Mom Adventures In Village–3

Please read my previous stories. Mom sexy adventures leads to pregnant.

Next early morning I am went to village president house to get the copy of fucking session that was recorded in farm house.

When I reached his home, he welcomed me by calling come mother fucker.

Iam winked at him.

Me: sir I want that video that was last recorded in farm house.

Vp: wait before you leaving this village we can make more videos of her and make it as album .

Me : ok sir. So what is your next plan..

Vp: may be this weekend I will take your mom to Bangalore.

Me : why sir?

Vp: that mla showed the video to minister. So minister want your mom.

Me : ok sir but already she is pregnant.

How can she take dick which may damage her womb.

Vp: I am also dont know about that . Today we can take her to hospital to get information about that.

Ok you wait and we will go to town hospital to check her.

When we both reached our house mom was not in the home. But mom moaning sound was come from the backyard.

We got stunned because kumar fucking mom from back in doggy style. Mom bra and panty was on the way to backyard.We got stunned because kumar fucking mom from back in doggy style. Mom pussy was teared by his 10 inch cock.

While fucking he commented how many dicks this pussy received other than your husband.

Mom : dont call me bitch am like your mother.

Kumar : I am already fucked that bitch many times.

Mom: is it sin to fuck own mom ?

Kumar: no amutha. She is the best bitch in this village before you came here.

He fucked almost every men in the village.

Mom : but why she not got pregnant.Last two days I fucked by village president now I am pregnant.

Kumar : are you pregnant now ?

Mom: yes kumar I am pregnant now because of village president.

Kumar : amutha he having more political friends. May be he making you perfect slut so be careful.

Mom: how you tell bad about him. He is a nice person.

Kumar: amutha have you seen my mom ambika sex with my dad.

Mom : no. On that day also your dad fucking me only not your mom. Why he is not fucking her.

Kumar: that village president one day fucks mom and ambika at the time dad enters the room he also shocked to she his shy wife fucked by village president.

The village president tries to convince my dad. But my dad lustfully see his sister and they both fucking that two bitch. You know the village president having cameras in his home. In that clearly shows my dad fuck his sister.

He black mailed my dad that to not fuck mom ambika.

Every day night my mom . Wents to get fuck by vp. One day mom coming home in the early morning in a shocking state her body was full of sperm.Ass pussy and hair also.

Dad questioned about what happened ambika that village president serves my body to mla and minister and her supporters they are more than 20 numbers.They gang banged me in every corner of the house.

My dad got angry and went to vp house to fight. But he shows the video in that my mom only allows all to fuck her. She also shouted I want more.

Now dad become silent.

Mom: but she is not get pregnant ah?

Kumar: no, after that mom become 3 to four times pregnant because of vp.But dad takes mom to abortion for that four times.

Ok bitch now tell is vp is good person or not?

Mom : he wont do that to me.

Kumar: then it is your wish.

Kumar fucks her with full force.

Mom squirts this time.

And now he fucks her like horse for the 20 minutes and cummed inside her pussy.

Now precum also oozed from my dick.

Me: is ambika still having fertile womb?

Vp: I dont know. Why you are asking?

Me : I want to impregnant her with my c***d.

Vp: but karan wont allow.

Me : then what I can do.

Vp : that doubt also we can ask from doctor.

Now we both entered the backyard by calling her name.

Mom tries to dress herself.

Vp: caught kumar and old bastard how dare you fuck my darling with out condom that too you cummed in her pussy.Even her son fucks her with condom.

Now mom eye meets me .

When my son fucked me tell sir.

Vp:he fucks you blindfolded.

Mom: I cant feel it is my son fucking me.

Vp: you only told when mla asking who is fucking good?

You answered the one who is fucking me now. That is your own son.

Mom : iss any one knows about mother son relation.

Vp: everyone knows.

But vp directly goes to mom and told her that I want to prove who is master in fucking you.

He fucks very rough in her pussy. But he not meet the g spot.

So he told stand in four and taking her in doggy style. Within a minute mom reaches his orgasm. He fucks her like horse riding by taking her hair in riding from back.

This time only I remembered about the album.Then take camera from car . And started shooting.

He cummed in her pussy.

Now kumar go takes her pussy y spreading her legs and putting one of her legs in shoulder and give deep strokes and now she breathing heavily her boobs shaking heavily.

Suddenly mom shouted ahhh…

You are fucking good ….

Usssh …. Hmmm .. Now she orgasmed .

But kumar fucking her for more than thirty minutes in that time she orgasmed three times. But kumar told now bitch you tell who is best.

Mom commented wait mother fucker available.

He cummed on her eye.

Now iam going to take her from the back like vp.

I give gentle strokes first and then increasing my speed. But she squirted in 2 minutes.

Next I am put my dick her in ass hole and fucking and the same time rubbing her clits and started kissing her lips.

Now vp commented this is real love .But I want to prove who is best fucking. And I am started to give hard strokes.Now she moaning very loud and I think she reached her orgasm. So I take out my dick.

Her whole body shaking like a fish when it comes to land.

She started squirting and her eye balls are hiding I think she going to u*********s.

But she got a massive orgasm and squirting for more than 10 seconds.

Now I penetrate by taking her in my hand and giving strokes.I am fucking her in the state for more than 45 minutes in that she orgasmed 5 times and now I am reaching my climax so I put dick in her asshole and fucking and cummed inside after that she kissed me and said you are the best one.

Now vp come and told to mom to became ready for to got hospital.