my new love of adult bookstoresThis is how I could probably get in so much trouble but as Iv’e heard that so called little voice in my head saying “if it feels good… do it”. I guess my sexual urges got the best of me. I’m a sexy little sissy fem slut that loves to suck cock and take a nice long hard cock deep in my ass… There I said it. In order for me to live out these urges I needed to find a platform for me experiment with. At first I would dress up sexy and parade around my neighborhood usually very late at night when not a soul was around. Then I started to get a little bolder by driving around in short skirts, panties, stockings and high heels flashing truckers and anyone who would look my way.Then… it was like a bright light went off in head, I would try going to the adult bookstore not to far from me. Well, in a nutshell this has probably become my latest obsession. This particular bookstore has different size video booths that you can watch porn of all types. So I thought I would put A little twist to this. I know there are certain people who do this all the time, so I have heard, but I thought I would live it out. I would put on panties and sexy stockings under my clothes and sivas rus escort carry a small bag that would have my skirt and heels in it, and once I get to the bookstore I would find one of the biggest booths there and observe all the horny guys just milling around looking for some action.I would get into the booth, remove my street clothes and change into my cute little sissy slut outfit. get myself all situated and then let the fun begin. I love to watch shemale and TV/TG videos in the booth, and I could here people outside the door. After a few moments I would unlock the door and see who would pop there head or whatever to check my out. Some of the guys usually just look in for a couple of seconds but then you get some that check you out for awhile, for those guys I give them a little show, I sit down and put my stocking and heeled legs up in the air and start rubbing my self. That most of the times get there attention. Then stand up and do a little sexy dance for the, bending over and lifting up my short skirt and grabbing my ass.Most of the guys really get off on that and come in to the booth and immediately start rubbing my covered legs and ass. I sivas rus escort bayan ask them what there into,most just want a quick blow job witch is ok, but I like the guys who really like to play for a while. This particular time I noticed this one guy who kept coming back to check me out I think he might have been shy or something, how shy can you be at an adult bookstore. So I signaled him to come into to the booth and ask him what he was into and he said he’s never done this before and he just wanted to fuck some one. He told me that one of his fiends had told him about this place and he finally got the nerve to go there. Well not to be cliche’ I told this is your lucky day.He was really nervous I told him to just relax and in order for you to fuck me we need to get that cock hard. I told him to take out his cock and to my surprise he was quite big, about 8inches and thick. I looked at him and said were going to have some fun. I told him to sit down and I grabbed his some what limp cock and put it in my mouth. He moaned and started to get really hard in my mouth, his cock tasted and felt so good, I didn’t want to stop. I sucked and teased him rus sivas escort for a while till I thought he was going to blow. He at this point was very relaxed and his cock was very hard. I told him do you want my ass? he jumped at the chance, so I grabbed a condom (safety first) and put it on his cock.I bent over lifted up my skirt, pulled down panties and stockings and he put that beautiful tool inside my now very hot ass.He went slow at first which was good because he was pretty big, but after he stretched my ass out I really started to totally get into this new lover of mine fucking my ass. It feel sooooo good and he was going deeper and deeper with every thrust, I could feel his balls slapping against my hanging balls. I could feel my own precum start to drip out of my cock. At this point I really did not want this to stop. He pounded my ass I would say for about fifteen minutes or so then he told me he was going to cum. He started to go faster then he trembled for a moment and than I could feel him blow A nice hot load of his cum in my now satisfied ass. He relaxed for just a moment then pulled his cock out and told me that was great.I totally noticed that he had a huge smile on his face. I could say that I also did. Well… this I have repeated many times since then and I hope to continue this as much as possible. I love and adore my new found friend… “The Adult Bookstore” I hope that you enjoyed this little story and check out my profile and comment, tell me what you think… Kisses to all, xoxox