Milking Time B4 Chapter 7 Enter The VectransChapter 7: Enter The VectransWhile Barocca and Jeanne were busy in Dee Dee’s lab earlier that night, creating a clone of Barocca, they had indeed covered all their tracks, and made their presence undetectable to anyone on the Island.What they could not possibly have known, was that the ‘miracle software’ that Barocca had received, was alien in nature. Whenever the software was activated, it sent out a unique signal, or identifying beacon. This signal was not detectable by any communications devices currently in use on Earth. It utilized parts of the frequency spectrum that current Earth tech-nology would not be able to effectively use for almost twenty years. However, just because no one on Earth could interpret the signal, it did not mean that the signal went unreceived.Out in the depths of space, somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, the sleek starship Delphi 4 streaked though the void, making its sensory probes, as part of its research and exploration mission.Calista, cadet second class, recently graduated from the Academy, sat at her station, trying not to nod off at her post. When she had signed on in the Military after graduation, she had assumed she would be assigned somewhere that there was at least a fair amount of action and events taking place.She hadn’t counted on being assigned to a boring, routine duty, on a ship so far off the beaten path of habitation and civilization in this sector of the galaxy. The only thing even close to habitation in many parsecs was a little mudball listed as Terra, or ‘Earth’, as the inhabitants called it.The planet was inhabited, but the Federation’s classification of the planetoid still placed their civilization considerably below what passed for acceptable levels of establishing contact and communications. The planet’s population had recently developed nuclear weapons, and the nations of that world still couldn’t peacefully coexist. They’d almost blown their planet back to the Stone Age, and the Federation wanted no part of them, until they showed greater signs of maturing.Calista glanced at her chronometer. Still almost two hours before her shift was over. Maybe she could see about switching to a more conventional shift with one of the other girls later on. Granted out here in space, it was always ‘night’ to her, because it was her first trip into deep space, but maybe being on a more normal schedule would sit better with her.Calista was almost ready to make an excuse, and have one of the other girls cover for her, as she took a restroom break, when her display console lit up.A signal beacon was coming in across the ship’s sensors. “This shouldn’t be happening,” thought Calista. “We’re the only starship in this sector of the galaxy. We’re out of effective communications range with just about anything.”Calista ran a quick check on her equipment. It was calibrated, and working perfectly. She captured a readout of the unusual display readings on her monitor, and began researching it. The current manuals and specification listings showed no match for it.On a hunch, Calista pulled out one of the older manuals from the storage cabinet, which was at least ten years old. Thumbing through it, Calista eventually found a match for the frequency among the older, outdated types of technology that the Federation had once used.”I knew this looked familiar,” thought Calista. “I remember one of my instructors going over this in a history class, back at the Academy. I never thought I’d see it in use though. The current technology we have is so far ahead of this, it’s not even funny.”Still, we are supposed to report any type of unusual findings on this mission, so I’d better notify the Lieutenant about this.” Calista reached for the intercom button, and contacted Lieutenant Rayleena, who was First Officer on the bridge at the time.”Lieutenant, I think I have something that you should see here,” said Calista.”What’ve you found Calista? I was under the impression that there weren’t any planets with a civilization advanced enough for us to consider contacting in this sector.””That was my assumption too, sir. But I’ve verified the frequency in one of our older Tech Manuals. Someone on Terra is using our technology. Granted it appears to be quite a bit out of date, but it’s definitely ours from the signature frequency beacon on it.””Get a printout of it, and bring a hard copy of it to me on the bridge right away, Calista.”Calista did as she was instructed, and brought the data to Rayleena on the bridge a few moments later. As she scanned the data, Rayleena’s brow furrowed with concentration as she interpreted the data.”I’ll be damned. I never expected to see this again.””What is it, sir?” asked Calista.”I think that this is the same technology that we lost when one of our probe ships, the Vega, crashed on Earth, over thirty years ago. When we went back a few months later to pick up the pieces, the Earthlings assured us that all the computers and software on the ship had been destroyed in the crash. Evidently some of it survived after all.”This happened long before you were in the service, Calista. But the Captain and I were both part of the mission sent to Earth to mop up, and tie up loose ends. We worked with one of their government agencies to keep things on a hush-hush level. We made it perfectly clear that if we found out that they were caught later on using our technology without our consent, that there’d be hell to pay.””The transmission I received was two bursts, earlier tonight, sir. A little over ninety minutes all together by them.””Who knows just what the hell they’re up to with it,” muttered Rayleena. “But I think the Captain will definitely want to know about this.”The race inhabiting the starship was called the Vectrans. They were essentially another humanoid race that had sprung up millions of years ago in another galaxy. Over many thousands of years, the Vectrans had perfected the art of melding, changing and shaping their bodies. They had to undergo a series of medical treatments to be able to accomplish this, but anyone who could afford the treatments could do it. The planets they had evolved on were larger, and had a stronger gravity than that of Earth. As a result, the average adult female was at least seven feet tall, and strongly muscled. The males tended to be at least eight feet in height, and even more powerful. Although the Vectrans were considerably asyabahis yeni giriş taller than humanoid life on Earth, their bodies and skeletal structures were so perfectly proportioned, that they had to be seen next to a smaller being, or something of a known size, for someone to really notice their size difference.Although a large part of the Vectran population still clung to the long-established roles of basic ‘male’ and ‘female’ sexual characteristics, many of them had embraced the ability to shape and change their bodies, as their medical science made it possible.The most popular sect was that of a female body, combined with a male’s penis, or what we on Earth would call a ‘shemale’. The Vectrans of this sect could alter their bodies upon command, allowing them to become shemales when it was time for sex, and totally female when there were other duties to perform. This unusual arrangement had worked out surprisingly well in the Military, where ships could be outfitted with a completely female crew, who could still function without the need for any males on board.The current starship, Delphi 4, was one such ship. The Military and the Federation had run extensive compatibility tests on the entire crew, in both simulated combat and tactical maneuvers, as well as various social interactions. The brass had been satisfied that the crew of Delphi 4 could not only hold its own if it came to a fight, but that the all female roster would be able to find enough companions among themselves and coexist socially as well.They had selected Lieutenant Commander Rhiannon for her long and outstanding service record, and promoted her to a full Captain, and given her the Delphi 4 as her first command. Rhiannon had been thrilled to find out about the promotion. “It was about fucking time that the boneheads in the top brass had finally recognized my ability, and gave me the credit I deserve,” she had thought.About the only thing that had gone wrong, was the fleet had assigned Rhiannon and the Delphi 4 to the most desolate section of the galaxy they could find. It was the equivalent of putting the new Sheriff in a one-horse town. Rhiannon knew that this tour of duty couldn’t last forever though. Sooner or later it would be over, and then they’d be assigned to somewhere where the action was.In the meantime, there wasn’t a hell of a lot to do when you weren’t on duty. The crew of the Delphi 4 was about two-thirds shemales, or ‘shifters’, or ‘melders’ as they were sometimes called. The few holdouts would almost definitely want to be converted to shemales, once they had been with some of the more experienced crewmembers a few times.As Captain of the starship, Rhiannon had her pick of many of the very most desirable crewmembers for her pleasure partners. Some of the younger officers could play their little power games, and try to influence the newer girls; or try to advance through the ranks on their own through sexual favors. But rank had its privileges, damn it, and Rhiannon was certainly enjoying those now!Rhiannon stood several inches over seven feet tall, and had a superbly muscled figure. In Terran years, both she and Rayleena were over sixty years old. But the regeneration treatments that were commonplace for her planet’s citizens had kept them both looking young and vibrant. Each could easily pass for a woman less than half her age with no difficulty.Rhiannon had a clean, handsome face that was still attractive to look at. Years of military duty had caused her face to age ever so slightly. Yet when she was off duty, or in the arms of a lover, she still had a face that would turn many heads in appreciation. Her hair was jet black, and she kept it somewhat short, cut just above her shoulders. Rhiannon’s skin was a light tanned color from spending times in the sun decks after her workouts were finished. She didn’t have the absolute biggest set of breasts on the ship, but she certainly wasn’t flat-chested. Her breasts were full and nicely sculpted, and her nipples were thick protruding buds, with teats that were thicker than her thumbs.Rhiannon had a cock that was probably the most magnificent piece of meat on the entire ship. Over three feet long, it was at least four inches wide, with a head that was bigger than her clenched fist. Mounted at the base of her cock were two massive testicles that not even Rhiannon could completely grip in one of her hands. Rhiannon also possessed a cunt that could swallow any cock almost up to the size of her own. She had made many partners, males, females and shemales, swoon in ecstasy, when she had given herself to them.Rhiannon was deep in the throes of passion with her partner for tonight, a lovely blonde named Vantha, who was one of the senior Lieutenants in one of the Engineering Departments. The two girls had known each other for many years, and fucked each other for nothing more than their lust for pleasure.Rhiannon was riding up and down on Vantha’s cock, as Vantha lay on her back on the bed. Although not as huge as Rhiannon, Vantha had over two feet of her own cockmeat shoved in her lover’s pussy. Rhiannon’s cock was still huge enough that she could ride up and down on Vantha’s meat, and her own cock could still reach all the way to Vantha’s mouth. Vantha had her lips stretched around Rhiannon’s bulbous cockhead, swallowing the massive helmet entirely.After fucking back and forth like this for twenty minutes, Rhiannon eventually felt herself shoot past the point of no return. Her cock began throbbing and shaking like a fire hose. Vantha clamped down harder on her cockhead, and sucked as fast as she possibly could. At the same time, Vantha began pumping her cock in and out of Rhiannon’s pussy hard enough so that her balls slapped against Rhiannon’s rump.Rhiannon screamed in ecstasy, as she felt her cock shoot off like a missile in Vantha’s mouth. Vantha easily swallowed the huge flow of jism, as it cascaded into her throat. Rhiannon could feel Vantha’s cock shooting off its own load inside her body, as her white-hot sperm seemed to make her belly glow with an inner fire. Each girl shot off like a rocket into the other girl for over a minute, before their orgasms subsided. Both Vectran girls relaxed their cocks so that they were no longer erect, and they gently pulled out of each other. Because of their greater physical size, and the fact that they had been used to oversized cocks for so much longer, asyabahis güvenilirmi the Vectran shemales could absorb cock and sperm in phenomenal levels that girls on Earth would only wonder in awe at, if they saw them at play.Rhiannon was just about to suggest to Vantha that they do it one more time, and call it a night, when the intercom buzzed. It was Rayleena from the Command Deck. Rhiannon swore under her breath, and answered the buzzer.”Damn it, Rayleena,” said Rhiannon, plainly irritated at being interrupted. “Haven’t I explicitly told you that I’m not to be disturbed when I’m intimate with someone? I had my cabin coded to show “Do Not Disturb” for a reason on the com link. This had damn well better be important for you to bother me like this, girl.””I’m terribly sorry for the intrusion, Captain. But I believe Calista has found a definite beacon for some of that missing software that you specifically told me to watch out for.”Rhiannon stood up at the side of the bed, as Rayleena’s words registered on her. As she got up, both Rhiannon and Vantha exercised the mental control over their cocks, and they disappeared. Thanks to tremendous advances in their medical science, the Vectran race had long ago developed the ability to shape and meld their bodies over thousands of years. Those who had received the proper medical treatments could do this literally on demand. The result was that they could shape or alter themselves into their shemale or other forms at will, when it was time for lovemaking, and discard them when they were called to other duties.”Are you absolutely positive about this, Rayleena?” she asked.”Yes, Commander. I was skeptical about Calista’s findings at first too. But all of the information has been checked in some of the older Technical Manuals. We believe it’s definitely the signature beacon from the software packages that were installed on the explorer ship Vega, when it crashed on Earth, over thirty years ago.””All right, Rayleena. Thank you for the notice. I’ll be on the bridge in ten minutes.”Rhiannon switched the intercom off, and turned to Vantha. “Those little sons of bitches,” muttered Rhiannon to herself. “Over thirty years ago when we went back to pick up the pieces, the Earthlings swore up and down that everything on the Vega had been destroyed when the ship crashed. I thought it was pretty damn peculiar when they showed us the salvaged hull of the ship, that every electronic and computer component had been almost surgically removed from inside it.”Rayleena and I tried to point out to the brass, that those little bastards had obviously cannibalized our ship, but they wouldn’t listen to us. The powers that be back then didn’t figure that an outdated piece of technology in the hands of the Earthlings merited a military action or a response. They still didn’t regard their civilization as being advanced enough to be included in the Federation yet. So they told us to abort the mission, and return home. “This little fiasco has been the only black mark on my record in my career, Vantha. Even though the two of us were only junior officers back then, I think they’ve used it as an excuse not to advance Rayleena and myself as fast as some of the other officers.”You’re sure that little incident with Tarina didn’t have anything to do with it, Rhiannon?”Rhiannon winced, and shook her head, laughing under her breath. “You would have to remember that and bring it up. It’s a good thing we’re old friends, Vantha. Almost everyone else has forgotten about it by now, but the brass tried to put our butt in a sling for that one.” Rhiannon began donning her tunic, and straightening her hair. “You fuck someone in the ass just once, and the Military tries to hold it over your head forever. The little slut played up to you, me and Rayleena for over two weeks, wanting to know what it would be like to be with a shemale. So the three of us showed her what it was like one night. Then she ran screaming back home to the Command Base after that. I mean, how the fuck were we supposed to know that her grandfather was an Admiral in the fleet?””What made it worse was the little trollop didn’t even have the nerve to tell us that she was a virgin in the ass,” added Vantha. “If we’d had a little forewarning, we could’ve been more gentle with her. But no….! She had to put on the act that she was experienced in everything.” “The fact that that incident happened just a month or two after the fiasco with retrieving the Vega really had the brass painting bullseyes on our asses for a while,” said Rhiannon.”Okay. So our service records aren’t exactly spotless,” Rhiannon continued. “But if there’s a chance that we can return to Earth, and tie up some loose ends on this mission, it could really be a feather in our cap.”As they finished donning their tunics, Rhiannon turned to Vantha. “I’ll let you head back to Engineering, and you can resume your duties there, Vantha. I want to confirm Calista and Rayleena’s findings for myself, and then I’ll make a final decision.”As they left Rhiannon’s quarters, the two women kissed goodbye. Vantha headed one way down the corridor to the Engineering levels, while the Captain turned the opposite way, and headed for the bridge.Rhiannon arrived on the bridge, and greeted Rayleena and Calista. “Let me see your findings again, Rayleena.” Rhiannon scanned through the printout, her brow furrowing as she recognized and interpreted the information.”Actually, it was Calista who found it, Commander,” replied Rayleena.”Were you able to find out which type of our software that they were running, Calista?” asked Rhiannon.”At this distance, the signal was very faint, Commander. I was able to amplify it, and enhance it to a degree with the ship’s computers. As near as I can tell, they were running some of our medical enhancement and altering software.”Rhiannon ran her fingers over her chin, as she mulled her thoughts. “That’s incredible. When I received that coded transmission from our old contact in Washington a few days ago, I certainly didn’t expect anything like this to turn up so soon. That little twerp in the agency has been so concerned with playing his damned mind games, that I didn’t think he could tell the truth if his life depended on it. It’s almost as if he knew someone would be using it shortly after he sent us that message.”Rhiannon turned and looked at Calista, and smiled. “You’ve done very good work, Calista. asya bahis giriş A lot of other people might’ve passed this reading off as trivial, or not noteworthy. I understand that this is your first tour of duty on a starship?””That’s right, Commander.””Well, the first thing we’re going to do is set a course for Earth, do a little mopping up, and reclaim what’s rightfully ours. God only knows what those imbeciles are trying to do with our technology that they probably can’t even fully comprehend. After that’s over and done with, I’ll be sure and show you my gratitude personally, Calista.”Calista smiled and knew what that meant. It was common knowledge that the crew of the Delphi 4 was all female, and that over two-thirds were shifters or melders who preferred taking on the shemale shape and form. It also wasn’t any secret who the shifters were.Calista had been born as a normal female, and developed into an attractive young woman with a lovely figure. As she came of age, Calista had long since yearned to become a shemale, ever since she had found out such a thing was possible through the Vectran’s advanc-ed medical technology. However, just because the technology was available, didn’t mean it wasn’t inexpensive. As a student from a standard working class family, Calista knew the military was one of the few options for getting out of her small hometown, higher education, as well as career advancement, and the possibility of reward and recognition.Now not only would Calista get to experience Commander Rhiannon first hand on an intimate level, she’d certainly be able to see for herself if the stories about the Captain’s famous endowments were true after all. And being on the captain’s good side could only be a plus in getting her future promotions, and possibly even getting some clout in getting the necessary strings pulled, so that she could one day have the makeover process performed on her, so that she could become a shemale too.”I’m very glad that you’ve approved of my work, Commander,” replied Calista.Rhiannon gave Calista a warm smile that hinted at the joys that could be hers in the future. “Don’t you worry girl. If this works out as I expect it to, I’ll do a hell of a lot more than just notice you in the future. For now, back to your post, and keep up the good work.”All right, crew. Listen up. We’re heading back to Earth, as of right now. Calista, I want you to pinpoint just where that signal was coming from, so we know where to look.”Calista scanned her instruments. “At this distance, it’s difficult to tell, Commander. Right now, I can only get approximate longitude and latitude readings. When we get closer I’ll be able to tell you exactly where they are.””All right. What can you establish from it so far?””Well right now, the signal is coming from somewhere in what’s known on the planet as the ‘Bahamas’. A small island group, off the eastern coast of Florida in their Northern Hemisphere.””Then that’s where we’re headed, and we’ll go over that area with a fine tooth comb when we get there. Rayleena, lay in a course for Earth. Maximum speed.””Commander, are you sure that’s wise? Shouldn’t we report this to Base Command first?” asked Rayleena.Rhiannon rolled her eyes back in her head, and then shook her head with a grimace.”Rayleena, we’ve been friends and served together for a long time. Stop and use your head. If we report this to Base Command, they’ll make a full-blown production out of this, and assign it to some other ass-kisser, who’ll get all the glory and all the credit.”You and I were on that recovery mission, over thirty years ago, Rayleena. Not only is this our chance to wipe those smug smiles off the Earthling’s faces, it’s a chance for a definite coup for us too. When we report that we’ve successfully tied up all the loose ends of this mission, they won’t have any choice but to give us the credit we deserve, and we’ll see some promotions too.”Rhiannon noticed that the entire Command Deck had grown ominously silent, as they listened to the conversation between the two senior officers. Rhiannon raised her voice and addressed the assembled crewmembers on the bridge.”I should also mention that anyone else who takes part in this mission, and distinguishes themselves will also earn serious accommodations and citations on their service records. And that will certainly include recommendations from Rayleena and myself for partial, or possibly even total compensation for the cost of the medical transformation procedures, that many of you are yearning for.”That’s right girls. Bust your asses, and help make this mission a smashing success, and some of you can earn yourselves an all expenses paid trip to medical centers, for your grand makeovers into shemales, or whatever else your little heart desires. And even if you’ve already made the change, you’ll damn sure see a hefty increase in your salaries. How many of you are with me?”There was a resounding chorus of cheers and applause from the girls on the bridge. Even though the rest of the ship hadn’t heard the official announcement, Rhiannon knew the makeup of her crew well enough, that she was certain there’d be no resentment in the ranks. A challenging mission like this, with the chance for big rewards was just what the crew of Delphi 4 needed after too long in this nearly deserted sector of the galaxy.Rhiannon turned to Rayleena with a smile on her face. “Now. About that course change for Earth, Rayleena?””Yes, Commander! Course computed and laid in.””How long until we get there?””At this rate of speed, just over two weeks, Commander.””Two weeks? We can’t do any better than that in a starship?” Rhiannon punched the intercom to speak with Vantha in the Engineering section of the starship. “Vantha, what’s up with the ship’s drive systems that we can’t do more than crawl along at impulse power?””Sorry, Commander,” Vantha replied from the engine room. “But as luck would have it, Earth’s relative position in her orbit places her on the other side of the Sun from us right now. It’s still well over two hundred million miles to Earth. Plus you had the technicians start doing some of the maintenance and servicing that the ship needs, since we were so far away from any kind of action.”Rhiannon repeated her offer of incentives and promotions so that Vantha and the engineering crew could hear it in their section of the ship too.“That’s got the right kind of fire lit under them, Rhiannon,” Vantha replied with a hearty laugh. “They’ll have this baby back up to speed before you know it.””That’s more like it,” replied Rhiannon. “One we get there, somebody on Earth is in for one hell of a big surprise, when they find out just who that software they’re using really belongs to.”