Matts Adventures – April01Bill’s Adventures – April01 by Bun2bch(mf, cons)### This work should only be read if it is legal for you to do so. This is a work of fiction, please do not read it if you may be offended. Comments are welcome at the above email address. Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author unless explicitly indicated. This story is set in the UK where driving is legal at 17 and sex is legal at 16.================================I sat at the kitchen table with an envelope in my hands, on the back was printed DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD. I knew what it was, it was my FULL driving license. It had taken me three months of lessons and practice since my s*******nth birthday to get it. Now I could drive my car without one of my parents with me. My car was an old blue Ford Fiesta that was given to me when my family got a new car. It was old and a little rusty but I did not care as it was a set of wheels and mine. It gave me the freedom to go where I wanted when I wanted. Today I was going to celebrate by taking my girlfriend, April, out.I had been seeing April for a few months and so far we had only snogged and let our hands do some exploring of each other’s bodies when we were together and our parents were not around. She had her 16th birthday last week and on her birthday her parents insisted on taking her out for a meal with a few of her friends. Since her parents were there I only had had the chance of a quick kiss though she had already promised more once she was sixteen.It was a warm late spring day as I drove to pick up April and I was more hopeful of doing some more snogging and perhaps go further. I planned to take her for a walk through the woods a few miles away and to a little glade I found when I taking wildlife photographs.April was quite petite standing only 5’2″ in her bare feet but she had curves in all the right places. She was looking out of her parents front window waiting for me. She waved and the brushed her shoulder length brown wavy hair away from her face as she turned for the door. As I walked up her garden path to meet her April came out and was silhouetted by the sun. The sun shone through her light cotton knee length skirt showing her trim legs in that classic sexy look you see in some arty photographs. I looked into her sparkling blue eyes as she gave me a smile that seemed to make her face shine. I pulled her close and dipped my head down and gave her a kiss on her soft lips. April had to raise up on her toes to kiss as I was 6 foot tall. As we kissed I could feel her firm breasts warm against my chest and kept her close feeling her warmth. “I can feel something stirring on you. People will be watching, let’s go big boy!” She said.”I was just enjoying hugging you.” I replied. She was probably right though, everyone seemed to know what everyone else did in our village, or at least they thought they did. She pushed me away and we walked hand in hand down to the car. Trying to be a gentleman I held open her car door. As she sat down I saw her pull at her skirt, up not down as anyone would have expected from that demure smile on her face. She deliberately moved one leg then the other to give me a flash of her knickers when I glanced down. I grinned as I closed the car door because I could see down the opening of her shirt to her young firm breasts as well. I could not help to look, but what else is a young man supposed to do? I quickly walk around and got into the car trying not to make the bugle at the front of my trousers too obvious. It did not take long to reach the ancient woodland I was heading to. As the road dipped into the valley I pulled off the road and on to the verge which next to a path into the woods. There was a space for a couple of cars here but we where the only ones there. Luckily it had been dry for a few days so though the ground was dry the vegetation was thick and green. Taking the car rug we walked along the path, as it wound upwards the path narrowed. I let her lead the way up the sloping path into the wood as I took the opportunity to watch her pert bottom gently swaying side to side in front of me. When we reached the top of the path it veered off to the left which April followed, I called her back. It was my turn to take the lead as I took her along a ataşehir escort narrow deer track which apparently ended at the undergrowth. When I reached there I pushed the bushes on the left to reveal the path which we slipped down. The narrow path sloped down to a small clearing with the remains of an old cottage to one side. This was a secluded place that I found a long time ago and I had spent many hours here. I had got some good pictures of butterflies and plants here but I had never been disturbed by anyone.I turned to April and kissed her gently on the lips. Her soft mouth opened slightly was our kiss continued and I pulled her close with my left hand on her ass cheek. I let the blanket drop from my other hand as I stroked up her from her waist to her neck, and then using one finger ran it down her spine all the way down to the top of her ass. I continued to do run my finger up and down, her letting her shiver and her skin goose pimple under my touch. After a few minutes we broke our kiss and she smiled as we looked into each others eyes. I brought my left hand round to her tummy where slid my palm up over her breast and started to undo the next top button to her shirt. April stood there with her eyes closed as she concentrated on the touch of my trembling fingers skimming over her body. I slowly kissed her on the lips again. Then my hand snaked up over her chest to undo her next two buttons. Once undone I kissed down her neck as I moved her shirt apart to reveal her young firm breasts clad in a lacy white bra. I moved back slightly so I could kiss the top of them.”Where’s the blanket?” she asked. So I turned around and picked it up.”Where do you want me to spread it out?” I replied.”Over by that wall in the sun” she stated.I took the blanket and spread it on the ground near the wall. April pulled her shirt out of her skirt and undid the remaining buttons so her shirt fell open. She sat on the blanket and leaned back feeling the sun on her tummy. I sat next to her and gently slid the shirt off her shoulder and down her arms. I kissed her down her neck and along the top of her chest. Signing she laid back and stretched her arms above her head. I pulled my sweatshirt over my head and laid next to her. I kissed her again on her lips and her my free hand roaming over her body for a couple of minutes. Her warm skin felt gorgeous against my bare flesh. I hooked her bra strap round my finger and pulled it part way down her arm. I continued to kiss her firm yet soft top of her breast. I moved my hand into the top of her bra and eased her right breast up to show the light brown skin around her nipple. I kissed her on the lips again and let my kisses travel down her neck and back to the top of her breast. Her nipple would not come up as I tried to ease the lacy material down. April giggled and sat up to unclasp her bra, letting it fall forward and then casting it on her shirt. She then stretched her arms to the ground behind her so she could lean back slightly with the sun warm on her breasts and erect nipples. Her tits were perfect to me, they were the size of my cupped hand with her pink nipples the size of small g****s. I leaned back in and stroked my shaking hand gently over her breasts. April shuddered with my touch and turned her head to me and our lips locked in a passionate kiss.After a couple of minutes of snogging I moved back down her and sucked her nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. April’s breathing shallowed as I continued to open my mouth to suck in her whole areola with my free hand stroking her other breast. Luckily I had worn some loose jeans so my cock could raise and was forming a tent with the jeans.April rolled into me pushing me onto my back as she swung her leg over me. She continued to roll over me until was astride my body, then she slid down to rub her knickers clad pussy over my straining cock. Laughing she bent forward, her hair falling around her face. She looked gorgeous. “Do you love me?” she asked. “Yes.” I did love her, though it would have been strange to say anything else.”Good, I love you and this place it makes me feel so free. And naughty!” She replied and smiled. At that she stood up and stepped into the centre of the little clearing. April spread her arms wide and began to slowly turned around on the spot pendik escort as the sunshine bathed her body. She had turned around a couple of times with her skirt flowing away from her. She slowed to a stop with her arms stretched facing the sun. I stood up and walked up behind her so that my shadow would not cross her body. I gently stroked up her sides and slid my hands around to her front to cup the underside of her tits. Her nipples harden as she thought I was going to stroke them, instead I slid my hands down to her waist and back up. I repeated this, each time I brought my hands up I swept around the underside of her tits, just avoiding her nipples that were hard and begging to be touched. April moaned, “You’re a worse tease than me. My nipples need your attention. I resisted and kept stroking her soft skin with me kissing her neck and the sun warming her body.I turned her around and sank to my knee so I could kiss her tits gently, starting at the top and working around the underside in a circle. Eventually I took the whole areola in my mouth and sucked it in while tracing circles with my tongue. My patience was working and April was starting to pant and the skin over her breast bone began to glow. My hand kept her close and they ran up and down her back and over her bum.Eventually I dropped my hands to the waist band of her skirt and slid my hands below her skirt and up the back of her legs making her shake. My hands moved to the front of her thighs as I kissed the underside of her tits and down her tummy. April let out a quiet moan as her hand held my head with her fingers twisting in my hair. I kept sliding my hands up, down and around her thighs working my hands closer to her pussy. April stepped back away from me, sat back down on the grass and laid back.I moved up next to her, pushing her skirt up to her waist. April moved her hands to the front of my trousers and stroked my hard-on. This was getting me too excited, so I stood up, kicked my shoes off and undid my belt. April turned looked up and said, “Ummm, that looks interesting.” She said and reached up grabbing my trousers. Kneeling up she unbuttoned them and pulled down the zip letting my cock spring out within my tenting pants. She pulled them down to my ankles and awkwardly I steeped out of them. I pulled her up holding our hot bodies together as we kissed on on lips again, our hand wandering all the time.”My turn.” As I slid my hand to the waist band of her skirt, halting at the clasp. I undid this by feel while we resumed kissing. The skirt unzipped easily, falling to the floor. April nimbly steeped out of her skirt and we laid back down on the blanket.Her legs were long and firm as I kissed then down the front of one leg to her feet and back up the other. She giggled and tried to pull her feet up when I got to her ankles. Once back up to her knickers I closed my mouth over her mound and slowly breathed out letting warm air seep over her hidden lips. This was too much for April. She gabbed my head pushing it hard against her mound as her body ached and she moaned a “Yes.” with her body shuddering. When she let my head go I looked up to see her smiling and her face flushed. “That was good Matt. Come and snuggle up here for a while”. I complied wondering if she would go any further.My cock pressed against her side and we lay there in the sun. After a few minutes her breathing returned to normal. April got to up on to her hands and knees and started to kiss me over my chest , working her way down to my pants. I kept stroking her soft body as I enjoyed her soft touch. I barely noticed when her fingers slipped into the top of my waistband. However I did notice as she pulled them out and down to expose my cock. She kissed around it until it felt as though it was going to explode. My cock head was poking out through the open end of my foreskin. April drew back my foreskin to expose the whole head. She leant forward and licked the sensitive underside.I shook slightly at this new sensation and my cock pulsed slightly. I was in shock when she took the tip of my cock into her mouth. We were both inexperienced so I did not complain when her teeth caught the side of my head but she noticed me flinch. She looked into my eyes and grinned. She lifted her head smiling and said “Oops. Sorry.””I love what you kadıköy escort are doing but please don’t bite. Please do it again” I replied. April dipped her head again taking my cock into mouth. Her lips wrapped snugly the shaft with the top of her mouth and tongue guiding the sensitive head as she took the first three inches. April then slowly lifted her head withdrawing my cock before going down again. I could not hold back long with this wondrous feeling around my cock. It started to pulse shoot my sperm out into her mouth. Surprised at the first load April opened her mouth and drew back where several strings shot out onto her chin and neck. As she sat up giggling my cum dribbled down onto her tits. April picked up my pants and wiped the load off. “Well I’m not going to use my clothes when it’s your mess.” She said in a quiet voice. With the urgency gone we lay together on the blanket enjoying our closeness and the sun. After a while my cock started to stir as we kissed and cuddled. Moving my hand down to her pussy I brushed by lightly over her young soft curls. She opened her legs a bit as my hand gently rubbed up over her mound and back down to the back of her slit. As my hand moved back down I felt her wet slit so as my hand came back up I let my middle finger to slid between her lip and drag lightly on her hardening clit. I kept this motion up for several minutes. April’s breath became ragged and she whispered, “Oh I want you. Put something on. I want to feel you in me.”I lent back and grabbed my jeans, from the front pocket I took out a condom. My hands were shaking as I took it out and rolled it on as we had been taught at school. I knelt between her legs and leaned over her and asked are you ready? She replied by lifting her head up and kissing me. I slowly sunk my cock into her, feeling the warmth of her pussy enveloping it. I thought I was going to feel change of resistance and see her wince but there was none. looking into her beautiful eyes I started to move in and out. Even with the condom on this felt so good. April started to move in unison with me as we both raced to our mutual climax. All too soon my cock felt it was exploding as it shot forth my cum. Spent I rolled to her side with my softening cock sliding out of her. I took some tissues from my jeans pocket and in a wiping motion removed and wrapped the condom in the tissues.We lay the grinning at each other. I lifted arm hand up and stroked her hair. Just then I heard some movement nearby and a dog appeared running down the path we had came. Not far off we could hear a man calling the dog, and it sounded as tough he was getting closer. Wide-eyed panic hit us both, then after a few long seconds we jumped up and started grabbing our things.”Quick behind the wall.” I whispered. April grabbed her clothes and ran to cover behind the ruined wall. I grabbed the blanket and headed after her. Round the corner April was trying the get her panties on and as she leant forward her bum brushed against the bushes. I just pulled up my jeans forgetting my underwear, no time, I could hear him getting close. April quickly slipped up her skirt and follow my lead by just wrapping the shirt round her. Our underwear was bundled into the blanket as the dog came sniffing around the corner of the wall. We stood bare-footed with our back against the wall as I pushed the dog away with my foot. The man’s voice was close. Luckily the dog decide he better obey his master and ran back round the corner. We stood there for several minutes as we listened to the man chastising his dog as they went on their way. I crept around the corner and checked that it was all clear. Once I saw that it was a laughed and called April out. She came out rubbing her bum with a look of consternation on her face. Only then did I realise that the brushes were nettles and could not help but snigger. April was not amused but then she started to see the funny side of it. I hugged her gently and when to find some dock leaves as she finished dressing. I presented her with a bunch of leaves as you would a bunch of flowers.”Well I’m not rubbing those on here!” She stated, “I better be getting home.” I tried to keep a serious face with great difficulty while made our way back to the car. April sat there quietly as we drove home, as we turned into her road she looked at me and said “Next time you better find a place without nettles.”I smiled and replied, ” Absolutely!” I was happy, there was going to be a next time.=========Please let me have your comments on my first effort.