I had lived in my house for three years already. A boring block in the boring suburbs. At thirty years old I had been through several men. At my age most of them had considerable baggage. Ex wives, kids, commitments, not to mention alcohol problems with attendant pot bellies, and a marked decline in sex appeal.

I worked hard on keeping myself trim and my tummy taut. I attended total tone classes and practiced aerobic exercises. I had no tolerance for fat guys. In my eyes overweight equaled lazy.

The house next door was to become a rental for college students. I was concerned it would become a party pad but my fears were unfounded. A shy, pretty college freshman moved in. I went over to introduce myself.

Susan was eighteen years old and beginning her studies in criminal law. She stood about five feet, six inches, was of slim build, and was generously endowed. Her long red hair framed a pretty face with gorgeous blue eyes. I invited her for dinner.

We talked about school, her major, and her hometown. Eventually the subject of boyfriends came around. Susan confessed that she didn’t have a lot of experience with guys.

“With your looks you could have any guy you want,” I explained, trying to instill confidence. “Look at you. Nice figure, pretty face, lush hair. You could model.” Susan blushed.

“Guys? They don’t even look at me. It’s tough to start in a new school.”

“It must be hard,” I sympathized. “But you have me. You’re always welcome in my house.”

And welcome her I did. I invited Susan for dinner a few nights a week. After dinner I would help her with her coursework.

“Keep your grades up,” I counseled. “Show them you’re more than just a pretty face. Let’s make the Dean’s list.”


I was dating a guy who treated me right but we weren’t that serious. I’d stay at his place on Saturday night and come home Sunday evening. The rest of my weekend was free. So I’d invite Susan over to hang out on Friday nights. Just girl movies and girl talk. Susan was always nice company.

One Friday evening I was showing Susan some of my dresses. I took one out of the bedroom closet and held it up.

“That’s beautiful.”

“Try it on,” I suggested. Susan changed in my bedroom bathroom and came out wearing the dress. She was the picture of beauty. The fit of the dress suggested a generous bosom without being showy. It also enhanced her flat tummy.

“Look how beautiful! That dress is perfect on you. Come to the mirror.” I took her hand and led her. Susan admired herself, spinning around once.

“How do you like it?”

“It makes me feel pretty.”

“You are pretty. You’re a sight to behold. I’ll try one on, too.”

I shed my jeans and top in front of her. After all the work I put into my figure I wanted to show it off. I slipped into one of my sexier dresses.

“Zip me up, Susan,” I said, holding my hair up.

I spun around once, the dress fluttering in my twirl. “How do I look?”

“You look great,” Susan admired, eyeing me up and down. I enjoyed her ogling me.

“I have bras to go with these dresses. I’ll show you.” I retrieved them from the dresser.

“I don’t economize on bras. I buy the expensive ones at the specialty store. I prefer push-up bras They enhance my form,” I explained. “Unzip me.” Susan did and I dropped the dress to my waist.

“Here, look at me from the front.” Susan stared at my boobs. “Now sideways,” I said, turning to profile. “Got it?”

I removed my bra and let my boobs spill out. Susan’s face went red. “Don’t be embarrassed. They’re just boobs,” I said as I slipped on a push up bra. I did a quarter turn to show Susan my profile.

“Look at the lift I get. It makes such a difference. Both men and women notice. The men stare and the women get jealous.” Susan izmit escort smiled.

“What size are you, Susan?”

She hesitated before answering. “I’m a thirty-six D,” she said, blushing.

“So am I. This bra will fit you perfectly! You have to try it on.”

I removed the push up bra and stood before her bare chested. “Turn around,” I said as I put the bra in her hand. Carefully unzipping her dress and lowering it, I unclipped her. I turned her around and removed her bra. Her young tits emerged in their beauty. We were both topless now. Susan’s face turned beet red.

“You’re gorgeous!” I gushed as I marveled at her perfectly round tits topped by generous, healthy nipples. “Don’t be embarrassed, be proud of these,” I assured her. “They’re the envy of every woman, myself included.”

“You think so?” she asked, her voice unsteady.

“I know so. Here, feel mine.” I took her hands in mine and placed them on my boobs. Her hands went totally limp.

“Lift them, squeeze them,” I instructed as I dropped my hands and thrust my chest out. Susan obeyed and lifted me as she gave me a squeeze. My cleavage became prominent and my nipples hardened.

“So what do you think?”

“They’re nice,” she said indifferently.

“Thank you! But yours are better.” I took her lavish tits in my hands and lifted them to inspect them.

“Yours are not only better, they’re perfect,” I explained. “Soft with such supple skin,” I observed. I held her as I talked to her about how well endowed women go further in life if they use their assets to their advantage. Susan listened, her tits in my hands.

“And look at these nipples,” I said as I pressed my thumbs on them. “So impeccable, so hard,” I observed, letting her know I was aware she was enjoying this.

“Let’s get you into this bra now.” I took the push-up from her and held it out. Susan slipped her arms through the straps and turned around. I fastened the clips and she spun back around.

“Look at you! A new Susan. So sexy.”

Susan smiled as she looked down at her enhanced bust and conspicuous cleavage. “It does help,” she admitted.

“Come,” I said as I led her back to the mirror.

Susan stared at herself, turning sideways a few times. “I want some of these bras,” she decided.

“Keep that one for now and wear it when you come to visit.” I offered. “I’ll purchase some for you. Your boobs are too beautiful not to enhance.”

“Thank you,” she said in agreement.


So began my relationship with this eighteen year old beauty. Susan regarded me as a mentor and looked up to me. One evening Susan informed me she hadn’t so much as kissed a guy for months.

“You haven’t kissed a guy in so long? You have to do it soon or you’ll get out of practice.”

“But I don’t have a guy to kiss. I wish I did.”

“Show me how you kiss,” I said.

“I’m not a lesbian. I’ve never kissed a girl. I’ve never wanted to,” she assured me.

Ignoring this rebuff, I took Susan in my arms. “Imagine I’m a cute guy. I bring my face to yours.” Her pretty face was an inch from mine. “I kiss you.” I put my lips on hers and gently kissed her. “Now kiss me back.”

Susan did. She was awkward at first but the more we kissed, the better she became.

“You’re a great kisser,” I complimented. “I’m going to keep you on your game by practicing with you,” I informed her.

And we did. When Susan came to visit she expected a kiss. I wouldn’t allow her to leave without exchanging a warm hug and a tender kiss.


At our next Friday dress modeling session I produced a gift I had bought for Susan. I had it wrapped in a box with a beautiful pink bow. Susan opened the box and her eyes lit up.

“They’re gorgeous,” izmit anal yapan escort she gushed. “Matching bras and panties. I love the colors!” I had gotten red, black, and pink.

“Try them on.” Susan excused herself and proceeded to my bathroom.

Here was the test: If Susan emerged fully clothed, then I’d know she wanted no more than kissing. But if she emerged modeling her gift, she was mine.

Susan spent some minutes trying on her sexy gifts. I could hear her movements. She seemed to be dressing and undressing. I was sure she’d come out fully dressed. Oh well. I had tried. I must have been delusional to think an eighteen year old beauty would be interested in me. The door finally opened and Susan appeared.

There stood the goddess Venus herself. Susan sported her push up bra, her lacy panties, and nothing else. My mouth dropped open. I eyed her up and down from the tips of her toenails to the top of her head. Susan had delicate feet, long legs, curvy hips, a generous bust, and a gorgeous face framed by her lush red hair. Her cute smile displayed her delight.

“So what do you think?”

“They fit perfectly,” I stammered.

Susan pirouetted. “How do they look from behind?”

“Perfect.” I was still speechless. She turned around to face me, her cute smile still on display.

“Thank you so much! They’re exactly what I wanted.”

I had planned for this moment in the unlikely event it would occur. But luck was smiling on me.

“I have the same set,” I said. “I’m wearing them.” Standing in front of Susan, I stripped down to my panties. I adjusted the elastic, pulling this way and that.

“Let me adjust yours, too,” I said and I knelt before her. My face was inches from Susan’s mound as I toyed with her panties. In a slow, sexy move I pulled her toward me by the small of her back and kissed her mound. Susan didn’t flinch. I kissed again, this time lowering her panties to peek at her pubic hair. Susan nudged her pelvis forward ever so slightly. I exposed more of her mound and pulling her by her ass I kissed again. Her scent wafted into my nose. Suspecting that this was Susan’s first time with a woman, I wanted to make it special. I stood and embraced Susan and led her to my bed.

I had Susan lay on her tummy. I took out some lavender massage oil and gently massaged her. Susan let out some contented sighs.

I continued rubbing her back. Her eyes were partially closed and her breathing slowed. I unclipped her bra and the straps fell away. I continued my massage as Susan sighed and exhaled. I skipped over her behind and progressed down each of her legs. I took each of her feet in my hands and gently massaged them. Susan had smooth, uncalloused feet with a nice arch. She exhaled some contented moans as I massaged her instep.

“That feels so good, Diana,” she breathed.

I massaged her feet a while longer, then gently placed them down. I moved my hands to her waist.

“Turn over, Susan,” I whispered, encouraging her with a slight twist.

Susan turned onto her back. Her bra fell away and I began massaging her flat tummy. I skipped over her breasts and worked on her shoulders. I picked up each of her arms and traveled down to her hands, massaging each one, interlocking our fingers as I did. Working back up her arms, I refocused on her shoulders and upper chest. I dripped more lavender oil onto my hands and lightly rubbed them together. I reached down and took both of Susan’s breasts in my hands.

Susan softly cooed as I squeezed her ample boobs together and massaged the oil into her smooth skin. Susan’s gorgeous nipples appeared as two smiling eyes. I gave each a kiss. Susan sighed.

I manipulated and enjoyed Susan’s breasts at my leisure and then released them, allowing them to return to their natural position.

Moving back to her izmit yabancı escort tummy, I lingered for a while and then progressed further south. I massaged the inside of her thighs and then moved around to her hips. I put my fingers inside the elastic of her panties, tugged slightly, and then paused. She hesitated and then slowly lifted her cute behind an inch. I carefully pulled her panties off. I had Susan naked.

Lying on my bed, Susan was the quintessence of youthful femininity. Her red hair splayed across my pillow. She had graceful shoulders and generous breasts. Her flat tummy merged into her mons veneris. Her pubic hair was a beautiful copper color.

I placed my hands back on her hips and tummy, and then lightly skimmed across her mound. I slid my thumbs down to the sides of her opening and massaged. Her supple vagina stretched and contracted with my caresses.

Slowly spreading Susan’s legs, I positioned myself between them and lowered my face into her groin. I inspected her vagina up close.

Her elegant flower glistened with dew. Her labia majora were the color of bronze and her labia minora were a healthy pink. Pulling her open, I rubbed my fingers on her smooth lips. Susan had a soft, feminine scent and I luxuriated in her redolence. Her graceful vagina invited my love. It was an invitation I couldn’t resist. I sprinkled loving kisses between her parted lips. Susan cooed at my tenderness.

I treated Susan’s kitty like hallowed ground, adoring and worshiping at her altar of love. After dozens of kisses I inserted my tongue slowly but deeply, and then dragged it unhurriedly up her slot. I repeated this treatment several times, increasing pressure as I did. I then pulled back on her hood and took her clitoris out to play. It emerged like the rising sun.

I kissed Susan’s clit and flicked it with my stiffened tongue. More soft coos ensued. I entertained her for some time, rubbing my lips and tongue on her swollen nub, careful not to bring her to orgasm yet. Her tight little opening begged for my finger.

Probing her vagina first with one finger, then with two, I stretched and manipulated her. After sufficiently expanding her tunnel I withdrew and wiped her wetness on each of her nipples. I worked my fingers back into her and this time, upon withdrawing, put them in her mouth. Susan suckled contentedly. I repeated this several times; violating her and then making her lick her juices off my fingers.

Taking Susan’s hand in mine, I led her to her wetness. I made her finger herself and held her hand in place, then pulled it out and took it in my mouth. Next I pushed in two of her fingers and made her hold them there. Susan on my bed with her fingers in her vagina was worth a picture.

I pulled her fingers out and then put them in her mouth. I repeated this indecency several times, making her finger herself and then putting those fingers in her mouth. She savored her taste contentedly. I then inserted her index finger inside her and held it in. I inserted my index finger as well and we rubbed our fingers together inside her. I found her G-spot and with my other hand I tickled her clitoris.

Susan’s orgasm came in two stages. The first was marked by deep breaths and moans. The second stage came suddenly; Susan’s fingers gripped the sheets and her pelvis lifted off the bed. She exhaled deeply through clenched teeth. I kept her in her throes for a while, with her loudly whimpering the whole time. I finally let her down.

I buried my tongue in Susan’s vagina as she calmed. I carefully avoided her sensitive clitoris as I held her open and planted the gentlest of kisses between her parted lips.

“That’s so gentle, Diana,” Susan sighed.

Once her breathing returned to normal I lightly rubbed the tip of my tongue on her clitoris and gave it a gentle kiss. I lay down next to Susan and hugged and kissed her. She was totally spent from her furious orgasm, but kissed back tenderly. We held each other in the afterglow.

Perhaps that’s enough for now. I need to collect my thoughts and be certain to accurately relate what follows. Until then…

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