New Lover – Hotel (Part 4) A Walk In The WoodsWe wake in each others arms. The sunlight is flooding in through the window. We are naked under the crisp white sheets. We kiss softly and gently caress each other, the sheets are thrown back our bodies exposed to the sunshine, you cuddle my head to your bosom, what a wonderful way to start the day, my cheek against your breast. I lick and suck your nipple I feel it swell between my lips, my hand caresses the outline of your curvaceous body, your waist, your hip, around your gorgeous bum, to your thigh, then up the inside of your thigh. As I stroke your pussy with my palm you take my erection in your hand and gently wank me, I stroke your lips with my fingers, pushing gently I penetrate you. We kiss as we masturbate each other, then we make love.We dress for breakfast, we descend the stairs hand in hand and make our way to the same corner table where we had dinner. Full English ? Yes please, for me especially, I need to keep my strength when on holiday with you. We eat and chat and plan for our day, a country stroll to walk off the effects of our meal. We walk hand in hand along the curving driveway and then off along a path across rolling countryside. The sun is warm with barely a breath of wind. Walking a little further we enter a wood, the ground carpetted in bluebells. gaziantep escort bayan We stop and smile, perhaps we have the same thought of making love amongst the bluebells or perhaps the chance to hold each other close and kiss with no one looking on. We kiss, lost in the moment, happy in each others company, the world forgotten, the scent of the flowers (perhaps I am going over the top now but it sounds lovely !) filling the air.We walk a little further the path comes close to the edge of the wood, there is a fence with rolling green fields beyond. We stop to admire the view. I stand behind you my arms around your waste, you throw your head back and I kiss the side of your neck, it is so lovely to hold you, you put a hand behind you and stroke the front of my trousers, I am aroused by our closeness, you rub my erection through my trousers, my hands cup your breasts through your thin summer dress I squeeze and knead them feeling with my palms your stiffening nipples. A hand now on your crotch rubbing hard through your panties, my arm round your waste, you are squeezing your breasts, I rub hard, as your hips move rhythmically you are rubbing my erect cock with your buttocks, my fingers ease inside your panties and slide into your wet pussy. We rub against each other as my fingers bring escort bayan you to orgasm, I feel your body shudder, I hear you moan. We are still for a moment then you turn and kneel in front of me unzip my trousers, my erection springs out and you take me in your mouth, the feeling is so gorgeous, a look down, there is lipstick on my cock (a personal fantasy) your head moving back and forth as you bring me to orgasm and I cum in your mouth. You continue to lick and suck my cock teasing out every last drop of my spunk. We rearrange our clothes and continue our walk, anyone seeing us now would not understand the reason for the smiles on our faces.We walk for some distance and come to a bridge crossing a small stream. We leave the path walking along the bank and come to a clearing. The sunlight breaks through, there is a small waterfall, we take off our shoes and dangle our feet in the water. We lay back, we chat, we bathe in the sun. You stand, I look up, it is as if you are naked as the sunlight streams through your dress I can see all your curves. You wantonly ease your panties down your thighs and step out of them, I gaze up your thighs at your naked pussy as you stand astride me and then lower yourself onto my face. My lips kiss yours and then my tongue penetrates you, darting in and out of your warm wet cunt. I want to hold you but my arms are pinned to my sides by your thighs, your rock back and forth and side to side as my tongue licks your cunt and flicks your clit. My head is under your dress your womanly fragrance is intoxicating my tongue continues to dart in and out of you, my face soaked with your juices, the feeling is so wonderful as you cum on my face.You sit for a while and then kneel beside me. I lift my bum as you pull my trousers off, you kneel between my thighs and once again take me in your mouth. I look down to watch your lips on my cock, you look up at me as you give me the most wonderful oral, you sense I am close to climax as you stop, you crawl forward, we kiss, I unzip your dress, you sit upright your dress around your waist. You take me in your hand guiding my penetration as you lower yourself onto me. You grind your hips as I thrust into you, your breasts bouncing and swaying with each stroke, you lean forward, we kiss as my cock slides in and out of your wet pussy. We fuck hard and furious, deep and long, we cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm We hold each other tight, you still on top, we kiss, we roll onto our sides still clutching each other we continue to kiss, happy, content, fulfilled, do we doze for a moment ? As reality finally strikes we dress, brush ourselves down, and continue our walk. We retrace our steps, out of the wood, across the fields and up the driveway towards the hotel. We will need to rest after our strenuous stroll ………………….. More to cum ?