Mature 3 SomeIt was what I had been waiting for a long time. Two beautiful older women were meeting me in a hotel room. I had met them at a golf outing and we chatted shared drinks and flirted shamelessly in the coolness of the evening. They teased me telling me they were lovers and how they played in their room in the nearby hotel. I sat staring not believing what I was hearing when they reached over and kissed passionately in public while secretly under the table their hands slid up each other skirts.Dawn and Rose were in their 50’s trim well dressed and well groomed and drop dead sexy. They were in town on a vacation invited guests by some corporate hot shot that had come and gone not long after they arrived. We had caught each others eyes and being the bold brash gentleman I approached and introduced myself. Rounds of drinks later here we were lustfully staring at each other ready to pounce. They requested that I join them in an hour and gave me the room number where we were to meet. I tried to find something to do but I ended up sitting in the parking lot staring at the clock on my dashboard until the appointed time. As I entered the hotel my heart beat quickly and my mouth was dry in anticipation. I knocked on the door. Rose answered hiding behind the door in a black negligee with a sexy corset underneath. Her breasts were pushed together and her legs were covered in silk stockings. Perfume filled the air and I walked in to see Dawn lying on isveçbahis yeni giriş the bed. She was stretched out catlike wearing a bra and panty set black edged in pearls. Both of them looked like models from a catalog. They both smiled and offered me another drink. I took it to help calm my nerves. They explained how they loved to have the company of a man but were hoping that I would fulfill one request. Not wanting to lose on the opportunity I agreed almost immediately when Dawn lifted a towel from the table. Under the towel was an eight inch strap-on. They were both quiet as they looked at me. Now you must realize that I love anal sex both giving and receiving so I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I agreed assuring them that I loved it and couldn’t wait to please them. With that the evening started.We fell onto the bed the three of us, me naked now cock hard and firm, them still in their sex costumes. We kissed and fondled and licked and sucked and when one felt left out we doubled up to make up for it. I found myself on my back, Rose sitting on my face my tongue and lips sucking and licking her wet shaved pussy as Dawn lay between my legs my cock firmly in her mouth. She sucked me to the point where I was ready to cum then would stop Rose turned spinning her pussy over my face as the two kissed and fondled my cock. I spanked Roses ass playfully and she mashed her pussy harder onto my face. I begged for a release isveçbahis giriş my cock ached and Rose crawled down my body slid my cock in her pussy and kissing Dawn she began to ride me wiggling her hips and squeezing her cunt tighter then relaxing milking my cock. I came. Came hard with a grunt. Rose moved once and then again as I felt myself drain into her. She lay next to me as I panted trying to catch my breath Dawn moved between her legs and licked and sucked the cum from her. Moving up they kissed and shared it with each other. I was in heaven when Dawn suddenly stood from the bed. She walked to the table and began to place the strap on around her waist. Rose helped her adjust it then they both looked at me. The glow from my orgasm still numbed me but now it was my turn. Rose lay on the bed accepting Dawn in her arms. They made love Dawn sliding the thick dildo into Rose they made love next to me as I watched. Roses hand touched mine and gripped it as she came from her lovers penetrations. I reached over and kissed her nipples and her lips as Dawn made her cum again and again she rode her first on her back then turned her over and entered her from behind. I went 69 with Rose and kissed that sweet pussy as Dawn fucked her from behind. Her movements became faster and harder and Rose now sucking my cock groaned and moaned with her building climax. I licked her pussy from underneath as her clit hung over my face I sucked it and isveçbahis güvenilirmi nibbled it and when she came she gushed all over my face. She collapsed on me and she held my cock in her hand as she panted catching her breath. I knew now that I was next to sit on the end of that dildo sticking out from Dawn like a stick. Rose slid off from me and Dawn took some lube from the table. Rose sat up on the bed she had me place my head in her lap and she stroked my hair and I kissed her breasts. I lifted my ass up for Dawn on my knees my head in Roses lap. I felt Dawn finger my ass relaxing it first one finger then another. She knelt behind me and slid it in slowly. I have never had such a big cock or dildo in my ass before. I felt it burn then numb as the cooling gel eased the initial burn. Dawn started a steady rhythm of thrusting in and out and soon I found myself matching her thrusts. Rose moved from my head and kissed Dawn as she stroked me in and out. The waves of pleasure soon took over and I had the sensation of tingling and spasms that shook me all over. Rose moved now underneath and I spread my legs farther for her. We 69 again this time I was on top and Dawn moved faster and faster. She was fully in me now and Rose sucked and jacked my cock into her mouth. I tried to eat her pussy but the waves were overwhelming and Dawn slapped my ass bringing me back into focus. It was too much, too much pleasure. I came shooting cum all over Roses face and hair. I came shuddering and could hardly hold myself up. If it wasn’t for that rubber cock in my ass I would have fallen on Rose. We disentangled ourselves, Dawn joined us under the covers. These two ladies had let me in on their lovemaking and we napped in a contented pile.