My sister & I part 1This story is about my sister Mel and I. I am going to be 29 in a couple of months and she just turned 27. She has a husband and a little girl now, so we don’t do anything like this anymore.Ever since we were young Mel and I have been sexually curious. When we would be alone at times either in the bedroom we shared or in the living room for a lengthy amount of time while the parents were having sex, we would have dry sex as well. It was always me taking my dick out of my pants and underwear and I would get on top of her and dry fuck her. This didn’t last long when we were younger, but we did almost get caught once. We were in the bedroom and I was laying on top of Mel dry fucking her with my dick out and our mom opened the door and asked what we were doing, we told her we were just pretending and she told us not to do it. Luckily I was covered up so she never knew my dick was out.Then one December night in 2000 when she was 13 and I was either 14 or 15 this changed. I had found my dad’s porn stash & the parents had left to go Christmas shopping, so I knew they would be gone for several hours. I made sure Mel was fine with me watching it in the living room as that was the only place we had a tv at the time & once she çankaya escort said it was fine I put the tape and and sat back down next to her on the couch and put the blanket back over me. Not too long into the video Mel moved her hand toward my dick, she asked me to take off my pants and boxers, so I did, but as she started to jack me off under the blanket I stopped her and told her I was about to come. She replied with so what, my hands are washable. I said ok, but let’s at least take off the blanket so e don’t get it all messy. So we did and she started jacking me off. She jacked me off for a little while while she sat next to me and then she got on her knee’s on the floor in front of me and continued to jack me off from there for a little bit. Then she had me put a pillow onto the floor & lay down. She then got on top of me & positioned my cock where she wanted it & she began to ride me, she would have to re-position my dick a few times, then she got up & laid on me on her back & again positioned my dick where she wanted it & she rode me for a few minutes that way while only slowing down at times to re-position my cock. Then she had me get up so that she could lay down & then had me get on top of balgat escort her as she positioned my dick where she wanted it & I screwed her in that position for a few minutes. Then she had me get up again so that she could lay on her stomach. She then positioned my cock to where she wanted it & had me fuck her from that position for a few minutes. She then got on all fours and positioned my cock where she wanted it & had me screw her that way for a few minutes before she had me get back on the couch. She sat on the other side of me & jacked me off some more. She eventually moved back to the floor in front of me & jacked me off from there before she finally sat back down to the right of me on the couch & jacked me off some more until the porno got over. It was the best “sexual” experience I had ever had at that time & the longest I had ever gone without cumming. Unfortunately she decided to stop once the porn had finished & I had to finish myself off.There was also this one time when our parents were not home, I don’t recall if this happened before or after the previous occasion, but I decided to see if had any pictures of naked girls that you could look at online for free. Which they didn’t, elvankent escort but while I was looking my sister, sitting in the chair next to me had turned enough to start jacking me off through my pants with her feet. She would have me take my cock out of my pants and boxers as usual & decided she wanted to check, now when she found out she could look at naked men for free on there she decided to have me sit back and she positioned my cock to how she wanted it in her ass. Of course she was fully clothed as she pretty much always was, but I still got to dry fuck her while she was looking at naked guys, which she seemed to enjoy.In the summer time of 2001 we had moved into a 2 bedroom cabin for a couple of months and of course she got the room while I slept on the futon in the living room. One morning our landlord had come knocking on our door and I didn’t feel like getting up to see who was there. After he stopped knocking I got up and seen it was him and then Mel came out of the room because he had waken her up from knocking, but our parents were still asleep. She asked me if it was ok for her to lay next to me on the futon and I said yes. She laid there and we watched tv for a couple of minutes and then to my surprise she reached over and started jacking me off. Needless to say this didn’t last long as she caught me by surprise and I came quickly inside my boxers. She apologized for making a mess and asked me why I didn’t warn her. I told her because it happened to fast and I needed to take a shower anyway.