MORE SAUNAS STORIES MMMMMMmmmmm!!!Yes you read well, I wrote Saunas because I visited two today but the bad part is that the first sauna was so empty that I could not have any adventure ­čÖü All started with me wanting to try something different and I decided to go to a new sauna that is few blocks away from the one I had been going lately, it was just a little more money, the place not really good but not bad either but seriously there were no guys, probably because of the day I went or the time I was there, so I just stayed 1 hour, and left the place, of course I took with me the condoms and lube that they gave me is included in the price. so I walked to the other sauna and paid again, but this time I did not lose any time, and got ready and I was in the wet sauna room, I was relaxing but I was looking to a guy ohhh NO WAIT first I went to the dark room, in there was a couple they were fucking I got close to them and one of them touch my cock and so I stayed, I was jerking off the guy that was being fucked and the guy that was fucking him also grabbed my cock and they went crazy, but were done a little after I got there I have no idea how long they were there. So then after a quick shower I went inside the wet sauna room and there he was , the young guy that fucked the guy in the dark room, another older man was sucking him but older guy was looking to be sucked also, for more then he tried getting that young guy to do something with him he couldn’t and not to be mean I took older guy’s place instead. Young guy was still sitting so what I did is I joined them, k─▒br─▒s rus escort I didn’t try to kick him off but it happened, I was sucking young guy’s cock and he was saying ohhh that’s so hot, ohh you are good and I guess I did a better job then older guy because he chose to keep me and even when young guy was touching older guy’s butt and spanking him I was the one that had his favor :-)What I mean is that I did my best job as usual (I’m not bragging you can ask my Daddy ) and he was using his hands to rub on my face like nicely you know, like saying you are cute and good something like that , without words of course. So I even sucked his thumb and fingers when he was rubbing his hand on my face, I sucked his chest and nipples and he was going crazy, he even whisper into my ear, do you want me to fuck you, I said yes!!!! and he asked: Do you have a condom? I said yes I do, so without losing time he put it on, and I gave him lube and quickly I sat on his cock, started to move my butt up and down on his cock, ohhhh before that he whisper in my ear do you also move good, I said ohhh yes I do, he was crazy for the way I sucked his cock, he probably was thinking I’m a good fucker and well I am :-)(still not bragging about it )The older guy left the wet saund room and I felt bad but I went there with my mission, to suck cock and get fuck.While riding young guy’s cock, moving up and down and back and forward there was another guy was sitting there touching his huge cock; I sucked him as I was being fucked but then another k─▒br─▒s rus escort bayan guy came in and took care of guy’s big cock, but he was turning his head back looking at me doing my job mmmmm mmmmm. Young guy have a good body, cock was not bad size either, we stood up and I he slide his cock in me, I lift up a leg and put it on the (where we were sitting) so he grabbed me and fucked me so good, hard, he was going crazy and wild with me for a while until he came I came first on my hand and ate my load mmm mmmm, after that he came inside me mmmmmm, when we were done, we showered, later in the showers there was the guy with the big cock, and he grabbed his cock on the taparrabo (piece of fabric around his waist) and with his head told me if I want it, I said yes but I don’t have more condoms, so he said go quick and get some, there are condoms for I went, got the condoms and came back to wet sauna room where that guy was waiting for me, so I get in, there were two guys and I said now which one is which, is foggy in there but big cock guy moved his leg and touched mine so I knew it was him, he was laying on his back and I sat next to him, and grabbed that big cock and jerked it off soon I was sucking him good, I sucked his balls, ohh I forgot to mention, I sucked young guy balls also and also he was using his hands to guide my head where he wanted me to suck, same this big cock guy did, guide my head to let me know where he wanted me to suck on mmmmmm so then after a little time he asked me if I wanted rus k─▒br─▒s escort cock I said yes!!!!! He said put the condom on my cock and sit on it, and I did it, I was riding him and other guy came inside and looked me for a little time doing my job, I sat on that cock and moved really good on it, then his cock came out and he sat and asked me do those sit ups you did with the young guy (he meant move up and down on his cock ) so I repeat what I did, but we just stayed for a little in there, I told him I like this a lot and your cock feels so great but the heat is killing me. so we went to the dark room, and on one of the beds I was in all four and with my head and arms down just my butt by the edge of bed was up, he was standing on floor behind me and asked me, so do you have Husband? I said yessss I do, then he said wow and all this is what your Husbands eat mmmmm yes I said again, so he fucked me wow super good and harder then young guy, for a good time until he came we last very good time maybe 10 minutes or so, ohh and I did thank him and he said oh thanks to you, it felt good.After that second fuck I got, I was sore but still with little more time, so I said to myself, just one more, I went to dark rooms and lay on one of the beds well my feet on the floor, so there was another guy touching his cock by the corner of the room, he also fucked me but this guy was a little more slower and more romantic, it felt good also, ohhh and I came the third time with this last guy I was first on all four, then on my back and in the missionary position, with my legs on his shoulders he fucked me nice and good, ohh wow I had fun a lot of fun, then I left the place and went back home.While walking to the bus my legs were trembling and my boypussy was sore ohhh wow, I was missing that feeling, I can’t wait to come back for more. ­čÖé thanks for the time to read thisLove you Daddy!!!!