My wife at the beachMarcy is 36. She’s about 20 lbs over weight and sensitive about it. I think she’s looking fine these days. Work has been putting a crimp on our sex lives and neither of us has been able to get off even once in the last couple of weeks. We woke up on this very rainy windy, November morning horny. I made the Sunday morning coffee, Marcy smiled and reached out across the bed for her cup. Her soft breast hung and swayed invitingly. I handed her the cup and cupped her right breast, pulling on her nipple. Be careful, She said half seriously, you’ll make me cum. We sipped our java and began our stroking and cooing foreplay. I licked her neck and ears whispering; I want to fuck, fuck you, I want to cum in you. Yesssssss, she hissed back, fuck me, fuck meeeeee. My cock was rock hard and already dripping pre cum. Her back was to me, my cock slid easily between her ample butt cheeks, my free hand stroked her breast and soft stomach. She pressed back against my wet cock head. This is going to be a quicky I thought, a hot fast cum, a much needed release for my semen that filled my testicles.Wait, wait Marcy pleaded as she felt my urgency. Don’t cum, don’t cum yet….I paused and waited, She rolled over and smiled at me. Let’s play sex games today, Let’s tease ourselves and see how long we can hold our orgasms off. At first, I wasn’t pleased at the idea. I do love to play sex games but I needed a cum and I needed it badly. My cock was almost painfully hard and I thought I could cum in an instant. She ran her finger down my face and her eye’s pleaded. Okay, I’ll try I answered what kind of games do you have in mind? Her answer surprised me. I was thinking about some public sex, she suggested, let’s go a make like teenagers at a park onwin giriş or some place like that. I quickly agreed as I so do enjoy watching other men and young boys sneak looks at Marcy’s hot body.We raced through breakfast and returned to the bed room to dress Marcy. She modeled several out fits for me and my half hard swinging dick was oozing copious amounts of pre cum watching the show. Going out into the cold wet morning limited her choices and she finally decided on loose fitting workout pants and a zippered hoodie. I dressed pretty much the same. We had a second cup of coffee and pawed at each other while the car warmed.The rain stopped shortly after we began our journey, We could see patches of clearing in the western sky but the gusts of wind blew wet and cold. We drove through the city park. Other than a few older women, bundled up walking their little white dogs, the park was deserted. We pulled into an empty over look parking lot and began to fondle each other. My hands found Marcy’s wet cunt and drawing wetness from her deep cunt, I spread it over her clitoris and rubbed her. Oh yessssss, she whispered, oh yessssss, I paused, slid two fingers back into her sloppy wet cunt and curled them up to rub her g spot. She went rag doll limp. Her legs splayed open, eyes closed. I unzipped her sweet shirt and exposed her large nippled sagging tubes. She made no effort to cover herself, allowing me to open her chest to full view. I nervously looked around. A car had pulled into the lot but it was at the far end away from us. A women and two small girls exited the auto, Not good I thought, not good. Marcy noticed them also and quickly zipped back up.My cock was hard and I squeezed it for relief. Marcy pulled her pants back over onwin yeni giriş her belly. She leaned into me…That was hot, baby, that was so fucking hot. Let’s find a new spot.We decided to try the beach. It was long “officially” closed for the winter but they allowed parking and access for those who enjoyed hiking the sand dunes. It was about an hour drive away and Marcy drove me crazy with lust as she positioned herself and clothing to allow others to glimpse her breasts with her elongated nipples and for truckers, her hairy cunt. She teased herself, bringing herself to the brink of orgasm time and time again. My balls ached, my dripping cock soaked through my pants. I needed to cum badly, very badly. Marcy did too.The sun was shining clearly by the time we pulled into the parking lot. There were several cars parked down the far end of the parking lot where the sand dune trails started. We chose a spot with several empty spaces around us but in easy viewing distance of the other cars. I could see an older man alone in the car closest to us. The others appeared empty. Another car pulled in behind us and a very young couple spilled laughingly out and raced off into the sand hills. They are going to fuck, Marcy said, They’re going to find a spot out of sight and out of the wind and then they are going to cum. I need to cum, I answered. I know you do baby, Marcy cooed, My baby needs to squirt hot cum, oh your balls are so hard your cock is so swollen, she whispered as she stroked and fondled me. I pulled her hands off, No sweetie,don’t touch me I’ll cum off. She lay back and against the door, I pulled her top open and let her breast free in the bright sun. He’s watching, Marcy said, That guy in that blue car can see me, he onwin güvenilirmi can see my tits. I worked my fingers down into her very wet and inviting cunt and curled my fingers up to rub her in that way I know makes her release her wetness. He’s watching you finger fuck me baby, she panted he’s going to see me cum off, Yesssssss I’m going to cum off for him, I’m fucking cumming, I’m cummmmmming baby, I’m cummming, she cried as her orgasm rocketed through her body. She had grabbed my hand, holding me still while she found her relief.I waited as the waves of Marcy’s orgasm diminished leaving her limp and quiet. She looked so fucking delicious with her hanging long nippled breasts completely exposed. They lay on her large soft belly.Her legs were splayed open and you could just see the top of her pubic hair over the elastic waist band of her pants. I worked my fingers back into her pants found her soaking wet cunt and worked four of my fat fingers into her cunt. There was no resistance, the fingers slid easily into her open willing cunt. You’re a slut, Marcy, you’re a fucking slut. Yes, she answered, I am a slut, I’m your slut baby, your slut to do with as you will. She slid her hand into her pants and found her clitoris. He’s jerking off, Marcy said, I can see his arm pumping. He’s jerking off watching me get fingered. Oh god, she cried, I’m going to cum again, I’m fucking cumming off again. This time her orgasm seemed even more intense. I pulled my hand out of her cunt so I could grab my handkerchief as I knew I was going to squirt cum. I soaked the cloth immediately, the car filled with the smell of our sexual release. Marcy lay back, eyes closed, still trembling with her pleasures. I heard a car start and saw out of the corner of my eye our witness slowly driving off. He smiled and waved. We both laughed, cleaned up as best we could. Straighten our clothing…..I started the car.Based on an actual event that took place 20 years ago. Embellished more than a little. Hope you enjoyed.