MOMS COLLEGE VISITMom’s College Visitbysethp©2010 all rights reserved.Jenny Crawford was excited. She had just gotten off the phone with her son and made plans to go up to visit him this weekend. He’d picked a college just out of state and it wasn’t easy for him to come home to visit. In fact she hadn’t seen him since Christmas and then he’d only stayed for a couple of days before returning.She tried to get her husband, Bill, to go with her, but as usual he was a stick in the mud and would rather sit around reading or watching bowling on TV. That was fine with her. She had plans to hang out and enjoy her son’s company and see the campus. It was going to be great. For a moment she lamented that her marriage and turned out so unfulfilling and passionless. She still loved Bill, but all the fire had gone out of him. As Jenny was loading the last of her bags in her Mercedes, Bill came out to her. He stood there for a moment admiring his wife’s large chest before speaking. She was still the most beautiful woman he had ever known. “Hey be careful driving up there Jenny.” He said. “They’re calling for a late snow storm this afternoon. In fact maybe you should call Dan and tell him you’ll come up the next weekend.””Oh no, not on your life.” Jenny replied, closing the trunk. “I saw that report earlier and I think I can get there before it begins.” Nothing was going to stop her College visit. Nothing. “You’re so hard headed.” Bill said laughing. “Don’t get a ticket!””You could always come with me.” She said, giving it one last shot.”You know I can’t this weekend babe.” He replied. “I have to finish up those sales reports.” He always had sales reports to finish. It was always something with Bill. Always.Jenny said her goodbyes and started her journey. She didn’t need Bill around to have a good time. In fact these days it was usually more fun to be without him. Just her and her son this weekend though. It was going to be great. With her bags loaded in the truck, Jenny decided that she had made a poor choice in clothing. She had worn a tight button up blouse that was very cute, but was a bit too thin and a bit too revealing. Her large chest strained against it, threatening to pop the uppermost buttons. Dan’s roommates would enjoy the show she thought. She was making good progress down the highway that morning, but was constantly reminded of the approaching storm on the radio. When a few flurries appeared, Jenny sped up quite a bit. She didn’t need to get stuck and hear Bill telling her I told you so. “Fuck!” Jenny yelled when red and blue lights started flashing behind her. She looked down at the speedometer to discover that she was going ninety-five. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Jenny pulled her Mercedes over to the side of the road and pulled out her license and registration, as the police car pulled in behind her. She wound down her window, letting in the cold winter air and waited patiently for the officer to come up to her car. Her nipples hardened instantly and she hoped they weren’t obvious under her thin blouse. She could see in her rearview window that he was very tall and had broad shoulders. He slowly approached her car.”Ma’am. Do you know why I pulled you over?” He said with standard police protocol and blandness.”Yes officer. I know I was speeding.” Jenny replied. “I just didn’t want to get stuck in the storm.” She looked up at the officer and was startled to see that his gaze was planted firmly on the deep cleavage of her chest that was revealed by her blouse. Two of the top most buttons had come undone, exposing quite a bit of her bountiful chest.”Well…I.” He stammered and then lifted his gaze up to meet her eyes.His badge said that he was Officer Smith, and up close he was much more then just tall and broad shouldered. He was very rugged and handsome. Jenny leaned towards the window just a bit, giving him a better view. She had never used her sex appeal in this brazen of a fashion before. Well not too much anyways!”Officer Smith, I’m really sorry. I didn’t even realize how fast I was going.” She said as innocently as she could manage, giving him her best lost puppy dog eyes.He smiled at her then, realizing full well that she was using her charms to her advantage here. “I suppose that I could just give you a warning…””Jenny.” She finished for him and smiling appreciatively. “Thank you Officer Smith.”Giving her cleavage one more lingering gaze, he smiled and told her to be careful and watch her speed. Jenny watched him return to his cruiser, admiring his ass as he walked away.”Wow.” Jenny said to herself. She was already having some naughty thoughts about Officer Smith. He might just be staring in her next fantasy. She definitely wasn’t getting enough. She had almost ordered Viagra for her husband without consulting him first. Officer Smith pulled away and drove past winking at her and then he was gone. Jenny started her car up, and shaking her head she headed down the highway.As Jenny neared the college, the snow was really starting to come down hard and stick to the road. Good timing, she thought. The parking lot in front of Dan’s apartment was half empty. He lived just off campus and shared a three bedroom apartment there. Jenny called her husband as soon as she pulled in and turned off her car.”I made it.” She said cheerfully.”I was starting to get worried. I’ve been watching the weather reports. Looks like it’s really going to be a bad one.” He replied. “Any problems?””Nope. The trip was great.” She decided not to tell him about being pulled over by Officer Smith. “I’ll call you tomorrow.””Ok. Tell Dan I said hello.” Just like that the call was over. There had been a time years ago, when he had been much more affectionate, even over the phone. Jenny got her bags out of the car and hurried up to Dan’s apartment. It was really getting cold out. With snowflakes in her hair and shivering, Jenny knocked on the door. A very muscular young man opened the door and his gaze instantly dropped down to her large breasts. He smiled and asked if she was here for the party.”I’m here to see my son, Dan.” She said irritated. “Can I come in now?””Oops. I didn’t mean that there was a big party going on Mrs. C….um…come in…I’m Nate.” He said and then moved aside, letting Jenny inside. With the Mrs. C comment, Jenny felt like she was in an episode of Happy Days.Dan was just coming out of the kitchen, and flashed a huge smile when he saw his mother. “Mom! I just called dad to make sure you weren’t coming up in the storm, but he said you were already here.””I wouldn’t have missed this visit for the world,” Jenny said and ran over to give her son, giving him a big hug and kissing him on the cheek. “So we’re having a big party tonight are we?” She asked with an amused smile.”Well…not exactly. I mean that’s what Nate says to everyone that comes to our door.” Dan said laughing but looking slightly embarrased “Here let me take all your bags. Follow me.”Nate strategically retreated to his own room, and Jenny followed her son into his bedroom. He sure has grown into a handsome young man, she thought as she followed him. He’d give Officer Smith a run for his money tonight if he wasn’t her son. God! I’m aweful!She was totally stunned as she stood in the midst of his room. It was spotless and completely in order. He even had a couple of towels on the bed for her. “I’m giving you the bed while you’re here and I’ll sleep on the couch. Sheets are clean and don’t say a word of protest about it. Besides the couch is very comfortable.””I am completely impressed.” She said. “Maybe there is hope for you yet!” They both laughed at that as Dan set her bags on the bed.”Nate did invite a couple of his friends over tonight to watch the game and Carol is coming over too.” He said apologetically. “I hope you don’t mind. We really didn’t think you were coming over until next weekend.””I don’t mind at all. It will be fun and I’ll spring for the pizza!” Jenny offered. This was going to be fun. “Where’s your other roommate?””Rod works nights down at campus security. He’ll be over later.””Sounds great to me. Do you mind if I change into sweats and a long sleeve t-shirt?” Jenny asked. “I know it’s not the most formal, but I’m freezing!””We don’t mind at all.” Dan said. “In fact, I’ll have a beer waiting for you when you come out.” Dan’s glance drifted down to her exposed cleavage for just a second, but Jenny caught it. “Sounds great Dan.” She replied. “I can’t tell you how great it is to see you.”Dan left the room and Jenny quickly peeled off her thin blouse. She decided to take off her bra as well and pulled on a warm long sleeve t-shirt. She looked at her self in queenbet güvenilirmi Dan’s dresser mirror and decided she didn’t look too obscene. Her breasts, though large, were still pretty firm and her nipples were barely visible beneath the fabric of the shirt. Then she took off her jeans and pulled on a pair of warm sweatpants. She looked pretty cute, she thought, just like college coed. Giving herself one more approving glance in the mirror, Jenny headed out of the bedroom.The game was already on, and Nate’s friends had arrived. As promised, Dan had a beer in hand for Jenny. All told, there were four guys on the couch including Dan, all intently watching the T.V. Nate introduced everyone, and Dan and Jenny ordered some pizza. They were lucky that the pizza place was still open. The only reason they could deliver was because it was only a block from Dan’s apartment, and they didn’t mind walking it there in the snow.Nate kept glancing over at Jenny approvingly throughout the game. I guess I’m not so old after all, Jenny thought. It made her feel attractive. She wasn’t about to flirt back though. This boy was half her age. Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. This must be Carol. Jenny thought. She had met Carol a couple of times before. She was Dan’s on again, off again girlfriend and Jenny did not approve of her. She was bitchy and ill tempered to say the least.Dan opened the door and in stormed Carol. She looked at Jenny and gave her the smallest nod of recognition and then grabbed Dan’s arm pulling him away and into his bedroom. Jenny could here some muffled arguing through the door. This couldn’t be good.Nate looked over and saw Jenny scowling in the direction of Dan’s bedroom. “Yeah, none of us like her either.” He said laughing. The rest of his crew murmured and nodded their heads in agreement.After a few moments, Dan and Carol came out of the bedroom, and joined everyone else around the television. As the came wore on, the drinks started flowing faster and beers were supplemented with shots of whisky. The only one not drinking was Carol. Every time Dan tried to be affectionate or put his arm around her, she pulled away. Bitch. Jenny thought. Carol whispered something in Dan’s ear, and then got up swiftly, pulling on her coat. She said a very curt “Good night.” To everyone and then stormed out of the apartment, slamming the door behind her. Jenny moved over beside her son. “You ok?” She said to him.”Yeah.” Dan replied. “We haven’t been getting along much lately. In fact, I don’t even know why she came over. It’s very frustrating.” He finished.”I’m sorry honey.” Jenny said and put her arm around him snuggling close to him. “You’ve still got me.” He must be frustrated in a lot of ways.”And that’s all I need.” He said smiling. “Here, do another shot with me mom.”‘ Dan said, producing two shot glasses overflowing with whiskey.”Ok but I’m going to embarrass you soon, I’m afraid. I’m getting pretty drunk.” Jenny said. It was the fourth quarter and Jenny was feeling pretty woozy. Nate had moved over to the same couch the she was on and was overtly flirting with her. He even went so far as to tell her that if she got lonely in the night she could share his bed with him. Jenny laughed it off and said that she was flattered but no thanks. Although the thought of having a young stud like him giving her what she needed, did sound like a fine idea. Too much booze and not enough lovin at home, Jenny thought sadly. If only she was younger and not married and stuck in the same apartment with her son.. Dan’s other roommate Rod, came in from work right after the game ended with two cute girls. One of them, a cute blonde with oversized breasts, ran over to Nate immediately, kissing him. Dan introduced everyone and soon Rod, Nate and the two girls disappeared into the depths of the apartment. “Dan are they? You know?” Jenny asked wide eyed.”Mom. They’re all adults. Don’t ask don’t tell.” He said with a smirk.”I’m not a prude you know. It’s just. I don’t know. I’m really tired Dan. Will you help me into my room?” Jenny said, slurring some of her words. To be a young carefree college student again with all the sexual escapades that went with it, Jenny thought. If only. Dan helped his mother to her feet, and then with an arm around her waste he walked her to her room. Dan’s arm felt so good around her waste that Jenny was disappointed when he pulled it away. His hand brushed the underside of her breast as he withdrew it. Was it an accident? “If you need anything just come out and get me.” Dan said winking at her. “I’m really glad you came up to visit mom.””Me too Dan.” She smiled up at him. “You’ve made an old woman feel like a coed again!” She finished giggling. Did he really mean anything?”The TV won’t bother you if it’s on out here will it?” Dan asked. “I’m going to have another beer or two and catch some sports highlights.””Not at all. I’ll sleep like a rock tonight anyway.” Jenny replied. “Goodnight.”His gaze seemed to drift down slightly towards her chest right before he left. You’re so hot, even your own son is checking you out. Jenny peeled off her clothes and got into bed falling instantly to sleep.Jenny dreamed about driving through the snow storm and being pulled over again. This time, in her dream she unbuttoned her blouse all the way to give Officer Smith a much better view. He told her to get out of her car and follow him. He led her back to his cruiser and opened the back door. He told her to get undressed and she obeyed him, right there on the side of the highway. Then she crawled into the back seat spreading her legs wide for him. He had already taken off his belt and pants and was soon on top of her. She gasped as he entered her.”Oh Yeah!” Jenny Moaned as he fucked her. “Oh Officer Smith, giveme that big cock!” She needed this.”Who’s Officer Smith?” A familiar voice asked. Jenny snapped awake. “Oh fuck!” Jenny grunted. She was being fucked for real and it felt so good. There was a large cock plowing into her. She needed it. God did she need it.She could feel his muscular chest smashed against her large breasts. His head was next to hers and his shoulder against her chin. He had his arms around her for leverage and he was really giving it to her good. She wrapped her legs around him pulling him in deeper. He was so well endowed. “Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming!” She shrieked as her pussy spasmed around his enormous cock. It had been so long. Her mystery lover’s body tensed above her and he lifted himself up, thrusting more urgently and came inside her with a groan. She good feel his cock twitching inside her as he filled her pussy up with his sperm. She looked up as he came. She wanted to see Nate cum. It wasn’t Nate.”Dan!” She yelled in horror, still impaled on his cock. He was still thrusting into her in long slow strokes. “Ung.” She moaned. It felt so good. She knew that she could cum again if he kept this up.”I thought…You grabbed my cock….you didn’t know?” He replied, looking very unsure of himself, but he kept up his steady thrusting. He could always keep going after cuming and she wasn’t trying to stop him.Jenny remembered in her dream that she had grabbed what she thought was Officer Smith’s cock, stroking him to full hardness before he entered her. Dan must have crawled into his own bed last night without thinking and her dream had sealed their fate. She needed to push him off of her and yell at him to get the fuck out of the room. She needed to stop this right now. She needed to leave and get in her car and drive back home this very minute. She needed Dan to keep fucking her like this all night.”Keep fucking me like that.” She pleaded.Dan leaned forward and kissed his mother on the lips as his cock thrust deep inside her. Jenny moaned into his mouth. He reached up grabbing one of her enormous breasts and gently kneaded it. Jenny smiled up at him. He really had been checking her out. This was a little bit more than an accident.”Let me on top.” She demanded.Dan rolled off and onto his back and Jenny straddled him grabbing his wet cock and guiding it into her sopping pussy. She slid down his cock, leaning forward, offering her hanging boobs to her son. He sucked one of her nipples into his mouth, biting it hard as Jenny started to fuck him. She loved having her nipples sucked. Dan paid equal attention to both of her breasts as Jenny picked up her pace, grinding her clit against Dan as she rode his massive cock.”That’s right. Momma’s gonna cum again baby.” Jenny moaned and started to quiver in another orgasm. “Can you cum again baby?” She asked after her orgasm subsided.”Not queenbet yeni giriş like this.” Dan responded.”Let me take care of that.” Jenny said, removing herself from his cock. I can’t believe that I’m going to do this.Jenny moved her head down between Dan’s legs and then sucked his cock into her mouth. She heard him gasp as she took him in. He was so large. She stuffed as much of it into her mouth as she could, until it was against the back of her throat. Sliding her tongue along the underside of his cock, she worked her lips up to his head and then back down as far as she could. She was drooling out the sides of her mouth, desperately trying to make her son cum. She was such a bad mom.She increased both her tempo and her suction, grabbing his balls firmly as well. She could feel his cock swelling in her mouth, knowing he was seconds away. He grunted as he started shooting into her mouth. Jenny swallowed every drop of his sperm, releasing him from her mouth when he was finished.She crawled up, snuggling against him. “How was that?””That was…I can’t even begin…m…” he stammered.”That was yummy.” Jenny replied pulling the covers over them. It felt so good to be cuddling with her son. He wasn’t just well endowed; he was very handsome and had a great body as well. Before the reality of the situation had time to creep in, they both fell asleep together in each other’s arms.Jenny woke up. Her phone was ringing. She slid out of bed and grabbed it off of the dresser. “Hello?””Hey baby.” Her husband said cheerily. “Did I wake you?””Yeah…yeah you did.” Jenny said groggily and hung over. She felt like shit.”Have you looked outside yet?” He asked.”No. What do you mean?” She asked looking over at the bed. Dan was lying there asleep and totally naked. She suddenly remembered what had happened in the middle of the night. “Oh no.” She said quietly.”That’s right. You did it now.” He said.”I did?” She said defensively.”Calm down will you?” Bill asked. “You didn’t know.””I didn’t. I really didn’t. I’m sorry.” She said nearly in tears. How did he know?”Did you have any idea what you were getting into when you drove up there yesterday?” He asked.”Of course not!” She almost yelled.”Well, it looks like you’ll be stuck there for a couple of days at least after that storm. Everything’s closed. You guys still have power after all that snow?” Bill asked.”Snow? You’re talking about snow.” Jenny almost whispered.”Jesus! Will you drink some coffee or something and wake the fuck up? Call me later.” Bill then hung up.Of course he was talking about snow. What the fuck is wrong with me? Jenny knew exactly what was wrong with her. She had let her son cum in her pussy and in her mouth last night and she felt guilty. Now she was stuck in an apartment with her son for at least two more days. What was she going to do? You’re going to take a hot shower and get some coffee. When Jenny got out of the shower, Dan had already left the bedroom. Drying off she looked in the mirror and noticed that she had a hickey on her left breast, just above her nipple. He had given her a hickey last night, symbolically marking her as his. She didn’t quite know what to think about that. Jenny pulled on a t-shirt and some sweatpants and some really cute little rainbow colored toe socks, and with a deep breath she ventured out in search of coffee.She walked into the kitchen to see Dan and Nate busy pouring coffee and getting bagels and cream cheese ready.”Oh Hi mom.” Dan said little bit too cheerfully. No one else would have noticed that it was slightly forced, Jenny thought. “How did you sleep?””Fine.” She said. “I need coffee now though or I might die.” Laughing Nate produced a steaming cup of coffee for her and pointed towards the sugar and creamer on the counter. Jenny realized that she should have worn a bra under her t-shirt as Nate’s eyes kept drifting down to her chest. At this point she didn’t give a fuck though. “Did you get a chance to look out the window mom?” Dan asked. He hadn’t made eye contact with her yet this morning.”Yes and your father called me as well. It looks like I’ll be stuck here for a few days with you guys.” Jenny said.”We don’t mind at all Mrs. C.” Nate chimed in.”Of course we don’t.” Dan said trying hard not to look in his mother’s direction.”Thanks boys.” Jenny said already half way through her cup of coffee. “What about Rod?””He left to go stay at his girlfriend’s house.” Nate replied. “You probably won’t see him again.”Good morning everyone!” A cheery little voice said from the kitchen doorway.Jenny turned to see the same girl that had been with Nate last night. She was very cute and petite with short blonde hair. She was dressed much the same as Jenny was in a t-shirt and sweat pants. She was also sporting a huge pair of obviously fake breasts that jutted out from her small frame obscenely and she was obviously not wearing a bra either. “Well good morning Tammy.” Nate said walking over and giving her a quick kiss on the lips.”Good morning Tammy.” Jenny said. “Looks like we’re all stuck here for a few days.””Yes it does.” Tammy said. “It will be fun…as long as the power doesn’t go out!”After devouring the bagels and finishing off all the coffee they all cleaned up and Nate and Tammy went back to Nate’s room.”We need to talk Dan.” Jenny said as soon as they were alone. “Last night. It was a mistake and we can’t let it happen again.””Ok.” Dan said turning and looking at her for the first time that morning. “I’m ok. It’s ok. Are you ok?””I’m the mother. That’s my line.” She said with a smile. Then she walked over giving Dan a big hug. “I’m ok. Let’s make the best of this weekend.””Deal.” Dan said.Jenny turned suddenly at the sound of a scream coming from Nate’s room.Dan laughed and then said. “It’s ok. She’s a screamer.””You mean they’re?” She asked. “Yes they are.” Dan replied. “And they will be the entire time we’re stuck here.””Oh my god.” Jenny said and they both cracked up laughing.Jenny and Dan busied themselves throughout the day, going through pictures that she had brought down for him and doing laundry. It was as if nothing had happened except that Jenny kept stealing glances at Dan every chance she got. Was he doing the same for her?The pizza shop was still open and they all ordered pizza, chicken wings and beer for dinner. Jenny was determined to keep her drinking in check tonight. No drunken repeat of the night before. It was a good meal and Jenny found that she really enjoyed Tammy’s company. She wasn’t as ditzy as she had first appeared. She had a wicked sense of humor that rivaled Jenny’s.”What are you guys up for tonight?” Tammy asked.”Anything!” Nate yelled with a piece of cheese hanging out of his mouth. “Nothing.” Dan said. “I’m still zonked from last night.” “Zonked? What kind of word is that, you ass?” Nate chided him, laughing. “I’m pretty wiped out myself.” Jenny said.”Oh Mrs. C!” Tammy exclaimed. “Don’t tell me you’re going to wimp out on me and leave up all alone with these two ogres!” Something in Tammy’s eyes said that she wouldn’t mind that at all.”Call me Jenny.” Jenny said, correcting her, and feeling competitive with this pretty young thing. “I can handle anything that you can.” That was probably a lie.Nate had already produced a fifth of whiskey and four shot glasses as well as a fresh beer for everyone. It wasn’t long before half the bottle of whiskey was gone and everyone was on their way to being drunk. Jenny was already there. She excused herself to go to the bathroom, trailing a hand across Dan’s crotch as she stood up. When Jenny opened the door to leave the bathroom, Tammy was standing there. “I know what you did last night. I heard you.” Tammy said.Jenny just stood there open mouthed.”I…I want to watch you tonight.” Tammy said.”Nothing happened. Nothing is going to happen.” Jenny said defensively. “I’ve been watching the way you keep looking at Dan and touching him. Don’t lie to me Mrs. C.” Tammy said. “I’m going to watch you.” Then she walked b past her into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.Jenny walked back to the table and poured herself another shot as soon as she sat down.”Damn Mom, you better slow down.” Dan laughed.”Trust me Dan. I really need this.” Jenny said tossing it back. Tammy didn’t say another word when she came back to the table. She just motioned to Nate to follow her and with a wink to both Dan and Jenny; he jumped up following her back to his bedroom. What the fuck did Tammy want? I have no intention of fucking my son again, let alone let some fake titted, little bitch watch me.Jenny and Dan sat there on the couch watching TV. The queenbet giriş news was on, and there was more snow forecast for the night and next day. Great. Just great.”Dan…does Nate know what happened last night? With us?” Jenny asked, turning to look at her son. “No…I mean….I don’t think so. Maybe.” Dan sounded very unsure of himself. “Maybe? Maybe?” Jenny said incrediously. “This is turning into a nightmare. Do you realize what could happen if….” Jenny’s eyes started to water.”Nothing will happen.” Dan said putting his arm around his mother and pulling her close. “Nate is a complete freak and would never say a word to anyone about anything, and that’s if he even knows anything anyway. If you’re worried about Tammy…don’t be. She has so many skeletons in her closet that she wouldn’t dare say anything. Shit I’m drunk and I’m rambling. I really am going to sleep on the couch tonight.””Thanks.” Jenny said and then let Dan help her up. He walked her back to the bedroom and gave her a kiss on the forehead and then left closing the door behind him. Whew! If he wouldn’t have left right then, I’m not sure I could have let him leave.Jenny peeled off her clothes and folded them neatly in the corner chair and then slipped on a small tank top that let the sides of her breasts show. It was comfortable and at least it was something if she had to get out of bed. She was soon sound asleep. Officer Smith was paying her another visit in her dreams and so was Dan. Jenny woke up to find that she had a hand down between her legs. I’ve got to get a grip. She also needed to get a drink of water. She swung out of bed and opened the bedroom door. Jenny walked past the couch on the way to the kitchen and Dan wasn’t on it. He wasn’t in the kitchen either. After getting a glass of water, Jenny walked over to the bathroom to find it completely empty as well. Where is he?Rod’s door was open and Jenny peaked in there thinking that he might have preferred a bed to the couch. It was just as empty as the rest of the apartment. That’s when she heard Tammy’s muffled grunting coming from Nate’s room. She’s usually a lot louder than that. She sounds like she has something in her mouth. The door was open, just a crack, and there was a faint light seeping out. Jenny couldn’t help herself, she just had to look. She knew what she was going to see before she peered in. was She was slightly surprised to find that it made her jealous and angry. Jenny put her eye up to the opening and looked inside. She gasped at the sight of little, petite Tammy sandwiched between Dan and Nate. Tammy was on her hands and knees on the bed, with Nate fucking her hard from behind and Dan fucking her face. Tammy grunted around Dan’s cock with each one of Nate’s powerful thrusts behind her. She was taking almost all of Dan’s cock in her mouth and throat. Jenny slipped a hand inside of her panties, rubbing her clit. She really wanted to step inside and pull Dan out of Tammy’s mouth and replace it with her own. He was hers. What’s wrong with me? Jenny slipped a finger inside her pussy. She was so wet. This is so wrong. Dan pulled his cock out of Tammy’s mouth. “Oh fuck yes! I’m cumming!” Tammy yelled.Nate kept fucking her with long hard thrusts as Tammy shook in orgasm. Tammy looked over at the door as she was cumming, making eye contact with Jenny. Jenny froze, hoping she wouldn’t say anything and that the boys hadn’t seen her as well.”Dan. Give me back that big cock of yours. Do I suck it better than she did?” Tammy said huskily. Who was she talking about? Carol? “Do I suck your cock better than your mother did last night Dan?” Tammy said between grunts. “She’s watching us you know.” Dan stopped just as he was about to push his cock into Tammy’s mouth again. Both he and Nate turned towards the door. Jenny stood there in the open doorway with her finger in her pussy. Nate grinned at her and Dan looked at her intently, trying to judge how she was going to react. He needn’t have worried. Jenny pulled her hand out of her panties and walked into the room and over to Dan.”No you don’t suck cock as good as me you little slut.” Jenny said and knelt down in front of Dan, sucking him into her mouth. Fuck you! he’s mine.”Oh shit!” Tammy said smiling. Jenny had Dan’s cock all the way in her mouth and down her throat. Drooling around his cock, she slid her mouth up do the head and then worked her way down to the base of his cock again. It only took a few minutes of this for Dan to start cumming. His cock twitched and he erupted into his mother’s mouth. Jenny swallowed all of his ejaculate, giving his cock one last powerful suck to make sure she had every last drop. She released Dan’s cock from between her lips, savoring the taste of his cum, and turned to look at Tammy. Nate had pulled out from behind Tammy, and had his cock buried down her throat now. Nate’s body tensed as he filled Tammy’s mouth with his load. When he was done cumming he pulled out and fell back on the bed. “Mrs. C, that was so hot.” Tammy said.”Are you mad mom?” Dan asked, getting down on the floor next to his mother.”No.” Jenny said. “No but this stays in this room or I’ll be ruined.” “Well no shit Mrs. C!” Tammy said crawling off the bed. “This little threesome has been our secret for some time now. I’m not about to let either of these two studs go. You don’t need to worry as long as you don’t mind sharing with me.”Tammy was down on the floor next to Jenny. “Let’s play a game.” She said. “Come here guys.” Tammy was definitely the dominant one in this group. Jenny wasn’t sure if she could handle that. She only wanted her son.Both boys came over and stood in front of Jenny and Tammy. Tammy grabbed Nate’s semi hard cock and then sucked it into her mouth. Jenny did the same with Dan. There was no need to explain the game. Jenny had played this one in college often. Whoever made their man cum first was the winner. What do we win? Jenny wasn’t about to lose this one.Tammy was making obscene slurping noises as she worked on Nate’s cock. Saliva was leaking out of her mouth and down her chin onto her big fake tits. Jenny was working Dan down her throat again. Tammy was good but she couldn’t deep throat. Dan was groaning in pleasure as his cock disappeared into his mother’s mouth again and again. Jenny looked over to see Tammy stroking Nate’s thick cock and sucking his balls into her mouth. Nate’s grunting was becoming more urgent. He was getting closer. Jenny decided that she needed to change her tactics if she was going to win this. She pulled her mouth off of Dan’s cock. He looked down at her in disappointment but that was short lived. Jenny peeled off her tiny tank top exposing her massive breasts and large nipples. Then she pulled Dan closer letting his cock nestle between her boobs. She grabbed her giant tits, wrapping them around Dan’s cock. Dan didn’t need an invitation to start fucking his mother’s tits. Dan’s cock was soaked with Jenny’s saliva and slid through the tunnel of her tits with ease. Jenny looked her son in the eye. “I love you. Cum for me baby. Cum all over my tits.” Obviously the most erotic thing Dan had ever heard in his life, it was enough to put him over the edge and with a grunt he erupted, shooting ropes of cum between Jenny’s tits, splattering her neck and chin in the process. When he was finished, Jenny hefted a boob up to her mouth and licked a strand of his sperm into her mouth. Nate grunted about a minute too late and came in Tammy’s mouth. Tammy let his cum ooze out between her lips and his cock. “Well aren’t we a mess.” Tammy said giggling again. “Congratulations.” She said to Jenny after Nate had pulled away.Jenny had to admit that she felt proud to have beaten Tammy at this little game. “What do I win?” Haven’t I already won or lost everything? It was then, that she noticed that both Nate and Dan were still both rock hard. “You mean you two can go again? Just like that? After that? That’s two times already.””Yes they’re incredible little fuck machines. Why do you think I keep them both to myself?” Tammy said. “Right now you’ve just won a fuck by Nate.”Tammy crawled over to Jenny then, pushing her back gently to the floor. She climbed on top of Jenny and kissed her. Jenny licked Nate’s sperm from around Tammy’s mouth and chin between kisses. When Tammy was cleaned up, she got off of Jenny. Nate had maneuvered over between Jenny’s legs.”Are you ready for me Mrs. C?” He said grinning. “I’ve been waiting for this all weekend.””Give it to me please.” Nate slowly pushed his large cock into Jenny’s pussy until he was in all the way. He was so large. It felt so wonderful. Nate fucked her with slow deep thrusts. Jenny looked over at Dan, worried that he would be jealous about being left out. She needn’t have worried. He was balls deep inside Tammy, fucking her hard on the bed. I don’t think I’m ever going home. I’m already home. I’m already home. This is my home now.The End