Me and Teen Mistress at Barnes and Noble Part 1.I was in the Barnes and Noble reading a book when i looked up and noticed a cute goth girl with long black hair and the most beautiful green eyes I had ever seen. She was wearing a low cut blouse that acctenuted her perky tits, tight blue jeans and sandals that showed off her cute feet and red painted toe nails. I am terrible at ages but i guessed she was around 18 or so. She sat down and I would sneak peeks at her feet thinking about what i wanted to do to her feet. A few minutes passed and a another girl came by and sat acroos from her. They started talking and I eavesdropped on the conversation. After a few minutes I found out that the raven haired girls name was Monica and that she wasnt 18 in fact no where near 18, she was 14. I couldnt believe it, she looked like a well developed girl, her tits werent big about the size of tennis balls but still 14? Well with me being 41 I knew that she would be just a fantasy to me. The girls started talking about Harley Quinn, a fictional character in the Batman universe. Harley is a sexy vixen who is love with the Joker and just so happens was a big icon in my Ex roommates mind. In fact my ex roomie Kristen has a tattoo of Harley on her arm. I may have found my way in to at least talk to this lovely little vixen and I planned to remember her when i jacked my cock later that afternoon. As it turns out I got alot more than I bargained for.I went up to the girls and told told them that I couldnt help but have heard their conversation about Harley and told them about Kristen her Harley collection and the tattoos. The girls seemed impressed and I showed tham a relaxbet güvenilirmi pic of Kristen. Kristen herself has cold black hair and looks a little that this little girl. The girl said Kristen was very pretty and asked if we were still roomies. For some reason and I figured why not, I told her the truth. Well i said she kicked me out. “Oh” she said, what happened?” “Well I kinda went thru her panty drawer.” I figured she would call me a pervert and walk away but to my amazement she just sat there.”Well, I bet she had some nice panties, she looks hot, I bet she had some real wild panties?””Oh yes she did,She had these colorful see thru type panties and some that were crotchless.””And all you did was go thru the drawer? I dont believe it. What else did you do?””Well i put them on and I played with myself” I just knew that were make her get up and leave. In fact I was wondering where her Mother was and when she go to her and have me thrown out. But she just sat there and smiled.”Well i can see why she threw you out, you are a pervert.” she started.” I have a question though, Have you ever seen the panties a 14 year girl would wear? I tell you what mister, If you can fit into my panties, Ill let you have them. You know so you can save them for later.” She laughed. She got up and said,”Ill be right back.”I figured she was leaving to tell on me but a few minutes later she came back and handed me her blue bikini cut panties. Well lets go and see if you can wear them she said and we went back to the restrooms. She went into the ladies room and brought back a handwritten sign that said Out of Order on and stuck it on the door relaxbet yeni giriş and grabbed my hand and led me in the bathroom. I stood there for a moment not knowing what to do.”First Sir, you have to take off your pants and underwear and then lets see you try to put on my panties.” she laughed.I took off my pants and underwear and looked at her panties, size S they had on the back. I am 5 foot 6 and 150 lbs I can wear a size 6 panty but a pre teens size S? I knew that wasnt gonna happen but I tried anyway. I got them up to my knees and when I got to my hips I knew they werent gonna fit and the worse thing was my 6 inch cock was getting hard. I looked up to see what Monica was doing and was amazed to see she was completly naked. She had smooth white skin, her tits were the size of tennis ball, her pink nipples were at full attention. I looked to what was between her legs to see a smooth hairless mound. “Looks like you get the second prize, which is to fuck me, you loser.””Yes Monica its a good second prize,” I began.”Shut up faggot, she yelled,” you well call me Mistress, you hear me you panty loving cock sucking faggot?”I nodded,”Yes Mistress Monica, I am a worm a fucking whore.””Get on the ground fag. I saw you looking at my feet when i was sitting there. I want you to lick my toes and lick my feet.”I got on the ground and licked her little toes. I could put my whole mouth around her foot. I looked up and she was sighing, her head arched back, her eyes closed. She was sticking her finger in her litle tight cunt.You wanna fuck me dont you? You fucking pervert. You wanna fuck a little girl? How sick you are? You think relaxbet giriş about little girls all the time dont you when you play with your little cock. Well you aint gonna fuck me? I wouldnt let that little cock in my cunt. I want a real man inside me, a man with a big ful cock. Not a little fag like you.”I was wimpering, i wanted to fuck her so bad but she was my mistress and she was right I had a faggots cock. I wasnt worthy.”But I tell you what I will let you jack off your puny cock and cum on my panties, OK? And if you do a good job I will give you a prize for the next time we meet.”I took her panties and put them on the floor of the bathroom and started jerking my cock. She was carresing her titties and stuck a finger in her mouth and then slipped her finger in her bald cunt. She caught me looking at her. ” Oh no, you dont get to look at me while you jack, close your eyes you bitch.” She screamed.I closed my eyes and jacked off thinking about her till i could feel i was about to explode. My cum squirted all over her pretty panties. I kept my eyes closed.”Very good, you are a good slut,” she began.”You get a special prize if you can meet me here tomorrow at this same time? But first I want you to do one thing for me.”I opened my eyes and saw that she had put her clothes back on.”I want you to lick and swallow your cum from my panties and you can keep the panties if you do.”I eagerly licked and sucked and slurped the warm salty cum off her panties and I swallowed every drop.The next day I met here in the same spot and she had a young boy with her.”You did good butI promised you a prize. This is my twin brother and i want to see you suck his dick and I want him to fuck you and If you do this for your Mistress Monica then and only then will I let you have your way with me and I will let you do ANYTHING you want to me. Deal?”But these stories are for another day if you like this story I will continue and thanks for reading.