Nadia’s Ill Advised Street WalkIn retrospect, i don’t know what i was thinking, walking the streets of Ferguson Missouri that Monday night just hours after the grand jury had ruled that it would not indict the white police office who had shot and killed the young black man. It seemed like a historic gathering of people on the streets, and i thought it would be one of those moments i would never forget. i was right, but for all the wrong reasons.The police were firing tear gas into the crowd just in front of the group i was in, and chaos quickly ensued. As i ran down the street in the middle of a mob of people, i began to regret coming out here alone. This was supposed to be a peaceful protest, and the National Guard was supposed to keep things under control if anyone got out of line, but things quickly escalated and there was no control whatsoever. The last thing i remember from the street was a blow to the back of my head, and my world going dark.i awoke to find myself in a cold, dark open space, with a concrete floor and cinder block walls. i was tied to a chair with my hands behind the back of the chair and my ankles secured together after they had been passed through the side openings between the front and back chair legs, forcing my knees to remain far apart, no matter how i struggled. My clothes and jewelry (even my wedding and engagement ring) had been removed while i was u*********s, and there was a ball gag in my mouth. As my eyes opened and focused on the space around me, i saw a large black man idly playing on his smart phone. He glanced up and saw my eyes open and smiled an evil smile at me, then yelled out to his friends upstairs, “The little white ho is waking up guys, we gonna have some fun now, get us some payback and reparations and shit!”My eyes opened wide and i shook my head side to side, screaming incoherently into the ball gag and staring pleadingly at him, suddenly very aware of his gaze on my breasts hanging unsupported and swaying side to side as i squirmed, trying to free myself. He stood up and high fived his posse as they came down the stairs to the basement where i was being held, and i watched each of them parade in, each one seeming bigger and darker than the last, and all looking at me with a combination of lust and hate, like i was the embodiment of all things that had gone wrong in their lives. After 20 or more had entered the basement, the last down the stairs walked with a certain calm about him, and he settled down his crew as he walked behind my chair and addressed them while running his strong fingers through my hair, “Calm down mother fuckers and listen up! What we have here is some ‘Grade A’ phat ass white girl, and wes all gonna have a chance to put her in her place, there ain’t no hurry, and nobody gonna get left out. If her family’s got money, which I’m sure they do based on the address on her driver’s license and the clothes and jewelry we ripped off her body, then we all gonna make some money on this deal, by selling her back to them for $50k when we finish with her. If they refuse to pay the ransom, then we will just pimp her white ass out until she earns us the $50k. Either way, we make some money, and we get some white pussy to sheath our cocks and accept our seed, y’all dig what I am sayin?”The basement erupted in loud hoots and hollers as the crowd celebrated their catch, high fiving and doing intricate handshakes that led me to believe they were in some kind of gang. The leader moved his hand down to my shoulders, pausing there only briefly before moving to grope my full hanging breasts, mashing them together roughly then slapping them roughly from the sides as his friends cheered him buca escort on, “You like this little rich bitch’s fat titties?” More cheers filled the room. “How about this pretty pink, shaved white pussy, how does that look to all of you?” He leaned over my shoulder and roughly slid two fingers into my sex, drawing them out slowly and spreading them apart to open me fully to their view, “Bitch has good a tight little fuck hole brothers, we gonna tear this shit up with our cocks so she gapes open like a flood gate by the time we are done with her, she ain’t even gonna be able to feel any of that white dick she’s used to fucking, and they aren’t gonna feel a thing when they go to fuck their once tight little princess cunt with their little white sticks. She might never want a little white cock again!”Tears streamed down my face as the helplessness, and severity of my situation sank in. My cheeks blushed a bright red as i was spoken about like a subhuman piece of meat, and my humiliation intensified as i was groped and displayed to the crowd. i gasped and help my breath as he slapped my sex hard and stepped around in front of me, putting his face an inch in from of mine and staring into my eyes as he spoke, “So tell me whore, who is gonna pay us to get your white ass back in one piece? Your husband? Your parents? Be a good little bitch and tell us now, and tell us if you are gonna cooperate while you are here, or if we are gonna have to keep you bound. Before you answer, understand that if you do not cooperate, you will be fucked and punished severely while bound helplessly, but if you do cooperate like a good little slut, then you still be fucked beyond what you have ever imagined, but you won’t be punished, at least not as harshly.”He removed my gag, still staring deep into my eyes as i trembled as gasped for air, my heart beating so fast it sounded like thunder in my ears, as i tried to gain the courage to speak he slapped my hanging breasts hard, once from each side with a back and forth motion of his strong right hand before grabbing my hair and pulling my head back hard so i was staring up at the ceiling until his face again appeared directly in front of mine. Tears streamed down my face as i stared into the face of evil and found the strength to speak, “i w-w-will cooperate, please don’t hurt me. My husband and my parents can’t come up with that kind of cash, but his parents can, they will pay you $50k, i am sure of it! Their phone number is in my phone, which was in my pocket, under Mom & Dad Craig.”Spitting in my face and smiling, he released my hair and stroked my cheek, “Good girl, we are gonna get along just fine, now lets get you busy taking care of me and my boys, and seeing just how good that little pink pussy of yours feels wrapped around our big black cocks. I am going to untie you now, and take you upstairs to one of the whoring rooms that our girls use when they are earning for us. If you try any bullshit, or fail to make me and my crew feel like you are loving that we sharing our big cocks with you, you will learn the meaning of pain and suffering, got it whore?”Nodding silently as he untied me from the chair, i noticed the bulges in the pants of the men surrounding me, and stood weakly as i was pulled up from the chair and led up the stairs by my arm, my full breasts swaying side to side unsupported and my ass jiggling a bit with each step. The others followed as he led me to a very clean room with a king sized bed, and a dresser topped with a variety of items including condoms, handcuffs, whips, lubricants, paper towels, wipes, blindfolds collars, cuffs and chains of various lengths. He wrapped buca escort bayan a leather collar around my neck, securing it with a padlock, then took a long length of chain and with two more heavy padlocks locked it to a D-ring on my collar, then to a hitching ring in the center of the headboard as the others watched, some in the room, others peering through the door. “There, that will allow you freedom to move around the bed, but will keep you from trying to escape if you are left alone.”Wide eyed i sat on the bed, resisting the urge to cover myself as i trembled in fear as he spoke again, calling out to one of his crew “Jimmy, grab a burner phone and this morning’s paper and come in here, i got a job for you.” Jimmy came in and handed the phone and paper to the leader who smiled and handed the newspaper to me “Hold this so we can see the headline bitch, and smile. You can cover your floppy titties with the paper, just don’t cover that pretty face.” Forcing a smile as he took my picture, he shook his head and looked back up at me, “Never mind ho, don’t smile, don’t want you looking so happy in this proof of life pic.” He took my photo again as i did my best to cover my nudity with the newspaper and he nodded satisfied “Looks good, the collar and chair are visible, you can tell she is naked and not wearing her rings, that should get us paid in a hurry. Jimmy, you are gonna take this burner phone to the other side of town, and text this picture, along with our demand that they drop $50k in unmarked bills at 103 N Harvey Ave by the back delivery door at Celebrity Soul Food. Tell them this needs to be done at 6am Wednesday morning and if we see any po po the deal is off. Once we have the cash, we will tell them where they can retrieve their girl. Make sure they know this is non-negotiable, and that if they alert the cops, or fail to deliver the cash at 6am tomorrow morning, this little white ho’s body will be branded with a three inch high dollar sign on each of her ass cheeks, one above her cunt and one on each of her pretty titties so they will never look the same again. That should get their attention! Come to think of it, make it $100k instead of $50k, I think they will think she is worth it! Then destroy the phone and come back here, make sure you are not followed!”Jimmy nodded as he received the instruction and took the phone from the leader and addressed him “Thanks Max, I won’t let you down. Mind if I have a few minutes with the girl to bust a nut before i go?” Max chuckled and nodded “No problem Jimmy… c’mon boys, let’s give him a little time with the ho before he leaves, then we will all have our turns.” The room emptied quickly and the door closed as Jimmy silently dropped his pants and jerked his long thick cock to attention with his right hand as he spoke to me “Turn around bitch and get on yo knees with your ass in the air, present that phat ass to me and spread those cheeks apart so i can see your pink cunt, and it better be wet!” My face burned in shame as i was ordered to open myself to him without the slightest hint of kindness, i turned and positioned myself as ordered and feeling a bit of my arousal dripping from my open sex, the humiliation and terror of the situation having caused my body to react involuntarily, closing my eyes tight as i felt the bed move when he climbed on behind me. He smacked each of my ass cheeks hard, twice on each cheek, before i felt his hard cock pressing into my dripping wet sex. i gasped for air as i felt my sex opening up to accommodate the biggest cock i had ever felt, and i grunted loudly, feeling the swollen head pressing against my cervix as his escort buca hanging balls slapped against my sensitive clit. He pumped for less than a minute then gripped my hips tight and impaled me fully on his cock as it exploded deep inside me, filling me with his cum.Silently he stood up and put his pants on, then handed me a paper towel and a wet wipe “Best clean that ho cunt up before the next boys come in, they will not want to be seeing my load dripping from your bitch hole. I will see you later, and I’ll be pumping you full of more cum next time.” He walked out to run his errand and Max came in, closing the door behind him as he watched me cleaning my sex with the paper towel first, then the wet wipe “Good little whore, getting clean for your next customer. I will send them in soon, but first, i want to fuck your pretty little mouth, and fill your tummy with my cum, you must be hungry after all. Lay on your back and let your head hand back over the edge of the bed, facing me.”i followed his instructions, feeling the chain attached to my collar resting on my chest between my breasts and i watched upside down as he unzipped his fly and let his flaccid cock fall free, slapping me in the face with its weight. Opening my mouth i guided him in with my tongue, knowing that i must not disappoint them as i served their needs. Sucking on his cock as it grew on my mouth, i gasped for air as he started thrusting his hips, reaching down to grope my breasts, pinching my nipples and tugging them up and away from my body as he fucked my mouth roughly, his head filling my throat and casing me to squirm as i repressed my gag reflex. He slapped my sex hard as he leaned forward and pumped stream after stream of hot cum into my throat, groaning loudly as his balls emptied his seed into my body. He drew back and slapped the side of my face playfully “Good whore, now it’s is time to care care of the boys out there that work so hard for me. Do good and we might even feed you some food other than cum today.”He walked to the door and opened it, addressing his crew “All right boys, listen up, the little whore is cooperating, and as long as she does, let’s do our best to not leave any marks on her, but is she starts getting out of line, then feel free to discipline her. We are going to give her a morning after pill so no need to worry about knocking her up, but if the cops have your DNA on file, be smart and use a condom, you don’t want to leave any evidence inside her that would lead back to you, assuming her husband’s family comes up with the cash and we release her, got it?!?” My heart raced as Max walked out and about half of the crew came into the room, dropping their pants to the floor as the approached the bed.For the next several hours my world was a blur of thick black cocks and cum, hands and faces, legs and arms, there were times i was on my hands and knees with a cock on my ass or sex (or both), a cock in my mouth, a cock in each hand and countless hands groping my body. Other times i was on my back, and still other times when i was on top riding a cock while my body was mauled by strong rough hands. Often i was blindfolded, sometimes i was not. One thing that didn’t change was each cock felt bigger than the one before, and each one seemed to pump even more cum than the one before. The humiliation of my position as their whore was bad enough, but when i started orgasming, repeatedly, during their abuse, the humiliation was even worse. My jaw ached, my pussy burned and my ass felt like it was bleeding from the abuse. Then, as suddenly as it had started, i was left laying on the bed, still chained and blindfolded, and i realized i was alone. i could smell food and realized they were eating lunch, or was it dinner? i had no idea what time it was, and could only hope that my in-laws were going to meet the 6am deadline and rescue me from this hell before they destroyed my body forever.To be continued.Submissively, nadia877