My freshman roommate’s toysMonica (not her real name) pushed me way out of my comfort zone. I was this sweet, Midwestern girl from a small town. For some reason, my college placed me in a dorm room with this alternative girl from New York City. She was tattooed, wore heavy eye liner, had a nose ring, listened to loud music and scared me. I didn’t even know how to talk with her. I just clammed up and tried not to get in her way. I was certain that we would not become friends. I also did not want her angry with me. There was no telling what she would do.Monica basically was an alien to me. She had no problem saying what she wanted or acting as she felt. She also was very open about her personal life and sex life. I had never met anyone like her.Monica would come back to the room after spending the night with her boyfriend and tell me all about the night. I didn’t ask her anything. She just felt like telling me. Monica would talk about what club they went to, how they got in, if she danced with a sexy girl there and what she did with her boyfriend.I knew everything about his dick. He was shaved, uncircumcised and his cock curved a little to the left. She told me in great detail about how she would blow him and sometimes let him fuck her anally. He also was not good a going down on her. That frustrated her.I was in shock. I had never heard some of those words or ever talked with someone about those things. I had to ask what a frenulum or pearl necklace was. She loved it. She truly enjoyed shocking me and making me ask her uncomfortable questions. She wanted to corrupt me. She did.Monica also had a large collection of sex toys. She left türbanlı bartın escort them out in our room. On her bed or on her bedside table. I had never seen dildos or vibrators in person. I knew what they were but never touched one. I was afraid of them for a while and then became curious about them.I remember them well. Monica’s vibrators were a little, white pocket rocket and larger purple vibrator with a rabbit shape on it. It had the shape of a penis head at the tip and these little balls in the middle of it. Her dildos were scary. One was very realistic. It had fake veins running along it, balls and the shape of a real dick. I later learned that the red one was a butt plug. The clear one was a double dildo. I had no idea how that worked.Monica made them seem like so much fun. A few times that fall I would return to the room late at night. Some nights I was studying late in the library, and one night I was taking a late shower. I walked in our room. It was dark I thought Monica was asleep. I would hear her move her sheets rapidly just as I opened the door.After getting in bed I would start to fall asleep. Before I fell in a deep sleep, I’d hear Monica in her bed. She was fumbling in her sheets and breathing heavily. The first two nights this happened, I didn’t know what she was doing. I was naïve. The third night was when I returned from the shower. I put on my pajamas and slipped into bed.After maybe 10 minutes, Monica must have thought I was asleep. I heard the buzzing. She was using her vibrator. I couldn’t see her in the dark room but heard everything. Monica spent about türbanlı bartın escort bayan 15 minutes pleasuring herself. Her breathing was pretty loud just before she came with a long moan.The experience was an eye-opener. I enjoyed it. I felt myself getting aroused by just listening to Monica. I made two decisions that night…I wanted to listen to Monica more and wanted to try those toys out.I found more opportunities to return late to our dorm room and try to stay silently awake. Monica was pleasuring herself almost every night. I couldn’t get enough of it.When Monica left for a night at her boyfriend’s, I decided to take a chance and try her toys out. They were sitting on the top of her bureau that night. I looked out the door and down each hallway before quietly locking the door. I even pulled down the shades to be extra safe.I grabbed the little pocket rocket and slid under the sheets. I pulled down my pajamas and wiggled out of my panties. I reached over to turn on some music.The little vibrator was too much for my clitoris so I soon ran it on my upper thighs and lightly over by labia. It tickled a lot. I used my other hand to trace circles around by areola. I always liked doing that. Soon I was getting aroused. I was running the vibrator up and down along my pussy. I was wet. I started pinching my nipple as I brought the vibrator near my clit. The vibrations were not too much now. I loved it.An orgasm hit me as my legs clinched together and I writhed in pleasure. It was strong. Much stronger and more sudden that I was used to. My pussy was spasming out of control.I türbanlı escort bartın had to cool down for a while and enjoy the warm glow. Maybe a half out later I decided to try the little vibrator again. For some reason, it hit me that I was sharing Monica’s vibrator. It was the vibrator that she used to pleasure herself. That was naughty and connected me to her. It didn’t take long before I was aroused again.I was getting better at it. I also was less demure. I kicked off the bedcovers and was spread-eagled. I still had my pajama top on but remained naked apart from it. I think that I liked the risk of Monica possibly coming back early and walking in to see me like that. As I neared another orgasm, I let go of my nipple and feverishly slid my two fingers in my pussy. I could feel the orgasm hit me more. I was a quivering mess, curled up in my bed. It was great.Now I couldn’t wait for Monica to be out. She went on a day-long trip for class, and I skipped my first class. I wanted to try the other toys. That day I learned what the bunny ears do. It wasn’t tickle my ass. I didn’t like the bunny ears on my clit as much as the pocket rocket. I did like the sensation of having it vibrate inside my pussy. I was pretty tight so I could not get that much of the purple vibrator in me, but it was nice.Monica left for her Thanksgiving break a day before me and left her toys. I don’t know if she knew that I was using them or not. It was wonderful. It was time to try the dildos. I did not touch the double dildo and still was confused by the putt plug. I did try the realistic dildo. It was fun. I felt very naughty but missed the vibrations, especially on my clit. That is when I had a major “aha” moment. I used the pocket rocket on my clit and rode the realistic dildo. I stuffed as much of it as I could in me. The combination was life-changing. I played with myself all night long. I was exhausted for the trip home to Thanksgiving and slept most of the time. I so wanted to take the toys home with me.