MATURBATING WITH MOMIan ignored his mother and didn’t look up for a few seconds when she walked into the living room; he had been enthralled in his new video game and was too busy to pay his mother any attention. However, when he did glance up he was forced to do a quick double take. ‘Wow, Mum,’ he whistled when he saw the short hemline of his mother’s skirt. ‘You look great.’He had never taken any notice in the past, but today he finally appreciated what a fantastic pair of legs his mother had. It had been years since he’d seen his mother wearing anything other than jeans or slacks, but the short skirt she was wearing now certainly brought home the truth about how his mother was put together physically.’You don’t think it’s too short, do you?’ Annette queried her son nervously. ‘I’ve been out of the dating game for over twenty years… I don’t want to give the wrong impression.’Ian appraised his mother’s figure speculatively. He was torn between the desire to boost her confidence and the jealousy he felt at her burgeoning social life. His parents had been divorced for two years now, and it was time his mother put herself first for a change. She deserved some fun even if Ian had some minor psychological misgivings.The young man sighed despite the many comments that he could have raised. His mother had put his needs before her own so many times over the preceding two years that he decided to give her the gentle nudge she so obviously needed. ‘You look beautiful, Mum,’ Ian smiled. ‘Really sexy… Go out there and knock ’em dead.’Annette blushed at her son’s reference to her femininity. She had viewed herself as ‘Mother’ for so long that she had all but suppressed her sexuality; now she had a chance to let her hair down and enjoy herself. Her son was over eighteen and free of her apron strings. She had done all she’d vowed to do when her husband had left her for a younger model three years previously. She had seen to her son’s welfare and his education, but now she was ready to enjoy herself a little. When she’d finally succumbed to a work colleague’s invitation to join him for a drink her stomach had turned and churned with trepidation for days afterwards. Was she doing the right thing? Would Ian mind? What should she wear? These immediate questions and a thousand others had run through her troubled mind from the moment Annette had acquiesced to James’ invitation, but now the moment of truth had arrived.Ian watched his mother standing nervously while she waited for her admirer to arrive. She jumped in response to the doorbell, but quickly threw her coat around her body and kissed Ian’s cheek hurriedly before she disappeared into the night.He sat for a few minutes, bewildered slightly and feeling unsettled. He couldn’t put his finger on what it was that was troubling him, there was certainly something, but he just couldn’t identify the feeling. He turned his attention back to his video game but couldn’t seem to settle into it again, and an hour or so after his mother had left for her date, Ian found himself at a bit of a loose end.He was at a loss with how to occupy his time and then he suddenly remembered the porn DVD his friend had lent him. Ian hadn’t had chance to look at it as yet due to his mother’s ubiquitous presence, but now…He slid the disc into the machine and settled back on his bed while the film loaded and the menu screen flicked on. Very soon Ian was captivated by the images on the television screen. He was enthralled and excited by the sexy action and felt his penis stiffen quickly as his inflamed lust pushed any disquiet from his mind.The young voyeur couldn’t resist the urge to play with his hard cock and lifted his buttocks from his bed so he could work his jeans and underwear off. The sweet pleasure Ian experienced as he stroked his cock intensified the longer he viewed the film until Ian was finally and frenziedly tugging at his penis, his eyes glued to the sordid goings on and with his precum leaking copiously from the eye of his throbbing cock.Ian flicked through the scene skip facility until he found the images he was looking for. He watched avidly as a mature woman took two young studs in a variety of positions until the culmination, which showed her being liberally covered with cum. Her enthusiastic and vociferous exhortations to her young lovers excited him hugely and caused him to grunt loudly with the onset of his irreversible climax. Just as the first arc of semen burst from him in an agony of ecstasy, Ian’s attention was drawn by a perceived movement at his bedroom door. He looked up to see his mother standing slack jawed and wide eyed as she watched her son’s semen gushing from his cock. The jolt of surprise hit him like a blast wave. No! This wasn’t happening. She couldn’t be there and his reality slewed and time slowed down. Every detail of that shame filled moment was clear in his mind. He saw the appalled expression on his mother’s face, her hand at her throat and her eyes wide with shock. He had time to notice her long legs and short skirt, and even in the whirl and confusion of the immediate time frame, Ian found he could still appreciate the slim lines of her lean, athletic thighs and her well turned calves. The perversity of his mind’s workings was a momentary distraction for Ian, but his abrupt realisation of his circumstances brought him back to earth rapidly.In a vain attempt to conceal himself from his mother, Ian covered his gushing cock with his hands. He felt the violent splashes of cum spattering against his palm and could only close his eyes to blot out the reality of his situation as his cock continued to spit hot, thick spunk.He lay on his bed for half a minute with his eyes screwed shut, and when he finally peeped out from under his eyelids his mother had gone.Had she really been there? The brief exultant hope was dashed on the jagged rocks of truth. The answer was yes; yes, she had been there. His mother had caught him in one of the most humiliating positions a young man could ever find himself. He’d been caught wanking. Not only caught, but he’d been in the throes of orgasm at the time. His mother had witnessed his hot outpouring of pent up lust. How could he ever face her again?Ian pushed the stop button on his remote control and the screen went blank. The troubled youth’s mind was just as blank as he contemplated his future. His mother had seen him… ‘Oh God,’ Ian groaned and felt his stomach curdle with the anxiety.He lay on his back in his bed. He’d lifted the covers over his naked lower half and now just stared at the ceiling until his consciousness was drawn back to the present by his mother’s voice.’Ian?’ she murmured tentatively. ‘Can I come in?”Oh no,’ he groaned again. ‘Mum…’Annette took a step inside the room. ‘Honey…’ she began. ‘Ian, please…’ His mother appeared to be experiencing as much difficulty as Ian in dealing with the embarrassment of the situation. Ian felt her weight at the bottom corner of his bed and he turned away from her.’Please Ian,’ Annette persisted. ‘Don’t be embarrassed… please… I should’ve knocked… It’s natural for you… Normal…’It may be natural and everyone does it, Ian thought, but no one wants to be caught doing it. He groaned again at the memory and felt his face flush hotly.’Mum…’ he began, his voice muffled by his pillow.’Honestly Ian,’ Annette said quietly. ‘I understand. You’re young, you have urges…’ Annette understood the urges herself; only too well. She had been celibate for three years or more, she understood alright. If Ian only knew about how his mother used her fingers against her throbbing clit as she lay in her wide, lonely bed night after lonely night… If he could only hear her fevered groans and a****l grunts as she pushed her sticky fingers deep into her sodden cunt and sought release from the frustrations of her sexless lifestyle…Annette felt a brief flush of desire as the unbidden image of her son’s thick cock spurting its load burst across her consciousness.’Please Ian,’ she whispered. ‘Don’t let it bother you. I truly understand.’Annette ran her palm over her son’s huddled form. She bent forward quickly and kissed the only visible part of him, his hair at the top of his head, and then she left him to his thoughts.***The following day Ian was out of the house well before Annette got up. The weather outdoors was foul and Annette spent a desultory mid morning performing household chores. She paused for a moment before entering her son’s bedroom with a pile of freshly laundered clothes, but eventually steeled herself and pushed inside to lay the clothes on his bed. As she turned, Annette saw the DVD player and recalled the circumstances of her untimely entrance the previous evening.She was sure he’d been had been watching porn.Annette stared at the blank, benign screen of Ian’s television. She was curious as to what he’d been viewing, and despite severe moral misgivings over what she was about to do Annette pushed the on switches to both the TV and the DVD player.She sat on her son’s bed and pressed the play button on the remote control. The DVD loaded and then a message appeared prompting Annette to either play the movie from the beginning or from the last scene viewed.Annette chose the latter option and felt her face flush when she saw the mature woman and her two ardent lovers.’Oh my God,’ Annette whispered as she sat transfixed. The actress must be around the same age as herself. She was being used enthusiastically by the two young men; one in her mouth and one in her pussy, and she seemed to positively adore the experience.Annette felt her heart quicken and her blood begin to surge. Her vagina felt hot and throbbing as her excitement flushed her insides, and asyabahis yeni giriş Annette’s nipples and clitoris also clamoured for sudden, urgent attention.Annette wasn’t even aware of her own low groan as she almost u*********sly pushed herself further along the bed and opened her legs. Annette rubbed her excited pussy through her jeans for a while until the itch between her legs grew too big to ignore. She stood up and pulled her jeans off impatiently. After a brief struggle Annette was back on the bed and she pulled the gusset of her underwear to one side before running an expeditionary finger through the crease of her sex.The porn actress’s wild shouts of pleasure were loud in the room as Annette fingered herself softly. Her eyes were glued to the screen; she had never imagined that watching a porn film would be so exciting, but the images and the noises…’Fuck,’ Annette groaned in an uncharacteristic flash of profanity. ‘You dirty slut… Two cocks… How greedy…’Annette’s head lolled back while bursts of electricity pulsed from her the epicentre of her lust and through her body to her hard nipples. She imagined how it must feel to have two ardent males paying such lavish attention to her needs. Could she cope with two men simultaneously? Annette was damn sure she could. ‘One in my cunt and one fucking my mouth,’ she murmured as she lifted her tee shirt over her taut breasts and squeezed the pliant flesh urgently.Annette was enthralled by the novel experience of watching pornography. Her fingers squelched obscenely as she massaged her juicing vulva, and she plucked and flicked her stiff teats hard with no thought as to how they would ache later in the day. She was travelling further and further along the path towards her climax that she had no real perception of the present. Her body was thrumming, her clit was an insistent beat between her legs and her pussy was clenching with the anticipation of a non existent cock.’Oh my God… Oh my fucking God!’ Annette cried as she came. On screen the woman was once again receiving her dual sperm delivery, and Annette writhed and panted on her son’s bed while she rejoiced in her own climax.Then she opened her eyes.In a bizarre reversal of the situation, Ian, her son, was stood in the doorway watching with the same slack jawed disbelief that Annette herself had exhibited the previous evening.’Ian!’ Annette called in utter horror at the realisation of her lewd exhibition being discovered’Mum?’ He responded dully.The pair stared at each other for several seconds. Annette just lay there, with legs wide and breasts bared until her son turned slowly and walked away.’Ian!’ she shouted again and pulled her tee shirt down to cover her breasts.Too late, she heard the door slam and he was gone.***Ian walked blindly. He had no idea where he went, or how long he had been away. The next conscious thought after leaving the house in shock came when the cold and damp brought him back to the present.He shivered and then blinked several times as he took stock of his surroundings. He was in a bus shelter and it was cold. Ian watched the puffs of white breath and he wished he was safe and warm at home.Home? Could he go home?Ian’s mind was in turmoil with confusion. He hadn’t come to terms with the humiliation from the night before and now he had to deal with what he’d witnessed when he’d returned home earlier. What a mess. What a difference twenty-four hours could make.There was one certainty however, and that was that he’d have to find somewhere warm soon. He was chilled to the bone and was in no frame of mind to spend the night outdoors, no matter how hideous going home could prove.’Thank God you’re back,’ his mother sighed when the young man shut the front door behind him.Ian just stared at his mother without speaking and Annette gazed back at him, equally silent. His mother was fully dressed now, but the vivid mental picture of her using her fingers against her sex kept flashing across Ian’s consciousness.’Mum…’ he began.’We need to talk about this Ian,’ Annette interrupted. ‘This whole episode could end up driving a wedge between us.’ Annette moved towards her son slowly. ‘You’re my son and I love you; we can’t let this scene fester between us.”Mum,’ Ian murmured and his eyes dropped. He gazed down at the carpet blindly and squeezed his eyes shut wishing that he could turn back the clock, that it could be yesterday all over again. ‘I’m so embarrassed,’ he managed to whisper, the memory causing his face to redden with the renewed flush of humiliation.’Well, so am I,’ Annette managed to laugh. ‘You caught me out too, remember.’Ian looked up and found his mother’s green eyed gaze as she looked at her son with deep concern. ‘Wow,’ Ian thought suddenly. ‘She really is beautiful. How come I never noticed before?’ He shook his head to clear the thought away. He couldn’t allow such things to sneak into his brain. This was his mother. Catching her masturbating was one thing, but to entertain carnal thoughts was beyond the pale; inconceivable.’I told you yesterday that what you were doing was natural. We all have those urges, baby…’ Annette laughed at the irony and smiled a rueful smile. ‘Even me, your Mother… I have sexual urges as well, Ian… I’m only human after all.’As uncomfortable as Ian was at the mention of his mother’s sexuality, he recognised the truth in her words. Sexual urges were natural, even for his mother, and although masturbation was a private thing, at least he felt it was, it was still a natural act.Her son relaxed visibly and Annette sighed with the relief of seeing his body physically ease. She led him to the sofa by the hand and they both settled into the soft, cushiony seats. Mother and Son talked the whole situation through. Well, Annette did most of the talking; easing Ian away from the corrosive guilt and shame as she coaxed him into a brighter place.Finally it was decided that there would be no sexual taboos between the pair. They would be open about their feelings, which would also include Annette’s sexual desires and how she felt the time had arrived where she would find herself a boyfriend. Ian could have his privacy. If his bedroom door was closed then he could rest assured that his mother wouldn’t disturb him, and the same respect was expected from him.The new open situation between Ian and Annette worked well. Ian felt lighter and happier with the new arrangement now he was released from the cloying atmosphere of having to masturbate slyly and sneakily. His modest collection of porn grew slowly, but never rose above half a dozen discs at any one time. The only cloud on Ian’s horizon was his mother’s voiced intent to find a boyfriend. She wanted a lover to help to satisfy her sexual desires and longings, but Ian wasn’t entirely sure he was happy with the idea at all. He knew he was being selfish and did his best to keep his jealousy at a distance. He wasn’t entirely sure why he was jealous. It was just a kind of emotional gloop that stuck to him.Annette hadn’t had a man since her husband had left her. At first she hadn’t missed a physical relationship; she had been too devastated to even think about sex for a long time after her husband’s departure. However, slowly but surely over the past few months her libido had returned. The crowning moment for her had been when she’d let herself go in Ian’s bedroom while watching the film. Her carnal desires had burst hotly into her psyche and Annette was hungry for more.Her quest to find a suitor proved to be a rocky path that was littered with weirdoes and arseholes as far as Annette was concerned. All the good men seemed to be taken and Annette was damned sure she wasn’t going to go for a married man. She had been on the receiving end of that little game, and the thought of putting another woman through the same pain that she’d endured was unthinkable.James was still hovering in the background, but the date Annette had been on the night of the fated discovery of Ian masturbating had proved to be a disaster, which was the sole reason for Annette arriving home early in the first place and catching her son in an unguarded moment. So, Annette found herself borrowing her own son’s porn.’Do you mind?’ she asked after she’d finally grasped the nettle and asked Ian outright if she could borrow one or two films. ‘Is it too weird?”Well, yeah… it is a little,’ Ian confessed, ‘but it’s nothing I can’t handle…’ he shrugged and grinned. ‘Besides, if it’s okay for me… It’s only natural.’Annette smiled at her son’s recital of the ‘natural’ mantra. She’d created a monster!Annette picked a film at random and sheepishly left Ian to his own devices. She left the disc in her own bedroom and went off to work. Her day was spent in a fugue of anticipation and Annette couldn’t wait until that evening when she would slide the DVD into the player and spend a sordid hour fingering herself.Annette’s underwear was sodden by the time she arrived home. Her clitoris and nipples throbbed in tandem, but Annette was now determined to prolong the sweet agony of her desire. She lit candles in the living room to create a relaxed atmosphere for herself. She did the same in the bathroom as she drew a deep, hot, steaming bath. Then she luxuriated in the almost-too-hot-to-bear waters with an icy cold glass of white wine in her hand as the scented candles worked their calming magic on Annette’s overwrought, over-excited senses.Eventually, bathed and sweetly scented, Annette settled on her soft bed and pushed the button to begin the film.Her son certainly had a penchant for the more mature woman it seemed, and Annette found that she was feeling decidedly envious as the busty blonde woman on screen asyabahis giriş received oral attention from her fit, muscular young lover. The tension that had built up during the day, coupled with the images Annette was watching on screen soon had the woman writhing and groaning on her bed.Her fingers swirled around the loose flaps of her labia and tickled her attentive, aching clit and very quickly Annette was lost in a deep fantasy that involved her being licked to a climax by a virile, young stud.Annette grunted lewdly as she came for the first time that evening. Her climax burst over her in wave after wave of blissful release. She settled back down momentarily and continued to watch the mature woman being debauched by a succession of lovers. Annette fervently wished it was she who was being royally fucked by a string of young men, and was soon writhing in the throes of yet another squelching orgasm.Later, after Annette had temporarily sated her lust, she walked bare foot and naked to the bathroom for a shower. As the fates would have it, Ian chose precisely that moment to visit the toilet and appeared on the landing at the same time as his nude mother.’Oh!’ Annette cried in surprise when she saw her son in her path.Ian was just as surprised, not so much by his mother’s presence, but by her lack of clothing. He had ample time to take in the true physical beauty of his mother’s body. She had thrown herself wholeheartedly into a fitness regime shortly after his father had left, and the results were exceptionally pleasing to his eye.Ian gaped at his mother’s small, round breasts with the cute upturned nipples that were surrounded by the dark coins of her areola. Her tummy was soft and ever so slightly rounded, not over done with musculature that Ian found distasteful, but just perfect in his eyes. Her waist was narrow and her hips broad, which gave Annette’s body the sexually alluring curvature that Ian loved in a mature woman. His eyes lingered for a long moment on the dark shadow of his mother’s pubic bush and then he simply drank in the sight of Annette’s dancer’s legs.In the few moments that Annette and Ian spent on the landing together, Annette experienced a thrill of excitement when she came to the realisation that her son was actually checking her out. Just for the blink of an eye, Annette actually struck a pose for her son’s benefit. She made no attempt to cover her nudity. She was proud of her body; she’d worked bloody hard in the gym and knew she was in the prime of her physical peak. Her nipples stiffened suddenly and her already used and abused cunt clenched with renewed lust.Then with her green eyes locked with his, Annette moved past her immobile son and she closed the bathroom door behind her.Annette showered and thought about Ian’s facial expression as she’d stood so proudly on the landing a few moments earlier. His eyes had roved over her body and his face had a hungry look that somehow Annette found exciting.’No,’ she said out loud as the water cascaded down her body. ‘He’s your son… It isn’t right to think about him like that. It’s sick and perverted.’Annette’s mind was troubled as she lay on her bed again after drying off. Ian’s face kept popping into her mind’s eye. That look… his eyes…’Oh God,’ Annette groaned as her fingers worked at her sex again. ‘I want to fuck… I’m desperate for a cock… Ian… Ian, my son…’Annette’s sob burst from her throat as her climax erupted with such vehemence and her juices slid from her body to stain the sheet below the crack of her buttocks. It had been the forbidden fantasy of her own son mounting her that caused Annette’s orgasm to flash and mushroom through her senses.The characters in the film she’d watched earlier were replaced in her fogged mind by herself and her son. Annette imagined Ian’s cock splitting her labia just before he penetrated her clamouring sex. She saw herself, supine and wide legged as her son looked into her eyes, with his cock filling the void between her thighs, and then he lowered his face to hers as they shared a lovers’ kiss.’No!’ Annette cried out in anguish. ‘No, it’s so fucking wrong…’The guilt curled insidiously around inside Annette’s guts and she felt suddenly sick. She vowed never to think of Ian in that way again… Never, it was just too perverted.***Over the next few days, Annette struggled to keep her vow. Inevitably, late in the evening, Annette would find herself lost in a reverie where she fantasised about sex. Try as she might, however, she couldn’t get her son out of her mind. He popped up unbidden, and Annette would eventually succumb to the vile, hated images and use the fantasy of i****tuous fucking to slave her burning lust.Then, one evening Annette found herself outside Ian’s bedroom door. She was naked and her limbs trembled with trepidation at what she was about to do. A portion of her consciousness knew that she was about to commit an irreversible sin, but she was in a place where logic couldn’t reach. She was helpless to resist, and no force could stop her. She hadn’t come to any decision about what she was doing, it just ‘happened’ to her.Without knocking Annette opened the door to Ian’s room. He looked up over the top of his book and his mouth gaped open when he saw his mother’s body again.’I need a DVD,’ Annette murmured and walked to her son’s bedside.’Uh, sure…’ Ian couldn’t help but stare right at Annette’s vulva. His mother had trimmed her bush since the inadvertent meeting on the landing, and Ian could clearly see the loose skin of her labia as the outsized lips dangled enticingly.Ian’s cock stiffened quickly as his mother picked a disc from his collection. She had turned her back to him and was bending slightly; the view of her inverted heart shaped backside was mouth watering. ‘Can I have a preview?’ Annette asked and slid the disc into the DVD player without waiting for any response.Ian shifted over on his bed when his mother sat down next to him. He could smell the perfume that wafted across his senses, and felt the heat of her body from the close proximity of her.’Oh, God,’ Annette murmured. ‘These women are so lucky…’ She turned to her son and smiled at him. Then it was Ian’s turn to murmur, ‘Oh, God.’ His mother had opened her legs and was stroking herself absently between her thighs.’Sorry,’ she whispered. ‘I just can’t help myself… Do you mind?’Ian couldn’t reply. He was stunned. What was going on? It was a dream. His mother couldn’t be…Annette’s groan brought Ian back to reality. His mother had now spread her long, lean legs wide and she was rubbing her clit urgently.’Mum,’ Ian croaked and was silenced by the heavy lidded look of lust on his mother’s face when she looked at him.’Jesus,’ Ian sighed unable to draw his eyes away from his mother’s busy fingers.Annette held the pink curls of her labia wide with one hand while her fingers diddled at her clitoris. Ian swallowed hard when he saw the shocking red core of his mother’s sex. Her flaps were so big… her cunt looked inflamed… and it was juicing.’Why don’t you play too, baby,’ Annette whispered throatily. I’ve seen you masturbate before… You’ve seen me… Let’s just do it together.”Mum, I can’t,’ Ian began and was silenced when a grunt of pure a****l lust broke from his mother’s throat. It was that sound and the look on his mother’s face that broke him. He fumbled with his belt and zip, but eventually his jeans were off and his cock was standing hard and proud.’Show me how you do it, baby,’ Annette croaked. The sight of her own son’s erect cock sent a burst of desire through her body and her insides clenched and convulsed in response.Ian sat on the bed next to his mother with his stiffness in his fist. The film was forgotten entirely since he was focussed entirely upon his beautiful mother and her scarlet cunt. He wanked hard as he heard the obscene squelching of Annette’s fingers as she flashed her oily digits in and out of her sex.’Mum, this is so, so hot,’ Ian groaned. ‘I…I…’He was lost for words. There was nothing he could say that could describe what he felt at that moment. His mother was beautiful. To see her in such rapture was too sublime for words. Her body… the noises…’Shit,’ Ian grunted as his semen arced high and landed thickly on his tee shirt.’Yes, baby!’ Annette cried. ‘Show me the hot stuff…’ Annette’s climax bolted through her as she watched enthralled as spurt after hot spurt of her son’s goo erupted from his cock.’That’s so bad,’ she whispered… ‘I can’t believe it… My baby boy’s cum…’Annette’s orgasm began to subside and immediately she was assaulted by guilt.’What have I done,’ she whispered. She turned to Ian whose semen was pooled on the front of his tee shirt. She saw the shock in his eyes. It was though he was waking from a dream.’Mum…”I’m so sorry, Ian,’ Annette wailed as the full realisation of what had just happened hit her like a hammer blow. ‘It was wrong of me… I’m so, so sorry.”But,’ Ian reached for his mother’s hand; too late to stop her, and she ran from his room as the sobs began.***Ian pushed the door open and walked to his mother’s bedside. The light from the hall spilled into the room and Ian saw his mother turn to look at him.’Oh, Ian… What did I do?’ Annette sighed heavily and Ian’s heart went out to his mother. He hated to see her like this. He would do anything to make her feel better. He sat on her bed and gently stroked his mother’s cheek with the back of his fingers.’It’s okay, Mum, honestly,’ he whispered. ‘It isn’t your fault.’ Ian struggled to find the words. ‘Dad leaving… it hasn’t been easy for you. None of it.’ He bent and kissed his mother’s face. ‘What we did tonight…”No, Ian… please,’ Annette groaned. ‘I went too far. It asyabahis güvenilirmi was bad and… and… sordid. I’m so sorry to do that to you… To do what I did in front of you… It fills me with shame.”I thought you were beautiful,’ Ian whispered. ‘You’re far more attractive than those women in the films…”But I’m your mother, Ian,’ Annette hissed insistently. ‘You shouldn’t have seen your own mother like that. It’s not right, it’s not normal, for God’s sake.”Who did we hurt?’ Ian asked. ‘No one,’ he answered the question himself. ‘I thought you were beautiful and it made me feel good to watch you.’Annette looked at her son in the gloomy light. His words made sense. Who had they hurt? No one saw them together. There was no one to judge. Annette felt a surge of elation and threw her arms around her son.’Thank you, Ian,’ she sniffed as tears of joy welled up. ‘I feel so much better.’ She kissed her son’s cheek. ‘Our secret, eh?’ Ian smiled at the happiness in his mother’s voice. ‘Our secret, Mum; sure.’***Annette passed Ian’s bedroom door the following evening and heard the unmistakable sound of a movie soundtrack coming from the slightly ajar door. She pushed the door open and saw Ian with his thick cock in his fist.’Come in,’ he grinned. ‘Come in and play.’Annette’s pussy reacted instantly. Her nipples ached insistently and Annette was suddenly gripped in the vice like grip of lust once again. Where was the harm? She asked herself even as she was pulling her tee shirt over her head.’Take all your clothes off, Mum,’ Ian smiled broadly. ‘You may as well get completely comfortable.’Annette stripped and joined her son on his bed. She opened her thighs and felt the softness of her vulva under her fingers. She lifted the hood of her clit and hissed sharply at the tingling rush of pleasure she felt.’Is that good?’ Ian asked as he stroked his cock slowly. ‘Does it feel good to finger yourself like that?”Oh, baby yes,’ Annette purred in reply. ‘Does your cock feel good when you pull it?”Sure it does,’ Ian laughed. ‘It gets stiff and I just love to play with it.”Some lucky girl is going to have a lot of fun with that lovely, thick cock, darling,’ Annette whispered.Somehow, despite the deeply intimate situation between Mother and Son, Ian felt embarrassed by his mother’s reference to sex.’You’ve gone red!’ Annette laughed, incredulous at her son’s perversity. ”I’m naked and masturbating in front of you; you’ve got a hard cock in your fist and you’re embarrassed by me mentioning a girlfriend…”It’s different, Mum,’ Ian insisted. ‘Besides,’ he went on slowly, a sudden curling in his stomach at what he was about to say, ‘I don’t think I’ll find a girl as beautiful as you.’Annette stopped rubbing her sex abruptly. There was a definite shift in the atmosphere of the room and her heart began to thump in her chest. She had rationalised what she and Ian had done, and were doing again right then. Somehow their secret had become a game; a delightful interlude and a distraction. She had convinced herself that masturbating in the company of her son was okay; that she could control it… but now she saw what had been obvious and inevitable from the outset.’Ian, I…’ Annette began.’Touch me, Mum,’ Ian said simply. He had no real idea of the timing, but he sensed on some level that now was the time. If his mother had any further time to think, then she would doubt and he’d lose her. The fun would end. He knew it would be that way, and so he invited his mother to touch his hard cock.’Touch me, please… I want you to.’The seconds lengthened. Annette looked into her son’s eyes and saw his determination. She glanced at his cock, so stiff in his fist, so stiff and so mouth-wateringly thick.Ian lay immobile and willed his mother to touch his cock. He held his breath, scared that the slightest movement would shatter the fragile moment, and that she would bolt like a startled deer.Annette stared at Ian’s member. If she touched him there would be no going back. The bridge of i****t would be crossed and there would be no chance of ever re-crossing to this side. Time stood still for Annette. She studied her son’s penis. She saw every vein that criss-crossed the shaft and gave it such a knobbly appearance. She looked at the big, bulge of the dome and wondered absently what it would feel like on her tongue. She noticed a tear of precum that leaked from the eye of the cock and felt the reciprocal oiling of her own traitorous sex.She looked up from Ian’s lovely weapon, over his hard, muscled chest and up into the sweet blue pools of his eyes. His face was a mask of concentration and Annette felt an arterial burst of love and affection for her son.Even though she knew it was a social sin and morally vile, Annette slowly, almost imperceptibly reached out and wrapped her fist around her son’s cock shaft.The breath whooshed from Ian’s mouth and he gasped as his mother gripped his cock tightly in her fist.’Mother…’ he murmured quietly. ‘Mum…”Hush, baby,’ Annette crooned. ‘Let me feel you in my hand. It’s what you wanted… Let me feel the thickness of you. Let me feel your lovely cock.’Ian swallowed heavily as his mother’s fist rose and fell, up and down the length of him. He looked at Annette’s profile and saw the concentration etched on her features as she slid her hand over her son’s rock hard penis.Then, after a sideways glance at Ian, Annette abruptly took the head of the cock into her mouth.’Fuck,’ Ian grunted in shock and surprise. ‘You’re sucking me… You’re really doing it.’Annette let her son’s cock spring from her lips. ‘Yes, baby,’ she smiled. ‘We’ve gone too far. There’s no going back and I may as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.’Annette slurped over the big dome of her son’s glans for a few more moments. The spongy texture felt divine on her tongue and she instantly regretted all the tears she’d wasted on her absentee husband when she could have been enjoying the sublime pleasure of sucking another man’s cock.’You taste so fucking good,’ Annette swore enthusiastically when she momentarily released her son’s penis from her wet mouth. ‘I want you to fuck my mouth… Let me swallow your cum.’Ian groaned and held his mother’s head as she slobbered eagerly at his penis. He couldn’t believe that she was actually doing it. His own mother… Sucking his cock! Would she go any further? Would she actually fuck her son?Ian lifted his mother’s head from his lap and looked at her face. He saw smears of syrup across her cheeks where his cock head had rubbed against her skin as Annette had licked his heavy balls a few moments ago.Annette grinned wickedly and moved up to kiss her son. Ian was surprised when his mother’s tongue pushed into his mouth. He tasted his cock on her tongue and felt the jolt of desire in response to his mother’s wanton depravity.’Kiss your mother, you bad boy,’ Annette giggled and pushed her tongue back into Ian’s mouth again.Now that she had crossed the i****tuous threshold, Annette let all her earlier inhibitions and misgivings go. She set the limiting emotions fly away and rejoiced in her moment of freedom. Society’s morals be-damned, she was a sinner now, and she intended to enjoy herself while she had the chance. There was no telling what may happen in the future, and so Annette was totally prepared to cut loose and enjoy her son’s virility. Annette released her son and lay back on his bed. She opened her thighs and showed him the sticky, red heat of her sex.’Lick Mummy’s nasty cunt,’ she whispered lewdly, and peeled her loose labia apart.Annette sighed hugely as Ian nuzzled into her molten core. She guided him around her body; directing where to lick, where to kiss and how to use his fingers against her so that she received the most pleasure.’I’m coming, baby,’ Annette groaned shortly after. ‘You’ve licked your mother to orgasm, you beautiful, beautiful man.’Ian looked up with a sticky smile from between his mother’s thighs. He saw the look of rapture on Annette’s face and felt a burst of pride at his achievement.’I want you to do that to me again and again,’ Annette said quietly as she basked in the rosy afterglow of her climax. ‘I want you to come to my bed and be my lover from now on… but now…’Annette eased her rump along the bed until her son was knelt between her legs. He looked down at her and Annette simply nodded to him. She took his cock in her hand and eased the tip of it to her burning opening.Ian swallowed yet again and felt the heat from his mother’s body as his cock bumped against her vulva.’Fuck me,’ Annette whispered, and with a soft, drawn out groan, Ian felt the heat of her grip his shaft as he slid an inch or two into her body.’Mum, you’re so hot… so tight around me… God, it’s gorgeous.”It’s been so long since I had a man inside me,’ Annette panted as she took her son completely. ‘You feel so big inside… Fill me with your cock, fill me with it.’Ian grimaced with the incredible sensations his mother’s clasping insides were causing along the length of him. He was sure he was going to shoot at any second and he desperately tried to force the impending surge away.’I love you, Mum,’ he grunted as his seed burst from him, and Ian kissed his mother hard as he filled her with his goo.’Oh my, God Ian,’ his mother called when she felt the burst of hot liquid inside her. ‘Come for me… Do it to me…’ Then her voice was abruptly silenced as her new lover kissed her.***Annette never did find a boyfriend. She didn’t bother looking as it happened. She had her virile new lover to take care of her physical needs, and it wasn’t too long before Ian was taking care of her emotional needs as well.It got to the stage where Annette decided that it was time she moved on, so after consulting her son, she sold the house and they both moved to the North of England where they set up home together; openly living as a modern unmarried couple. The age difference raises a few eyebrows, but nothing like they would be raised if only Annette and Ian’s secret were known.