NEEDNeedbyRinmer-Dalle©The water sluiced down over my shoulders cascading over my breasts, running off in streams over my swollen and sensitive nipples. It slid down my back and crept like a lovers hands over my hips to drip off the swell of my belly in crystal tails that changed with the movements of my body. The water was hot it eased my tired muscles and melted the stress from my head. I ran my hands down over my swollen and sensitive breasts, over the swell of my belly to the shaved expanse of my crotch. I felt between my legs as the water followed my arms and soaked the swollen and tender lips of my pussy. Groaning I traced the tender outline of my pussy, dipping my fingers quickly between my lips feeling muscles contract around my fingers as they plunged into my tight hole. Rubbing my clit I leaned against the wall and moaned as waves of pleasure cascaded over me. Straightening up I spread my hand across the broad expanse of my hips and the swelling belly cradled between them. I heard the bathroom door open and ignored it. I cupped my breasts and gasped at how sensitive my nipples were, the areola normally only slightly smaller than quarters were now half again as large as sliver dollars. I heard the toilet flush and again ignored it reaching for the soap. Squeezing out some of the lime-scented gel into the pouf I began scrubbing my skin. That was when I became aware of someone watching me.Turning I stared through a gap in the glass partition at the last person I would have expected to be watching me. My father a large and powerfully built man leaned back against the sink his eyes fixed on the glass shower partition. Even though I knew he could only see a smoky silhouette I felt a sudden heat between my legs and my breathing quickened. Had it not been for my brother and I falling in love on a family trip the previous summer it might well have been my father’s baby growing inside me.Pretending indignation I pushed back the partition with enough force to make it bounce against the rubber stop at the other end of its track. I stood revealed to him, hands on my hips, my breasts, belly, and crotch covered in lime-scented foam. I put every ounce of indignation I could into my gaze and stood with the hot water streaming and steaming behind me my foot tapping on the cast iron floor of the tub. My father’s reaction was nothing short of comical. He started, then stared, and then blushed a deep crimson. He quickly stood up from were he had been leaning stammering apologies and explaining that he had thought I was my mother. He did not fool me for a second, the massive bulge in his pants clearly showed that he knew it was not mom in the shower. The last time he had been that aroused by her was about 9 months before the birth of my youngest sister. Since then he had openly expressed dissatisfaction with her both sexually and socially. It was laughable here was a relatively young man only 45 and a equally young woman, mom was only 36, with a body that still attracted wolf whistles on the street even after three c***dren. One sexually frustrated with the sudden coldness of the other and whom does he turn to, a mistress, a prostitute, or on-line voyeurism. No he turns to the one person whom he shouldn’t even look at, his own daughter. Disregarding the fact that this very same daughter was now three months pregnant with a c***d willingly conceived with her own brother. I stood under the pounding hot water long after the soap had been rinsed from my skin. Long after the stress and tension had been washed from my body, considering these things. I had gone this far, having sex with and conceiving a c***d by my brother, why not go a step further. Clearly he wanted me and after some thought I realized that I wanted him just as much. Mom certainly wouldn’t mind she had her own concerns, the baby, work, and whatever other entertainments were taking her away from dad.Shutting off the water I stepped out of the shower and dried off. After smoothing on some full body skin lotion I left the bathroom and entered my room. At first glance it appeared to be a typical girls room, boy band posters on a couple of the walls. Predominantly pink décor with blue and green highlights. However, the large oak desk and the equally large and complex looking computer system were truly out of place as was the large barrel shaped refraction telescope by the window. I ignored these items a reaching into my closet pulled out a silk negligee that I slipped over my head. Examining myself in the mirror I laughed, the garment had been a birthday present the previous year from one of my girl friends, back when my figure had been a bit more modest. Where the hem of the garment would have hung to just bellow my butt less than three months before now it barely covered my belly button. It was exactly what I wanted.Leaving my room I made my way to the ‘study’ a room that my dad kept his computer, books, x-rated dvd’s, and weapons. A wood paneled room that was actually half again as large as it appeared to be. The other half of the room was taken up by a bathroom and secret closet that no one was supposed to know about, therefore everyone did. I walked in to the room swaying my hips letting the warm air of the house caress my bare skin.His back was to me as I entered but he turned quickly enough at the sound of my quiet cough. The look on his face was almost laughable. His face turned beet red not from my partial nudity but from the fact that he was now facing me with his pants open and his massive cock firmly grasped in his right hand while the computer monitor behind him played scenes of x rated acts preformed by young women in various stages of pregnancy. It was pretty clear then that it was not just my body that had drawn him to me after all these years.I smiled as his mouth opened and closed like a landed fish. Reaching up I slid the shoulder straps of the gown off my shoulders and with a twitch sent the garment sliding over my swollen breasts to pool on the floor in a rose colored ring. Stepping out of the cloth ring I cupped my breasts thrusting them forward rolling the tips between my fingers getting them hard and pointed. I strode over to him relaxbet güvenilirmi and without hesitation mounted him as he sat on the edge of his armless desk chair.His thick shaft felt like fire as it ender my damp pussy. Thicker than my brothers and harder than anything I had ever felt I forced it inside me sliding myself down his front letting gravity and my own weight impale me on his throbbing member. My body felt like it was being electrocuted, I felt my nipples grow harder than ever before, I felt my breasts swell even more. I tossed my head back shaking like a wild a****l on a kill moaning I sank further onto that hot intruder that I was so willing shoving into my body. It wasn’t just the illicit thrill of having sex with my father it was more there was a special connection that made my eyes roll back in their sockets, my belly to constrict over my swollen uterus, my pussy to clamp down on his hot shaft like a Chinese finger trap. Juices soaked and slicked his massive cock as I settled myself across his hips wrapping my legs firmly around him and the chair, effectively trapping him.At first it was enough just to sit there the feel of his cock filling me like the missing piece of a puzzle. I clenched around him massaging his dick with my pussy, milking him in a way I had not though possible before. Then I opened my eyes and there he was his face less than inches away his eyes deep and green pools of fear and ecstasy. His breath warm and smelling of fresh coffee, his lips smooth and thin despite years spent out doors. The feel of his heart beating next to mine, my breasts pressed painfully against his chest, my swollen belly pressing gently against his flat one. Leaning forward I closed the distance between our lips and with an almost innocent tentativeness lightly kissed him. He responded in kind though a little firmer and a little longer. We played this game as our bodies reacted to each other. I could feel my juices dripping off my pussy lips and clit I could feel the heat of his cum as it churned in his balls waiting to come out in a spray of potency. Our kisses became less tentative our tongues explored, my hands opened his shirt and our skin touched. He shifted position and thrust deeper into me the head of his dick knocking on the door to my womb. I felt him swell, I felt myself clamp down on his swelling shaft I wrapped my arms around him holding him tightly to me our lips pressed together our tongues intertwined our moans and cries lost in each other. I felt him tense, strain for a moment to hold back the inevitable, then relax as cum roared out of his dick spurting deep inside my pussy filling it with hot seed flowing more and more filling until it spurted out of my pussy from around his shaft. He kept thrusting long after the last of his cum had spilled from his balls. It felt good I never wanted it to stop; my own orgasm had been lost in his a tightening of my body a rush of light that filled the world a cry lost in his mouth and then the gentle warmth that only a baby feels wrapped in it mother arms, safe and secure. I don’t remember how long we sat there coupled in that way, one body one soul. I think we would have stayed that way forever if mom hadn’t come home. We heard her first as she and my youngest sib entered the house, the latter being noisy and full of energy entered the house like a small tornado, giving us plenty of warning. With a groan I released him and on shaky legs stood and made for his private bathroom. He turned and with a touch changed the computer from smut fest to the local news broad cast.Sitting on the edge of the tub in the bathroom I heard mom come in and without any effort heard what they said. It made my ears burn the way she talked to him. No man deserved to be talked to that way, no woman either; no one should be put down like that. But something had changed in him and his responses brought a warm glow to my heart as I realized that not only was he defending himself but also my and my brother as well. Of course mom didn’t know that my brother was the father of the c***d I carried. Neither did she know unless she could smell what he and I had just done together. I heard her voice raise higher in agitation, suddenly cut off by his smooth mellow tones. There was the sound of a slap followed by a grunt, then more slaps. I needed to see what was happening. Grabbing one of dad’s long robes I opened the door a crack and saw my mother as I had never seen her before. Naked, furious, a demon-goddess, tanned skin flowed over firm muscle, large breasts thrust like softly swelling hills from the plain of her chest. Her belly still flat after three c***dren showed a sculpted grace that an athlete would envy. Her face was flushed, her hand raised to deliver another blow to my fathers already red cheek. Tears ran down her face as she cried out again to him and her hand fell hitting his cheek and leaving four furrows that quickly dripped red.’Why, gods dam you, why wont you do it!!’ She screamed. ‘Am I so ugly now that you can’t stand the thought of giving me what I want!’ SLAP. ‘You heartless bastard, are you smut flicks and plastic pussies so much more attractive than me’ SLAP SLAP ‘Why cant you just fuck me, just fuck me one more time! Give me just one last c***d! I am a woman, I have needs why can’t you just give me what I want.’ SLAP My fathers face was beet red on one side now the blood from the sc****s left by my mother’s nails smeared from ear to chin like some bizarre paint. After the last slap my father simply shook his head. She screamed at him and fell to her knees her breast bouncing as she hit the floor. It was a pitiable site, my father strong unreasoning and unmovable, my mother who I now realized I had misjudged curled naked on the floor at his feet crying her heart out. My hand almost automatically went to my belly when I realized that her needs were very valid that she wanted another c***d but for some unknown reason my father would not give her one. The c***d I carried only emphasized the validity of her need, how could I as a expectant mother myself turn away from another woman who only desired to fill her role in relaxbet yeni giriş nature and in life with that most precious of gifts. It then dawned on me that I could provide her with a solution, maybe even more than one.After she gathered her self up and left still crying I emerged from the bathroom and tended my father’s wounds. I questioned him closely and was surprised by the answer. It wasn’t that he didn’t love her, quite the opposite; it was that since her last pregnancy he had found himself in a dilemma. His pregnancy fetish, something that he had, had since high school was growing out of control. He said that it had taken every ounce of his self-control to keep his hands off her during her last pregnancy and now that I had willingly given myself to him he was beginning to fear the same for me. He wanted to get her pregnant he wanted to lover her pregnant body day and night he wanted what he knew he could not have. I left him crying his own tears at his desk, slipping quietly up to my room and locking the door. I lay down on the bed and was not surprised when a few seconds later my brother joined me. ‘So,’ he asked, ‘is the old man any good?’ Shocked I turned to him. ‘What,’ he exclaimed, ‘you didn’t think I knew!’ He laughed at the expression on my face and rolled over until he was hovering above me his knees between my legs his arms on either side of my body resting against my breasts. I noticed then that he was naked and as I looked down his long lean body I saw his thick member lengthen and harden in anticipation. Laughing I forked my legs up around his hip and pulled him down as he slipped inside. It felt incredible, still hot and damp from coupling with dad I felt his shaft slip between my pussy lips. Groaning, crying out I begged him to push himself deeper. Laughing he complied filling my juice slicked pussy with his thick cock. I reflected as I felt him bottom and grind his pelvis against mine that dad wasn’t really thicker or longer but that both of them were unique in their own wonderful way. My dads cum still thick within me made a wonderful lubricant along with what my own body produced. I felt hot and randy like a cat in heat, the weight of my swollen belly only adding to the pleasure as I rubbed its taut, bulging surface against his hard flat belly. Lost in my own world of pleasure I cried out. Begging for more I didn’t even think about what I was saying. ‘MMM!! God, baby please, more, no don’t stop, more.’ I cried begged pleaded for him to fill me. The heat of his dick seemed to grow I felt his cum rising. Wrapping my legs tighter around his hips I ground my pussy into his crotch, juices spurted out of me as my orgasm reached its peak my back arched my breasts thrust higher. I felt his tongue rough on my nipple and screamed in ecstasy. Losing control was so easy, wrapping my arms around him digging my nails into his back as my pussy clenched around his dick squeezing, milking. I felt his cum fountain in to my body as his cries reached my ears filling my soul it felt like the most incredible feed back it cascaded through us in a unending.The months passed, mom became more and more dissatisfied with dad, which was of course exactly what I wanted. My belly swelled until it was hard to believe that I was only having one baby, which I knew by then that I wasn’t but hadn’t told anyone else. I was in my sixth month when I thought things were right. Dad had become more and more demanding of my time, sex with him was electric, exhausting, pain, and pleasure beyond anything I had thought possible it was like a d**g the way he worshiped my gravid body.It was late fall and the first of several great storms swept across the state, locking us in the house confining us in one place for long days and even longer nights like a fission reaction out of control. I began by discarding all my clothes; I walked around the house naked, flaunting my bulging belly, driving both my father and brother to distraction with my swollen breasts and darkly shaded pussy. My mother was not amused and retreated to her room after breakfast, just as I had planned. After lunch I also disappeared making sure that neither of the boys could find me though I knew exactly where they were all the time. As the sun set I snuck into mom’s room using a little known and for me very tight passage that led from my room to hers. She was in bed reading and looking up with severe disapproval at my entrance, I was still naked, and at the sight of me her scowl deepened. ‘What do you want…?’ the last word went unsaid but I knew what she was thinking. ‘I’m here to give you exactly what you want.’ Laughing I twirled around like a ballerina a difficult task considering all the extra weight I was carrying, but I did it nonetheless. ‘And how would you know what I want?’ She asked her eyebrow arching at both my statement and my actions.I slipped onto the other side of the bed from her and slid myself across the sheets letting my breasts dangle and sway. Slipping up next to her I rested against the headboard leaning softly against her shoulder knowing how uncomfortable my nakedness and gravid condition made her. Sliding my arm around her shoulder I cupped one of her breasts and then with my free hand cupped one of my own. I felt her flinch and smiled, just the right response. ‘I know what you want because I know what daddy wants, and I know what he wants because he told me. Not in so many words but he certainly has been demanding the last few months and it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out.’ A little white lie to smooth the way, ‘you see mother, he wants me because I’m pregnant, not because I’m prettier than you or sexier or more wanton than you. If I wasn’t pregnant I doubt that he would give me a second glance.’ Leaning down I kissed her cheek letting my tongue linger I licked up to her earlobe and sucked it in humming lightly as I teased her ear whispering my not so secret knowledge.’You see mom,’ I said as I ran my tongue over her ear and then down the side of her face kissing her neck. ‘Dad loves pregnant women, dad is frantic about pregnant women. He wants pregnant women more than anything in the world relaxbet giriş and that scares him because he knows that you want to be pregnant and he is afraid.’ Breaking off I slid around until I was facing her. Reaching out I undid the first button on her blouse. ‘Dad is afraid and I control his fear and through it I control him. You didn’t actually believe that he loved me because I’m sexier, or prettier, or better in bed than you. No dad loves me because I’m pregnant and if I weren’t then he likely wouldn’t give me a second glance. But he is afraid for me now, afraid of what he might do to me. I control his fear by submitting to him, giving him what he wants, satisfying him.’I undid two more buttons on her blouse, exposing the tops of her large creamy breasts. ‘I can give you what you want mother, a c***d from his seed.’ Lifting one swollen breasts I sucked the nipple into my mouth and glancing at her out the corner of my eye I saw a light in her eyes, deep and hungry, wanton light that darkened her eyes and brought a flush to her smooth skin. Undoing three more buttons I exposed her breasts, cupped in a white lace bra, I slid my fingers around them rubbing her nipples through the fabric with my thumbs. Leaning forward I lifted her breasts as I kissed her lips, letting the swell of my belly touch her whispering again in her ear. ‘All I ask, all I need from you is your love. Love me like you used to. Love me like the woman I have become let me love as I want and I will give you all that you want.’ Her book dropped to the floor as her hands rose cupping my breasts caressing the swell of my belly. Her head turned and I felt her lips on my neck, tracing the line of my jaw. I looked deep into her eyes as our lips touched; my victory was secure as our tongues twined.We made love all afternoon and on into the evening. I discovered things about my mother that I had never known. In our passion she took me higher than any man ever dreamed and in return I gave myself to her body and soul. As the sun disappeared over the horizon we rested and I outlined my plan for her. It would not be easy, but with some timing and care it would be done.Another month went by and at the beginning of my seventh month I revealed to dad that I was carrying twins. This drove him frantic, the thought of my swollen belly holding two lives made him desire me even more. But even as his desire grew I held back more and more, telling him that I wanted to take things easy not stress my body and possibly the babies as well. He understood but it drove him crazy. Two weeks later the time was right, mom was at the peak of her fertility, and dad was so frantic with lust that he would have willingly fucked anything that stood still long enough. The weather cooperated too being more miserable than it had the previous month it trapped us and more importantly him in the house. With no way to work off his sexual frustrations he boiled like a kettle.It was a Friday night I donned my warmest robe, a new one that he had bought me, large enough to cover a belly twice my size. Though I would need ever inch of it in the coming months. I went first to mom’s room, she was ready, naked except for a set of pillows she had strapped across her belly. Good enough I thought. Then I made my way down to his study, I would get him hot and then lead him on. Loosening my robe I let it fall open as I entered the room. Hearing me he turned. I watched as his erection nearly tore open the crotch of his boxers. I turned and in profile beaconed him out the door. Down the hall I heard him following even as I turned out all the lights and with the dark color of the robe concealing me I turned into mom’s room and called out to him. He followed, blindly, trusting the sound of my voice as a lead him on. Sitting down beside the bed I caressed my mothers arm to let her know that it was time. She rustled the sheets and I called out to him telling him were I was. I heard the bed squeak and then a groan as I watched the shadowy figures of my parents. Mom played her part perfectly and I felt myself getting damp as I listened to the sounds of their sex. For a week we played this game and by the end of the month mom was pregnant and dad knew he had been had.For the next two months things went smoothly. My body became less and less mine and dad grew more and more attracted to mom as her body changed as well. I knew it was time when after showering one day I felt first my thighs then the rug under my feet grow wet with an unknown fluid. I had not seen my feet in months and could not now see what was happening. But the meaning came clear as a massive contraction rippled across my belly. At my cry mom rushed in and in a second had me in the tub and was filling it with warm water. We had agreed that a water birth would be best for me and the tub was certainly large enough. What we hadn’t counted on was dad, luckily my brother seeing the way he was acting as he gazed down at my naked and straining body quickly wrapped him up in a bear hug and locked him in the basement. Time slipped away, the pain increased with each contraction, I felt myself orgasm as the pain reached its peak. Each new pain brought a new orgasm, higher and higher I pushed and the first baby emerged amid blood, and pain, and the most indescribably pleasure imaginable. I heard the babies squall and opening my eyes saw my daughter for the first time. A beautiful creature that my mother handed to my brother as she prepared to receive the next one, the next one wasted no time in being difficult and I was nearly asleep with exhaustion by the time she came. My body shuddered as the final contraction began, a long, painful, orgasmic explosion that took me into a velvet filled darkness.I don’t know how long I slept, mom told me later that it was nearly two days or as she put it eight feedings. My daughters nursed easily and it was clear that daddy no longer had any sexual interest in me now that I wasn’t pregnant any more. Even my fears about having my brother as the babies’ father were eased as they grew and acted just like normal babies. Mom gave birth to another daughter just as summer was starting, and after she had recovered she approached me and suggested that it was time to think about having another c***d. This time I knew my father would be the babies father, mom wanted to get pregnant again as well despite having given birth less than six months before. So we began plotting, and a plan formed.