My Last Summer Part 1It was the summer of 2012. My last summer as a student considering I’ll be graduating next year.A little in the mid-summer I decided to visit my grandfather’s farm. I rarely visit there since it’s really far and most of the houses there don’t have electricity. I think there’s only five houses there that has electricity and my grandfather’s main house is one of them.So I came over to his main house first without calling to surprise him; but, he went to Hong Kong that week with one of my uncles and cousins to see Disney land.I ended up having the house to myself, with exemption to the housekeepers, the cooks, and some of the farmers who works for my grandfather who often come in the main house at the afternoon to watch basketball, or boxing, or an old movie before heading to the shed near the fields where they drink.That night, after the housekeeper called me to come to the dining room for dinner, she introduced me to her daughter Anna. She was just about my age, her skin dark brown from the sun, her hair wavy, her body was amazingly full. Not chubby farm girl full and not skinny starved girl slim. But perfectly formed curves that could rock your world kind of body. She was wearing a sleeveless Sunday dress. It’s what women normally wear here since the place is so hot. Her cleavage was exposed by her dress.”Nice to meet you.” I told her after failing to keep my composure.”Nice to meet you too.” She said.We ate dinner. I was tired so I hit the bed early even though the workers asked me to join them drinking lambanog, a wine made from coconut which is what they usually drink here besides beer.Morning came and I woke up early but since people here wake up while the sun is yet to rise, I’m considered as the one who woke up late.I got to the kitchen, the cook asked me if I wanted anything. I told him “It’s okay, it’s my fault I got up late. I’ll settle for mangoes and bananas.” which was laid on the dining table. But he still insisted I eat some meat so he roasted some slices of pork chops and called out for Anna to get vinegar and lime. Not too long the food was ready and the cook laid it out with a tiny bowl of vinegar mixed with lime and chili peppers.After breakfast, I walked around the farm. Not much was going on since it was just a few weeks after they planted the crops so there wont be anything to do except make sure the crops get enough water and snails don’t kill the plants. To conclude everything, there wasn’t anyone around to talk to since the farmers were asleep to get rid of their hangover.While walking, I thought about my laptop that I left at home. What if my cousins figure out my password and find all my porn. That let me to thinking, I wont be having porn for the next four days, what will I do to release myself? Then Anna came into my head. Her sexy body came to my mind. Even the four inches of her legs that wasn’t covered by her dress excites lordbahis güvenilirmi me. I felt my penis harden and an urge to pee. So before my dick become hard enough to make it impossible to pee, I went to the nearest bush and pissed.After a few shakes, I zipped my shorts and realized someone was watching me the whole time. I walked towards the tree where that person hid but then she ran away. But I knew who she was. It was Anna. There was no mistaking about it. Her hair and her ass made it obvious as she ran away.I felt embarrassed. Thinking, how much did she see and how did she think about the size and length of my dick? Considering most men here are very well endowed, I could be a laughing stock to everyone right now. I couldn’t go back to the main house immediately, might as well let the crowds laughter cool down. So I decided to head to the river where I used to swim at whenever I come to visit.I haven’t taken a bath yet, might as well do it there.I arrived at the river, took my clothes off and then before taking my underwear off I paused to think. But then, what do I have to lose now? Anna’s probably at the house right now and nobody ever comes here before noon. So I got in the river full nude.I swam around and cleaned off the sweat and dirt that I got from walking around the farm. Then I thought about Anna’s luscious body again. Her blossoming breast , her tight hips, and that ass that could take a pounding. I tried to analyze what size her breast was. Definitely D-cup I said to myself as I left my body float on water. My erection was already above the water and whenever the water pushes against it, it sends an electrifying feeling that made me want to wack off. I then decided to masturbate in the river but my mind just suddenly triggered to check my surroundings and before I knew it I shouted “Who’s there? Come out!” just to make sure no one sees me. But someone was there.”Ah! I’m sorry!” a voice came from the tall grasses. Then that person tripped and fell into the river.It was Anna again. Didn’t she was ran back to house or did she already came back? How long was she there?”Are you alright?” I walked towards her.”I’m fine. I’m sorry. Please don’t tell my mother!” She said.”Are you hurt?” I asked finally close to her.”No.” She turned away from me.”How long have you been hiding there?” I asked.”I’ve followed you since this morning sir.” She told me.”This entire morning? Why?” I asked.”My mother thought you might get lost since it has been almost two years since you last came to visit this place.” She said.”Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.”I couldn’t find you earlier but when I finally caught up to you, you were urinating. I was ashamed of what would you say so I ran but I followed you here to make sure you are safe.” She said mixed with a little of her dialect.”I see.” I said.”Please don’t tell my mother that I saw your…” She said.”My lordbahis yeni giriş this?” I pointed to my cock which was still erect but not as hard. I looked at her sorry face. And looked down to see her drenched dress that fitted to her body. It made my cock harder. “Have you not seen a penis before?””I have seen my little brother’s but he is still a baby.” She said. “Yours is different. It is bigger and sometimes looks straight like a wood just like now.”And the only thing that registered in my mind was ‘wood’.”Would you like to see it up close?” I asked and she nodded.”Is it okay? You wont tell my mother right?” She asked. I nodded and I sat on a rock near the river bank. Spread my legs and let her examine my penis.”Didn’t you learn this at school?” I asked.”We did but I have only seen pictures in high school.” She said.”What about college”? I asked.”My aunt will send me to college next year after my cousin graduates.” She told me. “Can I touch it?” She asked.I took her hand and placed it around my dick. She felt how hard my cock was, tried to feel the circumference, and gently touched the tip. I watched her satisfy her fascination. “So I’m guessing you don’t know what sex is?” I asked.”I know. But I don’t really know how to do it. We studied about it and my friends have done it but since I work with my mother most of the time, I didn’t have time to learn about how to do sex.” she told me.I then told her “What if I teach you about how we have sex in the city? You’re going to college right? You don’t want to let others think you’re inexperienced, right?” She gave me a curious look. “Just promise me you wont tell anyone in this farm that I taught you. Okay?” She nodded with a smile.”First take off your dress.” I told her.”What?” She blushed.”I’m naked, you should be too.” I told her. So she took off her dress and placed it on a wide rock to let it dry. I looked at her, she wore only a white piece of panties. She had no bra all this time. Her breast were exquisite, her nipples were unbelievably erotic, and her waist was beautifully carved like a lingerie model. I told her to take off her panties and she didn’t complain anymore. I looked at her pussy from a few feet away and it looked so delicious, so fresh, so virgin. I told her to turn so I could see her ass. I was firm, and full, and flawless. My cock was hardening by the second that it felt like it was screaming to jam her.”Lie down here.” I told her as I spread my shirt on the bank of the river.She lied down and I spread her legs. Then I slowly rubbed her pussy up and down with my middle finger. I kissed her and slowly pushed my head down to suck on her tits. She gave a loud moan but I told her to keep it quite. I then kissed her again. This time with my tongue in her mouth, I explored every angle of her mouth and lured her tongue into my mouth. She held my head as we kissed then I slowly lordbahis giriş pushed my finger in her vagina. She wanted to moan but I stopped her by letting her take in my kiss. I then slowly pushed and pulled my finger, letting her vagina’s walls feel every inch of my finger.With my other hand I copped her breast. It was softer than I imagined. I fondled her breast and felt the unbelievable softness of her tits. I stopped kissing her to suck on her nipples and attempt to get her breast to fit in my mouth but I already knew it was too big. She moaned and wet herself, I fingered her faster and faster and she came another load.”Did that feel good?” I asked. She nodded. I gave her the finger I used to pleasure her. “Suck it.” And she did. I made her suck in the taste of her pussy and cum. She was very good at sucking that I stopped her from sucking my finger and shifted her head to suck me.She was on all fours and I was kneeling on my shirt. I guided her head and steered her left to right and back again to hit the right spots. Then I felt like coming so I told her “Get ready, somethings going to come out of my dick. Don’t stop sucking.”I blew my cum in her mouth as she obediently kept sucking on my dick. “Swallow it.” I told her. And she did. She coughed. “How did it taste?” I asked.”Strange, a bit sour but then a bit good.” She said.”Good, now lie down again and spread your legs.” I told her. She followed. I then licked her wet pussy and tasted the juices she blew just minutes ago. I then prepare to penetrate her. I told her to be ready and brace herself.Then I slowly pushed in and she gave a little scream then a moan. A little blood was on her pussy, I then let her take in the feeling of her first cock. I allowed her a little time to breath then I moved my hips. In and out my cock did her pussy. Back and fort my thrusting became faster as she made a face or pure ecstasy.I felt her pussy tighten to my every movement. Her wet vagina slowly forming to the shape of my cock and as I pounded her faster and faster, I sucked on her tits that was just in front of me. I bit it gently and she hugged my head. Allowing me to feel the softness of her breast by my face.I then felt like cumming. I moved faster and faster. By then she already came three more times making her pussy even more slippery. I pushed my cock in her pussy once more and came. She passed out.A few minutes later she came to consciousness. We swam in the river, there, I hugged her from behind, caressing her breast and kissing her neck. I slowly moved one hand to her ass and felt her tight ass. Then I moved it to her pussy and finger her in the water. She moaned and almost fell as her knees weakened. I then made her slightly sit on me as I adjusted myself to let my cock slip into her cunt.I pushed myself in and grabbed her breast. I moved faster and faster as I listen to her moan “Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” repeatedly. And her right hand on my right hand, she guided me to squeeze her breast tighter. Her other hand on her clitoris. She rubbed her clit as I pounded her. I kept kissing her neck and squeezing her tits as we finally came together.We washed off and got out clothes on.We walked back to the main house to eat lunch.