my first time part 3As i walked away i felt a pang of pity, i wanted to turn around and touch his cock again, i wanted him to grab me again and stop me walking away, i could feel him watching me as i walked and i imagined him stroking his dick yearning for my pussy. just as i got to the front door a large group of people were leaving among them was petes gf, she was looking around for him and asked if i had seen him anywhere, i said that i had not seen him for a while, so she asked if i would let him know that she was going home and that she would call him tomorrow after work, i knew pete could see me talking to his gf, and i wondered why he didn’t want to be seen with me, still! now i had lied for him and that made me feel like his other woman, and that really turned me on.Back in the house the celebrations were coming to a close, guests were leaving and the music was turned down low, The catering team were busy cleaning around those who were less eager to give up the party, and my brother in-law was being helped upstairs by my brother and his best man, my sister was thanking everyone as they left, and she waved me over when she saw me come through the hall. She asked where the fuck had i been all night, i told her that i was here all the time, she told me that John (brother in-law) had got so pissed that he threw up all over the dance floor in the marque, and then fell over the dj box, so thats why everyone was leaving, she seemed quite upset , she also told me that she was going sekabet yeni giriş to stay in the spare room because John was so pissed, and if i was staying the night i would have to stay on the sofa, or i could catch a lift home with my brother and sister in-law, who live on the same street.Thanks a bunch i thought, i was looking forward to going to bed, locking my door and stripping naked to finish what had been started earlier, but now thats off the menu. The last guests finally left and the catering team had cleared most of the mess and were ready to leave the rest till morning, they had thoughtfully left a few trays of food on the kitchen table which i was tucking into. My brother asked again if i wanted a lift home, my sister told him she wanted me to stay to help her clean in the morning, he gave me a kiss and said goodnight, The house was at last empty and my sister and me sat up for a while chatting and eating, i began wondering where pete had gone and i assumed that he had caught up with his gf. I asked my sister about him, and she said that he was ok but she didn’t often see him because his is away alot with work, i told her that i thought he was a bit creepy but she just laughed and said that he was harmless.My sister went to get some blankets for me and i went upstairs to get changed and to get my cigarettes, i looked up the stairs to the attic room and saw that it was open a little and i could see the flickering light of a television through the gap, i sekabet giriş quietly went up the stairs and peeped through the gap in the door, i could see the tv and the corner of a bed post but the rest of the room was dark. I didn’t notice at first but on the tv was a porn film, Two lesbians were toying each others pussies and kissing each other deeply, my heart was pounding my clit was aching and i was terrified of being caught, Just then in the reflection of the mirror on the wall i saw his bathroom door open, and he walked naked across his room to get a towel, he couldn’t see me but i could see him, the light from the bathroom gave light to his room and to his naked body.He stood there drying him self, and i could for the very first time see his cock in the flesh, it was very big at least 8″ and his heavy looking balls dangled between his legs, he was quite tall at least 6.4 and he had a very nice toned body, he had a tattoo on his shoulder and back and his body was smooth and hair free except for the well trimmed pubes the encircled his fantastic cock. I heard my sister calling me from down stairs and i quietly went down to answer, behind me i heard petes door gently close and i wondered if he had seen me at his door, i smiled a dirty smile and went to get changed.It was 2:30am and i couldn’t sleep, i had the tv on and was just flicking through from channel to channel, i came across an Emmanuel film and watched her undress and stand there naked on a garden lawn teasing sekabet güvenilirmi the young gardener before she lay down to sunbath, my hand caressed my breasts and then slid down towards my pussy, my clit was huge and eager to be touched, and i lay there playing, moaning quietly thinking about pete, and wishing for his cock, the image of him stood naked in his room, the thought of me touching his cock through his pants almost made me orgasm right then, i began whispering his name begging him to fuck me, fuck me pete, fuck me, oh yeh fuck this dirty little pussy, harder, harder. i was ready to cum i squeezed and pinched my perky tits, and moaned louder, but just then the light in the kitchen went on and i saw pete stood there wearing only shorts and smiling from ear to ear, i pretended to be asleep but i knew he saw me and even heard me, i wanted the world to swallow me up right there, i kept my eyes tightly closed and then the kitchen light went out, i opened one eye and saw him standing in the door way, then he walked over and knelt down right next to me, my heart was pounding he knew i wasn’t asleep but i was to scared to open my eyes, he whispered are you awake? i stayed still, Fay are you awake? i gave no response, then i felt him pull the blanket away uncovering my breasts, my heart was about to jump through my chest, pete touched me very gently cupping my boobs, then his hand found its way down to my wet cunt, and he played with my big clit, i pretended to be asleep but i opened my legs wider and i moaned quietly, pete gently kissed my open mouth and whispered ” im going up stairs everyone is asleep nobody will know” then he stood up and went upstairs, i still pretended to be asleep, but 5 minuets later i got up and followed.