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Mr,Mrs & Me…Our Second EncounterWe met at the same hotel for our second encounter a month later, having had numerous chats and cams in between. After a couple of drinks in the bar Dave announced he and Sarah were going up to their room to get ready. Dave slipped me his room key and told me to let myself into their room an hour later. I went to my room,showered then decided what lingerie to wear. I chose a tiny pair of pink panties with black stockings and suspender belt,topped by a cream chemise…hidden by jeans and a sweater.I walked to Dave and Sarahs room and let myself in. Before me stood both of them dressed identically in schoolgirl uniforms. Short grey skirt, white blouse and school tie with knee lenght white socks. Sarah wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples stood proud under her blouse. Dave, now Davina asked me if i liked what i saw. I nodded and wondered out loud what was hidden underneath.”Come and find out” Sarah said as she beckoned with with her finger. I stood in front of them and pushed my hands under each of their skirts. Davinas cock bulged against a soft pair of cotton panties while Sarah wore nothing underneath, pointing out that as she looked like a naughty schoolgirl she had acted like one by leaving her knickers off.I kicked off my shoes and began to unbuckle my belt before Davina stepped forward to help. As my jeans fell to my ankles i removed my sweater. “mmmm something new i take it” Sarah mused while looking at my cock straining against relaxbet güvenilirmi the tiny pink panties. Davina rubbed my hardness through the thin material before going to her knees and unwrapping my cock and taking my length into her willing mouth.Sarah came to me and placed my hand on her ample tit the hardness of her nipple even more apparent. “These need some attention” she said and she began to undo the buttons “I’m feeling left out here” as she looked at her sissy husband sucking my member deep inside his mouth. “On the bed” i ordered her as i pulled my swollen cock from Davinas mouth “both of you,on your knees”.Davina and Sarah did as i asked and i moved forward and raised both their skirts above waist level. “Now, Davina have you fucked Sarah this week” i questioned. “yes,last Tuesday” came her reply. “naughty naughty naughty” I scolded “you agreed not to so you must be punished”. I pulled Davinas knickers down over her thighs exposing her tight ass and heavy balls. Her cock was hard pointing down at the bed.I raised my hand and brought it down against her ass cheeks and she moaned at the stinging pain which left a red mark. I gave Davina six of the best with my hand as she wriggled beneath my hand. I reached round and took her hard cock in my hand and began to masturbate her gently. “you were supposed to save your cum for me this week weren’t you,you naughty girl? Is there any left for me?”. “There will be some for you” she relaxbet yeni giriş replied. “don’t you dare cum before i command Davina or you will receive more punishment”. “I understand” she replied meekly.”Now you Sarah have received cum that was meant for me” i told her. “You also need to be punished for being so naughty”. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and ran my tongue along the crack, hovering around her puckered hole then licking and prodding my tongue inside. I covered her asshole with my saliva then drew the panties down over my rigid cock. I placed the head of my cock at her entrance and rubbed it around making it moist.”I’m going to fuck your tight ass” i told Sarah “while Davina watches”. “yes fuck my ass hard, give me your cock deep as you can” said the slutty whore bent over in front of me. This wasn’t punishment for Sarah because she just loves her ass being fucked and filled with hot cum.I grabbed her hips and without much ado entered her ass as she moaned with pleasure. It felt warm and tight engulfing and surrounding my cock. I pushed her face down into the bed and began fucking her gorgeous ass hard pulling her head back by her hair, something i know she liked very much. “you want my cum you slut bitch don’t you” i urged “deep in your bowels filling you up, my spunk is all that you need isn’t it”. “Fuck yes give me your cum,fill me with your hot cock and cum” she moaned.I looked at Davina who was now wanking her cock furiously relaxbet giriş as she watched my cock pounding Sarahs ass. “ok bitch Davina don’t waste that hard on,take me” i ordered. Quickly Davina was behind me and i felt her tongue working my ass as i continued to ass fuck Sarah. I felt the hard cock pressing against my entrance and my resistance easily gave way as Davinas hot cock entered me,filling me as i was filling Sarah.”Fuck,fuck,fuck i’m coming” Sarah grunted “jesus don’t stop,i’m so close”. I pounded as hard as i could as she buckled under me, pressing back to get every bit of cock she could. The heat in my balls was tremendous and i felt my spunk begin to rise. “You dirty fucking bitch” i yelled “take my cum, you slut”. “Yesssss,yesssss oh fuck” she cried as the first eruption from my cock filled her ass “that’s it,oh,oh yes yes yessssss” she screamed as her orgasm hit her,her tight hole convulsing against my cock drawing more spurts of hot cum from me.This was too much for Davina and i felt her hot stream of spunk begin to fill my own ass as she took me hard, her cock twitching and pumping more and more inside me. I could feel trickles of spunk running down my ass and on to my balls as we lay together,three of us joined as one.Sarah spoke first. “Davina,come clean his spunk from my ass,lick it all from me,clean me up bitch”. Davina withdrew her cock from me and again i felt trickles of hot cum ooze out of me. “be quick Davina i need cleaning as well” i retorted. Davina smiled and licked her lips “lay down on your tummies both of you”. She moved from Sarahs ass to mine then back and forth cleaning up two spunk filled holes with her tongue. I was pleased to note that Davina knew her place in this relationship!To be continued….