Memories of MomThis story will have no great structure to it, nor does it end in a mind blowing sex finale. This is because it is all truth. However, it dangerously flirts with excitement of different encounters and happenings with my sexy mother. Im sure you will find enjoyment in it. Please comment.At the age of 15, I became intrigued by the beauty of my mother. I don’t remember how it came about but I did accidentally find a video tape my father had made of her posing naked around that time. So Im not sure if the video made me interested or if I had already has indecent thoughts of her and the video was just a blessing. All I do remember is watching the video over and over. I had been watching one of his porn tapes one afternoon when all of a sudden it went to snow and boom, there was my mother in the bathroom fresh out of a shower. She was built better than anyone could ever fictitiously put together a woman. Short curvaceous woman at 5’2”, 38 DD and sexy moderately hairy vagina. Moderately as in she trimmed its shape but not so much the length. It was long enough to gently protrude 1xbet yeni giriş from her panties. I know because she used to change out of her work clothes in front of me. It was like my own personal strip show every night. I made sure to always have a question or comment that would bring me into her bedroom when it was time each night for her to get into pajamas. She would dress down to her panties and bra. On most occasions she would not take her bra off until I was gone or she’d leave the room to take it off in my absence. A few times she faced away from me taking it off so I could not see. However, her boobs were big enough that you could see them protruding out on the sides from behind. My mother tanned often but always with a bikini on so she had a beautiful caramel tan with white tan lines on her breasts and waistline. She had very proportionate areolas. Not huge but not tiny. They fit her breasts magnificently. Her body was very comparable to Christy Canyon then. I also would mention that although she did not take her bra completely off in my presence, shed 1xbet güvenilir mi unclasp it from the back allowing her breasts much more wiggle room in their cups as she exchanged general small talk with me and I watched her removing clothing and looking through drawers. She was clueless to the level of tease she was providing. On her days off in the summer on weekends she almost always sat in the sun on the back deck. She did so in a nice bikini. I would always take the opportunity to sit at the patio table near her lawn chair just soaking up her beauty. She laid there most times with her eyes closed so that allowed me to examine ALL areas of her body. Like I said, she had a decent bush that would protrude from the sides of her panties and bikini. Im sure she was aware of it and that it was noticeable. It was as if she considered it somewhat normal for women of that decade so it was no big thing if it was noticed. So I would stare at her sexy dark hair peeking out from the sides of her bikini and her breasts as they fell to the sides considering their size. She also would 1xbet giriş leave the neck straps of her bikini untied so that not to get tan lines. The only fasten was the clip in the back much like the clip on a bra. When she would stand up to go refill her drink or wet herself with the hose I swore on many occasions that her breasts were going to fall out. They were barely contained by that one strap. Its like they were dancing in front of my eyes. On one day, she had fallen asleep and her one breast had become exposed. I sat there for 10 mins with my heart racing just enjoying what I had longed to see for so long. When she awoke she began to talk to me not knowing her breast was exposed, nor did I say anything. When she finally noticed she said “oops” and chuckled with embarrassment as she tucked her breast back in her top. She did not say anything but clearly she knew that I had seen her exposed breast the entire time. I guess she was too embarrassed to confront me with a question. I wonder what she was thinking in her mind… It was so sexy to be talking to her for a few minutes with her big luscious breast staring at me. Unfortunately this was in the mid 90s before cell phones existed. So disappointing because this instance and many others as you will read provided me many great photo opportunities. Damn it!! More to come….