Momentary lightness of beingI had sex with poetry last nightin a dim lit setting fit for admiringthe muscle’s that faded off the candlelight perfect in every way was her undressand beautiful was her bare nakednesstender was her love as she express to me isveçbahis yeni giriş her poetic intercoursekisses faded into your lipsas mine disappeared hands rushing on bare skin pulling at our most sensitive spotsour heartsbeating isveçbahis giriş as one our bodies creatingthis sexual ball as if the juice’s we form became one with selfon the road to her poetic intercourseI’m thirsty for you and all you wantto isveçbahis güvenilirmi share with me our tongues and fingers intertwine legs in a bindour souls reaching out to each otheron our journey to her poetic intercoursedreams was made that night a new me and youwas created that night as we shared ourselves with each other we created a beautiful poemwith our love we wrote into this sweet enduring sexual scribe with her poetic intercoursewe shaped our hearts around our dreams to be together foreverher poetic intercourse