my cousins ALLISON and I, our 1st encounterA little history about ALLISON my 1st cousin. She is my dads brothers daughter, They lived in toronto, moved to europe in 1979, in 1987 they came back to canada moved to brampton.At this time in 1987, i was 13, she was 15,,,,,,the first day i saw here when she got off plane. Was wearing a tight white-t-shirt, blue jeans, and big red lips. I was attracted instantly, and those big big breasts for a 15 yr old were like she had 5 k**s. Sexy body about 5’3 125 lbs, but BIG BIG BREASTS, i was thinkin no less than DD real…..Anyways that day we eyed each other alot, she forgot how to speak english.First couple months upon there return, our families got together alot. We helped them settle in, had lots of lunch/dinners/catch up time. Allison and I got along awesomely. We were young no internet/no cells/ no one driving between us. But as i said, when we got together became close very close.But being far apart a near 1 hour drive we saw each other 3-4 times a month. One week that summer, my mom asked her to sleep over for a week. My uncle said sure, that way she can practice english with myself, my younger sisters. That week it was hot weather, 1st week of july.My parents weren’t home, it was just the 4 of us from 7am=3pm, i worked in evenings. Most of the time she was with my sisters. i would go outside cut lawn etc, then sit inside help cousin/do together lunches for my sisters, and just chat listen to music. She would wear sexy european shorts, with tight white t-shirt always, like a beach girl with her breasts pressed hard against her t-shirt ready to bust the top open. We kept starring at each other. I knew girls born in european are more horny/act on it. But instantly any thoughts of anything happening were out of my mind, 2 1st cousin’s are not allowed to think/do this at all.The whole week, we were near each other but not a move was made nothing. Thou she laughed alot when we spoke, and got to know each other, after not seeing each other in 8 years.After labour day, started the family functions, we would dance a little, slow dancing too, but old fashioned way hands, and one on back no body parts touching.That christmas, they spend 3 days here, no point driving back/forth. The first night i went to put jammies on, i had jeans down, and jammies half way up at my knees.All of a sudden my bedroom door opened, we both turned red, and said oops, she said she thought her 2 brothers were in here, yet were in kitchen. I felt she made first move, but didnt over react/or act on it. But rest of 3 days we were eyeballing each other a little more.This went on for 3 more years, jsut chatting, going to movies when we visited them, all siblings together most times, but again no touching but lots of eye-balling, and hard ons for me, and her biting her lipsMarch 1990 arrived, she got her licence, and all changed. The morning she got her digitalbahis yeni giriş licence, that night she told her dad she needed car. He unwilling gave her the keys, Her first trip driving she came to my house. She drove 1 hour country side, risking accident new driver. She called my mom and said she wanted to come over, she needed help on her homework, as her english still bad, and i was always helping her out.She got her that day at 5pm, after dinner, did some work. That night i noticed her more nervous, but more touchy. She was thank you for your help tonight, and i got the right hand brushing my wrist, and that pat on back…..Up to now all we had dance close was dance.The next time we got together, we went to movies alone, we didnt meet any of her friends, we was alone. As we were walking at times she would place her hands around my arms, like a couple but let go fast, in fear of my reaction. I was nervous each time she touched me. I wouldnt once put a hand on her, fear of response, but she would try once in a while to see what i would do. I would look at here time to time with a WHAT U DOING look, but not a bad look.It was now MAY long weekend, both our parents had a wedding in windsor, everyone had to go. I didnt want to go, and somehow i won over parents and got to stay, i told them i had to work all 3 days which was true. They were to leave friday night, wedding was sunday. So there i was home alone, off to work.I was 2 months away from 16th birthday, had only 1 girl prior my moms brothers wife, now ex wife in 1989 when i wa sin germanySo the saturday i worked 12 hours, sunday i was to work 1pm-9pm. Store gets robbed after 4am, so no work. i walked into town/walked back it was 3pm, took shower, and thought would just crash/lay on couch like a salami…The phone rings as i take slippers off, it was ALLISON!!. I thought she was at wedding, she said, when she heard i wasnt going, she told her mom she has major friends birthday party… I said whats up. She said she wants to come up do something, it was only 3pm, sunday parents didnt come back till monday afternoon.I said, sure come up, we can chill go to conservation area walk around town.She got here instantly 4pm she was here. I opened door, let here in, i took one look at her and in my mind said HOLY FUCK is she hot today. Low cut ripped shorts, with a hot black t-shirt tightly over her big breasts, hot red lipstick on her lips. But again behaved didnt think of anything else but going out for walk/drive in town.She had to go washroom i felt great time to get changed so we can leave. I was in my room, changing, same scenario as 3 years prior on christmas week.I had my shorts half way up knees, and she opened door,, quickly i put them up zipped up, and blushed like hell, she said oops sorry thought you were done. But this time she didnt close door, she kept my bedroom door digitalbahis giriş opened, and looked at me biting her lips, rubbing her tummy with right hand. With her eyes starring at me.We both stare at each other, then i decided to sit on my bed, while i put/tie up my sneakers. She took two steps forward, started looking around in room. Walked infront of my dresser where there was a big square mirror. Started fixing her hair right infront of me. She said to me “Should i die my hair blonde”. I said,”Why? She said, Just for change. I said stay natural, why change blonde doesnt suit you.She smiled and responded “how do you know blonde doesnt suit me”I said, “it doesnt its not you!”She then comes sit beside me on my bed, and said “why do you have to be so cute and my cousin”I said,”we are cousins yes”Then she again states “You are so cute” Plants a kiss on my left cheek.RED!! RED!! i went, and said whats that for, yet had a shy shy smile on my face. She got red to, but wasnt reluctant to kiss me again on cheeks.I said, “Whats with the 2nd kiss:She said, “I wanted to know what it was like to kiss you”i replied “Well now you found out”, i stood up and started to leave my bedroom.AS i was leavign didnt make it out my bedroom. She placed her left hand on my jeans, came around me, placed right hand on my waist, and this time kissed me hard on my lips. “this is where i really wanted to kiss you” She said.I turned red, and took one step back, and didnt say a word. She came closer again, put arms around my neck and said “Why cant we kiss again” I said, “we are cousins, and we can get caught /its wrong.She said, “yes we are cousins, but who cares, we like each other alot.”After a minute of saying it’s wrong no, we cant. She places her hands around my lower back, hugs me tight and french kisses me. This time i didnt let go, but slowly place my hands around her, on her back, rubbed her lower back we kept french kissing.She admitted to me when we stopped this kiss, she has wanted me since day 1, and wants us to be lovers. I didnt say a thing but didnt refuse…..As were were there standing, she kept kissing me cheeks/lips/neck,, she then started undoing my jeans, but shaking, she lowered them to my ankles and took them off me. Again we hugged kissed standing.I now nervously placed my hands around her waste, started sucking her lips/ears/neck,, she started to remove my shirt. There we stood her in all her clothes me just in boxers. I now placed my hands finally on her ass rubbed it, squeezed it , and slowly un did her shorts and off they went.She has hot red bikini underwear on. i got hard as i saw her sexy legs and hot sex ass cheeks barely covered. Again placed hands on her ass, rubbing them over here red bikini shorts, and rubbing her legs/thighs. She then places her hands under my shorts, grabbing/rubbing/massaging my asscheeks, as we give each digitalbahis güvenilirmi other deep deep french kisses. She begins to lower my boxers, and slowly gets on her knees, to where she completely took them off, and was kneeled down starring at my hard cock. She looked up at me both were read but both so willingly ready for more. She slowly kisses tip of my cock, licks it, and places her hands on my cock, and beings to jerk it smaller strokes to longer, and then places it in her mouth and begins to preform oral on me.AFter few minutes of sucking, and cupping my balls, she lays me on my bed, sits on top of me, and removes her white t shirt, there she was, big big big breasts, with hug nipples size/round like bottom of coke can. Wearing a hot loose white bra, straps barely on as her big boobs were ready to tear straps off.She lowers herself to kiss me, and i put my hands on her back rubbing her lower back/ass cheeks, as she begins to rub her covered pussy over my cock, rubs back and forth gets herself/myself both wet. I felt her so good, she got me hard as hell. She asks me to sit up, takes off her bra, and lets me feast/dine on her breasts for no less than 5 minutes. I held them, licked them, sucked them like a newborn baby looking for milk, getting my cock even harder, and her more moan sounds/more horny.She again lowered me, and removed her bikini bottom, i felt her hair from pussy rub my legs, she again came over me, rubbed her pussy lips over my cock. I knew it wasn’t her first time doing this. she knew what she was doing. Admitted to me i was here 2nd guy, she had done 1 guy in europe she was dating but they only did it few times. Whether i was her 2nd or 100th i didnt care, we wanted each other like 2 wild rabbits. She continued to rub her wet hairy pussy over my cock, and slowly began to position herself on topShe slides my cock little bit in her pussy, begins to ride slowly, as she takes more in, places herself completely on top of me taking it all in. places her hands on my shoulders, bends down placing her breasts in my face/mouth and rides me so good, taking it all in. Her moans were getting louder, and her pussy more and more so wet. She came after few minutes of riding, her juices making me so hard more so than ever.She than lays down on bed, and i being to fuck her deeper and deeper. She reminds me to not come in her. We didnt bother with condom. I kept fucking her, she said pull it out a bit before, As i laid down beside her, we took a little break. We admitted to each other at this point, how we wanted each otehr since we met, how we shouldnt stop yet not get caught by parents nor get her pregnant. As we couldnt stop starrign/touching each other we quickly started again, she again came on top rode me a bit more, then came off, placed her big breasts on my tummy and started to suck my cock till i came in her mouth, she swallowed my hole load. AFter few minutes, we washed up not showered, just washed up, got dressed, sat down on my couch side by side, kept kissing/making out/french kissing, me grabbing her ass/breasts for a bit more. She went back home. That night i slept alone but totally naked, and jerked myself off thinking of her