My Wife SarahMy wife Sarah is one of the sexiest women I know. She has always kept herself in great shape and loves sex. I have had a hard time keeping up with her sex drive. I really enjoy showing Sarah off and she has never seemed to mind. Dressing her up in little dresses minus and under garments was something we do while away from home. Sarah becomes almost insatiable away from home so I love vactions. They can be a weekend trip and by weeks end, I am sore and tired, and typically my balls are completely empty! Life is good, lately however, I have had this desire to not only show her off, but, I want to share her. In our fantasy world as we make love, we often fantasize about bringing in another man to take care of her. I bought a nice thick dildo for her, and I will fuck her with it as she tells me how much she wants to be taken care of. Typically, I use a buddy Dave as the fantasy man. She has flirted with Dave for years and is somewhat attracted to him, so it is an easy visual for the both of us. I began talking to her about bringing in another man even after sex, sometimes in just ordinary conversation, I will work the conversation towards sex and then bringing Dave home for a little visit. I would tease her, I kow you won’t mind..will you…I think she was comfortable enough to know I wouldn’t actually do it, so she always played along. She would tell me, she was lying on our bed, naked, her toy in her pussy, dreaming about Dave and I both taking care of her needs when I got home. It would always make me nice and hard, rubbing as I drove home. I began to notice that when our conversations were centered on sex with Dave, Sarah would get so nice and hot, her pussy would literally be dripping by the time i would get home. Teasing her some more I would say …has Dave already been here? She would say…wouldn’t you like to know? Still there just seemed no way to me she would ever let me invite another person.And then this past month all that changed :-), Sarah and I went out to adiosbet yeni giriş dinner to relax after a very stressful week. We headed to our favorite restaurant, for a nice quiet dinner. Sarah was dressed in a nice conservative dress, it was kind of full at the bottom and clung to her hips just right. She rarely wears nylons and tonight was no different. As we were driving to the restaurant, i reached over and began to slide her dress up, she laughed and said “aren’t you the nasty one?” I told her I could be…continuing to run my hand up her thighs, i found her panties, pushing slightly against her pussy, I could feel her wetness beginning. She is so easy to arouse, tonight was no different. I asked her if she would remove her panties for the night, she said if that’s what you want…no problem and she promptly slid them off. She felt so nice and slick as i continued to rub her. Unfortunately it didn’t take long to get there. I parked, walked over to her side, opened her door and watched as her dress rode up her legs, exposing her nicely trimed pussy if anyone besides me was looking. The thought brought a smile to my face and a really nice quiver in my crotch, she looked so good to me. I wish I could say dinner was very erotic and I got to play and show, but, it was just a nice simple meal, fairly uneventful , except for the nasty chatter. I kept telling her, I was going to give Dave a call, I just know I will need his help tonight. She blew me away when she said…go ahead, I’m game! I got hard instantly, picturing this in my mind. Not taking her seriously, I continued to press her and tease her. As dinner was coming to an end, I asked what now? She said…did you call Dave? I said are you serious? she said if that is what you want, I wouldn’t mind. My mind was at this point spinning, I was afraid she was still teasing and on the other hand I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. So I decided to make the call to Dave. Fortunately, he was home, I asked him if adiosbet giriş wanted to hand out tonight, he said anything in particular? I said yeah, and I am sure it will be worth your while. He said, what’s up? Now Dave and I had talked about Srah over the years, he knew what she was like in bed and knew how much I wanted to share her, he had the same fantasies about Sarah. Which always made for interesting times together, because I would know what he was thinking about. Anyway, as I told him about the evening so far, he said…I’ll be right there!I returned to Sarah and said Dave is on his way over, she asked me if I was sure I wanted this. I said more than anything! You know, I still wasn’t entirely sure she was serious, but in my mind! it couldn’t be more real! I again played with her on the way home, she was completely drenched and she just about came, before we got home. We beat Dave to our house, and I asked Sarah to change into something a little sexier. She said like what? I suggested a nice short sundress,and heels nothing more. She agreed and left, coming back out in about five minutes. OMG was all I could say, you look amazing! She smiled and asked if our guest had arrived, just about that time the door bell rang. I sent her to answer the door, as Dave entered Sarah, grabbed him, gave him a deep kiss and said come on in.Dave walked in said you weren’t k**ding were you, I said nope…she is all yours, I am here for the ride :-). oh my, his hands were all over her in a split second. I watched as he raised her skirt, rubbed her bare ass, and cupped her cheeks in his hands, she pressed her body against his cock, grinding her stomach against him. It was so hot, and I was so hard I hurt. They continued to make out and slowly he pulled her dress off of her, here was my wife standing completely naked infront of my friend, his hands were between her thighs and she was spreading her legs open to give him better access, eventually she broke their embrace, sliding down adiosbet güvenilirmi his chest, she unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down freeing his rock hard cock. She immediately took his cock in her mouth and started to suck his cock…he was archiing his back as she continued to suck and rub him. I was absolutely mezmerized by the scene that was unfolding. He gently pulled her head up to again return his kisses. He lifted her off the floor and moved her towards the sofa. Lying her back onto the sofa, her legs spread, his cock pressing against her pussy, she pressed down on him, letting him enter her for the first time…she let out a huge cry as she continued to ride his cock..and he pressed into her..harder and harder, faster and faster. And then, I could hear as he came deep inside of her, I could see his and her cum coating his cock, and running down her ass. She came in a huge spasm, letting out a huge scream and then she relaxed. Dave continued to pump for a bit and then he pulled out of her, you could hear an audible pop as he left her. They collasped together into each others arms. She then looked over at me, smiled and said, “are you ready”. You have got be k**ding I said, I drove my cock deep inside her pussy, it was so wet, so slick, so warm and oh my did she feel good! I came within a couple of minutes. Shae laid there legs spread wide, cum dripping from her pussy. She said aren’t you going to clean me up? I dove again between her legs, licking every drop of all three of our juices, my god it was so tastey to me. Sarah came again and again as I licked her clean. Dave was now hard again and wanted a second turn. We thought it best to retire to our bedroom and bed, where Dave fucked her good and hard again. We all fel asleep Sarah in my arms and Dave snuggled against her back. When I woke in the morning, Dave’s hand was between her legs again. We ended up spending the next two days together in sexual bliss. Sarah was the center of our attention and was thoroughly fucked and sucked. We hope to get together again and again. Sarah said it was wonderful and wonder out loud why she had resisted so long! I am in heaven thinking about my little wife and our new found freedom!More to come if you like! thanks for reading!