My Honeymoon – Every Woman Should Have – Part 2 (F

I am Garima here with the subsequent story of our honeymoon.

Keeping them astonished I walked upstairs wearing only panties and carrying 40,000 cash. I knew I have cheated them. I entered into bedroom, saw Rajiv still in the same pose. I kept money safely in my suitcase and laid on the bed beside him.

First I thought, what they would be thinking or doing ?

After Garima went out of sight, Sunil was first to speak,

“Yaar, I think she is cheating us. She does not talk like a virgin”

But his friend replied,

“No, I believe her. Did not you see her tits, those were so tight and areola so narrow, it seems these are not been sucked even. We will confirm it from her husband, don’t worry I will talk to him. And you did hear her. She said she had read thousands of porno stories, she spoke porno book’s language.”

He added,

“but I want her, I want her at any cost.”

“but eleven lakh, it is too much..!”

“no, not very much, I have heard that few girls, not virgin ones of our university are getting lakhs for full night fuck.I will confirm it from Anuja tomorrow.”

Vinod said and Sunil questioned that how Anuja would be knowing. Vinod replied that she is pimping for girls. Anuja was a senior lecturer in a college.

“I will fuck this Garima for sure, Sunil, you had taken the virginity of our first virgin, this time my cock will be first in Garima’s cunt.”

Vinod proposed and Sunil nodded. Then both slept.

In fact, besides first girlfriend, no one else they fucked was virgins, not even their wives. Vinod had not fucked any virgin so far. In their job of over 30 years they fucked many college /university girls but none were virgins.

Here on the bed, Garima was not getting sleep. She suddenly recalled her talk with mother on the evening when Rajiv had come to see her with his family members. Garima recalled telling mother,

“mom, I want to marry, but …”

And afterwards, she had given an explanation of her ‘ but ‘ to the mother. Garima smiled and recalled,

“mom, I will marry but not with Rajiv or a young man like Rajiv. I want to marry with Atul uncle or man like him.”

Her mother had looked angrily on daughter and said,

“bitch, he is my brother, you want to marry a man in mid-50s, are you insane, mad..”

“but mom, see his physique, though he had grey hairs but whenever I see mamu, whenever Atul mamu touches me my cunt starts itching, it gets wet, my tits get tightened of its own, I always wanted Atul mamu to crush me in his strong arms and thighs and fuck me, mom, he is my man my hero.”

She remembered that hearing daughter her mother sat on the bed like a deaf and dumb.

“mom, if I cannot marry Atul mamu or anyone else like him at least let me fuck with mamu before marriage.”

And few minutes after hearing her, mother has replied,

“ok, you marry with Rajiv, fuck with him and I promise you I will send you on the second honeymoon with your mamu soon thereafter.”

I smiled recalling that evening’s talk. I wanted Atul mamu in my cunt and here God has send not one but two men much more handsome and looking stronger than Atul mamu. I said loudly,

“mom, before going on the second honeymoon with mamu, I have started enjoying my first honeymoon with men of my heart’s desire.”

I decided to enjoy with these two men fully. I also decided to fuck with both before Rajiv’s fuck me and that also for free. But the problem was I can’t get fucked before the day after tomorrow’s night.

With this thought, I slept. I woke up and looked at the wall clock, it was 7.30. I hardly slept for 5 hours but I was feeling very relaxed and comfortable. But I wanted my bed tea. I shook Rajiv but he was still in deep sleep. I was still topless and in panty only.

I went to the bathroom, pissed, passed off stool & brushed. I looked at my cunt & I did not see any blood around. It was the fourth day of my period. First I thought of taking a full bath and start fucking from that day itself but good sense prevailed, I decided against it. Ok, my cunt can wait for one more night.

I put on a cotton loose shorts without any panty and a deep neck, deep side cut sleeveless top. I saw myself in the mirror. A good portion of Tits was visible from the top as well as from both sides. I walked down.

But their room was closed. I made tea for me, two cups and carried it outside. There was good sunlight all around and at that time of 8.15, few persons were swimming in the pool just in front of our cottage. While drinking tea I watched them. There were two ladies in late 20s in one piece swimming suit and four males in 30s. I smiled to them.

I finished my tea and was watching them swim with both legs lifted on the table. They invited me to join, to swim but I said that I don’t know to swim.

“no need to swim, the pool is only 5 ft deep, you will not get drawn.”

One male shouted. I replied,

“maybe tomorrow..”

I was thinking that both my admirer were still sleeping but I saw them coming towards the cottage. Both were in shorts like previous evening. Last night I decided to fuck with them even for free but now seeing them I blushed and felt shy. I got up carrying both cups I drank. I wished them good morning and started to walk inside.

“good morning dear, will you please make tea for us. ?” Vinod said,

“good morning” Sunil added.

“ohh sure, I was going to do that only, please have your seat.”

I managed to say. There was no excuse for me to refuse them.

I went inside and put a kettle on. I was expecting that both will come & fondle me but they did not come. I already had two cups. I did not want more but that time only Rajiv came down, he hugged me from behind and squeezed the breast.

“go, sit with them, I am coming with tea.”

I said and pushed him off. He went out. After few minutes I carried a tray with four glass of water and four cups of tea. I had to give them company. Only chair vacant was between them. I sat there. Soon their hands were on me, this time not on thighs but both of them pressed cunt. I did not push their hands away. They chatted and I just listened. Rajiv asked my opinion about today’s program. I replied,

“this is my first visit to Goa so I am comfortable with whatever you decide.”

I said and did not resist them, both pulled my thighs wide towards them. I did not know anyone walking on a pathway or in swimming pool would be able to watch us. Sunil finally announced,

“after breakfast, we will drive to few beach around Panjim and then we will have dinner at best & biggest casino around here.”

Rajiv okayed and I enjoyed their hands on cunt over thin, very thin clothes of shorts. I wanted them to unbutton shorts and fondle bare cunt but they did not. I felt them pushing fingers from the side of shorts but I suddenly got up and leaving them I just walked in and upstairs to our bedroom.

While having breakfast I sat beside husband and all along about 45 Minutes of breakfast time he kept caressing my thighs & cunt over panty under the skirt. I was wearing a mini skirt and again sleeveless top having deep neck, having deep cleavages.

They have hired a car. We visited three beaches, had lunch and finally reached at the casino at around 8.30. During about 6 hours of car journey I sat beside Rajiv but they, in turn, occupied the other side of mine. And I got amazed seeing their daring. Rajiv put a hand on my one thighs but not regularly but these bastards kept caressing me all along. They talked with Rajiv about our families and marriage.

“Rajiv sir, you are very fortunate to have such a pretty woman as your wife.”

Rajiv replied,

“thanks but Garima is still a girl, I did not get the opportunity to turn her into a woman..”

I interfered,

“what rubbish you are talking, keep quite.”

But Rajiv wanted to boost, he added,

“unfortunately she had a period on the third day of marriage and she still is not allowing me to touch her.”

I shouted,

“keep quite you.”

But he said what I wanted him to say,

“she is still a girl, virgin girl.”

Hands on my both thighs squeezed thighs very tightly. Rajiv on the upper thigh and Vinod on inner thighs under the skirt.

“I think we should return hotel by 11 night, remember 11.”

I said, Rajiv did not understand but they must have understood because Vinod immediately pulled his hands away and during return journey to the hotel at midnight none of them touched me. 11 means 11 lakhs which Vinod understood.

I checked my mobile, there was no message regarding the transfer of fund in my account. But how could it be ?. I had not given them my account number. The car stopped at the hotel. Rajiv got down first and Vinod whispered,

“we will wait, give us your account number.”

I got down and walked smiling to our upstairs room. I just put off the skirt and laid on the bed. I did not know when I slept when Rajiv came.

I woke up in morning only. It was only 6.00, my usual time of waking up. I washed face and just walked down. I was certain that they would not be awake so early. So I walked as I was, topless, only in panty.

I came down, no one was in sight. I looked through the window, It was dark outside. The swimming pool was empty. I filled the kettle and put it on. While I was preparing tea two hands came from behind and grabbed my untouched boobs. I did not look back but I felt pricking in my ass. Whoever he was, he was nude and cock was tight. In four nights of marriage I had neither seen the cock of husband nor touched it and here some stranger’s cock was pricking me.

“if you do not want to die in jail, give me what I asked and then only touch me.”

I said. But he kept rubbing cock on my hips and simultaneously kept squeezing boobs. I made tea for him also. I pushed him with both elbows and turned around carrying both cups.

“let us enjoy tea.”

I said and saw first real throbbing cock of my life, cock of Vinod, a man of 55 yrs of age, over 10 years elder than my father and of the almost same age of my dream man, Atul mamu.

He walked with his one hand across my waist. We sat side by side on three seater sofa. I kept cups on the table and browse through my mobile.

“give me your number”.

I said. He gave and I messaged him my bank details. I lifted one cup in left hand and he pulled my right hand on his throbbing cock.

“I have messaged my bank details and this is the first cock I saw and fisting.”

“you are best.”

He whispered and tried to kiss me. But I pushed him,

“first finish tea.”

The cock was getting tightened and elongated also. We drank tea with my hand on his cock and his hands on my boobs and thighs. We kept cups aside and he pulled me on his lap.

“Vinod, nothing is free..”

I said and pushed him hard. I got up, pushed panty down and for a couple of minutes, I remain stood nude in front of him. I had a good amount of pubic hairs. I parted hairs, parted cunt lips and kept it like that for a minute.

“it is virgin, untouched by any cock…”

I said and leaving panty on the sofa I almost ran upstairs. I knew, had I remained a few minutes more with Vinod I would have fucked him then & there.

The previous day we did some shopping including a swimsuit, one piece suit. After hearing voices outside I saw from the balcony and saw people in the pool. I put on the suit and came down with the towel wrapped around the waist. None of two were downstairs. I came out, took a shower bath and came in the pool.

All faces in the pool were new. Two ladies and three gents. We got introduced ourself. We female chatted. While chatting we three ladies moved to the other side of the pool away from males. one of them informed me about a private dance club nearby.

“Garima, we were also not knowing but a few days back one lady told us about this club, it has everything, good ambiance, good food, good men, lots of money and lots of masti.”

I asked whether all women who visit are taken for granted. She shook head.

She informed me that it is prerogative of management there to decide which of the females are fit to be auctioned. Such Ladies are identified and they somehow manage to send their husbands or boyfriends or men with those ladies to cheap sluts where they are held for the whole night. All ladies who visit that joint goes for getting fucked and paid well, no one objects.

Though I did not believe that women are being auctioned these days also for one night, I got interested. I enquired whether they also enjoyed but they just smiled and replied like my mother, who had said,

“never ask such question from me or any other women.”

I did not insist.

They gave me the address, explained how I would reach there. They said that it is hardly 20 minutes walk from here. I memorized name” destiny palace.”

We swam, fondled each other little bit. Then I saw my both men coming back to the cottage. They must have gone for the morning walk along the beach…

“Good morning uncles, how was beach today..? ”

I shouted and waved. One of two ladies said,

“uff my God, what a handsome personality !”

I smiled hearing her and said,

“both are in the downstairs room, I will keep the main door open, both of you come and enjoy but they will not pay a single paisa.”

I walked to come out of the pool.

“sad we are leaving in afternoon, did they had you ?” one asked.

“not yet” I replied looking back at ladies and came out of the pool.

I walked to shower like that, showered and then wrapped pool towel around the waist and came inside the room.

“please keep tea ready, I am coming after changing.”

I said. Smilingly I threw the towel on them. Swimsuit was stuck to my body, each and every curve were prominent. I remain stood in front of them, turned around to give them a nice view of my rear and then I ran upstairs laughingly. Rajiv was still asleep. It was past 8.30. I shook and woke him up. After he comes out of the bathroom I took my dress and entered into the bathroom. I changed in a frock and holding the hand of Rajiv I came down.

They had tea ready. I saw, not Vinod, Sunil was seated on three seater sofa. I sat beside him. Rajiv took the vacant single sofa. We had tea and program of the day was finalized. I just listened. After breakfast, we again started our day’s visit. After the bath, I had changed to jeans and a sleeveless top. Bra straps, blood red color was prominent on shoulders.

While we were having tea mobile of Vinod rang. He talked, he was just telling over phone, yes, yes, OK..yes…and then he said aloud,

“what, people are paying even 20 lakhs..are you sure..?”

He listened for a minute and said.

“you are telling that you can arrange 21 lakhs for such thing, I am getting it very cheap for 11, …..yes that also for two……, no, we are not cheating..that was demand……..ohh you are generous…….you mean to say that after deal is over satisfactorily we should pay at least 5 more …..for keeping contact & future benefit……ok I will talk with Sunil …. Yes..yes..he is fine….he is sending you kiss and love…

“Thanks, Anuja, thanks…all the best…”

I understood. Undoubtedly he was talking with that Anuja about my demand. He took tea cup again and said to his friend,

“you heard, Anuja is telling that for such item she could have finalised deal for minimum of 21 lakhs and 11 lakhs for 2 is very very cheap and she said if things are as we expect we should pay additional 5 lakhs for keeping future contact alive.

Neither I nor Rajiv enquired about the deal. After tea got over Vinod made another call and I remember only a few words he spoke,

“transfer 16 lakhs, I am giving you details…”

Hearing him, cunt began to itch. Like previous day again we moved around few beaches, church & monuments. And at around 3 noon, I got msg from my bank in mobile.

“…….your account xxxxxxxxxxxxx7 is credited by Rs 16,00,000 and present balance is Rs 31,xx,xxx.xx”.

I deleted that msg and called my bank,

“………..leaving a balance of three lakhs in SB account, pl transfer balance into the deposit of period of 3 years in the tranche of 5 lakhs….I am sending confirmation mail.”

And while looking in eyes of Vinod who was seated beside the driver, I for the first time, I put a hand on upper thighs of Sunil. I moved forward so that husband would not see the movement of my hand. I talked with Vinod and driver & Sunil pulled my hand on his crotch. I heard his whisper,

“like you fisted Vinod in morning, fist me now.”

Vinod had told him about the fun we had in morning. I pulled zip, pushed hand inside his trouser. I moved fingers here & there and pulled out cock through the front cut of underwear. I squeezed it tightly. He moved his hand over my side and soon one boob was under his palm. I fisted as much I could. Car stopped. I pulled out hand & he put a magazine over his crotch. I sat straight.

While moving inside the church I pressed the hand of Vinod and thanked him.

“thanks for transferring 16, I am ready tonight, make him drunk heavily and fuck me in his presence. ”

He looked around and put the hand around my waist.

“we will d**g him and enjoy you in his presence.”

“I also want that but first let him laid over me, be sure I will not let him penetrate me..but he will think that he fucked me…”

“you are a slut.”

“not yet but tonight I am going to be a slut.”

We reached back at the resort early at 10 night and both took turn beside me in the car in fondling me.

I whispered to Vinod,

“come to our room after an hour.”

We walked upstairs. While opening door I said,

“Rajiv, make me your slut tonight.”

We came inside. Rajiv locked the door from inside. I smiled. He undressed but let underwear remain on his body. I also removed jeans and top. I was in red bra and red panty.

He hugged me and kissed me deeply. I pressed his cock and said

“Rajiv, it will our first night, let us make it memorable, let us drink..”

As I expected, he said,

“yes, but we don’t have any drink.”

I wondered, why he did not remember that there were bottles of wine in the fridge. I also did not remind him. Instead, I said,

“those two must be having some thing, please go & bring, I will keep ice out of the fridge.”

He got up immediately, put on the towel around his waist. He went out like that. He was not knowing what is coming up. The moment he went out, I opened the fridge and took out all bottles of red wine, three in number. I kept those outside in balcony. I took out ice and kept on the bed.

Soon my three men entered into the room.

“uff sorry,why you brought them with you, let me dress properly”.

But Rajiv was hornier.

“no problem darling, we are friends and you are like a daughter to them.Remain as you are.”

I looked at them seductively and shyly. They were topless, only in shorts and carried bottles of whiskey, soda, and two glasses. All three were topless and even a blind girl have opted for both elderly men compared to young man Rajiv. I felt like moving my fingers on his muscular chest, arm and thighs..and what a firm jaw both had.

“let me make drinks for you all, we will have one round together.”

Rajiv said and he took things from them. Rajiv pulled a chair and sat on it. Both men sat on the bed but not very close to me. I felt pity for Rajiv. It seemed to me that either he is very innocent & not tasted any cunt before or he is a cuckold that’s why he did not object in the car seeing them caressing my thighs.

“Rajiv, do you have a cigarette.?” Sunil asked

Rajiv had already poured whiskey into four glasses. He nodded and turned head to open bedside drawer. I smiled. Very swiftly Vinod poured the content of one small pouch in one glass. I kept eye on that glass.

Rajiv took out a packet of ‘ classic ‘ and gave to Vinod. He took out one, Sunil also took one.

“I am not a regular but sometimes I smoke.”

Telling this Rajiv also took out one. No one told me to pull out one. Rajiv gave them lighter and he poured soda and then put ice cubes in all glasses. I put another cube in the glass which had a d**g.

My heart was beating very fast. In order to hide my fear and excitement, I got down from bed. I opened the cupboard and took out the pack of salted cashew nuts which we had purchased previous day. I took out all on a plate and kept it in between. I took my place back on the bed. I sat with legs folded, there was a wide gap between thighs and I knew a portion of pubic hairs were visible from sides of the panty.

Vinod lighted one cigarette and he tried to push it between my lips. I pushed his hands away.

“no, no, you all made me drink wine, that is ok..but I don’t like smoking, please no…”

.but he insisted,

“dear, combination of cigarette and this whiskey is great, just one for the sake of our friendship, we will be leaving in morning, please have one.”

I felt sad hearing him that they will leave in morning, I wanted them again and again. Rajiv took that from Vinod and gave me.

“Garima, among friends everything is fair, just one I will never insist again.”

My husband said and Sunil pressed lower thighs.

“just one for our shake.”

“I don’t want, I don’t like it..but for our friendship just one …”

I said and took one, we all sucked smoke and I could not control coughing. Immediately three pairs of hand were on my body. But I pushed them away.

“I am ok…it was the first time.”

“suck little only.”

Vinod said. I nodded. I took a cigarette in left hand, sucked it slowly and with right hand gave glasses to them. I gave first to Sunil, then to Vinod. I put finger on one glass I looked at Vinod and he nodded. I gave that glass to Rajiv and I lifted last glass for myself.

I said” cheers”

“cheers for our long lasting friendship and everlasting beauty of our Garima dear.”

Vinod added and we all repeated same in unison. We touched glasses with glasses and began to drink. There was silence for a couple of minutes and Sunil broke silence.

“sorry to intrude on privacy, but Garima, you are too young may be 20 only …”

I corrected him.

“just in last September, 19th Sept I completed my 18th birthday…”

Sunil continued,

“yes, we can see, you are too young…you got married to this handsome man so early because you love him, loved him very much.”

I took one sip and smoked. Rajiv replied,

“no, not at all, we were not knowing each other, our parents only arranged this and I am really thankful that she agreed to marry me…”

“and we think, tonight you are going to consummate your marriage, you are very fortunate to have a virgin girl as your wife.”

Vinod said. They are taking the time to get Rajiv d**gged.

“why, I think all men gets a virgin girl as the wife, I know, I have heard that few girls loses virginity in school and colleges but such girls are very few….”

Rajiv replied. Sunil said,

“we both married college girls only but none of them were virgin.”

“you scolded them, beat them..”

I asked.


Vinod replied,

“both confessed that they had few times sex but not because they wanted, both became victims of the lust of their teachers, since they confessed and promised that they will remain loyal to us, we forgave them …”

“and you yourself allowed them to fuck with, you swapped your wives for a lady whom you have fucked for 15 years.”

I was first to utter fucking words. But Vinod replied firmly,

“that was special, her husband wanted only our wives in exchange for his wife, we would have given him all females of our family to him in exchange of our first girlfriend, she is so special in our life.”

I got jealous of that girl enjoying with this two handsome man for over 30 years.

“she must be very fortunate to have not one but two so loving men.”

I commented. Rajiv’s eye has started getting red.

“Vinod sir, you both are teaching in college for years, like those teachers exploited your wives you both also would be enjoying with many of your girl students.”

Rajiv asked and emptied his glass. I immediately filled his glass with whiskey and put one ice cube. I poured little in other three glass. We three had soda also. Rajiv did not add soda. He took another sip.

“Rajiv, come on the bed, sit beside your wife, she needs your company.”

Sunil suggested and Rajiv immediately jumped beside me. Some of the whiskey from his glass fell on my bra.

“you believe us, we love our wives and our common girl friend very much but there are girls who love sex, who wants to seduce teachers for better marks, favours and who can refuse any one when herself pull you down between her legs…yes we have fucked many but believe me, we never tried to allure any girl except one, they themselves wanted us to fuck them… But unfortunately, none of the college girls we fucked were virgin.”

Vinod said and Sunil added,

“Rajiv, you are so handsome and smart, girls must be opening up their cunt for you, how many you fucked so far…”

Now they have started talking real slang.

“believe me sir, not a single one..yes many girls tried to be my friend but I never gave the lift to any one of mother always said that one must remain away from girls who herself come forward for friendship and sex…”

“you are fortunate, so is Garima…a virgin girl will have a virgin boy..”

Sunil commented and pressed my thighs. I pushed my legs little wider. I opened legs and lifted both knees up with feet firmly on the bed. I was certain that both would be able to see the hairy pubic area from sides of the panty.

Like that, we talked about sex and each one’s sexual experience. Not Vinod or Sunil, my husband Rajiv asked,

“darling we three talked about our experience, how many friends you have ?”

I got excited hearing him. I pulled his one hand holding glass on my cunt….I have read porno books daily for over six months, I can tell many stories what I read word by word. I pressed hand carrying glass on cunt and said,

“so far only one, an elderly man like Vinod has touched me, he made me fist his long and thick cock but I am yet virgin, fuck me, push your cock in my cunt and you will yourself know what I am.”

I did not stop. I added,

“you mother fucker, what you are waiting for, that your friends will undress me for you, they will help you to push your cock in this cunt…undress me, fuck me…”

All three got stunned to hear me. They finished their glasses and I filled their glasses.

“Vinod, light one cigarette for me and both of you go…let us enjoy our first fuck.”

I said and winked. He lighted one cigarette for me, pushed it in my mouth and got down from the bed.

“come Sunil, let us go, let these love birds fuck each other.”

I took few deep suck and said aloud,

“switch off light … I don’t want any of you to see any cock entering my cunt…”

Now Rajiv was trembling, unable to keep eyes opened.

“ok Garima, OK Rajiv, all the best, enjoy virgin cunt, virgin cock…”

Both said. They switched off light…

“Rajiv, they had gone…now fuck me…”

I did not open either bra or panty.I laid on the bed and pulled him on me. With feet, I pushed his underwear away….I pushed the hand down, the cock was tight….

“ufff Rajiv, such a nice cock, first fuck me then I will suck it….let me position it on cunt, squeeze my boobs…yes more tightly…more …..”

“uff Garima, it is very tight…aahhh I am so fortunate…you are so tasty ….”

I joined thighs tightly & positioned the tip of cock between thighs just below panty..I kept thighs pressed,

“yes, it is positioned..push hard…keep pushing….”

“it is very tight… tight….”

He gave few pushes between thighs, I kept thighs pressed…

“Ohhhh Maa, it pains, so painful…I will die, pull it out, I don’t want cook, I hate you….no, not so hard…no….no….aghhhh…”

I moaned and he kept pushing hard, after few pushes I loosened thighs and let cock travel few inches between thighs and then again I tightened thighs,

I just moaned on his every push….time passed,

“Uff Garima, you are really virgin, it is so hot and tight..I am in heaven…uff what a pleasure”

It was not he, d**g and whiskey inside him were speaking.

“yes Rajiv, now it is good, go deep, hard, harder….kill me, tear my cunt…ahhh nice very nice….”

While moaning, I was recalling all I read in porno books, I tightened legs and arms on him, I caressed his back vigorously and I felt thick, hot cum between thighs…

“darling, I am in heaven,…I will get nice sleep……”

Rajiv said and I pushed him away off me,

“and I never knew it will be so painful, I thought I will die..see how much blood has come out….

I pulled his one hand on cum he sprayed on thighs. He rubbed….

“darling,…… I am ……sorry …….but this …….is……. the…… pleasure ….of…first fuck….you……willlll…..enjoy……next…….time……onward………”

He then became quite….. Just after few minutes, two shadows moved and they came on the bed. Two pairs of hand moved over my body, over bra and panty…..

“My God, you did not even.undress…let us go downstairs.”

I heard whisper..I replied,

“Fools, if I fuck on your bed then how this mother fucker will see blood on this bed….first take my cherry here itself then if you want, take me down on your bed …”

Both kissed me for some time.

“switch on light, I want to see your cock entering my cunt…..”

Someone switched on the light. We smiled, Rajiv was in deep sleep. I put a finger under his nose, he was breathing…

“don’t worry he will not get up 6-7 hours,”

I looked at the clock, it was midnight.

I hugged Vinod.

“are you really leaving in morning ?”

He unhooked bra and Sunil pulled panty away, he wiped the cum off thighs with panty.

“No darling, we are going to stay here two more nights”

Sunil replied and I pushed his head down on cunt…

“Suck me, suck me off..”

“Yes Sunil, let your tongue taste virgin cunt then my cock will open virgin cunt.”

Vinod said and pushed his throbbing cock into my mouth. Sunit parted pubic hairs, kept it apart and I had the feel of the first touch on clit…my entire body jerked with pleasure. I wanted to moan aloud with pleasure but thick cock, thicker than my wrist had stuffed my mouth. I could just manage a grunt sound.

“Uff Vinod, it is the loveliest cunt I ever tasted, even better than the taste of cunt of Anjum..”

I winked and Vinod said that Anjum is their girl friend. They took me to pleasure land and after 15-20 minutes both changed position. My boobs never remained free. Either of two kept squeezing it all along. Surprisingly cock of both was of same size and shape, not less than 7 inches long and of 2.50-inch dia.

Afte sucking cunt for few minutes Vinod positioned tip on the entry of cunt..I became tensed with fear & apprehension.

“Garima, don’t get afraid, it will pain a bit first, but thereafter only pleasure and pleasure, Sunil let her mouth free,”

Sunil pulled the cock out of the mouth and put it on my one Palm. I tightened fingers around cock…

“Ohhhhhh no ……… maaaaaaa ….. marrrrr….. gaeeeeee….. no ……. no ……..”

I never felt so much pain in my 18 years of life. I wanted to see cock traveling in the cunt, but I could not, my eyes got shut, mouth remained wide open, body tensed and tighten and I felt a hot thick rod tearing my body apart….

“please take it out…it is very painful…I will return…your money…please…..”

I pleaded. Vinod kept pumping and said….

“Garima, you shift to Mumbai, stay with us, we will transfer all our properties in your name…you are best…much better than Anjum….ahhhhh…thanks for opening up for me…..”

He said and kept banging…I don’t know how much time passed but as he had said my body began to lose stiffness, I started to feel pleasure and I moaned,


He increased speed and pushed harder & harder, some more time passed and I started feeling something which I never felt or experienced eyes got closed, I tightened him in my arms and thighs, my body, my hip started moving up and up and then I loosened completely…..I felt gush of hot liquid both flowing in and coming out of cunt. I felt satisfied like never before.

“ahhhhh…I am in heaven…..”

Both began to kiss, caress and fondle me. Again Sunil took position between my legs, he wiped cunt with panty. He began to suck it again and after some time he penetrated. This time also it was painful but much less than first penetration. Vinod pushed his semilimped cock in mouth. I got excited again and this time I enjoyed with louder moans and certainly for longer time. He also ejaculated but this time I did not feel satisfaction like I had before.

Both sandwiched me between them. We talked and fondled. More than me, they both thanked me for pleasure I gave me.

“Garima, we started fucking Anjum quite early when we were not knowing anything of sex. She loved us both so we and we three enjoyed and enjoying..but this was our best experience…we want to give you more, tell us what you want….”

“fuck me more, keep fucking me till I die…. This time fuck a bitch.”

I pushed Sunil away and positioned myself in pose of a bitch. I positioned hip at edge of bed.

““Sunil let me suck you, Vinod suck first and then fuck your bitch.”

Sunil laid under me, I began giving him blow job and Vinod began licking cunt from behind. When he saw that my body has began shaking he penetrated me being stood on floor. This time it was much better & much pleasing. I could feel cock deep in my cunt….

“yes, it is much better…”

“Vinod, now don’t discharge in cunt, let she taste our cum…”

I have read that in most of the cases women suck and swallow cum. So I thought it normal and decided to swallow.

I enjoyed and lost count of time…

“Sunil, take my position.”

Vinod said and pulled cock out of cunt…and soon they changed position. Sunil straightway penetrated and I began to suck cock which just came out of cunt. I had taste of my own cunt..initially I felt it bad but Vinod kept my head on his cock tightly so I could not pull away.

Not many minutes passed, cum began to spray inside my mouth. May be knowingly or may be intentionally Vinod kept my head pressed on his cock and I could feel cum going inside throat. After some time he loosened grip, I pulled out. Cum drops fell from mouth but as a reflect action I began swallowing and I swallowed some quantity of cum.

He pulled away from me and went to bathroom. But Sunil was giving me pleasure which I did not get in first three penetration.

“uff Sunil, aahhhh, it is much better…fuck this bitch….I am your slave, you are better than Vinod…ahhhhh..very nice ….ahhhh…..”

My words must have excited him more..his thrust became more powerful and I moaned loud on his each and every stroke. Vinod returned, he began caressing my back, pressed boobs but Sunil’s thrust have made me mad, I pushed Vinod away…

“don’t touch, let me enjoy him…now onward when one fucks, other should just watch, don’t touch me anywhere…”

This 4th fuck that night was best and for longest duration…he pulled out but I shouted,

“don’t pull out, keep fucking, fill my cunt..I will suck your cum later on..”

He penetrated again and fucked and fucked…and I again got same feeling like I felt during first fuck with Vinod. I had climaxed and had orgasm again. He filled cunt and I loosened completely…and this time Sunil started licking cunt….

I was exhausted after four fucks on my first night… I rested for few minutes and then went to bathroom. I pissed and saw piss coming out with drop of cum and blood.

I came out and smiled seeing three males laid on bed side by side.

“there is no place for me”

Telling this I jumped on Vinod who was in between. Then I again recalled my books and began kissing him. I moved very slowly on his body. Starting from lips to cheeks, his chest, nipples, belly, I came to his cock..but I did not took cock in mouth, I continue licking his inner thighs and balls. Then I suddenly I gulped his semilimped cock….

“Garima, you were virgin but you are behaving like an expert woman.”

Sunil commented, I pulled mouth away from cock and nodded,

“man, I already told you that I read thousands of porno stories, saw thousands of pics so I am experimenting what I read & saw.”

I again started giving blow job to Vinod and simultaneously I kept fisting cock of Sunil. Time passed, Both cock regained their shape and size.

I thought a bit, tried to recall scene I read or seen in pics. I smiled. I stood up keeping my legs on both side of Vinod. I began to sit slowly.

“Vinod, keep your cock straight, keep holding it by root.”

Vinod obeyed me and soon cunt began sliding over tight cock…soon it vanished, I jumped over cock and Vinod began to moan like I did,

I fucked him from top and Sunil said,

“now fuck me…”

I pulled away from Vinod’s cock and likewise I sat over Sunil’s cock. I fucked him also. Like that I fucked them thrice each and when I was fucking Vinod in that position fourth time, I bend and began sucking cock of Sunil. Some time passed. First Vinod sprayed cum inside cunt, I continue to suck Sunil.

I felt Vinod’s cock started limping inside cunt, I increased speed of sucking and soon cock in my mouth started spraying… I did not pull out mouth and collected all cum. Cock limped and it slipped out of mouth.

I sat up, they were looking at me, I opened my mouth, I knew my mouth is full of cum…I began swallowing slowly, I already had swallowed some quantity of cum earlier so I did not feel it awkward. I swallowed all. I opened mouth again. Both men sat up seeing my mouth empty..

“my God, never seen anyone swallowing a drop and you ate all.”

Both said together…

“taste of both cum is very nice…I liked it…”

My eyes went on wall clock..

“my God, how much you fucked me, it is 5 of morning….”

“darling your last round over us was of more than two are great….”

“not great, you two have made me a slut. Now go and sleep in your room, this bastard ( husband ) should not see me sleeping with your cocks in my hand. We will have more …”

Both hugged and kissed me. I saw them off. I locked door from inside. I hugged husband who was still asleep.

“sorry dear, I can’t help, I always liked elderly men..but now you can fuck me as much you can…but be sure on the first opportunity I am going to fuck your father…”

I closed my eyes. I don’t know when I slept. My sleep broke with jerk in cunt. I opened eyes and saw Rajiv, my husband fucking me. He has a broad smile on his lips..

“uff darling, I am so fortunate to have a lovely virgin girl like you…you don’t know how difficult it was to penetrate you first…it is still so tight and hot….I am your slave, I will do anything for me…”

I felt pity for him. Seeing blood on bed he thought that he pucked my virginity. He was not able to recall that he was drunk, d**gged and instead of penetrating cunt he pushed cock between my upper thighs. I just smiled and cooperated & responded him fully. My eyes went on clock, it was past 8.30 of morning. I could sleep only for three hours. He filled me. I hugged and kissed him..

“thanks dear, thanks Rajiv, for making me a lady. It was very pleasing, I love you..”

I kissed him and told him to go down.

“go down, those bastards must be wondering why we have not yet come down… and take these things down. I will come after some time.”

He wore shorts, collected things and from door he said,

“please come down in only bra and panty let them see how beautiful is my wife..”

His this sentence gave me daring and encouragement. I said aloud,

“bastard, just watch how much those old men loves your wife.”

He went down. I caressed cunt. I completed my daily chores and after some thought, I wore same bra and panty which I had last night. But I wrapped a towel around waist. I wanted to see who pulls my towel away.

I came down, wished good morning to them. Both got up to see me smiling.

“how was your first night…?”

Vinod asked and Sunil pulled off towel.

“we are now friends”

and boldly he put one hand across my waist.

“no need to ask lady any thing, see bruises, bites all over body, see dark spots on bra and panty…both had a great night….”

Telling this he moved fingers on lips, cheeks, on top mound of boobs, on belly, on waist and thighs. I saw now, there were really many bite marks and bruises made by nails…

I pushed his hand away. I pointed to Rajiv,

“your this friend has almost killed me, how painful it was…but later on it was very pleasing…I enjoyed it.”

In presence of both I kissed Rajiv and sat on sofa. Sunil sat close to me and put hand on my shoulder.

“Vinod I want tea, yours is very tasty..”

Vinod smilingly went inside.

I sat shamelessly, I was not at all bothered for my honour now. I thought that if Rajiv divorces me for fucking around I can resort to other trade, if no one else, my mother would line up customers for me. I parted legs wide and put one legs each on thighs of husband and Sunil whose fuck in doggy pose last night was certainly best. I rested my back on sofa back rest and pushed hip forward.

“Rajiv sir, your wife’s skin is smoother than butter…so silky and so nice to touch.”

I did not object or pushed hands away which were moving on my both inner thighs. Rajiv saw but did not object Sunil caressing my inner thighs.

Vinod came with tray, he kept tray on table and immediately walked back to his room. He returned after some time. He sat on single sofa. I lifted my cup and began drinking ….

“Rajiv, will you do a favour to us”

Suddenly Vinod said and I felt Sunil unhooking my bra. But I kept back pressed with sofa so that cups would not fall off boobs. I understood, both want to undress me in presence of husband. I had no objection.

“Rajiv, we have not slept last three nights, we have been just thinking and dreaming about this beautiful lady, your wife.”

My heart started jumping. Vinod added,

“You know, last three nights we drank so much as we never drank, we drank just to keep thoughts of Garima away from our mind but we failed to do so…”

Vinod said another lie and Sunil pushed one finger on cunt from his side of panty. I pushed elbow to him and he moved finger away back on thighs.

“we had our flight in morning but we got it cancelled because if we had gone we would not have any peace..”

Rajiv asked,

“why, why no peace..”

Vinod gave an offer …

“Rajiv, you come to our house at Mumbai, we will make our wives and girl friend stand nude before you, if you desire you can fuck them also..but please….”

I closed my eyes.

“but please let us see beauty of your wife, Garima is most beautiful lady we have seen or touched before, please have pity on us..let us see her beauty, let us caress her smooth skin …”

I was stunned, both fucked me last night for over four hours and now making such an indecent proposal, what was the need, I told them that we will fuck again. But I wanted to stand nude for them in presence of husband.

Garima could guess that they want Rajiv to watch in his full consciousness that how they have influenced Garima and made her their slut…

Sunil added,

“Yes Rajiv, unless you or Garima consent we will not fuck her but please let us see her one else will will remain between us…”

There was silence for few minutes which looks like years…

“If Garima wants,she can undress for you I will not mind, I will not scold her…”

I heard Rajiv and replied with eyes closed,

“If I wanted to get nude, I would have done it many time before marriage..but now I am your wife, I will obey you without any question.”

I made my intention clear,

“Even if you tell me to fuck with these two or anyone else I will not question you, you are my master…”

This time Sunil reiterated,

“You can fuck our wives, our girl friend, if you want you can fuck our daughters also but please tell your wife to undress for us, let us touch her…”

Now I was eager to get undressed …

“Rajiv, take this 30000/- cash beside our other offers remain as it is, be our guest at Mumbay and enjoy between thighs of our daughters also but please undress Garima for us, we can’t stand more.”

I did not see but Vinod kept money in hand of Rajiv.

More silence. Then Rajiv said,

“Garima, both are quite aged, even elder than our fathers, nothing wrong in getting nude in front of father once, show them your beauty please…”

I heard and looked at Rajiv, I said in serious tone,

“Are you sure you want me to undress in front of them…”

“Baby, we are much elder than your father, please fulfill our desire, please undress..”

Vinod again pleaded. I saw cash in hand of Rajiv.

“Please Garima, full fill their desire…”

He requested again. I got up and stood in front of him. My bra was already unhooked..

“You are my master, undress me but you three also undress, please get nude.”

I pulled off bra from body, Rajiv pulled panty down and both Sunil and Vinod pushed their shorts down. I pulled shorts of Rajiv down. All three cocks were thriving

“My God, I never knew cocks always remain tight like this to enter any cunt.”

Rajiv’s cock was about one inch shorter and even thinner than cocks. But without wasting any time both hugged me between them. Sunil’s cock was trying to enter cunt where as Vinod’s cunt was pressing between hips. Slowly slowly I parted legs.

Initially I liked Vinod but after last night’s fuck Sunil was my favourite. I pushed hand down. I held his cock and positioned it on cunt hole. I whispered,

“Press me harder.”

Both pressed tighter. Sunil held my hips and pushed it harder on his cock. I positioned hip and Vinod’s cock found ass hole and front Sunil’s cock went inside cunt. I whispered,

“Don’t give stroke, otherwise he will have doubt, just keep it pressed.”

Vinod’s cock though knocked at asshole even tip could not enter asshole. But Sunil kept cock pressed inside cunt. I let them enjoy like that for five six minutes. I pushed both man away.

“Rajiv come and stand around me.”

I said. He also came, I sat on my knees, made them stand around me at hand’s distance. First I took Rajiv’s cock in mouth and took other cocks, one each in one hand. I sucked and fisted three cocks, I sucked for 5-6 minutes, then I took Sunil’s cock in mouth and fisted other two. I gave each one of them three round of suck and fist. I pushed them away. I walked to stairs. I stood and faced them, I said,

“I am unable to decide which one is better, so I will give you three, chance again in night to prove who is best…but presently I am very hungry…”

While I was taking bath Rajiv entered into bathroom.

“Uff Garima, both are so happy with you.”

He said and he began rubbing my body.

“Yes, I also liked throbbing cocks of you all…i never dreamt that I will be so fortunate to have a husband with so nice cock and also so open minded…but I don’t bother for other’s happiness, I will do anything to make you happy, if you did not like I will never touch any man, if you say I will suck cock even of a street dog but I just want to make you happy.”

He listened and hugged me tightly …

“Darling I am very happy, I am very fortunate to have a wife who is so attractive that such elderly persons are mad for us, give them pleasure as much they want, we are not going to meet them again….”

I wondered that he also wants to see me getting fucked by others…and porno words came out of mouth,

“Have you been watching your mother getting fucked by your father ….”

And he replied,

“I just did not watch, after watching them fucking for few nights, about 4 years back I entered into their bedroom and I fucked mother in presence of father, thereafter I am fucking mother daily on their bed in presence of father…”

I just kept looking at him, I never knew he was so bold,

“come fuck me here in bathroom.” I said.

I positioned myself in doggy pose, I supported myself by holding water tapes. Rajiv penetrated. This time strokes were more powerful that earlier fuck in morning. We fucked till he ejaculated again.

We took bath, dressed and came down. I wore a hot pant and a type almost like a bra. Nothing under those clothes.

Except that three fondled me freely, I fisted cocks that day also passed like other days. After having dinner & dance on the way We returned back to hotel at around 10 night.

We sat on sofa, Vinod put on a blue film on TV and they undressed and thereafter undressed me. Three men sat on three seater sofa and I moved from one lap to other. We again had round of drinks and cigarette, I had started smoking comfortably. In day time also I smoked at public places.

Fucking movie was on. They started pushing my head on their cocks. I agreed. I bend in front of Rajiv and began sucking his cock. Other two caressed boobs and my body. Sunil got up, he positioned behind me and without seeking permission from me or husband he penetrated me…

Though my mouth was stuffed with cock of husband I could grunt loudly. Rajiv did not object. I looked up in his eyes, he smilingly said,

“No problem darling, no one could, even your father would have controlled seeing your nudity..let them enjoy …”

I kept looking at him, Vinod pulled my one hand on his cock and I enjoyed powerful thrust in cunt. After some time,I pushed cock out of mouth and shouted,

“Sunil, don’t fill cunt, I want to taste you all”

Telling that I moved on cock of Vinod and began sucking him.. Quite a time 15-20 minutes passed, Rajiv got up and pushed Sunil,

“Let me fuck now.”

Sunil pulled cock out and sat at place of Rajiv, he penetrated and I began sucking drenched cock of Sunil…

After three fucked me in doggy pose they poured one full bottle of whiskey on my head and thereafter for more than half an hour three sucked, licked my each & every pore of body. They pushed me down on sofa straight and again I had three of them one after another.

Then Vinod lifted me on his arms and told Rajiv,

“Rajiv, please go to sleep, let us both handle this hot bitch.”

Without waiting for Rajiv’s reply he along with Sunil came to bed room and locked it from inside. Both again had two round each. Next day we did not go out. We four remained nude and just fucked and fucked. Both requested me to let them fuck in asshole but I declined firmly. Still Vinod tried to push cock in asshole but he could not succeed.

After having many rounds, at 3 noon checked out and went away.

“Rajiv, are you happy with my performance?”

He hugged me tightly, kissed me and said,

“Dear, you are beautiful but I never guessed that you are so strong, you exhausted we three..we all are tired.”

I replied,

“I think not only me, every woman can take many more man one after another.”

He smilingly nodded,

“I will get more men for you…”

I had forgotten about”destiny palace” but that night and subsequent two nights Rajiv only took me to that fucking club..and all three nights I returned hotel in morning after 5 and Rajiv returned thereafter.

But that story later on.