My Demanding BossThis is a true story. The names have been changed, that is about it.During this bleak recession I just landed a job delivering pizzas at Giant Papa’s. I was always a big fan of pizza, and enjoyed driving cabs in the past, so I figured there were worse jobs I could have ended up with.My boss is a woman named Jodie. She is about 30 with blonde hair, a good complexion, and nice chunky milf looks. She was straightforward enough for the first few days after I started, but things took a sudden and interesting turn last Sunday night. It was Jodie’s night off, and another manager was in.We close around one, and Jodie called shortly before that.”Giant Papa’s Pizza, home of the Giant Papa.””It’s Jodie. Can you bring a Giant Papa to my house at 612 Fuhrman Ave? It’s for my husband. I will pay you when you get here.” “Sure, give me twenty five minutes.”I threw the specialty menu item together, not forgetting the signature sausage. When I arrived with the pizza, Jodie opened the door to the little güvenilir bahis yellow house and motioned for me to enter.”Come on in,” she smiled. “My cockslut is starving and will be glad you got here already. Don’t worry, the k**s are at grandma’s,” she continued as I stepped inside.I almost dropped the pizza. “Your…?” Not that I was disinclined to meet her cockslut, but it was shocking and arousing to hear coming from this female in an authority position over me.”My cockslut, Dan. I enjoy watching him satisfy men’s aching cocks. You can be a cockslut for me too, but don’t squander a golden opportunity like the last hiree. He was in your shoes and refused to participate, which landed him in the unemployment line. Here, set that pizza down and take off your coat.”Too bad for him, I thought. My new boss and her husband are freaks. I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy this. I was more curious than ever to see what her husband looked like. He is a fat guy considerably older than Jodie or I, about güvenilir bahis siteleri 45 and balding. When I walked into the living room, I saw that he was wearing thigh highs on the couch. He also had a black spandex thong on. His legs were spread and be looked at me while he smiled and stroked his apparently small dick through the material.”Strip for him,” she ordered me. “Put these on.” She tossed me a thong like his. My cock was already hard, but I felt a surge of blood stiffen it with intense throbs as I began to take off my clothes. When it came time to change from my boxer shorts to the stretchy black thong, my cock throbbed eagerly awaiting the synthetic fabric. “Nice thick clit you have there. Thick like Dan’s, but a little longer.” She licked her lips and handed me some stockings to put on as well. I was now ready to perform my duties, she said.”Don’t waste any time. Down on your knees and gobble that clit of his. He prefers giving to receiving, but he also prefers quite a nice kaçak iddaa cum load to swallow so it is worth giving you something dirty to work up a thick one by doing. Don’t get me wrong, he likes you to suck his clitty, and do a nice job sucking his balls for me, too ” She was out of her clothing and in a black nightie herself now.My cock felt like heaven in that spandex, and as I popped Dan’s tiny but hard fat guy dick free of his panty material I rubbed the underside of my cock through my panties. It strained the fabric as my tongue swirled around Dan’s sweet little dick and I plunged my lips and down on him, occasionally dipping down to caress his oddly huge balls with my licks. I was loving kissing his clitty and letting it throb in my mouth. Jodie was slapping her own clit through her panties with her finger and moaning in between words of “strong encouragement”. “Suck that clit you little sissy pizza boy. I will have you pleasuring all our horny male clients.”That was all Dan could take, and I felt his hips buck as his little hard dick started spraying a giant salty load all over my tongue and down my throat, emptying those bull sized nuts of his for my personal nutrition and enjoyment, and the enjoyment of all those present.TBC….