My Girlfriend’s Hot Mother, part 2If you didn’t read part 1 of this story, I will summarize. I was dating a young girl named Cindy. I found myself alone in the house with her sexy mid-40’s mother, Betty. Betty seduced me and we ended up having terrific sex before Cindy got back to the house. Betty was neglected by her husband and sexually frustrated. My first encounter with this horny, experienced woman was incredible, so when she called wanting more, I was quick to oblige her. We were fucking at least once a week, usually in cheap motels or at my place when we knew Cindy wouldn’t be coming over. I felt a little guilty screwing my girlfriend’s mother, but justified it because Betty really seemed to need the sex. I admit I was enjoying sex with Betty as well – she was experienced in pleasuring a man and very orgasmic. Cindy still lived at home and I was at her house on Christmas Eve. Her dad was out of town hunting, so it was just me, Cindy, Betty, and Cindy’s sister, Patty. This was the first time I had met Patty and, oh my God, was she beautiful. Long blonde hair, a very shapely body, with full, firm D cup boobs. Patty was a total knockout! And, despite her incredible looks, Patty had a great personality and seemed like a real sweetheart as well. We had a great dinner and a few bottles of good wine, so everyone was in a jovial mood. Patty told us about some lingerie her boyfriend had given her for Christmas, which gave me a semi just picturing her wearing it. The next thing you know, Patty goes back to her bedroom and comes out wearing the sexy black lace teddy she had been describing. Cindy yells at her, “What the hell are you doing wearing that in front of my boyfriend!” Patty laughed it off saying, “He is a grown man, he has surely seen a woman in lingerie before.” The truth was, I had never seen a woman this beautiful in such a sexy outfit, except in magazines or movies. Patty paraded around in the teddy asking how it looked and if her boobs were hanging out too much and if it covered her shapely ass enough. I wanted to tell her that she had my cock as hard as Chinese arithmetic. I enjoyed gawking at her incredible full tits barely covered by black lace with her stiffening nipples poking straight out. Cindy had small boobs, so I was enjoying the show her big-tittied sister was putting on. Betty noticed my obvious staring and gave me a quick wink. Patty soon changed and left to go over to her boyfriend’s apartment. Betty invited me to stay the night since I had been drinking wine. Even though she knew Cindy and I were having sex, she told me to sleep in Patty’s room because she didn’t think it was right for us to sleep together in her house. I respected her wishes and went to sleep in Patty’s bed. She had satin sheets on her bed and I could smell her perfume. The visions of her in that teddy, the satin sheets, and her fragrance were intoxicating. My cock was rock hard and I thought about jerking off and shooting a big load on her satin sheets. I decided that wasn’t a very good idea and fell asleep. Soon, I awoke to the wonderful feeling of my cock in a warm mouth. I expected Cindy had slipped into the room for a quick fuck. It was dark in the room and the mystery lady was under the covers, so I wasn’t sure. Finally, the covers flew back and I made out Betty’s body in the dim light of the moon. She was completely naked as she got on top of me and grabbed my fully erect, thick cock, she quickly put me inside her womanhood. She was sopping wet and incredibly hot. I raised my hips off the bed and rammed my cock deep inside her throbbing pussy. Damn it felt good! Patty had me so horny I couldn’t wait to fuck. Betty rode my cock like a woman possessed. She was obviously horny as hell and desperately needed to get off. Her large bartın rus escort boobs swung back and forth in the moonlight and I reached up and tweaked her erect nipples. In no time, Betty’s breathing got even deeper and she was softly grunting as she neared her orgasm. I felt her tight pussy begin to convulse as she exploded into a huge cum. She bit her hand to keep from screaming out loud. “Don’t you fucking cum yet, I need another one!” she demanded. Damn, I thought, I had been needing to nut ever since Patty had worked me into a frenzy. But, being on the bottom, with Betty riding my cock, I was able to hold off. Betty recovered in no time and was soon bouncing up and down on my hard cock again. I tried not to pump my cock into her too hard, even though it felt so good, to keep from blowing my load until she came again. I grabbed her shapely hips and drove me cock deep into her, feeling it bottom out in that incredible throbbing pussy. My hips were moving in a faster and faster rhythm and I knew I was going to cum soon. Fortunately, Betty was there too and started to gasp as she exploded in ecstasy. Finally, my cock began to spurt load after load of hot cum into her convulsing pussy. I could feel Betty’s pussy grabbing my twitching cock as we experienced a huge mutual orgasm. My cock seemed to twitch and spurt hot cum out for at least a minute as my balls were emptied completely.The bed was destroyed and there was a huge wet spot on Patty’s satin sheets from Betty’s sloppy pussy and the huge load I emptied. Betty scurried back to her room and asked me to remind her to wash the sheets tomorrow. Fast forward to spring time. Cindy and I were meeting Patty at the pool at her boyfriend’s apartment. Patty would be arriving late because she had to work, so we met her boyfriend, Rick, at the pool. The apartments where Rick lived were known as a partying place and the party was in full swing on this warm spring day. I expected Patty to have a boyfriend that was a jock-type, maybe quarterback of the football team. Instead, Rick was a short little guy who sold cars. But, he was a nice looking guy and could bullshit with the best of them. In fact, Rick was getting very chummy with an older divorcee at the pool. Soon, I noticed Rick slipped off to his apartment with this shapely cougar. This guy has got to be crazy, I thought to myself, because he knew Patty would be arriving soon. Sure enough, Patty soon walked up to the pool, looking fantastic as always. She slipped her cover up off revealing that incredible body covered only by a skimpy red bikini. Wow, I thought to myself! Then, I noticed Rick was still gone. Cindy and I tried to stall Patty when she asked where Rick was. Then, Patty says she is going over to Rick’s apartment to check on him. We waited a few seconds and then made our way toward his apartment just in time to hear Patty screaming loudly. She had walked in to find the older woman moaning and groaning, bent over the couch in Rick’s living room, while he screwed her in the ass. Patty slammed the door and ran back to the pool crying. Even though Patty was incredibly beautiful, she didn’t seem to have a lot of confidence in herself and the image of Rick fucking the older woman had left her devastated. Cindy and I had a trip planned to Florida in a couple of weeks and Cindy asked if Patty could come along. Of course, I was totally cool with seeing her shapely sister in a bikini at the beach all week, so I quickly said yes. We were having a great time relaxing at the beach. We had a 1 bedroom condo so Cindy and I slept in the bedroom and Patty slept on the couch bed. I was horny as hell all the time between the many beach babes, Patty running around in her bikini or her underwear, bartın rus escort bayan and Cindy’s tight little body. Cindy and I would fuck every night, maybe once during the night, and then again in the morning. One day, she sucked my cock out on the balcony with people watching, which was a huge turn on. One night the girls wanted to go out dancing, so they dressed up nice and sexy and we went to a local dance club. Patty had on skin tight white pants and a turquoise halter top revealing her shapely figure and thin waist. She didn’t have on a bra and her firm D cup boobs swayed gently under the halter top. Her erect nipples poked through the fabric which was enough to drive a man wild – it certainly was driving me wild. As soon as we were inside the bar, the guys were all over Patty, as expected. She danced with a lot of different guys and had a great time. The place was thinning out and I asked Cindy if she wanted to slow dance. She was tired so I took Patty out on the dance floor. She told me she had been wanting to slow dance, but the guys were just coming on too strong so she turned them down. I pulled her close and slid one arm around her bare midriff. I could feel her full firm tits pressed against my chest and my cock began to stiffen, straining against my tight jeans. A time or two, I felt her hips press against my hard cock just for a moment. Each time she looked up at me with a coy smile. She knew exactly what she was doing and it was driving me crazy!We left the club and went back to the condo. Cindy was exhausted and a little drunk, so she went right to bed and fell asleep. Knowing I would not be getting any tonight, I poured a nightcap and went out on the balcony. Patty came out of the bathroom dressed for bed wearing only a thin white tee shirt with no bra. She joined me out on the balcony and I fixed her a drink. After some small talk, she said, “that dancing has me all worked up and I’m not sleepy”. She went on to say “I’ve been listening to you and Cindy back there going at it every night. Cindy is so damn loud when she is getting laid really good”. “I guess you know that’s been driving me crazy, especially since I’ve not had any since I caught Rick screwing around! I’ve got to find me a new guy when I get back home, I hate going without sex.” ” By the way,” Patty said, “mom told me she has been getting it on with you!” I was shocked and had an astonished look on my face. ” We are very close and tell each other everything”, Patty explained. “Dad neglects her terribly and messes around on her, so I’m very glad to see her getting the sex she needs. By the way, mom says you are incredible in bed and, judging from Cindy’s moaning, she is exactly right!” Patty was getting closer to me now and I noticed her nipples were fully erect under the thin tee shirt. She went on, “I could tell you got an erection when we were slow dancing and that made me feel great! Could you tell I was checking it out a few times?” ” Yes, I thought you knew exactly what you were doing!” I said. “Damn, all this talk about sex really has me horny now!” Patty said as she wiggled in the chair. “Well, now you know how I feel, after slow dancing with you.” This put a big smile on Patty’s face. Despite being incredibly beautiful, the breakup with Rick had left her unsure of herself and she needed to feel desirable again. “Patty, you an incredibly beautiful girl and any man would be lucky to have you. Rick is a damn fool!” “You are so sweet,” Patty told me and leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. I could no longer control myself and I pulled her close and began to kiss her deeply. Our tongues swirled in each other’s mouth and I was in heaven. I couldn’t believe I was actually making out with rus escort bartın this beautiful creature. “Oh my God!” Patty sighed, “is there some way we can do it? I’ve got to have some now!” I looked back at the bedroom door and it was still closed. I wanted Patty so bad that I didn’t care if we got caught. I grabbed her by the hand and led her over to a chaise lounge in the corner of the balcony. “If you can be quieter than your sister we should be fine” I told her. Patty pulled her tee shirt off revealing the most gorgeous breasts I had ever seen. So full and firm, perfectly round, standing straight out, with engorged nipples revealing her excitement. I moved from kissing her sweet lips to sucking and licking those incredible tits and nipples. She pulled my shorts off, allowing my stiff thick cock to spring to attention. “Oh yes!!! Just like I thought, ummmm” Patty said. She laid back in the lounge chair and raised her shapely hips so I could pull off her panties. She hadn’t been lying about being horny, her panties were soaked! “They have been like that ever since we danced” Patty whispered. I kissed my way up her long legs and she threw her legs open as she gyrated her hips. I teased her a little, kissing her inner thighs, which caused her to writhe her hips even more trying to get me on her pussy. Finally, I began to run my tongue up and down her pouting pussy lips. I could feel her warmth and wetness as my tongue began to probe her pussy. She tasted great and she grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me toward her womanhood. I probed my tongue in and out of her pussy and began to flick her clit. Her clitoris was large and engorged making it very easy to pleasure her. In no time, she thrust her hips against me and then began to pump her hips as she exploded into a huge orgasm. She was breathing very hard and panting, but wasn’t loud like her sister. I continued to work her clit with my tongue and she experienced wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. She didn’t squirt, but her pussy did exude some creamy woman cum. “God, that was incredible! You sure know how to eat pussy!” Patty gasped. “I want that big cock now, let’s swap places and let me get on top”. That is my favorite position so I quickly obliged. First, she put my cock in her warm mouth and began to suck my thick 7″ cock. I was already rock hard, but was enjoying her oral skills. After driving me wild with her mouth, she eased up on the lounge chair and grabbed my cock in her hand. She eased me inside of her and moaned as I entered her. “Damn you are big!! That feels sooooo good! I see why Cindy was making so much noise now!” Patty rode my cock as I watched her incredible tits bounce. I enjoyed watching her incredible body wiggle and writhe with desire as my cock drove her wild. In no time, Patty was cumming again, riding me hard, trying not to make too much noise. “I’m very orgasmic in case you haven’t figured that out, especially when I am this horny” Patty whispered. I was getting close as Patty could tell by the intensity of my thrusts. “I think I can have one more if you can hold out for just a minute” Patty grunted. I wanted this to last forever, so I tried my best to keep my cock from exploding. In no time, Patty whispered in my ear, “I’m about to have a huge one, fuck me hard baby! Oh yesssss! Yesssss! Let that cock blow, baby, I’m cumming nowwwwwww!” My cock was slamming into her tight pussy, filling her completely. My balls were tight and about to explode. As Patty was humping me hard in the throes of a huge orgasm, my cock began to twitch and then squirt load after load of hot gooey cum. I felt her amazing pussy convulse over and over, causing my cock to twitch and spurt even more. Patty collapsed onto me, completely spent. I could feel her heart pounding as she struggled to regain he breath. She moaned softly into my ear, which let me know I had satisfied this beautiful woman completely. I knew this was trouble because I had a serious thing for Patty and what we had just done was not just fucking, but very intense love making. Where was all this going to lead?