ME AND MOMMe & Mombygamma33©When I walked into the kitchen, Mom was at the sink, peeling a breakfast orange. She had only moments before, gotten out of bed and paused only to throw a light robe on. Going to stand behind her, I wrapped my arms around her to cup her breasts in my hands. “My god,” she muttered. “are you still horny after last night?””Mom, I’m always horny where you’re concerned.” I slipped one hand inside the robe to cup a bare breast and being rewarded to find a firm nipple in my palm. She stopped her task, dropping the fruit in the sink and leaned her head back onto my shoulder. I bent my head to kiss the area of her neck just below her ear. As I nuzzled her with my lips, she grasped my head with one hand while covering my hand that was at her bare tit with the other. I reached down with my free hand and slipped the belt that held her robe closed and, pulling it open, ran my hand over her warm belly and into the furry patch below.”Oh god, love,” she whispered, “oh god,” as my index finger found the little button of her clit.I rubbed it gently and she began breathing heavily. She pushed against the counter top edgeto exert more pressure on my hand at her clit, slowly rolling her body slightly from side to side. “Do it, Lover, make me cum with your finger.”I pushed my hand further, parting the lips of herpussy with my fingers, all the time keeping pressure on her clit with the palm of my hand. She was getting wetter and wetter and with no trouble, my finger slipped into her cunt, quickly followed by a second. As soon as she felt the penetration, Mom began to rock back and forth, moaning with the pleasure she was receiving. To increase her pleasure, I began to pinch and roll the nipple I had captured. “Oh god, yes, lover, yes,” she moaned. “Fuck me, god, fuck me, make me cum.”* * * * *It had all begun the night before. Mom and I had gone out to dinner together. We had to wait for a table and we did so at the bar, where she had a couple of Scotches while I, at only 18, had to settle for cokes. Later, while we ate, she had a couple more drinks and she had gotten a little tipsy. That was okay, I was driving.When we got home, Mom had thrown her arms around me and kissed me somewhat passionately. “You’re a good boy, Davey, to put up with an old broad like your mother,” she slurred, “when you could be out with a nice girl.””I’d rather be out with you, Mom, You’re all the girl I want.”For a long time I had looked at my mother sexually. Truthfully, I wanted to fuck her. She was in her early forties but looked much younger,she had never let herself go to pot. For all the years before Dad had died, I had heard the two of them in their bedroom at night, making love, wishing I could watch what went on, especially when I would hear her crying out in ecstasy, “Oh god, Warren, I’m cumming..oh god..don’t stop..I’m cumming.” I’d lay there on my lonely bed, jacking off and shooting my gooey sperm all over my belly.I took the chance, while we embraced, of grasping her behind and pulling her against the hard-on in my pants that had quickly. When she didn’t resist, I slowly rubbed myself queenbet güvenilirmi against her. Then, to my amazement, she had pushed her tongue into my mouth and swayed her body against mine as we continued to kiss.”Ooo,” she whispered thru the kiss, “somebody’s got a hard-on. Does it feel good, Davey? Do you want your mommy to take care of it for you?””Mom,” I answered huskily, “I want to fuck you. Can we go to bed and fuck?” She immediately stepped back and, in a low voice, said, “Oh Baby, you’re not supposed to fuck your mother. That’s a no-no, don’t you know?””I don’t care, Mom, I just want to fuck you and make you feel good the way Dad used to do. I wantto suck your tits, lick your pussy, to hear you when you cum. Is that so wrong?””Oh, Davey,” she replied, “I want to feel that way again too, it’s been such a long time. I wishyou could fuck me.””Come on, Mom, I can, I can. Come to bed with me and let me make you feel as good as Dad used to, please, Mom, I can do it.”She gazed back into my pleading eyes for the longest time, then said, “I’ll go to bed with you, baby, and I’ll take care of you. We won’t fuck but I’ll take care of you,” she said, almost sternly. “Come on, we’ll go to bed now. I don’t want you to suffer like I do.”We had gone upstairs to her bedroom and, after each using the bathroom, proceeded to get undressed. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as sheslowly revealed her naked body to me, then, pulling the bedspread aside, she got into bed. I stripped off my boxers that had tented over my rampant cock and then stood there gazing at her until she patted the bed next to her and said, “Come here, baby. Let mammy take care of you.”I got onto the bed and lay down next to her, reveling in the warmth of her body, feeling her tits pressed against me as she took hold of my cock. She began to stroke her hand up and down, drawing the foreskin back and forth over the sensitive purple head. “Good lord, Davey, you’re every bit as your Dad,” she said softly, continuing to pump my prick. I wasn’t going to last too long and I twisted slightly so that I could cup one of her tits in my hand.”Do you like feeling my boob, baby? Does it feel good?””God, yes, Mom, it does feel good. Can I touch your pussy too?”, I answered huskily. “In a minute, baby, in a minute,” and she began to speed up the strokes. “Does that feel good? will you tell me when you’re going to cum?””Oh god, yes, Mom, it feels awful good. I’m gonna cum, I can feel it, yes, OH GOD! I’M CUMMING RIGHT NOW!! HERE IT CUMS!!” and with that my jism shot out of my cock, arching over the both of us. As she continued pumping, I spurted again and again. As the last of my cum dribbled out, Mom leaned over and licked it off my cock, then, still holding the shaft in her hand, took the purple head in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it as she sucked me dry.”Did that feel good, Davey? Did you like that?””God yes,” I gasped between breaths, “It felt wonderful.”Mom released her hold on my now shrinking rod and got off the bed, going to her bathroom to return a few minutes later with a warm, wet washcloth. queenbet yeni giriş She proceeded to wash the jism off the both of us, then, satisfied we were both clean, tossed the cloth onto the floor and lay back down beside me.”If you want,” she said, “You can touch my pussy now. Just touch it, Okay?” I rolled onto my side and, reaching over her slightly, ran my hand over her slightly rounded belly and into the thatch of curly brown hair. I let my fingers go further until I could feel the beginning of the lips of her labia.As I traced one finger back and forth, she parted her legs slightly and I heard her moan softly. At the top of her nether lips, a small button, her clit began to harden, slowly peeking out from its hood. I rubbed it gently in a circular motion and heard a gasp. Her hips rose slightly and began an undulating movement as I continued to rub, first with one finger, then two. When I looked at her face, expecting her to tell me to stop, her eyes were closed and her mouth open as her breathing became more and more ragged. I was getting my mother off!!Raising up on one elbow, I leaned over and put my mouth to her nearest breast, sucking the hard, erect nipple. Mom put one hand behind my head, holding me to her breast, while with the other on my hand at her pussy as I continued ministering to her clit. She clasped her hand over mine, pressing it hard against her. Her legs parted further and she drew her knees up. “Harder, love, harder,” she moaned. “Rub it hard. Make me cum, baby, make me cum.”The harder I rubbed, the more her hips began bouncing off the bed, thrusting against my hand, all the while pressing down with hers. “Oh, fuck me, Davey, fuck me,” she was almost screaming. I dipped two fingers into her cunt, plunging them against her thrusts which were now becoming more and more rapid. “Deeper, baby, deeper and harder,” she was now screaming loudly. “Oh god, I’m gonna cum…oh god, don’t stop, baby, don’t stop…oh god it feels so good.”I suddenly saw this was my chance to fuck her. Leaving her tit, I scrambled to get on my knees between her spread legs, all the time keeping my fingers probing her cunt. Once I was in position, I withdrew my fingers and guided my prick to her love tunnel and pushed in, sinking my full seven inches into her.Almost at once her body stiffened and I thought she was going to push me out and off her but, instead, she gave a long, low moan and I realized she had climaxed. For what seemed several minutes she remained, her hips thrust up, straining against me, her cunt convulsing on my cock. Then, slowly, she came down off her high, her hips falling back, almost pulling my prick out of her wet cunt. I pushed myself back into her, staying as deep as I could.As I watched her face, the strained look faded and she opened her eyes to look up at me. She suddenly realized it was my cock buried in her cunt and an almost horror came over her as I started to piston my cock into her dripping pussy.”Oh no, no, baby. You shouldn’t do this, please baby, please,” she protested. But her body said something different and queenbet giriş she began thrusting up to meet my every plunge. “Oh god, Davey, oh god, you’re fucking your mother!!” she cried, Oh god, we mustn’t, oh god, it feels so good…I don’t want to stop.”I was beginning to perspire and as I leaned over her, drops of my seat were dripping onto her beautiful tits. She reached to wipe it away, rubbing the moisture over her still distended nipples, grinding away at them, gripping them in her fingers, she pulled and twisted them. “Oh god,Davey, fuck me, fuck me,” she moaned over and over, “Make me cum, baby. Fuck your mother and make her cum again.”I slipped my arms under her knees, forcing her hips up as I continued pumping my prick in and out. Since she had only moments ago jerked me off, I wasn’t about to cum right away but it didn’t diminish the ultimate pleasure I was feeling. I was finally fucking my beautiful mother and I wanted it to go on and on.”Come on, Mom, cum for me, cum for you’re fucking son,” I managed to mutter. “cum and show me how much you like me fuckin’ you.””Yes, baby, yes,” she whispered back. “I love you fucking me, fucking me so hard, so good.” She began panting hard, much as I was, gasping for breath. “Oh fuck, fuck, god, I’m gonna cum again,I’m gonna cummm!”. Her body began to tense up again and she grabbed me around my waist, pushing up to me as best she could. “I’M CUMMING, OH GOD, DAVEY, OH GOD, I’M CUMMING, OH GOD, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP!!” Her eyes closed as once more she concentrated on her climax…a continuous moan burst from her parted lips. As she strained against me, I pushed my prick into her as far as I could, holding it there.As the waves of her rapture slowed, she again relaxed and I started my motions again. This time I knew I wouldn’t be long reaching my own orgasm. In minutes I felt the familar signs as my ball-sack tightened up and my jism began to boil up my shaft. I pushed as deeply as I could as my cum exploded into Mom’s cunt.”HERE IT COMES, MOM, HERE IT CUMS!! YES..YES… YESSS!!” With each spurt I tried to get deeper, to plant my juices right at her womb.As the last of my jism dribbled into her, I collapsed, falling forward onto Mom, exhausted. We had been fucking for almost an hour and the wonderful exertions had drained me. Mom pushed me off her body and in no time, I was sound asleep.When I awoke, refreshed, late the next morning, I was alone in bed. The pile of clothing that we had left on the floor the night before was gone. I jumped out of bed…I had to pee something awful. After I had emptied my bladder and, without bother to put anything on, went downstairs to the kitchen.* * * * *Mom was breathing heavily again, just the way she did before when she became sexually excited. Her love honey was seeping out of her cunt, around my fingers, running down her thighs, as I continued to finger-fuck her.”God, Davey, it feels so good! You make me feel so damned good. I’m gonna cum in a minute, just don’t stop, please don’t stop.””I won’t stop Mom. I want you to cum and cum and cum,” I whispered in her ear. “Then,” I continued,I’m going to lick your pussy and make you cum some more. Would you like that?””Oh god, yes, Davey, yes, yes, yes.”We both had so much time to make up for, she for the more than six months since Dad died, and me for all those lonely nights, jerking off in bed asI dreamed of fucking her.