My first public sex
It wasn’t out in a store it happened I’m our living room with my husband’s friend
We have been married over 6 years and we try new things sometimes
We role play and get kinky at times
A few days ago we were ready to fuck when he asked if I wanted to try getting Angie to fuck him
I couldn’t believe he asked me that I had to ask him why he was asking me that
He told me that one of his friends wanted to have sex with me I asked he was telling me all this
He confessed he had always wanted to fuck my friend Angie but was afraid to
I told him I would do my best to get her to have sex with him
After we finished I took a picture of his cock to show Angie
He was happy to give her a picture of his cock but wanted to wait until it was hard again I told him I was going to shower and asked if he wanted to join me he did and while he showered I got on my knees and sucked his cock til it was hard as steel I got out got my cell and took several pictures to show Angie once in bed he asked if I wanted to fuck his friend Jake I always thought Jake was handsome but never thought about fucking him
I thought about it for over 2 hrs before I agreed
A couple of days ago I was in my sleeping clothes which was loose baggy shorts no panties no bra and just an old worn out t-shirt I was washing up a few dishes when my husband and Jake came in
Quickly I went to the bedroom to change as I pulled off my shirt I felt hands on my hips my husband Paul whispered in my ear that Jake wanted to fuck me sometime that night if I was willing to let him my husband would leave us alone I didn’t feel right fucking Jake behind his back and ask him to stay
We called a few friends and made a party out of it we all had a bit too much to drink and things got out of hand it started when I dropped my card on the floor as I bent over and grabbed it my husband said I had a very nice ass then asked his friend if he thought my ass was fine when he didn’t answer I stood up right In front of him and said no answer you don’t think I have a nice ass he said he hadn’t noticed before
I said well your going to notice it tonight and pulled my shorts plum down to my ankles and put my ads in his face and ask well would you kick me out of bed with an ass this good the other guys laughed and if he did he was stupid I heard someone say if Jake kicked me out of bed he would gladly take me into his bed
Jake was stunned he couldn’t answer someone asked if he was gay or what then said if I were to give him a chance he would have his face on my pussy in less than a second I said prove it and put my foot on the table and opened my pussy he was off the chair and on his knees his face burried in my count in no time I had to steady myself while he ate my pussy I ask if he wanted a better position I walked over to the coffee table and told him to lay with his head just off the edge I straddled his face and lowered my cunt to his mouth as his tounge started licking I opened my pussy lips and enjoyed every lick I came several times then straightened up and ask Jake to lay down I was hot my past was wet and I wanted cock Jake licked my cunt but wasn’t sure if was doing it right I bent over and took his cock into my mouth and began sucking it I was sure Jake would feel more comfortable and eat me better he just didn’t know what to do to make me scream I stood up and turned so I could see him I grabbed his hair lowered my pussy and told him what I wanted how I wanted it done and if he didn’t make me cum I would let his friends know he. Couldn’t eat pussy I rubbed my clit on his nose burried his face into my pussy he slowly caught on and soon I was cum over and over I never thought about the guest watching when I felt he had had enough I got my cunt off his face I couldn’t believe I had covered his face with my cum I got a towel to clean up his face as I was cleaning him I heard someone say I would buy a ticket want to see you all fuck
I told him I was going to do just that I was going to fuck Jake til I had him exhausted and maybe fuck one of them too if I wanted I straddled his cock and lowered my pussy on his cock as I rode that cock I saw Tom recording he had us on line and was on live cam I rode that cock like it was going to be the last time I would ever fuck to this day I’ll remember that first time with public sex