My first online dateThis is about the first lady I met online. This is right about the time in my life when I found out my wife was having an affair; we were separated and going through divorce proceedings.There was a website called They went out of business. But, this was about 10 years ago when I discovered my wife was cheating on me. I tried to save our marriage. I took her to counseling and she freaked out and would not try therapy so I ended up getting a lawyer and starting the divorce proceedings. Anyway, the first part was we had to be separated. So since I was separated, I was no longer getting any booty from her. And, my balls were the size of basket balls from all the sperm they were producing. I jerked off a lot and started using pictures to aid my masturbation. I had plenty of pictures of my wife’s sexy pussy to watch while I jerked off; but, nothing beats a real vagina for extracting sperm from my balls. I think I always blow out more sperm when I have a lady fuck me good then when I jerk off. Anyway, so I found this website at the time called and I signed up for a free account. I uploaded a couple of rated “G” pictures to the web site. And, started my add. I don’t think had started at this time. Years later, I started using On kiss you could send out a kiss (ice breaker) to people. So I sent out a kiss to about a dozen or so pretty ladies to see what would happen. I got a response from a cute lady named Erin. She sent me a face portrait and she had a pretty smile. We sent messages back and forth on Kiss. They were never really hardcore or anything. I was a newbie at online dating and I was trying to be the perfect gentleman. We finally started using our private e-mail accounts and we decided to meet. She lived about 30 to 40 minutes away from me. Erin liked to play pool so we met at a pool bar close to where she lived. It was called the Wild Horse. We entered the Wild Horse and Erin walked up to the pool table and put down some quarters to reserve a game. The current game had two guys playing a couple. The couple won the game and the two guys left. By this point, I had one full beer in me and Erin was just finishing her beer. I was told to break; so I picked up the pool cue, chalked up the stick and took my shot. By this time Erin had ordered me another beer which I drank down pretty quick. We kept playing pool and another few rounds of beer were consumed. I was starting to get a little bit sloshed. Anyway, the lady playing against us started saying how she was going to ride the other guy like a wild horse. And, the conversation started getting more and more sexual. I was still trying to be a gentleman and not talk too dirty because I didn’t want to spook Erin. The pool table was near a wall and it was Erin’s shot. She asked me to look at the shot from her point of view. I got behind her (with my back against the wall); and, I saw the stick and the ball were lined up. I now know she just wanted me behind her. She bent over the table and moved her big round ass right up against my crotch and wiggled her ass backing me up against the wall. She then took the shot with her ass grinding my crotch. It felt so erotic and made my dick was press hard against my jeans. Erin turned around; and, I hi fived her for making the shot. Then she leaned forward and put both arms around me and we French kissed. Our tongues touched and we tasted each other’s mouth. I was really horny by this point. The last woman I kissed like that was my wife and it was several months ago. Erin was now up for her next shot. Erin went around the table and bent over it and her 36DD breasts where hanging down almost touching the felt. The other guy, we were playing and I got a great cleavage view of her twin girls. Erin took the shot and her beautiful tits jiggled back and forth. It was so erotic watching her bend over on the pool table to take the shot. She missed that time and it was the other ladies turn. Erin came back to my side of the table and said did you like. She was talking about her beautiful tits. I said “oh yes”. She leaned forward and we French kissed again. My dick was so hard. I reached up to her and slipped my hand under her shirt and copped a feel of her big tit right in the bar. Her tit felt so good in my hand. I didn’t want to let go. But, we were in a public place so I savored the taste of her lips and tongue and let go of her titty. It was now my turn to shoot. My balls were aching at this point. My balls were working overtime to produce sperm for Erin; and, they were full of sperm at this point. Erin came over to me and she rubbed my crotch and she said “Wow, güvenilir bahis I bet you have a big hard cock hiding in your jeans” I was so turned on by that. Now, I had a bad case of blue balls. I knew that if I didn’t fuck Erin soon I would have to go and jerk off my cock to release all the pressure in my balls. After several more beers the game was over. Erin came up to me and gave me a big wet kiss; and, I grabbed her tit in my hand while she kissed me. Then I cupped my hand on her crotch and squeezed her pussy from outside her jeans. She rubbed my crotch with her hand and invited me to come to her place. I took care of the bar tab and went out to the parking lot. Erin called to me from the parking lot and said follow me. She got into a red Jeep Liberty. I said okay. She drove really fast and I was nervous because we had drunk a lot of beers and I didn’t want to get pulled over. My balls were hurting at this point. My dick was leaking cum. I had a bad case of blue balls. We finally arrived at her place. She opened up the door and we just grabbed each other and started French kissing. I grabbed her ass with both hands my tongue still in her mouth and started dry humping her. She starts rubbing my crotch at this point. She managed to unbuckle my belt and was working on getting my jeans un-snapped. Then she said “Let’s go upstairs” She grabbed my loose belt that was hanging down and led me up the stairs to her bedroom. She said we had the place to ourselves, and that her k**s were at their father’s place. Once in the bed room, Erin closed the door and took her shirt off. She had a really sexy laced white bra on. Her tits looked delicious. They were bigger than my wife’s titties. So this was going to be a real sexual treat for me. I immediately started feeling her tits. Then I reached behind Erin while at the same time probing her mouth with my tongue, I release her bra strap. And, Erin shook her arm to let the bra fall to the floor. I stopped tongue fucking her mouth at this point so I could admire her sexy 36DD breasts. They were so fucking beautiful. I had not had a woman with big tits like that since before I was married. I cupped her tits with both hands and started fondling them. Then I kissed her again while massaging her breasts. My tongue was in her mouth and I was playing with her nipple and then I started to kiss her neck. She let out a quiet moan. I could tell she liked what I was doing. I kissed my way down her neck and to her left boob. Then I took her delicious tit in my hand and licked her nipple. Her nipple was really hard and brownish red. I then proceeded to suck on her tit. Then I switched to the other tit. Erin was moaning a lot at this point. So I pushed her down on the bed. She was on her back. I unsnapped her jeans while she kicked off her sexy high heeled shoes. Then I unzipped her fly and started pulling her jeans down to her ankles. She had on a sexy white laced thong that matched her bra. I’m pretty sure the bra and panty set was for when she went on dates and was going to get laid. I could see the front triangle patch on the thong where it was solid cloth; the outline of her pussy mound was clearly visible through the cloth. Erin’s thong was noticeably wet around her crotch. I turned around and looked at her feet and saw the blue jeans were not fully off of her. Erin had big long sexy legs and a big round ass. She was a Big Beautiful Woman (bbw). I reached down to her blue jeans that were on her ankles and pulled them completely off over her feet. Then I reached up to her thongs and with my left and right hand I grabbed each side of her thong by her waist and she lifted her big round sexy ass off of the bed so that I could remove her thong. I pulled her thong all the way down her sexy legs and over her feet. Then I looked up and I could see her beautiful pussy out in the open. She had a furry bush, with brown pubic hairs. They were darker than her hair upstairs, so I figured she was getting her hair bleached. She had it trimmed up into a perfect triangle with the lips clear from hair. Her pussy lips were really pink and closed; and, they looked delicious. I reached up to her pussy and slid my index finger in-between her pussy lips. She moaned and bucked her hips. I slowly penetrated her pussy with my finger. Then I moved my head down in-between her legs. She opened up her legs welcoming me to have full access to her soaking wet pussy. I used both hands to open up her pussy so I could have a lick. I took in the sweet smell of her pussy. I savored the musk of her pussy juice pheromones lofting up to my nostrils. I started to lick her pussy. It was soaked in her bahis firmaları love juices. I then preceded to finger fuck her while I sucked on her clit. Her hips started bucking into my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her pussy. She arched her back and lifted her ass off of the bed. Then she exploded into an orgasm and my chin, cheeks, and mouth were soaked in pussy juice. Then she said “I want to suck your dick”. I stood up and pulled my blue jeans off and my cock was making a big bulge in my underwear. There was a wet spot where my cock knob was touching the white cloth of my underwear. I had spewed some pre ejaculation sperm into my pants. My balls were swollen with gallons of sperm. Erin took my cock in her hand. She kept a tight grip with one hand on the base of my cock, just above my swollen balls. With her other hand she stroked my cock upward in a milking motion. She said “your balls are big and hard” I said they are full of cum and they need to release some pressure. At that moment Erin said “I see” and she pointed to the tip of my cock knob. There was a white creamy drop of pre-cum right on the tip. She licked it off and said “yummy that tastes salty”. Erin was like a cat with a dish of cream, she would purr appreciatively with every lick. But as the flow increased she clamped her mouth to the head and began to suck. Her cheeks hollowed and she made slurping noises as saliva and pre-cum escaped from the corners of her mouth. The feeling was incredible, my prolonged state of arousal was bringing me to sensory heights I had never experienced. After sucking for several minutes Erin released my cock head and gave me wickedly sexy smiles. She parted her full lips to show me her mouth and tongue coated with my sticky, slick pre-cum. I could see it form strands as she opened and closed her mouth in demonstration. Erin then did something totally unexpected. Still holding onto my cock she pulled my head down to her face and brought her lips to mine. The kiss started with lips closed, but I slowly started to open my mouth at the taste of my own pre-cum on her mouth. The taste of my pre-cum and the idea of sharing it with this sexy woman had me in a lust-filled spell. As I opened my mouth so did Erin and as she pushed in her wonderful hot tongue it was followed by a copious amount of my pre-cum and her saliva. We exchanged a wet tongue kiss, sharing the salty pre-cum, it was delicious. Our tongues entwined as we kissed passionately the sexual fluid lubricating our desire. Erin broke our long kiss, and still holding my cock by the base said. “That baby is the tapioca of cum. I wanted to share it with you. Jon you are so sexy, now let’s get that huge dick of yours to explode in my pussy!” I stood back up and placed my arms under her arms and lifted her up and then turned her around and I said “do you like it doggie style” She said yes. She was on all fours and I was admiring her ass. Her ass was huge. It was round and her pussy was peeking out as she arched her back. Her titties looked long and meaty hanging down with her nipples almost touching the mattress. I positioned myself directly behind her. My cock was rock hard and at full attention. Even though I shot some cum in her mouth my balls were still swollen with sperm. I spanked her ass cheek playfully and I could see it turning red where I spanked her. I spanked her again. I was up over her back and could not see the opening to her lovely pussy so I reached down with both hands and located her drenched pussy. I slipped two fingers in her and started to finger fuck her. I spanked her ass again and finger fucked her with the other hand. She started moaning with joy. Now, I had three fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her ass. I was triple finger fucking her pussy and at the same time thumb fucking her ass. The pheromones were wafting up into my nostrils again. Her ass and pussy were producing a mixture of strong sexual smells. My cock was so hard at this point. I had not smelled a woman’s sex perfume like that since I last fucked my wife on a camping trip. The smell of Erin’s pussy and ass drove my sexual arousal to the point where I almost shot my load all over Erin’s big sexy ass. I then took my fingers out of Erin’s pussy and grabbed my cock. I started whipping her pussy with my cock and teasing her. She said “fuck me Jon Fuck me, Put that big cock in my pussy”. So I proceeded to enter her girly hole with my engorged piece of man meat. It slipped right in without a problem. Her vagina gobbled up my cock. It felt so good. Again, I had not had pussy for months. I started to thrust in and out of her pussy. My canlı bahis siteleri cock shaft was soaking wet. She started thrusting back to meet my thrusts. Her ass made a spanking noise ever time it crashed into my stomach. I think I rammed my cock in her pussy so deep that my balls were in there. I slowed my thrusts down because I didn’t want to cum yet. But, Erin didn’t slow down with her counter thrusts. Consequently, my cock popped out of her dripping wet pussy. I had both of my hands on her ass cheeks. So I leaned back after my cock popped out and I spread open her ass cheeks so I could see her pussy. Her pussy lips looked like butterfly wings. They were wide open revealing her pink round love hole just beyond her swollen pussy flaps. Right above her swollen pussy was her perfectly round asshole. I grabbed my cock and whipped her ass with it placing my knob right against her ass hole; then Erin shouted “My ass is exit only, put that cock in my pussy Jon”. Erin then moved to the side and turned around and gave me another French kiss. She leaned down to my cock and grabbed it with one hand and my balls with the other. Then she started sucking on it again. She licked all her pussy juice off of my dick. Then Erin stood up and put her hands on my shoulders and kissed me again and motioned me to lie down on my back. She then crawled up on top of me and put those big sexy 36DD tits in my face. I took one in my mouth and started sucking on it. Erin reached down to my cock with one hand and guided it into her drenched pussy. She then started slowly going up and down on it. I still had her big titty in my mouth. Then she put both hands on my chest and sat up and really started riding my cock hard and fast. Her tits were flopping up and down and I reached up and grabbed them both. I lifted my ass off the bed and started thrusting my rod into her. As she raised her pussy up, I was pulling down. Then I would lift my ass off the bed and come up hard and meet her downward thrust. Her ass cheeks were bouncing up and down as she rode up and down my cock. Then, she leaned back and put her hands behind her on my ankles and started grinding her pussy into my crotch. My dick was bending way forward to meet the new angle of her love tunnel. She let out a loud gasp and rammed her vagina down onto my crotch swallowing up my entire dick into her pussy and she had a major orgasm. Her pussy was squirting cum all over my dick, balls, and pubic hair. My crotch was soaking wet. Then she leaned forward with my cock still in her pussy and she whispered in my ear “cum in my pussy Jon” So then I grabbed her hips with her still on top of me; and, I started pounding her pussy. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls. Erin was massaging my balls with one hand and rubbing her clit with the other. I pounded her pussy without mercy for several strokes. Then I grabbed each one of her ass cheeks and pulled her as close as I could get. We were crotch to crotch; all you could see is our pubic hairs. I think my dick was all the way into her cervix at this point. Then I just screamed with joy as my cock starting pumping my man juice deep inside Erin’s vagina. I lifted my ass off the bed and Erin’s body went up as she was sitting crotch against crotch. My rod was buried deep inside her pussy. I could feel the vaginal muscles gripping my dick. My cock was throbbing as it kept pumping my sperm inside her kitty. I dropped back down on the mattress and Erin lifted one leg up and started to move her pussy off my spent cock. As she did, I could see my creamy white sperm just hanging out of her big swollen pussy lips. She moved off of me and cum dripped out of her pussy onto my stomach. My cum was mixed with Erin’s pussy juice and it felt so warm on my stomach. Erin went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to let the cum drip out of her swollen pussy. Erin called me into the bathroom and told me to look in the toilet to see all the cum. Erin opened up her legs wide, I looked down and I could see her swollen pussy lips wide open like butter fly wings; then a big white creamy glob of sperm slowly dripped out and dropped in the water. Erin said “wow, Jon you shoot a lot of cum”. After that, I got a drink of water and we went to bed. I slept like a baby. But, in the morning,I had the worst headache ever. It was the hangover from all the beer we drank at the pool bar. I had to meet my lawyer that day. And, my lawyer said you are not to date anyone. You are still married and if you date anyone that is adultery. Consequently, I did not call Erin back and about a year later I heard from her. She figured I didn’t like her and she moved in with another guy. But, after a few months with no pussy I started going on Yahoo personals and looking for dates. Thanks to my divorce and online dating I’ve been able to fuck a lot of sexy woman. And, a few that were not that sexy. LOL