more than pantiesI was in a good mood when I walked through the front door because I had finished work early for the first time in ages. I was going out for a meal with Steve, my husband to celebrate his promotion to district manager. I had been planning this evening in my head for weeks, deciding what to wear and how and when to give Tom his present. I took a bath and got ready for our evening out. I had bought him a rather expensive watch for when he got promoted but somehow I thought of a far more interesting gift.You see, I recently discovered my husband’s fetish for women’s panties. I first began exploring his fetish after noticing how turned on he would get when I walked around in nothing but my panties. He would walk around with a hard on and would jump at the opportunity to lick my pussy through the silky fabric. It’s been a couple months since then and I now have him wearing his own panties every day. We have been on shopping trips together to buy him panties and I sent him on a panty scavenger hunt recently that was a hit, for both of us. Now I needed something special for him since he has treated me so well recently.Steve arrived home around six o’clock and I could tell that he had a long day so I undressed him and got him in the shower to help relieve some of the days stress. While he was unwinding I laid out his clothes for the night, dark slacks, a white shirt and his favorite coat and tie. Of course I picked out my favorite panties for him to wear, a black satin pair with red trim and a flower embroidered on the side of them. I loved the way that the hugged his cock which always seemed to keep him nice and horny as evidenced by the wet spot that often formed at the tip of his cock.When we arrived at the restaurant and we were given a secluded table at the back. It was a cozy and discrete table where we could talk intimately without anyone being able to overhear us. We ordered and had a bottle of wine while we perused the menu. I didn’t want to order a large appetizer because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to finish my dinner. Steve was still trying to decide if he wanted anything when I reached into my purse and handed him his present.”Here you go honey, this may make it easier for you to make up your mind. It may be just the appetizer that you are looking for. Go ahead and open it, let me know if you like it, I picked it out weeks ago and thought that this would be the perfect time to give it to you,” I said.Steve took the box and shook it trying to figure out what may be inside before opening it. “Hmm, what did you get for me this time sweetheart,” he asked.”I don’t think that you will get this one. I wanted to do something special for you tonight since you have been such a good husband to me, I hope that you enjoy it…go on and open it,” I told him.He untied the bow carefully and then ripped into the paper, balling it up and placing it next to him on the table. He opened the box quickly and pulled out the tissue paper a little too hard, because a black garter belt fell out of the box and landed in his lap and he was left holding a pair of black thigh high stockings in his hand.”Whoa, I can not believe you didn’t warn me about this…” he said as he dropped the box into his lap and tucked the garter between his legs as he looked around to be sure that no one saw him. “I think that maybe this one should have waited until we got home.””Well, I’ve got to disagree, I expect you to be wearing them before our dinner gets here. If not, I guess that you will be missing out on my desert when we get home. Now you may excuse yourself and don’t take too long my little Pantyboy,” I said with a serious look on my face.He looked around the room again a little embarrassed, to be sure that no one had seen what I bought him as he tucked it back into the box and headed to the men’s room without saying a word to me. I ordered for the two of us and he returned to the table about ten minutes later. I watched him as he walked back to the table and I could tell that he was worried about someone being able to tell what he was wearing under his slacks. I looked too and I could see a larger than normal bulge in the front of his pants and maybe a small outline of the garters that were now holding his stockings in place. I purposely didn’t talk about his trip to the bathroom and our dinner arrived moments later. The meal was fantastic and we were both full by the time dessert was offered. We decided to split a piece of chocolate cake and some coffee.A wicked smile crossed my face and in the discrete privacy of the darkened restaurant I placed a hand under the table and ran my fingers across his legs until I found one of the garters and then and up the seam of his pants until I found a large bulge in the front of his panties. He was really enjoying this.”How do they feel?” mariobet güvenilirmi I asked.”Honestly, I’ve got to say they feel pretty sexy on my legs and these garters are just driving my dick wild. I really feel very sexy and I can not wait to get home, bend you over the bed and fuck your brains out tonight,” he said with sheer determination.”I want to feel them on you and see if you are really that horny right now,” I said. I scooted closer and reached across to his zipper. I unzipped it and felt the exposed satin in the front of his panties. I could just see the outline of his stiff prick in the dim light and I ran her fingernails over his panties before slipping my hand into his slacks while cupping and stroking his silky crotch. I could see from his expression that he was very aroused.”Hmm….you do feel nice and hard. You really are stretching out the front of your panties. I bet it would feel nice to run my lips over them too. Would you like that,” I asked with a smile on my face.”Jesus, I can’t we wait until we get home,” he replied.He grabbed the check and paid for dinner and the ride home was a fast one. I knew that he was thinking about how sexy his new garter and thigh highs were making him feel. I leaned over the armrest and caressed his hard cock after unzipping his zipper and pulling his pants down to his knees. He was sitting there in his new ensemble with a raging hard on. I began to caress his swollen cock and within a minute or two his hips were moving with my hand and each stroke that I made.He moaned a little, “Honey, you really need to stop because I don’t think I can last until we get home.”I was now even more determined and I reached up my skirt and took off my own satiny panties and held them up in front of him. I made sure that he watched me as I began using them to rub his own panties again. The feeling of satin on sating was too intense for him and he gave into his urges as evidenced by the large mess he made in the front of his panties!! His black satin panties were soaked in the front and I could see and feel the warmth of his cum dripping down the side of his cock. The look on his face was sheer amazement that he had an orgasm so quickly.”Oh my goodness Pantyboy, that was fast. I can’t believe that you came so quickly. You really messed up your panties didn’t you. I really hope that your cock will be able to recover by the time that we get home because I have plans for it to be put to use,” I told him.The look on his face was one of disbelief, “I had no clue that was going to happen, when you began rubbing your panties on mine, the feeling was too intense and it was just there and then I couldn’t stop it from happening.””Well, I guess that you are going to have to sit with your mess until we get home. The garter and stockings must really turn you on, or maybe it was just the silky panties again, what do you think,” I asked.”I don’t know what did it, but I am getting really turned on when you talk to me like that,” he said with a serious look on his face.”You mean when I talk to my little Pantyboy about making a big mess in his silky panties?”He replied honestly, “Yes, that is exactly what I am talking about.”We pulled into the driveway a couple minutes later and this time Steve was smart and pulled into the garage around back. I looked at him and said, “Take off your pants, I don’t want to have to explain a spot in that area of your pants at the drycleaners.”When Steve got out of the car, stood up and took off his pants he revealed his panties fully. I bent my head to his crotch and kissed the only dry spot that I could see. I ran my lips over his satin bulge, felt his hardness beneath the thin material and found the tip of his cock. A sticky wet spot welcomed my probing tongue and I licked it, caressing the tip of his member as I did so. I told him to take all his clothes off except for his lingerie. I took him by the hand to the back of the car and bent him over the trunk. I took a step back to admire his new outfit. His legs looked much better than I thought they would in stockings. He had a very nice shape and garters held them perfectly in place. I reached between his legs from behind to rub his balls and I could feel that his cum had soaked the crotch of his panties. I stepped back and he turned part of the way around to look at me. As he did, I slid my panties back up my legs and under my skirt.”You really made a big mess in your panties, I think that you need to clean yourself up and change you panties before I get you in the bed tonight.” I kept admiring him in his garters and thigh-highs with his large bulge. “You know that one of these days I am going to have to fuck that cute little ass of yours, but now get moving inside Pantyboy,” I said as I slapped him playfully on his satin covered ass.We moved mariobet yeni giriş straight to the bedroom and I went to his drawer and pulled out his red ruffled satin and lace thong and tossed it to him. “Go wash that thing off and get changed. Be sure that you put your garter and stockings back on and be sure that your panties go on last after you get your other lingerie in place. I want to be able to get to you easily tonight.”After he finished in the shower it took him several more minutes to make it out into the bedroom. I was guessing that he was having a hard time with the garters and that he had forgotten what I told him and put his panties on first. When he finally emerged, I looked at his large red satin bulge and motioned for him to come over to the bed. I leaned forward, kissing his balls. I stroked his cock with my hand, every now and then pausing to massage his thick shaft. I watched as pre-cum oozed and seeped through front of his panties again making a small wet spot in the front of them. I took my fingers from his crotch and slipped a finger inside myself and stroked my clitoris with my hand down the front of my panties.”Well since it really turns you on to talk about the fact that you are wearing panties and now a garter and stockings, why don’t you tell me what other kinds of panties and lingerie you fantasize about wearing. I think that I am going to put a finger or two in my pussy and you should start rubbing yourself while you tell me about what else you want to wear.”I reached down between my legs and began rubbing myself through my panties. “I really want to know what else would turn you on if I bought it for you or with you. You have always been a great lover, but ever since we started with this panty-play, the sex has been terrific. I know that it is really a turn on for you so give me some ideas of what to buy you next time,” I told him.”So please start rubbing yourself, I want to see that precum spot triple in size and then maybe I’ll let you bend me over the bed and fuck me from behind…if you talk to me about any other panties or lingerie that is.”He began rubbing his cock slowly and firmly but I could tell that he was still a little taken back about his new outfit and the fact he was kind of masturbating in front of me. I could also tell that he was trying to figure out how to answer my question. In the meantime I continued to run myself through my panties, which were getting pretty moist and I could feel the soft fabric clinging to the inside of my lips. I began pushing a little harder and deeper and my panties began working their way into my pussy with each stroke.He finally tried to answer, “Well, I really like when you pick out which panties you want me to wear to work each day. I have to admit that I like the way that satin and sheer panties feel because of the way in which they rub me when I’m walking and when my pants rub them over my cock. They keep me thinking about you most of the day and by the end I really want to come home and get hold of you.””That is a good start dear, but I want you to get more specific. Describe a couple of pairs of panties or lingerie you want to see yourself wearing.” By this time my panties were wet and worked deeper in my pussy. I moved my fingers up to my clitoris and began massaging it in a circular motion, which really felt incredible.”Well, in that case I guess that I would like a nice pair of bikini panties maybe with some ruffles around the legs or waist, and maybe a colorful tropical print pair of bikini panties, and I like panties with colored piping around the waist and legs, they are kind of fun. Of course, a nice thong or two would always be nice.”I took my hand and put it down the front of my panties, once again finding my clitoris, this time without any fabric in the way. “That is a good start, keep going,” I told him.”Well, maybe a pair or two with some phrases on them. I know that they are kind of trashy, but I think that they could be fun,” he responded.”Hmmm….maybe I’ll get you a pair of panties that say “Fuck me” and every time you want to get laid you should wear them. Or better yet, maybe when you wear them it will let me know that you are ready for me to take YOU from behind! Don’t say anything yet, just keep talking about any other lingerie you fantasize about wearing. Can you see me dressing you in a sheer baby doll at night to sleep in or maybe I should make you wear a teddy out to dinner under your clothes?” As I continued to tell Steve about other pieces of lingerie I could envision him wearing, I noticed that my pussy had fully soaked the crotch of my panties and fingers were now gliding over my clitoris and the lips of my pussy.”Do you like your new garter and thigh highs,” I asked?”Yes, they really feel great on my legs, but I would love mariobet giriş to take them off and make love to you right now,” he responded.”How do they feel? Describe them to me,” I told him.”The stockings feel so smooth on my legs and the garter belt is really a turn on, I can’t really describe it. It’s just very sensual. I can feel them all against my skin and it’s driving me mad. I want to cum so much,” he pleaded.I moved my attention to his throbbing cock again. The small spot of precum has become pretty large by now and there was a nice dark spot at the tip of his member. I reached in and pulled it out of his panties. I gripped the base and squeezed and a small drop of precum formed on the tip. I licked it off and tucked his cock back in his panties. I once again reached between my legs and rubbed my damp panties. I gently massaged the silky material back into my pussy making sure that they were good and wet and sticking to my lips.”So, what do you think about sleeping in a baby doll or sexy little nighty, would you try it. Maybe a satin or sheer one to let your entire body feel as sexy as your cock does when you are wearing satin panties. Or what about a satin or lace teddy under a nice suit when we go out to dinner? You know, the kind that snaps at the crotch and has a nice thong back, just something to think about since you won’t be able to talk for a little bit,’ I added.I went to the bedside table and pulled out a medium size dildo that we had purchased a couple of weeks ago but never got around to using because we wore ourselves out. It was a clear jelly dildo and was a little under 2″ around and about 7″ long. The base was just big enough to let it stand up on the bedside table, a size that I thought would fit in Steve’s mouth perfectly without gagging him. I straddled his chest, “Alright you are going to open up you mouth and keep this in there tightly, I don’t want you making my miss out on my orgasm since you owe me one for the handjob I gave you earlier in the car.”I took the base of the dildo and placed it in his mouth before he could say anything and he held it tightly with his teeth, which rested around the rim of it. I stood up over him and took my soaking panties off and faced away from him. I lowered my pussy to the waiting dildo. I could only imagine what was going through his mind as he watched my pussy take the tip of the dildo inside of me. I slowly began working it deeper and deeper inside of me. I would pull it out a little and then push back a little harder until I had taken the full 7” inside of me. I could feel the lips of my pussy brushing his lips when I had the full length inside of me. God did it turn me on to have him in this position. I looked at myself in the bedside mirror and almost came right then. Instead, I slowed down a little and began to pay attention to Steve. His cock was still rock hard and straining to get out of its satiny prison. I reached down and pulled his panties over his garter and stocking and started to slowly stroke his cock with my soaked panties and rub my hand over his legs, pulling on his garter when I got to the top of them.I was on the brink of an orgasm for about 10 minutes and each time I got close, I would change my rhythm just enough to keep it at bay. Steve’s hips were beginning to move rhythmically with each stroke of his cock with my panties. I moved off his cock and turned around to face him, pulled the dildo out of his mouth and mounted his swollen cock. It felt wonderful, the dildo felt great, but his cock did the trick.I reached over to the bedside table again and grabbed the KY jelly. I took his panties and put them in his mouth to keep him from talking. I took his right hand and coated his index and middle fingers. When they were fully covered I began fucking him in earnest. “Put a finger in my ass now Pantyboy,” I ordered.I felt a finger searching for my asshole and when he found it he teased the outside and slowly worked in inside of me. He grabbed my ass with his other hand and controlled the rhythm of our movements. I grabbed the front of his garters and used them to tug on a little to remind him that he was wearing them. He immediatly began to moan and pull me forcibly down on his cock, which rubbed my clitoris against him perfectly.”Now I want two fingers.” He pulled out his index finger and could feel the coolness of his second finger as it slid easily inside of my well lubricated ass along with the first one. This was as much a turn on for him as it was for me. I felt a warm pulsation inside of my pussy and I knew that he was cumming inside of me, which put me over the edge. My pussy began to spasm and my orgasm began to move through out my entire body. My ass began to get tense and it felt wonderful to have his fingers inside of me as my orgasm continued. It must have lasted for 15 seconds before I collapsed on his chest.That night I lay in bed thinking about our conversation. I was glad that I had our next shopping adventure figured out and I made up my mind that Steve would soon enjoy that full feeling in his ass as I had just a little while ago.