My BFF went and got herself a black boyfriend.OK, so maybe I am a Queen of Spades. But a respectable married one at least.Last week we get a sitter and go over to Stacy’s. Dinner and meet her new boyfriend.He’s black and 23. I asked her what the heck she is going to do with a 23 year old. Her answer was simple, she was going to screw a lot. He and my husband have the same name.So I call him K2. Better than little Ken, as he is under 6 foot tall.He enjoyed meeting my Ken, really hit it off well. K2 is a bit of Ohio inner city type but seems to respect my guy. Maybe it’s the older and blacker part. Lord knows how many hours they spoke for. Hundreds of questions about Africa and schooling in the UK. Stacy and I drank, too much again. Gotta stop this.These guys are still talking long after midnight when Stacy and I both decided to sleep. I awaken maybe an hour later to noises coming through the wall. It’s Ken’s deep voice and Stacy giggling. I jump when I find K2 sitting on the bed. K2 gets up and tells me Ken told him to sleep here. He too was a bit drunk. He asks me if it’s OK. I say sure and move over. I’m fully dressed and a bit pissed off as I know Stacy loves my Ken’s cock and he equally loves her huge fake tits. I go to the bathroom to pee and as much as to get even I come with just a t-shirt on. The bottom part is getting much better but I’m still uncomfortable with these huge mommy boobs. K2 smiles as he is laying on the bed and is fully dressed. Maybe I should not have been angry and just accepted it for the fun it would be. I jump under the top sheet and tell K2 to get comfortable too. He says no and I can hear a lot through the thin apartment walls. Ken and Stacy are having quite a bit of fun. By the sounds I know exactly what she is starting to do. Now I’m calling K2 Ken. I get out from under the sheet, roll over top of Ken and tell him to stand up. I go to my knees and start taking off his jeans. As I do that he loses his shirt. Before I get his shorts off I can tell there is a serious cock under there and çankaya escort he pulls me up and moves to kiss me. He whispers “Ken told me this would be alright. Also said you love deep kissing, So do I.” With that he moved to my mouth. This k** had one heck of a long tongue and knew how to use it. He is an excellent kisser. Got me hot with that alone. Better than that, my hand was palming a very much above average sized hard cock. Loudly I said “Did Ken also tell you I love to suck cock and swallow cum?” With that I dropped to the floor and removed those shorts. I gobbled his cock like it was my only meal. When I deep throated him I got a compliment. Of course, he has a slender cockhead and only gets real thick around the base. I could take him into my throat. I forget how we ended up in a 69 position on the bed. A man who enjoys eating a lady! I was in heaven. With the curve of his cock matching my throat it proved very easy to deep throat him. Every time he swiped me with that beautiful tongue, I took a breath, took him completely and held him there till I had to come up for air. Eventually I got selfish and we moved around so he was just working on me. Good boyfriend Stacy !! I can’t remember how many times he made me cum. His face was a mess of my juices. And he was smiling wildly. I told him “Your turn”, I was a bit exhausted and figured a quick suck off was in order. He agreed and told me I would get a nasty huge load. So I straddled him. I took him inside balls deep in a single movement. I figure he is around 9 inches which is like perfect. Maybe my guy is just too big. He looked shocked. He said to me “No condom?” I replied loudly “Darn right no condom, seed me and breed me with that huge load.”. We broke right back into deep tongue kissing. Then he pushes be back to remove my t-shirt. I motioned NO but who was I k**ding. His cock is inside me, I’m grinding and squeezing his shaft and I should worry about sloppy tits. I swear all these black guys love big milky white tits. Ken kind cebeci escort of lifted them from below into the position they used to be in and dove in. Honestly it felt good. I went with it. Having his hands on my tits when kissing and grinding was ultra exciting and enjoyable. Then they started to ooze milk. Shit.That was not Kens opinion at all. He alternately moved his lips to my nipples, neck and mouth and now he is stroking me hard. He repeated the nipples, neck mouth sequence a few times. All the while stroking. He warned me “I’m close to cumming”. I said “Flip me, I want to cum with you”. In a motion I’m on the bottom with legs high and we are loud. He is now beating up my cervix pretty bad, probably grew a bit longer. I found myself hoping he would pop through, not to be. He is starting to groan. I’m hollering for him to give me that huge potent load and I’m close to a vaginal. Then his plowing slows and he holds himself deep, I feel the shaft of his thick cock start to convulse and twitch. He is filling me! I felt eight cock spasms when like a light switch it kicked me into a vaginal orgasm. I can’t say much about what happened after that. I regain composure, I’m all tingles and tender. Ken is still on top of me, inside me and still rock hard. He comes down to my face and we slowly resume deep kissing. Lots of whispering about all the seed in me. I tell him how womanly it makes me feel and I tell him how much I enjoy him keeping his cock in me while as I soak up all his seed. The kissing was fabulous during these moments. Then he starts stroking slowly which in no time built up to an aggressive pace. Oh lord, this is why Stacy has a 23 year old! In no time at all I’m having small climaxes again and he starts to slow down. My tits look better what I am on my back and Ken was right back on them. With his slowness out coupling became real tender. It somehow turned into lovemaking intercourse. How good it was. This is what this woman craves. I also crave being filled with semen. Between demetevler escort my mouth, leaky tits and him taking me without protection the moment had all his hot buttons covered. It was not long before he announced “Cumming again”. Again I could feel his cock start to convulse. There was no climax for me, certainly no vaginal orgasm. We held tight, lips deeply locked, breathing heavily and I was more satisfied than ever before. I just smiled as he buried his face in my neck while he filled me for a second time. I held him there tightly, one hand on his butt, one arm wrapped around his back. I was in heaven. Now I could feel him going soft in me. But we still went back in deep passionate kissing, holding him inside while his juices stewed inside me. The kissing got heavier and I had to ask him “Are you going for three times?” He answered “I’d love to but I don’t think so.”. He withdrew, I crossed my legs to keep as much semen inside, rolled off to my side and quickly drifted off to sleep. Waking up many hours later to Ken spooned into my backside with one hand d****d over me resting on my tits. The wet spot mess on the mattress was dinner plate sized. I rotated placing my hand on his cock and my lips on his. A nice way to wake up! It was still quiet in the other room. I places a finger up to my lips signaling silence. Then I said to him “Cum as quick as you can” as I disappeared under the sheet. I slid down so far that my knees ended up on the floor. His cock was a bit stinky, probably equally stinky as my morning breath. Did not matter. I gobbled down his cock and felt it grow hard against my tongue. The position resulted in a river of cum starting to leak out of me. I had a runny mess coming down one thigh. I’m polishing the head, stroking with one hand, going deep. Eventually quick was turning into not so quick. So I jumped up and reminded him “quickly and quietly”. I went back to the cock and in short order he has his hands behind my ears guiding me. Then the convulsions I felt earlier in my vaginal lips started against my lower mouth lip. I went as deep as the position allowed, not all of him but I got the cockhead in my throat and gave his semen and express route to my tummy. I pulled off to breath and caught the cum oozing from his cock and cleaned him off.I will see this guy again.