looked up at her, breathing hard, her expression clouded and apprehensive. She relaxed her arms, obediently dropping back onto the bed. gölcük escort Placing her hands on the wall for support, Leethie lowered herself so her knees were on either side of Miranda’s head – her shins pinning her arms.

“Leethie don-“

But Leethie wasn’t listening. She pushed her fingers into Miranda’s hair as she spread her knees. Pulling the soft fine strands into tight bunches and freezing Miranda’s head in place.

“Do you wish the dark-haired girl had let you eat her out?” Leethie asked. She remembered her excitement as Miranda had crossed to the other girl’s bunk after Leethie had told her to, but she had turned back when the dark-haired girl had turned over and hid her face from them. She had been shaking as she climbed back into their little bunk. Her breath had been short and quick with fear, her cheeks and chin still wet from eating Leethie’s pussy. “Is that why you were stinking up the apartment?”

Miranda’s expression darkened.

“No,” she told Leethie.

“What was it then?” Leethie pressed. Her fingers squeezed at Miranda’s hair, she shifted on her knees, her pussy floating just above Miranda’s mouth.

“You told me to!” Miranda accused, as if that explained everything. She was trying to turn away, to hide her face, but Leethie wouldn’t let her.

“Do you do everything I tell you?” Leethie had tried to keep her voice stern, but it sounded high and fluttery.

“I don’t…” Miranda’s face was bright red. But the idea of her doing whatever Leethie said was like a fuse being lit. She felt the heat of that image climb up her belly, ignite her heart, and burn her throat.

“What was it then?” she demanded. Miranda clenched her eyes tight, but Leethie’s fists tightened in her hair. “Answer me bitch. Do what I tell you!”

“You,” Miranda whispered. Leethie felt a jolt of triumph.

“Eating me out?” Leethie asked, her voice was quavering, she kept her diaphragm tight, struggling to control her breathing. She watched Miranda.

“Your hands on my head,” Miranda admitted, her voice hardly a whisper. “Pushing me down.”

“You liked that?” Leethie asked incredulously, the hunger and frustration she’d felt during her dull date now entirely replaced by an anticipation that shook her.

“It scared me,” Miranda said, her voice small and girlish, her eyes unfocused; soft. Her lips were parted and full, they looked swollen to Leethie. Miranda licked them. Her mouth was between Leethie’s legs. Her breath tickled Leethie’s pussy. “I’m not- it just-“

Leethie izmit sınırsız escort had masturbated about that night repeatedly. Had repeatedly tried not to and had repeatedly failed; her mind had kept coming back to it; while she studied, during class, walking home. During her date she had thought about little else; about the look in Miranda’s eyes as she surrendered. That’s why she’d wanted to fuck the cadet so bad, to clear her head. She just needed to get laid. Miranda would have to clear her head instead.

“You’re such a fucking pervert Da,” she hissed, anger blooming in her. “You fucking love this.”


But Leethie didn’t want to hear more, didn’t want justifications. She pulled Miranda hard by the hair, made her yelp, pressing her lips against her own. Leethie began to grind. Miranda moaned in protest, her hands grabbed frantically at Leethie’s hips, but she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, pushing it into Leethie.

“Ohhh, FfffffUH!” Leethie held Miranda in place, even as her fists loosened their hold on her hair. It had been so long and, even if she couldn’t admit it, not even to herself, she’d wanted this so bad, had been thinking of it constantly; had thought of little else. “OHHH DA!”

She was holding Miranda by the skull now, but her grip was gentle, even supportive. Miranda’s hair felt so soft in her hands, against her fingertips, her palms. Her mouth felt so good against Leethie, she wished she could pull Miranda into herself; consume her. She looked down on Miranda, her eyes closed and lashes wet, her mouth working against her sex – Leethie felt her body fill with a new warmth. This wasn’t anger or explosive, instead, she felt it suffuse her flesh like a hot spring rising through black loamy soil.

She cradled Miranda’s head in her hands, feeling pleasure beginning to stack onto pleasure. She wanted to tell Miranda how good she felt, how much she had wanted this, how much she cared for her. Miranda opened her eyes, her expression was soft and loving. A burst of shame seized Leethie’s heart.

“Freak!” she spat, trying to laugh but failing. She pulled Miranda’s face hard against her snatch, grinding against it with her hips. “Eat my cunt you little fucking perv!”

Miranda’s eyes had gone wide with surprise, but then squeezed shut and she obeyed. Her hands squeezed hard at Leethie’s waist, and she pulled up with her arms to push her face harder into Leethie, letting her bucking hips fuck her open mouth, chin, and nose.

Leetie had slapped her hands against the wall for support and lost herself in the wild thrusts of her orgasm; dragging her pussy back and forth hard across Miranda’s face. She heard Miranda grunting and moaning painfully as she came, felt her nails clawing at her waist, but those were distant things.