My Favorite Teacher Part 2 SecretMs. Peters got up of the ground. I saw that drops of my cum were falling from her pussy to the ground or running down her legs while she walked toward her desk. She got some wet wipes out of her purse and cleaned herself up. There was this awkward silence combined with the smell of her juices in the room. I stood up too and got my clothes back on. Ms. Peters was already fully dressed when i was done.”We have to watch out. The janitors must been cleaning the hallway already.”, she said in a serious tone.I did not know what to say. I stared at the woman that i just fucked a few minutes ago. She grabbed her purse and opened the door. We walked like ninjas through the hallway and expected noises. The janitors must have been on the other side of the school so we quickly got out and walked to her black Toyota. We didn’t speak in the car. She stopped the car a block away from my street. I wanted to get out but she said: “This has to be our secret! You’re not gonna tell this to your friends if you want this affair to keep on going!””Got it.””Uhm Thomas would please stay a moment.””Yeah sure.”, i replied without knowing what she wanted.She moved in for a kiss. I felt her tongue playing with mine while her hand softly rubbed my cock through my jeans. My cock became harder.”You served me a lot today. I realized that i didn’t gave your cock enough attention.”,she said with the seductive tone i already heard today.She opened her blouse. I just noticed she didn’t wear her bra. She unzipped my pants and pull them together with my boxers down. My cock was already hard. With an horny look in her eyes she moved down and put my cock between her tits. She pressed them together with her hands and moved up and down with her upper body. My English teacher gave me a tit wank. I could see my tip moving out of her cleavage and getting back in. She licked it like it was ice-cream when it popped out. I twisted her nipples and within a few moments they got harder. Soft moans escaped Ms. Peters mouth. She wanked me even harder. Suddenly she stopped. She moved further down with her upper body. Her tongue licked now my whole cock. It celtabet giriş went all the way up and down. I wondered when she would take my cock in her mouth. She sucked now my balls while her hand was wanking my cock. I leaned back and enjoyed the feeling. She moved up and took my tip into her mouth. My tip must have been covered wit her saliva. Her tongue licked my tip while she kept on moving up and down with her head on my tip while her hand was still jerking me. She took her hand away and massaged my balls while going deeper and deeper managing to lick every part of my shaft. My tip now hit her throat but she didn’t gag. I felt pressure building in my balls. She must have felt it too,because she sucked me harder. I grabbed her head and move it as deep as possible while my orgasm was building. Then i hit her throat again and exploded inside her with a loud moaning. It wasn’t a huge load because of our session in the classroom. She moved her head up, swallowed my load and said with a smile on her face:”That was your reward for today’s after school session. I kissed her and inserted a finger in her pussy. I knew that she didn’t wear her panties. Her pussy started getting wet. I broke the kiss and let her suck my finger. I put my pants on and opened the car door when she tapped my shoulder.”I need your number.”, she said while giving me her phone. I quickly saved my number in her phone, gave it back and closed the door. I walked towards my house and saw her car passing me and driving away.I entered my home, quickly ate supper and moved upstairs to take shower. When i was done i just wanted to sleep. I got a text from an unknown number. It was a pic of someone fingering her pussy. Underneath the pic was written. ” i m so horny need to meet you againe.””meet me tomorrow at 6pm at dan’s motel”Then i fell asleep and had a night full of wet dreams about Ms. Peters.The next day of school was different. I was more confident than i have ever been before. The time was flying by. Till the bell rang for the end of the day. It was Friday afternoon. I quickly moved home. I told my mom that i would sleep at a friends home. celtabet yeni giriş I arrived at Dan’s motel and waited for Ms. Peters. A cab arrived and she moved out of it. She was wearing a long coat, her black boots, sunglasses, and a base-cap. No one would have recognized her. She came towards me, gave me a kiss and said:”Good choice to meet here. No one would think of one of us here and we won’t be disturbed.”She rented the room and quickly moved up to our room. She took coat off. She was only wearing a purple bra and a matching g-string. She took the cap and the sunglasses off. Now she took her bra and panties of and was only standing in her boots in front of me.”Well Thomas, i want to try something i have never done before. It’s your choice but we won’t do anal.””Uhm….” I looked around trying to find something when i finally saw a glass-door that led onto the balcony.”Have you ever done it in public.”, i asked hopefully.”No!”,she said aroused.”Well you can put your cap and sunglasses back on so that no one would recognize you.””Sounds like a plan. Get naked and join me.” She opened the door and moved outside. I quickly stripped of my clothes and followed her. She leaned back at the railing exposing her tits. My cock started to grow.”What do you want me to do?”,she asked with a smile.”Suck me!”,i gaspedShe moved toward me, got down on her knees and starting to like my tip. She moved further down and licked my complete shaft. She was doing it for a few minutes and moved down to suck my balls while jerking me. She took my tip into her mouth and passionately sucked and licked it. When she took her hand away i saw my chance coming. I grabbed her head and moved my cock in and out of her mouth. I caught her by surprise but she seemed to love it. My tip always hit her throat when i moved in but there was no gaping. I pulled my cock out of her mouth. She looked horny at me.”Bend over the railing and stick your ass out!”She followed my order and exposed her holes to me. Her pussy was already wet so i just guided my cock inside of her. A soft moan escaped her mouth. I decided to torture her so i didn’t pump her. celtabet güvenilirmi I started by squeezing those huge tits.”What are you doing?”, she asked.I squeezed them harder. Her nipples became hard.”Why aren’t you fucking me?”I twisted her nipples.”I want you to fuck me now!”, she gasped desperately.”Beg for it!””Please fuck me!” Her pussy moistened even more. I twisted her nipples harder.”Please i need your cock!”, she whispered.”Say it louder!” I pulled her nipples. She was catching her breath.”Please i need your cock!””Louder!””PLEASE I NEED YOUR COCK!”, she screamed. I heard the sound of some opened doors.I moved my hip back and slammed my cock deep into her pussy. She screamed from ecstasy while her pussy got tighter and her juices flooded inside of her. I pumped through her orgasm. She tried to catch her breath. I moved my hands onto her butt squeezing it while pumping her even harder.”OH GOD DON’T STOP” People were watching us as i fucked her pussy. Some of them recorded it with their cellphones. It seemed like we caught the whole motel’s attention.I started to spank her ass with my left hand.”OH”To of my right hand’s fingers where in her anus. I felt some resistance from her muscles and pushed my fingers gently deeper. The resistance broke and i fingered her anus with 2 fingers, slapped her ass and fucked her brains out.”AHAHAH”She screamed even more. She enjoyed the triple stimulation. Her pussy again became tighter. She came a second time. I pulled my fingers out her anus and my cock out of her pussy.It was covered with her cum. She tried to catch her breath. Some of the crowd disappeared back into their rooms believing it was over. Ms. Peters realized that i was still hard.”What next?”,she gasped.”Get on your knees!” She obeyed.”Clean me up!” She deepthroated my cock again and sucked all of her juices of.”I want to tit-fuck you!”I moved my cock between her tits. She pressed them together with her hands. I started slowly and increased the speed. We both moaned. My cock went up and down in her cleavage and she licked the tip of it. I felt the pressure building again. I fucked her tits harder and pulled my cock out. I stroked my cock till my load shot out of it to land on her waiting boobs. Shots of white liquid were following each other and covered her tits even more. Every shot made me moaning. After i was done we both moved back into our room, collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.TO BE CONTINUED