Ashley Fires

My Wife’s New Job’I wish we could afford a nice holiday!’ Julie said, sulking looking at her friends latest holiday pic’s on fb.Things hadn’t been going so smoothly for me lately with work, coupled with some expected large outgoings, our finances weren’t looking great.’You know its been tough for me lately!’, I replied. ‘Maybe you could get yourself a job!’That didn’t go down too well. My wife got up and stormed off to the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Damn she looked sexy when she was angry!The next couple of days around each other was tense, but on the third day, Julie seemed pleased with herself when she told me she had found herself a job. I was pleased for her. ‘What’s the job?”Oh’, she replied, ‘Just a cleaning job, in some offices in town. The hours are late evening into the early hours, I hope you don’t mind?’I did, but I really needed her help with the finances. ‘Ok, but this is just short term, until my work improves, ok?”Sure’, she replied.Friday night came around, and she left for her first shift. She seemed a little nervous, but said she was happy to start work. She left our house at 6pm, and I waited up for her. She eventually came back home at about 3am, tired, but very excited! ‘It’s a great team, and some very friendly ladies, very helpful on my first night!’ Julie told me. She seemed quite horny too, and before long we were naked as I slipped my cock into her hot wet tight pussy from behind! For those of you unfamiliar with my wife’s appearence, she is 28, about 5’6” 8.5stone dark haired brunette, with a trim but feminine body, perfectly pert 34B breasts, with the most amazing perky nipples sitting proud on top of her breasts. She has the most amazing slender delicate features, and beautiful pale English Rose complexion, with a light dusting of freckles across her cheek bones. I consider myself extremely lucky to call her my wife!The following Friday couldn’t come soon enough for Julie. She was excited to go back to work! again she didn’t get back until the early hours, again in a very horny mood! If this is what cleaning offices did for my wife, I was only too happy to let her work!The weeks passed by and I was starting to get a little bored with my lonely Friday nights. I was chatting with Stuart, one of my work mates, on our lunch break. ‘Your Misses still working Friday nights?’, he asked. ‘Yeah’ I replied glumly. ‘Well, while she’s working, fancy coming out for edirne rus escort a few drinks?’ ‘Sounds good’ I replied. ‘Where at?”Have you heard about that new lapdancing bar thats opened in town a month or so ago?’ My ears pricked up! ‘Sounds great, but Julie would kill me if she found out I had been to a lapdancing joint!”She’ll never know, You’ll be home long before she gets in from her cleaning job’ Stuart said with a cheeky wink.’Ok mate’ I said, ‘I’ll meet you outside at 8pm.That evening, Julie left the house at 6pm as usual, excited. At 7;30pm I left to go meet up with stuart in town. I spotted him while walking down the road towards the bar. We walked up to the door together, the bouncers gave us the once over, and let us in. The bar was tastefully decorated, not as cheap looking as some lapdancing bars i had visited in the past. We made our way over to the bar to order some drinks. As we waited we looked out over a central raised dance stage while a stunning blonde danced. She was just in a very small thong and bra and heel heels. Her moves were very seductive. Just then another dancer slowly walked sensually up to us. She was wearing a short black clingy dress that revealed most of her deep cleavage. ‘Hello Boys, I’m Crystal, Can I interest either of you in a dance?’ She came to a rest, tucking her arm in under mine, leaning against me. I could feel her large DD+ right breast on my arm! Stuart found it hard to take he’s eyes off her cleavage.’Hello Crystal’, I replied, Pleasure to meet you. I’m Dave, and this is Stuart. We’ve only just arrived and are still getting our bearings, mind if we have just few minutes to settle in?’ ‘Sure, I’m here all evening,’ She said, and gave me a light kiss on my cheek, turned and walked off.We stood, sipping our drinks, as we watched another girl on the stage, and watched as other dancers mingled with the clientele.Thats when I heard her voice, ‘Hello boys, I’m Destiny, are you looking for a dance?’I spun around, and before I could say anything, Julie gave me a cheeky wink as she stood next to Stuart, her arm wrapped in he’s! It occurred to me, Stuart had never met Julie, nor seen a photo of her. He had no idea my gorgeous sexy wife was proposing giving him a lapdance! And she did look absolutely stunning!! She was wearing high strappy heels, a short semi transparentblack lacy dress, through which you could see edirne rus escort bayan her black g-string thong and a demi cup black bra. I could just make out her aerola’s! Stuart had a grin from ear to ear! ‘Hello Destiny, I think i can honestly say, you are the most beautiful lady here! I would love to see your moves!”Shall we go to a private room?’ My wife suggested. Stuart couldn’t believe he’s luck!’Show me the way gorgeous!’ he replied, and with that Julie took he’s hand in her slender hand and lead him off, walking away from me seductiviely, not looking back at me at all!I couldn’t believe my wife had lied to me, about her cleaning job! The late hours now made sense, plus her horny state when she got in. My wife was a lap dancer, performing intimate dances for strangers. I couldn’t help feeling a little aroused!!I stood at the bar and waited for Stuarts return. He was gone for a full 30 minutes! When he came back he looked a little flush. ‘You’re round I think you’ll find’ I told him as he approached me. ‘Sorry mate, I’ve got nothing left, she wiped me out!”Destiny?’ I said, confused, ‘How much does she charge for a dance?!’ ‘It’s not just the dances’ he said, looking around, he leaned in, and whisphered in my ear, ‘She offers extra’s!!’My mouth dropped, what had Julie been doing?!’Look, lets leave here, and I’ll tell you more’ Stuart said.I agreed, but gave the bar a quick glance, Julie was nowhere to be seen.Stuart and I settled down at a table in a corner of a nearby pub. I had brought the drinks.’Wow, she was HOT Dave!!’ Stuart started, ‘Such a slow, teasing, sensual lapdance, I was rock hard in seconds! Destiny has the most incredible body, not the biggest breasts, but so beautifully shaped and so perky, and her nipples… wow”What were these extra’s you mentioned’ I asked him.’Well, after three dances from her, she said she offers some extra’s for her more appreciative fans. First she let me touch her breasts, fondle them, rub her nipples, then she asked if I would like to suck on them… I couldn’t say no! So, there I am, flicking my tongue over the most incredible nipples I have seen, while massaging her other breast, when she asks in her seductive voice, if I would like her to stroke my cock!”Really?!’ I couldn’t believe my wife!!’Yeah, really, look” Stuart replied, as her fished out he’s mobile. ‘Another extra, she let me take rus escort edirne a photo!’ and he showed me a photo, my wifes delicate slender hands, clearly recognisable to me, wrapped around he’s cock. My jaw hung over. For a final Extra, and I only just had enough cash on me, she licked my cock, all over, from the base to my head, although she would actually take it into her mouth, and let me cum into her discarded g-string! The most intense sexual moment I have ever experienced!!’I was speachless.’Dave, you gotta go back next Friday, see if you can get a dance with Destiny!’ I got home at about midnight, and waited up for Julie. I had the door open at 3;10am and Julie walked into the living room, still in her black lace dress. ‘Ok, so i’m not working as a cleaner, but I’m making great money!’ She said, with her cheeky smile across her face.’And making some extra’s, I hear!’ Julie’s suddenly looked shooked, ‘I told him not to say anything, or he might get me into trouble with the management!!”Well Stuart is my work mate, and told me everything, in a pub around the corner. Even showed me he’s photo!!’ Julie looked embarressed. ‘Well’, I said in a calmer voice, ‘It’s not the first time I’ve seen your hands on a strangers cock, and they’re usually a bit bigger than Stuarts!’ Julie burst out laughing, and I smiled, beckoning her over. ‘I never did get a dance tonight.’Julie had a twinkle in her eye as she took the hint, and was soon performing the most erotic sensual lap dance I had ever experienced!After the dance, as my wife knealt naked between my knee’s, she ran through her extra’s.’First i offer to let them touch my bare breasts, for £10. For a further £10 they can then suck on my nipples. For an Extra £20 I’ll take their cock out and stroke it nice and slow, jusy how you like it Dave. And for an extra £30 I’ll lick their cock, suck their balls, run my tongue all over their manhood. But I always stick to our rules Dave, No Penetration of any sort, so I never take their cock into my mouth, just tease them. I do let them cum though, usually in my knickers that are laying on the floor.”No wonder Stuart had no money left!’ We both laughed. ‘I have a confession though Dave’, Julie said.’Julie?!”Well if they had a big thick cock, and I can ususally tell as I give then the lapdance,’ Thoghts of her moments earlier grinding down on my crotch with her bare arse sprung into my mind!’Well, I tend not to charge them for the extra’s!!’And with that, before I could say anything, she took my by now hard throbbing cock deep into her hot wet mouth, a hand tightly gripping the base of my shaft, the other massaging my balls!Unsurprisingly, we soon had the money to take a two week holiday, fully inclusive, to the Canary Islands!