MY LOVERS FUCK BUDDYYou know when you get into a rut in your relationship? Sometimes it can be one is not attracted to the other or the one boyfriend has put weight etc. Well we where in one of those ruts. We just where not having sex. Now my partner is very high sexed but for this period everything about him was annoying me down to his eating, the way he chewed his food to the weight he had put on. So he had been housesitting for a friend and unbeknownst to me was meeting up with another guy. Now this other guy was well known to me and we used to be friends until he hit a rough patch in his life and we had lost contact as he went to find himself. There always was this sexual tension between us that neither of us had tapped into when he was going through his dark period I wasn’t interested but still found him attractive since I was still smarting from a relationship that was disastrous. Now we flash forward five and half years and here we have this situation. My partner had forgotten his cell phone at home one day I was home and changing the sheets in the bedroom, when I heard his phone ring. Looked down saw the caller ID and was shocked. There was a picture ID of my friend Stan on the phone calling my lover. So I thought what the fuck! I went through the call history and texts and was intrigued to see quite a bit of history especially pictures etc. A plan formulated in my head and I wasn’t sure if I would go ahead with it. But decided I would wait and see. Every couple of days I would see if there was any activity when the boyfriend was in the shower. Sure enough a date was planned when I was at work next week and knew the time for action was now. I started one sided texting as in pretending I was texting someone else. Then sent a few pics of my hard cock and foreskin. Actually one was one of the ones from my profile. Finally I got a response. “Who is this?” I played coy and stopped for a couple of hours and then restarted the one sided texting. Finally I got the one that I knew he was interested after I sent a pic of my cock very hard skin half covered with cum dribbling down the side. “Wow fucking amazing cock we should meet!” Okay time to reel him in. I texted back I am sorry but have you been receiving my messages? Then the dialogue opened up. Then pictures from him amazing ass and cock pics. Finally I revealed myself to him. He was amazed I was still in town just didn’t know how to get in touch with me, I begged please do not tell my lover we have been texting. He asked who it was and I told him, he was shocked as my lover had told him he was single. So the texting game continued for a few weeks türbanlı tunceli escort by this time after I checked my lovers cell phone there was no activity from Stan, except a cancellation relating work commitment. I love my lover but as I said after 5 years together things where getting a little irritating so this of course was putting a new thrill into my life. Stan started texting me when can we meet? I knew I wanted to meet and have a great session it was just could I take the next step? FUCK YEAH I COULD! Finally I can close the chapter on a unrequited lust and get it out of my system. I finally had an opportunity to meet at my place undisturbed and he arrived promptly at the agreed meeting time, the minute he walked into the house, his amazing good looks still swept me away, he took me in my arms and kissed me and said “About time we went where we wanted to go before but never had the guts to do it!”We both went to the bathroom and as agreed decided we should have a shower together, as he stripped off I couldn’t believe the sight before me not only was he graced with amazing facial features but had an incredible body as well. Amazing pecs and a 6 pac greeted me with a perfectly sculpted trimming of hair to accent his body texture. His cock was thick at the base narrowing down slightly to an amazing nice plum shaped head. Naked I leant down to test the water temperature before starting the shower and he gently caressed my hips and ass. “You don’t know how long I have wanted this!” He muttered I looked back over my shoulder at his brown eyes, and smiled “Me too.”We jumped into the shower and explored each others bodies with soapy hands, tongues you name it, soon we agreed it was time to head to the bedroom and we got out of the shower. It was agreed that we would start off with me giving him a massage to begin with. I already had the towels laid out on the bed with candles nice music and oils to start a great time. As he laid down with his ass up in the air I was mesmerized here was the perfect ass it was half bubble butt half muscle jock ass. Clean and smooth. I straddled his his lower back and proceeded to apply oil to his shoulders and smoothed it down his back and spine. My massaging although not professional has certainly over the years earned me some great times in other words never any complaints. (Hey maybe I should write some stories about the straight guys I bedded with my massages 😉 another time to come.) As I said no complaints and from the moans and appreciative sighs coming from Stan I knew he was enjoying it as well. After türbanlı tunceli escort bayan 15 minutes I shifted my weight and slid back lower placing one knee between his already partly spread legs and using the other to spread his legs a little further I looked down pushed out below his nuts was his hard throbbing cock the head was almost purple by the pressure and angle it was at, he grunted and lifted up, his cock sprang forward and hit his taught belly with an audible slap. “Sorry” he muttered from his rested head against his crossed arms “was getting uncomfortable.” as he nestled back down grinding his cock against the terry towel below him, being an ass man and a top I couldn’t but help appreciate the way his ass looked as he clenched his cheeks and dry humped the towel for a moment before settling down and sighing. I liberally applied some oil to his ass cheeks and spread down each side spreading the oil with my fingers pressing down hard and leaving my hand prints as I did on each side. Bringing in my elbows I deeply pushed and separated each cheek from the center finally opening up his valley to view his neatly shaven hole it was perfect and I wasted no time into finally leaning in and sniffing his hot fuck hole the soap and natural odors where too much and I just had to taste him. I gently passed my tongue over his nub and received an appreciative sigh back, taking this as an invitation I began to liberally ride my tongue over his tightly clenched hole. Each time jabbing a little closer and with my hands pulling his ass globes apart. He pushed his ass up in receipt of my ministrations and I reached in with my fingers stretching his ass cheeks open allowing my tongue to reach in deeper within him. By this time his grunting was becoming more active and it was becoming hard to keep my tongue in his ass as he was more forcefully fucking the towel below him. Finally he lifted up and bumping my nose against the base of his spin and spun over, he turned around and took my hard dribbling cock in his mouth and I leaned down and did the same although where I am uncut he isn’t so I was able to smoothly take his cock into my mouth where as he grabbed mine and pulled my skin forward. He was getting off on trying to get his tongue under my skin to tease my glands. Pulling my cock out of his mouth he practically shouted “FUCK I LOVE UNCUT COCK!” and then proceed to take me deep into his throat, pulling and teasing my skin over my head with his tongue and lips. This carried on for awhile and I have to be honest it was one of the most amazing türbanlı escort tunceli blowjobs I have ever had, I myself was giving all my best until he finally said jumping up, “My turn to eat your ass!”With my lying there looking up at this amazingly handsome man his perfectly sculpted hairy chest heaving and abs clenching and hard cock pointing to the heavens who was I to refuse. He grabbed one of the pillows at the end of the bed he had used as head cushion and grabbed my legs pulling me to the edge. He pushed my legs up so my knees where almost at my ears and lowered down take one ball at a time into his mouth and rolling them around. I suddenly learnt his tongue was long cause as he had one ball in his mouth (yes guys my balls are low hangers.) the tip of his tongue was coming down teasing my asshole. Where as he is smooth in that area I am hairy and after after leaving my balls he was gently pulling at my hair with his teeth. Then alternating between gentle laps to tugging and licking my balls. Come on guys admit it if your a top who doesn’t love his ass played with? The next thing that happened was amazing he went to town on my ass, and I mean he went to town! It was incredible he stretched it with his fingers opening me up and digging deep with his tongue made me feel things down there that I haven’t felt in years! And his tongue was muscled it dug deep was pointed and deep in there it was making my ass feel things that made want to consider a cock. He worked it hard for nearly twenty minutes and then he raised up slowly, my ass was dripping juices it was dripping his saliva and then it was being teased with his cock head. That was all it took, my cock lurched and even though he never entered me completely I came, I sprayed all over my face and across my hairy chest and as I did my ass slammed down hard on his cock head it was too much for him as well, he started to come and his blowing made me look like a dribbler it sprayed everwhere and in volumes in reaction to his coming he stumbled back I couldn’t believe it my gaping ass was dripping, my lips, my chest and his belly. It was everywhere, he collapsed on top of me and we kissed deeply sharing each others cum with our mouths and smeared across our respective bodies. With a heavy sigh he rolled off me to my side and we gasped for air. “Fuck!” he finally gasped “That was intense!” “Years of sexual tension.” I wearily said back, after a few minutes we gathered and got into the shower gently washing each other off, then came the polite conversation afterwards you know the usual uncomfortable silences, we agreed to maybe meet again.Then he gathered his stuff and left weeks went by and nothing then I got a text, “You still horny?”Laughing out loud I read his text and responded ” Fuck yeah!” “Can we meet again?””Of course!” I responded. “But I have an idea.””Oh what is that?””LOL let me get my plan together and will text you soon!”(And if your wondering guys yes it is a true story……. To be continued)