My friend’s feetI have this friend named Samantha, or Sam for short. We’ve known each other since high school and are pretty close. She knows a lot about me, we were even intimate for a short period of time, but one thing she doesn’t know is that I have a foot fetish and I’ve always been attracted to her small, sexy little feet. I think about them all the time, the way she paints her toes, the way her soles are wrinkled yet soft. I smell her shoes sometimes when she is out of the room. I’m getting a hard on right now writing this story. But it gets better. We went on a trip this one time, just the two of us, as friends. We had to get a hotel room. We spent the whole day in the city walking around and having a good time while she was barefoot in her cute little flip flops the entire duration. I was so god damn horny but I was good at hiding it. She never showered once we got back to the hotel room because she claimed she was too tired. So I got thinking about her sweaty soles. The way they smelled, the way they would taste. I had this urge building inside of me that I couldn’t take any more.It was about 11:30 pm and we were both reasonably tired but still awake enough to talk and hang out. We were also having drinks at the time, and she asked me to make her one. So I did, little did she know that I had a plan for her and those little feet of hers. I had brought some sleeping pills with me and I had put about 3 in her drink. They were strong. She consumed the entire drink and about antalya rus escort half an hour later she was passed out on the hotel bed where we were laying.My heart started to race, I knew that this was finally the time I get to taste and fuck her sexy little soles. I got up off of the bed and walked down to the end, her feet were above the covers, dressed in her cute little pink socks. I knelt down at the end of the bed and stuck my nose in her toes as hard as I could. The smell was intoxicating. I almost came right there I had to back away. I remembered that she didn’t wash them after the day of walking we had, that’s why the smell was so strong. I thanked her for that. I went back to her feet, i slowly started to remove her sock from her right foot, the smell was just so good. As I removed her sock I kissed her soles starting from the heel up. My cock was throbbing at this point. Her feet were so fucking sexy, and they tasted so good.I spent the better part of two hours licking her right foot. Getting in between her toes with my tongue, on the brink of cumming the entire time. But I knew I had to save it for her. I licked it so much that her feet were becoming wrinkled from the saliva. It was dripping off. As I sucked and licked I spat huge amount of spit all over her foot. The bed sheet had become soaking wet. Satisfied with how her right foot was I started on the left. This time I didn’t take her sock all the way off at first. antalya rus escort bayan I undressed her heel, sucking and licking it for a good half hour before I moved up further. I wanted to savour every moment, it was just so good.After I finished sucking on her left toes I had an idea. I remembered the sexy little flip flops she had so I grabbed them and put them on her. Her feet looked so sexy dressed in her cute little sandals, dripping with spit. My cock at this point was about to burst out of my pants and I had to take it out. I quickly ripped my pants off and I was left standing there with my throbbing cock in front of these sexy, dressed up, soaking wet, little feet. I slowly walked over and removed the flip flop from her right foot, and then I slid my cock in between her toes. It felt so damn amazing. It was everything I had hoped for plus more. The feeling of her bare feet against my dick was almost too much to take but I pushed on thinking that I may never have another opportunity like this again. I savoured it, I fucking savoured the whole thing. As I was fucking her foot I undid her shirt so her giant tits were flopping around while I did it. She was so god damn hot, everything about her was perfect. I grabbed her other foot and I put the two together. Then I slid my ready to burst cock in between her feet while she still had the flip flop on the left foot. As I fucked them I pictured her walking around in them all day rus escort antalya working up a sweat for me, then I was picturing all the times we hung out and her feet were on display for me to enjoy. She loved having them out, but oddly enough cringed when you talked about feet. All these years of looking at her feet, thinking about them, masturbating to them, were all about to explode. I couldn’t take it anymore, I fucked her feet faster and faster until the feeling to cum was at the threshold. Then I pulled my dick from her feet and lined up with her toes and soles. I came so hard I completely covered each foot. Cum was dripped from every inch of her feet. All over her flip flop, all over her painted sexy little toes, running down her soles. She had no idea what she just did for me, or what I did to her sexy feet.I stood there for a moment, dazed. Not believing what just happened but so damn happy that it did. I cleaned myself up, leaving the cum on her feet. I wanted it to dry over night. I wanted her to be walking around on her feet all the while not knowing that I blew the biggest load of my life all over them. I looked at her feet for the longest time, marveling at what I did. Eventually I succumbed to fatigue and had to go to bed so I did.The next day we both got up. I instantly remembered what happened the night before as soon as my eyes opened. She came out and we greeted each other. She then walked into the bathroom and she started up the shower. After that we checked out of the hotel and we went about our day as if nothing happened. She either didn’t notice and washed her feet off before she could see anything. Or she knew exactly what happened and liked it. Ever since then she’s been smiling at me more and giving me the looks she did when we were dating. The horny looks. I prefer the latter.