Niki the tease
Continuation from – Keeping lookout while Niki had a pee…………………………

I got to work the next day, and was sitting in the canteen, having my coffee before I started work. A hand touched my shoulder, and then Niki sat down opposite me.
“That was fun last night,” she said, “I found it a real turn on. My pussy was wet all night.”
“Have to to it again then.” I said, and was answered by a big smile on Niki’s face.

“Did you like my panties ?” she asked.
“Sure did, had a good wank while I sniffed them.” I replied.
“Did you ?”, she said “Well, I’ll have to give you some more then.” and got up and walked off.

The morning went on, and I was busy sorting a few problems at my desk, when Niki walked past and dropped something on my desk. I looked up, and watched her walk away. She had her head turned back towards me, and had a crafty smile on her face.

I looked down, and sure enough, there was a pair of her panties. Small black lace panties. I secretly picked them up, and ran my thumb over them. The gusset was damp, and a slight white stain, where they had been caressing her wet pussy. Now that was all it needed for my cock to get hard. I put her panties in my jacket pocket, and tried to carry on working, trying to hide a large lump in my trousers.

Lunchtime came, and I went to the canteen. I was in the queue, and a familiar voice whispered in my ear. “Did you like your present ?”. I turned and Niki was standing there giggling.
“What do you think ?” I said.
“Oh good. Problem is, I’ve got to walk around with no panties on now !” she said with a wink.

We got our lunch and sat down.
“It’s very sexy walking around here at work with no panties on.” she said.
“It’s all I can think about.” I replied.
“If you are lucky, I might give you a flash.” she said.
“Now that would be nice.” I said.
“Okay, I’ll leave first, and if the coast is clear, I’ll do it.”, she said, “Never done it before, but it’s making my pussy wet.”

Niki got up and went to the doorway of the canteen, which was slightly hidden by a screen. I watched her, and she was very sexy. Niki was in her mid 30’s, slight build, about 5’4” tall, blonde shoulder length straight hair, not very big breasts, but a killer arse.
As she got to the doorway, she stopped, looked around, and then lifted the back of her dress, revealing her lovely bare arse. I couldn’t believe she done it, but she just let her dress drop back down, and casually walked off.
I looked around, but nobody was looking. It was so arousing, that I had to sit there for a while to let myself cool down.

I eventually returned to my desk, and tried to get some work done, but Niki wasn’t going to let that happen. About 1/2 hour later, over she comes and sat down on a chair next to me. I turned my chair facing her. Our desks are surrounded by three screens, so that we have a little privacy, and as such, we were not overlooked by anyone.
Niki whispered, “I’m very wet down there.” and after taking quick look around, lifted the front of her dress. She opened her legs a little to expose her pussy, and I could see she was right. It looked shiny and wet, and I could clearly see her pussy lips poking out of her slit. Niki looked around again, and reached down, and slid her middle finger over her wet pussy. Then, slid her finger in, wiggling it about a little. I could hear a how wet she was, as it made a sloppy wet noise.
Niki quickly closed her legs, and lifted her hand to her face and sucked her wet middle finger.
“Mmmm, tasty, want to try ?” she said.
I then looked around, and as nobody was watching, nodded.

Niki parted her legs again, and inserted her finger into her pussy, wiggled it about, and then offered her finger to me. I looked around, and leaned forward, and sucked her finger. How sweet she tasted, how fucking turned on was I. My cock was raging, and clearly visible under my trousers.
“Right, I’ll let you get on.” she said, and as she stood, patted my bulge. She had a little grope of my cock, and walked off.
I was ready to explode, she was a real tease, and was absolutely loving it.

All afternoon, I tried to carry on working, but all I could think of, was Niki’s pussy and how tasty it was.
I managed to make it to the end of the day, and it was time to go home. I packed up, and left.

As I left the building, Niki was standing by the door chatting to another woman in the office.
“I’ll walk with you to the car park.” she said to me, and finished her conversation, and said goodbye to the woman.
“I haven’t had pee all afternoon. I’m busting, know where I could go ?” she said with a smile and a wink.
“I’m sure we could find somewhere.” I replied, and we walked off to the car park.
I looked around, and at the far end of the car park, there was a small wooded area. It was slightly overgrown, but was the best we could find. We went in, and tried to find a spot where we couldn’t be seen.
We stopped by a tree, and Niki put her bag down. She lifted her dress and squatted down.
“Quick, feel how wet I am.” she said, and grabbed my arm pulling me down beside her. She guided my hand behind her, and directed my hand down between her arse. My fingers explored, and found what I was looking for. Her gaping pussy, all wet and slippery. I couldn’t resist rubbing her wet pussy lips.
“Finger me.” she said, so I obliged. Sliding two fingers into her wet pussy.
“Sorry, can’t hold it.” she said, and started to pee with me fingering her.
I could feel her warm pee running over my hand, and as I finger fucked her, it made a sloppy wet sound.
“Fuck that’s good,” she said, “Harder, faster.”

I did as I was told, and was ramming my fingers in and out faster and faster, until I could feel her pussy tighten. Her trickle of pee had stopped, but was replaced by her cumming over my fingers. She was sopping wet by now, and slowly and reluctantly, I took my fingers out. Still squatting, Niki went to her hand bag and pulled out a couple of tissues. One for me to wipe my hand, and one for her to wipe herself.
Then, still squatting, she leaned back against the tree. She pulled me round to face her. My cock was straining to break free, and Niki decided to release it. She undone my zip and released my cock from my briefs. It was all shiny and moist with my pre-cum.
Niki leaned forward and took me in her mouth. The way she rolled her tongue around, sent me into spasms. She had grabbed hold with one hand, and was busily rubbing and sucking and licking.
Now, with all the days teasing, it didn’t take long for me to shoot my load. My cock tightened even more, and Niki knew what was about to happen. She took my cock from her mouth, and rubbed even harder. Suddenly, my cream shot out in spurts, and Niki directed it away from her.
“Love to watch a man cum.” she said, and was squeezing every last drop out.
I was drained, and had to steady myself by reaching out for the tree.
Niki stood, and said “Next time, I want you to cum over me.”
All I could do was nod.
With more tissues from Niki’s bag, we cleaned ourselves up, and after a quick check, walked out to our cars.