Neighbor Caught me
My wife was gone for the week on a business trip, and I just dropped my k**s off at school.
As I got back home I started the laundry, then moved on to the dishes, I looked out the window as I was drying the dishes and noticed our new neighbor behind our house was doing the same. She didn’t notice me watching her through her window from ours. The fence behind our house is about 6 foot tall, but it was still fairly easy to see into each others houses from our windows.
I noticed that she looked to be in her 30’s or early 40’s, from what I could tell she looked attractive, she had what appeared to be dirty blond hair.
She finished her business in the kitchen and left the room. so I finished cleaning the kitchen and decided to sit back and relax for a bit, I opened the living room curtains to let the fresh sunlight into the room ( which also faces to my neighbors two bedroom windows)
I turned on my computer and took care of some bills. with nothing else to do I thought what to do now. I started to surf the net, checking out various shopping sites, when I eventually ended up on Xhamster stories web page.
By now I was getting horny, and found a good story to read. My cock started to leak precum, so I decided to pull my pants and underwear down to my ankles and sat back down to take care of my new duty on hand.
I was slowly jerking away for about 30 minutes or so (I like to take my time while taking care of myself) when all of a sudden there was a light knock on my front door.
I was a little upset that my joy time was interrupted, I got up and peaked out the window to see a good looking woman waiting at the front door. She had dirty blond hair, nice tight figure, she looked familiar but couldn’t place it. As I pulled up my pants and underwear, trying to hide my little bulge ( I thought, if she not here to fuck me she better be selling something I want)
As I opened my door I saw a beautiful light skinned Latin woman standing before me.
She said “sorry to bother you, I’m your new neighbor from behind your house, My name is Maria” we both extended our hands to shake, and I said ” Hi I’m Jason It’s nice to meet you” she then said ” I am so sorry, but my k**s bedroom can see straight into your house, and as I was cleaning their room, I could see you pleasuring yourself”
I turned bright red, Embarrassed beyond belief, I was speechless, I could not come up with anything, not even an apology. She said “please don’t be embarrass I didn’t mean to watch you, If you could close your curtains the next time, I wouldn’t want my teenage girls to see that”
I finally said ” I am so sorry, I will be more careful, ( I paused then said) I don’t think that I will ever be able to do it again after being caught, especially by such a beautiful woman”.
She looked up to me and said ” I didn’t say I didn’t like what I saw, you got me so hot and wet, that I almost had an orgasm on the walk over here”
I was flabbergasted, thinking that my bald, beer belly small 5 incher got her excited, after a few awkward seconds I said just that!
I said “Really my bald, 40 plus year old beer belly and small 5 incher got you excited”
She Smiled and said,” I never knew that a man can last as long as you did” I smiled and got bold and said ” well I like to enjoy the feeling and let it last as long as possible” She smiled and said “I can agree to that”
She then looked down at my crotch and said ” looks like I interrupted, would you mind if I come in and help you out”
I was taken aback by her forwardness, I never even thought or noticed that my hard cock never shrank, it just kept pointing toward the sky, tenting my pants.
It took a few seconds to register her words before I finally said, ” sure come on in. I shut and locked the door once she was inside the house. We walked into the living room and she said “so how should we start” I was still at a loss, not believing what was happening. Finally I said, “lets get out of our clothes and do what comes naturally”.
She didn’t hesitate, She pulled her shirt up and over her head, then reached behind her back and released her beautiful breasts from the confines. Her breasts were medium size, not too big and not too small, a perfect handful. They actually looked like Ashley Judd’s tits, her nipples were dark pink and pointing right at my eyes. I pulled my own shirt over my head revealing my kegger. She reached into her waistband and pulled both her pants and panties down and lifted her clothes from the floor and flung them to the couch, I then did the same and my little 5 incher popped free.
Her pussy was neatly trimmed, and she had an amazing perfectly shaped ass!
We went to each other and hugged tightly ( as if we knew each other ) I could feel my hard dick rub up against her pubic hair and pussy. As I hugged her I enjoyed the feeling of her hard nipples rubbing on my chest, my hands were rubbing her soft skin all over her back, my hands went down to her ass cheeks, I really enjoyed rubbing her asscheeks, I pulled her ass so her pussy would mash against my hard cock, I started kissing her neck, then bent down a little so I could get her nipple into my mouth, Her nipple was so hard, and felt so good in my mouth, she started a soft moan, I pulled away from her nipple and took the other one into my mouth, as I did this I brought one hand down to cup her mound, her moaning got slightly louder, as I cupped her pussy I let my middle finger slide through her glorious wetness.
I stood back, and motioned her to sit on the couch, I got down to my knees on the floor, Stared up to her face to take in her beauty, then her tits, and then looked at her sexy pussy as if was the best thing I ever saw, I dove face first into her pussy, I found her clit, and sucked it into my mouth, while I took a finger and gently pushed into her tight little love hole. She tasted dam good too, like she just got out of the shower or something, her pussy was really small and petite, her clit really close to her opening. As I had my finger in her I curled it until I found her little love button inside, As I was manipulating her clit and her G-spot, she had a powerful orgasm, she was moaning with such pleasure and gusto, that I felt really proud of myself. Her body began to shake as her orgasm neared it’s climax.
Finally I let go of her hot little pussy, she stood, Looked down at my rock hard cock. She said nothing, but turned around bent over with her elbows resting on the couch and stuck her beautiful ass in the air. I took my que, and guided my little cock toward her beautiful pussy.
As I first felt the head of my cock push easily past her boundary, I could feel that she was much tighter than my wife, her muscles were quite adapt to clenching at just the right moments, her pussy felt so good, she was really wet and really tight too. I was feeling like I was nearing my climax, so I slowed up a bit to enjoy the view of her perfect ass and pussy as my little dick appeared and disappeared into her hot little pussy.
I could feel her pussy start to contract and noticed she was starting another orgasm, She moaned loudly, so loud I thought my other neighbors could hear us.
I started pounding her pussy harder and faster, as I could feel my orgasm coming on too. Then it came, or rather we came! I felt my cock convulse and then shoot my hot semen deep into her little pussy. I collapsed on top of her, sweat from both our body’s mingling and sliding against each other.
Soon I pulled my cock out from her pussy, with tremors running through both our body’s as I pulled away and out of her beautiful pussy, there was some trace of my love juice that followed my cock out of her pussy and began to leak down her thigh. I reached down for my boxers and used them to wipe her thigh and pussy.
She stood from her bent positioned turned and hugged me again rubbing our sweaty bodies to each other, I cupped her ass in my hands again and squeezed her sexy little firm ass cheeks again, enjoying the feeling.
She said “thank you, it was really nice to finally meet you” She looked down to where I was eating her out on the couch earlier, and said, “I’m sorry about your couch I get really wet when I’m excited” I said, “Nothing to worry about I am proud and happy that I was the cause and affect of your enjoyment”
She went to put her clothes on and started to leave. She stopped at the door, either thinking of what to say or waiting for me to say something. Finally I said “I’ll be more careful the next time I want to have fun by myself. By the way my wife won’t be back from her business trip until Thursday, So if your up for another round, don’t be a stranger neighbor”
She gave it a thought and said with a smile “in that case, same time tomorrow work for ya”
I said “sure thing, hope to see you then” she smiled turned and walked out the door and back home.
We learned a lot more about each other and eventually our family’s became good close friends, and no one has caught on to our little ongoing secret. of course we are really careful with everything, to how we act around our partners to how we act privately. We don’t wont to change our lives, we only want what we don’t get at home.