My Best (Black) Friend and his WifeMy Best (Black) Friend and his Wife.My name’s Jack and two decades earlier I was invited to enjoy Dave’s wife. Dave and I are best mates and this event occurred some years earlier while we were in our mid-thirties. Our families mixed socially and I have to say Dave’s misses is gorgeous. Her skin is an incredible shade of chocolate. Carol has c***d bearing hips, something Dave says he enjoys holding as he pounds her nightly – lucky sod. Her ass is well-proportioned but her tits are outstanding. They must be 38 DD on a petite frame, certainly more than a handful for any man. His teenage daughter is had similar proportions, except that her tits have a little more to grow. Dave is over six foot and when he walks into a restaurant, when our families have meals out together, he is the proudest man around. Every red-blooded man is eyeing up his wife and daughter – so am I. I have always flirted shamelessly with Carol and tease Jill, causing her to blush often. We all get on famously however; I never take the flirting any further. Dave and I go too far back for any disloyalty. Beside he could knock me into next week with one hand tied behind his back.We went for coffee after a game of squash and Dave was saying things about ‘marriage becoming boring – sex is the same old, same old’. I’m trying to reassure him that everyone has down days. Then I was frozen to the spot when he asked if I fancied fucking his wife? “Dave, go home, bend Carol over your knee and spank her or tie her to the bed and fuck her brains out. You can spice things up without doing something so drastic. You really don’t want to jeopardise your marriage.” Two days later we meet for coffee and a chat. I’m supping coffee when Dave asks, “Would you like to fuck Carol?” Before I can splutter my answer he continues, “She wants to be fucked by a white stranger.” “But she knows me!” I say, “And I don’t want to lose a great friend over a one-time fuck, albeit one I fancy.” “Jack I appreciate everything you say but she wants this and I would rather it was with you than a stranger. So if I can set it up without her knowing who you are, would you help me out?” “You’re crazy. But if you really want this, it would be my pleasure.”The following Wednesday Dave rang my wife Sam and left a message which was, ‘a squash match tomorrow – meet at my house at 1.30pm’. This would clash with Sam’s horse riding so everyone is happy. Wednesday arrives and I ring his bell and when he opens the door he puts a finger to his lips. He waves me in and whispers, “Don’t say a word. Everything is setup. Follow me.” I follow him to the master bedroom and I’m faced with a bed sheet fixed to the ceiling which ends 3 feet from the floor. I can see two chocolate coloured female legs standing on the other side. “Carol this is John.” “Hi John?” she says. Dave jumps in by saying, “John has agreed not to say a word Carol. Now don’t move while we get ready.” Dave moves me to his daughter’s bedroom and I strip. Dave drops his robe and we return. We are both sporting frim erections. His being larger than mine! Dave asks Carol to knee as he lifts the sheet and d****s it over my dick, so that she can see her first white dick. “Nice,” Carol says and immediately starts giving me a fabulous blowjob. She is obviously used to Dave’s big dick as she effortlessly deep throats me. I look up to the heavens as I try to stifle a groan of sheer pleasure. After 5 or 6 minutes of the most pleasurable sensations I and my dick have ever felt, Dave stops the proceedings. He disappears behind the sheet and I can here conversations on ‘how tight it is’ and ‘can you see anything’. I’m grateful for a moment to compose myself after being so close to blowing my load. The sheet is pulled down and standing before me is a trembling Carol. She is naked except for a leather hood covering her eyes but leaving her mouth available. Dave presses on her shoulders to resume her blowjob. Carol kneels and eagerly starts. Holding her head firmly I thrust deep and feel my dick enter her throat. Her groans send vibrations shooting to my balls. Once more I’m desperate to explode in her mouth. Wanting to prolong this experience I pull out and raise her up so she’s standing. Taking my time I gaze over her perfect body while trying to remember every aspect of her stunning curves. I wish I could take some photos but my memory will have to do. Now that Carol can’t see me at all I mouth to Dave “Are you sure or should I go and leave you to finish?” He shakes his head as he steps back leaving me his beautiful wife. Her breasts are heaving slightly as I take in the sight of her wonderful body. Her boobs are amazing. My lips now follow my hands as I suckle on her hard long nipples. I’ve forgot Dave as I tease and caress Carol’s magnificent tits. She’s whimpering as I ‘weigh’ her globes in each hand. Re-turning my attention to her nipples; I pull and tweak them causing more sighs and murmurings. I’ve never handled such large, soft but frim tits before. I move around Carol and pull her back so her back forced against my chest. My dick is sandwiched between her bum crease and my stomach. Wrapping my arms around her I can now squash and maul her boobs to my own satisfaction. I’m having a great feel and at the same time dry humping her bum cheeks. Carol wriggles her hand between us grabbing my dick quite firm and I automatically move back to allow her to stroke it. She the places it between her thighs and I can feel her pussy coat my dick in juices, as she rocks her hips in time to my humping. She puts her hands on mine and encourages me to maul her boobs even more forcible. I’ve never enjoyed a set of tits more. Carol is now starting to shake uncontrollably as I oh so slowly run a hand down past adıyaman escort her navel to her shaved pussy. I pat her inner thighs and she takes this as a request to part her legs more. One final grope of her tits before, I reluctantly leave those beautiful globes and, kneel before her. Her pussy’s aroma is intoxicating and all I want is to throw her on their bed and fuck her brains out. With tremendous self-control I explore her lips and clit. Carol is soaking as I slide my palm over her mons and show Dave how wet she is. He slips in close and wets his big hand on her pussy juices, before wiping it on his dick. He returns to his seat and slowly strokes himself. I invade her pussy with my lips and tongue. Carol is moaning with each breath and is shaking almost continually. She jumps as I tease her clit. My dick is throbbing with anticipation as I fold her in my arms and place her on her back on the edge of their bed. Holding her ankles apart at chest height, I slide my dick along her slit causing her to groan more loudly. She places a hand on my dick and presses down causing more friction as I fuck her clit. She’s begging me to go faster but that’s not going to happen. Any increase now would cause a premature release on my part. Dave comes alongside and watches as I take Carols hand off my dick and guide my dick-head to her hot tight pussy. He watches closely as my white dick starts to disappear into his wife’s chocolate pussy. His excitement is clearly evident as he stokes his dick faster. Ever so slowly I push deeper and I savour every sight and sensation as I slip my knob further into her honey pot. Only a couple of inches in and I pull out, slipping it back over her clit a few times. My dick causes her a mini orgasm, and then I slip back in to that hot tight tunnel. A couple of pumps more and my balls are slapping her ass. I start long slow strokes until she responds. As Carol’s hips move to meet my thrusts I start to drive home into her lovely chocolate pussy. I gradually increase my stroke rate until I reach my favourite rhythm. Carol is now begging me, at the top of her voice, to pound her pussy hard. I’ve never felt anything like the sensations my dick is sending me as Carol squeezes out her first orgasm. Dave is losing control as he watches me take his beautiful wife, Carol. I motion him to move to her head as I pull out once more. As Carol is recovering from her orgasm, I roll her over and for the very first time enjoy the sight of her ample peach of a bum. With her feet on the floor and her arms on the bed I re-enter her sharply causing a sharp intake of breath, followed by a low groan. Carol starts asking me to “pound that pussy hard”. Dave is on his knees and moves along the bed until his dick is only an inch away from his wife’s mouth. He holds her head firmly and easies his dick in. “Just suck love and I’ll do the rest” says Dave. He then starts to match my fucking rate as we plough her from both ends. I pull her ass checks apart so I can see my entire white dick pumping into her hot chocolate body. I grab hold of Carol’s hips and drive home firmly on each stroke, causing my balls to slap he clit. Carol is now demanding me to “fuck me harder, faster, take me”. We’re sweating buckets fucking his wife. Dave finally loses it and fills his delightful wife’s mouth with his juices. Settling back on his hunches he holds her shoulders giving be a firm stop, as I thrust in causing ripples over her wobbly bum. Carol is now screaming her forthcoming orgasm to everyone in earshot. I think to myself, ‘it’s a good job Jill’s at a sports event!’ Carol’s tenses her body. Her pussy grips my dick hard as her second and more powerful orgasm rips through her. I force my dick on and I’m rewarded with an intense orgasm of my own. Carol collapses onto the bed as I pulse my cum deep inside. The sensations of her cunt milking me and my dick responding has never been equalled. As we calm down Dave wraps his big arms around her. “Thanks John” says Dave followed by an exhausted “thank you” from Carol. I take this as my cue to leave. I look over my shoulder for one final view of Carol’s magnificent body, which I will probably never see again. I see that Dave is already at half-mast and would be soon holding Carol’s beautiful hips once more.With a spring in my step and a wilted dick I walk into his daughter’s bedroom to dress. Expecting to find the room empty I’m dumfounded to find Jill, Dave’s sixteen year old daughter lying naked on her bed. With her long athletic legs apart she is masturbating furiously. Her tight chocolate coloured body is as good as Carol’s, possibly better. Her boobs are wobbling like two large jellies. She stops instantly she senses my presence. We silently take in the sight of each other’s naked bodies. My dick is already hardening at the sight before me. I move closer and with wide eyes she watches me reach out and stroke her clit. I tease her clit and reach out and maul a boob. Within seconds she starts to cum, biting her bottom lip so as not to alert Daddy. I kiss her on the lips, while fondling her boobs and say. “Don’t tell Dave. He’ll kill me.” Grabbing my clothes I leave and dress hurriedly on the landing before departing.Two days later I met Dave for another squash game. I’m relieved that nothing has changed between us. Dave said that he and Carol enjoyed the experience and would like a return visit. “Would Sam like to join in?” “I’ll have to ask,” was my reply. His daughter is another problem. Jill has become bolder and flirts more than before. She has also suggested that I may like to pop around during the summer break. She wants to experience what Mom was given but first there is a little matter of her virginity. Oh gosh I so want to but Dave is a friend – very big friend – did I mention he’s over six feet and a Martial Arts Instructor!