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My friend’s new roommate and her surpriseSo my friend Rebecca and I were planning on going to this bar for the evening but she called me and said she was running a bit late and that I should wait at her place and that her new roommate Shawna should be there to open the door for me. Rather, than wait in my car I went upstairs to her apartment like she suggested. The door was slightly open so I walked in saying hello; to see if anyone was home. I heard some noise in the kitchen so I walked over to check it out. It was Shawna cooking. She was actually a pretty cute girl. She was wearing a white tee shirt that just about covered her ass and some grey leggings. I put my hand on her shoulder saying hello. I guess she didn’t hear me come in so she was kind of startled and jumped when I touched her. But she knew who I was because we met once before in passing. She smiled and said “hey, you scared me; I didn’t hear you come in”. I apologized and told her Rebecca said it was it was okay for me to wait for her here. So 20 minutes pass and I am sitting on the couch and I decide to get up and get something to drink. I walk to the kitchen and I can see she is still there in front of the stove making pasta. I gently put my hand on her hip and smiled at her as I made my way past türbanlı erzurum escort her and she kind of smiles at me too. From what Rebecca told me about her she was a pretty cool person and we were into the same stuff. So when she smiled back I definitely became more interested in her. As I am getting some ice from the freezer she dropped the spoon that she was using and a bunch of pasta got on to her shirt. I turn and jokingly tell her to keep it the pot. It was kind of lame but she smiled. So she starts cleaning herself off. She licks her fingers and then she lifts up the bottom of her shirt a little to lick the pasta off and that’s when I saw it, the outlining of her penis in her leggings. I was completely amazed. I mean I really had no idea. Rebecca definitely didn’t mention it. I just kept staring in confusion. I look up at her and we make eye contact and she says “oh my god”, and covers her mouth. I ask her is that a dick? I could tell she was reluctant to answer but she says yes and takes a step back. I could tell she was worried about what I would say, and I could see her eyes kind of water up. I ask her why she was crying. She simply said “because….”. I told her I don’t have a problem with it, a lot of türbanlı erzurum escort guys are into girls like you. She looks down and sarcastically says yeah right. I then told her it’s true, I am one of those guys. She looks up at me and smirks. I take a step forward and grab her by the hips, pulling her closer to me and kiss her. She puts her arms around my neck and we started to make-out.Before we knew it we both had boners. I gently force her up against the counter and put my hand down her pants as I continue to make out with her. I squat down and pull her leggings down a little bit and her dick comes out brushing against my cheek. It was just as big as mine. I start sucking on it for a good 5 minutes. I pull her leggings completely off and pick her up onto the counter. She then put both of her legs over my shoulders as I have almost all of her 7-inch cock in my mouth. She takes her hand forcing my head down to suck the rest. She ejaculates immediately into my mouth. This is the first time I’ve had cum in my mouth other than mine own. It was so warm and taste so good. With my mouth full of cum I stand up and start making out with her again. Cum just dripping from our chins, I pull her off the counter and turn türbanlı escort erzurum her around and start fingering and eating her cute ass. I force my tongue deeper into her ass hole forcing her to stand on her toes and lean over the counter. I stand up and I undo my belt and get ready to fuck her but she says “wait, not here. Let’s go to my room”. She grabs my hand and guides me to her room with just her shirt on. She barely has a chance to lock the door before I start making out with her again grabbing her ass and sticking my finger in it. We both get naked. I push her on the bed, and tell her to turn around and I start licking her asshole once more. She then reaches into her night stand and pulls out a bottle of lube and rubs it in her ass hole, and says “go easy now”. She gets into a doggy-style position and I slowly stick my dick in her ass. She quietly moans a little at first but it got louder and louder and more intense with every thrust. She grabs the pillow in front of her and screams “fuck, ahh yeah, fuck me harder” in to it. I position her on to her stomach and I lay down on her back fucking harder and harder as I suck on her ear. I fucked her for what felt like 10 minutes until we both cum. Completely exhausted and sweaty I collapse next to her, but not even a minute after she says don’t forget to clean up back there as she licks her lips. I get up off of the bed and pull her to the edge and start lick up my mess. But before I could finish I hear someone yelling. Its Rebecca screaming, “What the hell Shawna are you trying to burn the place down, and why the hell are your pants on the kitchen floor?